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How To Emotionally Connect With A Taurus Man: 12 Easy Ways

How To Emotionally Connect With A Taurus Man: 12 Easy Ways

Many people consider him one of the most emotionally distant men in the entire zodiac. He’s a stubborn introvert who prefers keeping his emotions to himself.

Yes, I’m talking about the Taurus guy. But how do you change that? How to emotionally connect with a Taurus man? How do you bond with him on a deeper level?

Well, accomplishing this is actually a piece of cake – if you know what you’re doing.

How To Emotionally Connect With A Taurus Man In 12 Ways

Just follow these 12 steps to building a strong emotional connection with this horoscope sign.

1. Be aware of his love language: physical touch

A Taurus man wants physical connection. What you must keep in mind is that his love language is physical touch, so if you want to form an emotional bond with him, this is the way to do so.

I know what you must be thinking right now: this man has only one thing in mind, and that’s dragging me into bed. Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that your activity between the sheets is completely unimportant to him. After all, he’s a human being, and of course, he’s interested in that aspect of a relationship as well.

Nevertheless, we’re not talking about a Scorpio man here, which means that a Taurus man in love has other things in mind when referring to physical intimacy.

He’s into kisses, hugs, and holding hands. Make sure you’re always touching him when you’re together – if nothing else, keep your hand on his knee or shoulder.

And of course, don’t forget to cuddle! Cuddle after doing it, before doing it, and regardless of doing it.

2. Your relationship won’t survive without quality time

If you’re wondering how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, the answer is actually pretty simple: it will be more than enough to spend a lot of time with him. But I’m not talking about any kind of time – I’m talking about quality time.

A Taurus guy is not interested in sitting next to you while you both scroll through your phones. I’m not saying that this should never happen, but don’t let it be the basis of your romantic relationship with your Taurus man.

Instead, plan different activities together – that’s what will deepen your emotional connection. Keep in mind that he is an earth sign, so any activity in nature will please him.

Needless to say, this quality time should include healthy communication. Create a comfort zone in which he can tell you everything that’s on his mind and in his heart.

A terrible texter

Forget about modern-day romances where you see each other every now and then and exchange text messages in the meantime. I don’t care how busy you are; you have to fit a Taurean man into your schedule – that is, if you want to keep him.

Also, keep in mind that this man is an awful texter. So, there is no way to keep your romance alive through social media and text messages – he wants to see you in person!

3. The way to his heart is through his stomach

This one sounds like a cliche, but it really is true when it comes to people who belong to the Taurus sign. Both Taurus women and men are gourmets.

So, if you want to make your Taurus man feel loved, cook for him. Find out more about his favorite cuisine and make the meals he likes eating.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a professional cook. Even if a certain dish doesn’t turn out the way you expected, he won’t mind.

However, he will be impressed by the effort you’ve invested. He’ll be more than happy knowing that you did your best to please him, and he’ll appreciate it more than anything.

Besides, this is a great idea for spending time together. Why wouldn’t you cook side by side? Also, you could go to a cooking class – that’s another fun activity to spend quality time together.

4. Show appreciation

The worst mistake you can make with this man is to take him for granted. Please, keep this in mind, especially if you two are in a long-term relationship and you’ve started thinking that he isn’t going anywhere.

A Taurus man feels when he’s not being respected, even though he might not complain about it. And it bothers him a lot.

That’s why you have to keep on showing him appreciation, no matter how long you two have been dating. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you should worship the ground he walks on.

However, show him that you’re grateful for everything he does for you. Show him that you see how much he loves you and that you appreciate his affection, attention, and efforts.

Don’t forget that a Taurus man likes compliments, too, so don’t forget to praise him. Compliment him on his looks, his personality traits, or his love-making skills.

You see, one of the Taurus man’s secrets is that he actually deals with a lot of insecurities. These compliments will definitely help him with his rocky self-esteem.

5. Trying to change him will bring you nowhere

Here’s a piece of relationship advice for this star sign: don’t try changing a Taurus. You will fail miserably.

This man has a strong personality, and he won’t suddenly become a different person just because you want him to. Also, he’ll sense that you’re trying to change him and immediately run for his life.

Well, technically, if he really loves you, he might do his best to make some modifications regarding his personality traits. But that will only bring dissatisfaction into the relationship, and he’ll become emotionally detached in the blink of an eye.

If you really want to win this man’s heart and mind, you have to accept him for who he really is. Yes, that includes his flaws as well.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that he’ll never improve certain things about himself. However, he’ll do it on his own terms, without you pressuring him.

You’re there to push him forward and support him into becoming a better man – nothing more than that.

6. Avoid unnecessary drama

If you’re trying to figure out how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man and assume that mind games, fights, and scandals are a way to this man’s heart and a way to make him chase you, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a mature man who knows what he wants. In fact, he’s maybe even a bit old-fashioned, so modern dating techniques won’t work on him.

If you have a problem that’s bothering you, just say it outright. There is no need for hot and cold games or reverse psychology to make him miss you because that won’t work in a million years.

He wants to perceive your romantic relationship as a sanctuary from the harsh world. He’s got more than enough going on in the outside world, and the last thing he wants is to deal with unnecessary drama with you.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t matter to this guy. It’s just a reminder to always be mature when he’s in question!

7. Don’t forget that he’s overly sensitive

I’ll be honest with you – this one is not all that easy to accomplish. However, you can never forget that you’re dealing with an overly sensitive man.

This is not something he’ll gladly show, but if he let’s down his walls, you’ll get the grasp of it. You’ll get the chance to see his vulnerable side, but that’s not something you should use against him under any circumstances.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, the point is that you must be extra careful when it comes to criticizing him.

How to criticize him

No, this doesn’t mean that you should nod your head and pretend that everything is okay when something is bothering you. On the contrary, you’re more than welcome to declare your dissatisfaction.

However, how you do it is of extreme significance.

First of all, don’t patronize him and act like little Ms. Know-It-All. Don’t act like the dominant one, and most importantly, don’t turn into a nagging wife.

When you call him out on his actions, make sure he realizes that you’re criticizing something he’s done and not him as a person. No putting him down, no insulting or humiliating him – especially not in front of other people.

8. Restrain from big expressions of emotions

A Taurus guy has a hard time expressing his feelings. If he loves you, he’ll show it in other ways instead of saying it straight to your face.

Consequently, he’ll get uncomfortable if you’re into big, romantic declarations of love. You can go on and on about how much you love him, but that will only make the situation awkward.

The truth is that he has no clue how to respond and how to react, so he’ll probably just sit there in silence, wanting to escape the situation.

To avoid something like this, it’s better to refrain from big expressions of emotion.

Besides, he doesn’t believe in empty words. Instead, people who belong to the Taurus sign prefer real action.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that if you want him to know how much you love him, show it with your deeds.

9. Trigger his hero instinct…

When you first meet a Taurus guy, you’ll see that you’re dealing with a shy man. So, you’ll think to yourself that you should be the one to make the first move.

Well, here’s a piece of relationship advice: you’re wrong. That would destroy his self-esteem even more.

Instead, you have to get him to chase you and inspire him to make the first move. That’s the only way for him to feel man enough.

Whatever you do, don’t ever hurt his masculine side. Deep inside, he wants to be your Prince Charming, so from time to time, you’ll have to act like a damsel in distress.

I know that you don’t need him to save you. You’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, but that’s not the point.

The trick is to trigger this man’s hero instinct. He’ll feel better about himself and connect that feeling with you.

So every time he needs an ego boost, he’ll think of you. Voila, you have yourself an emotional connection.

10. …but take care of him

However, just because he’s the man in the relationship doesn’t mean that you’re nothing but a passive bystander.

Yes, your boyfriend wants to be a macho man, but on the inside, a Taurus man likes feeling safe. After all, who doesn’t?

But the point is that he’ll never admit feeling like this. He’ll never directly ask you to be his safe haven.

However, if you’re the one for him, you’ll see that’s what he needs. You’ll provide him with the comfort he craves without him having to specifically ask for it.

Show him that he can rely on you the same way you can rely on him. Show him that you’re capable of being his rock.

Start with little things, such as making sure he’s eaten or had enough sleep.

Don’t worry, you’re not dealing with an emotionally immature boy. He won’t take advantage of this, and you won’t be in the position to raise him. These are just acts of kindness he’ll appreciate more than anything.

11. Great things come out of patience

The number one mistake you can make when trying to figure out how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man is rushing things. Once again, he’s not your typical modern-day player who wants everything right away.

Even though he’s deeply interested in physical connection, it doesn’t mean he’ll want to sleep with you as soon as he meets you. On the contrary, he’ll need some time to relax, so don’t see his lack of initiative as a lack of interest.

You have to be patient with him from day one. He prefers to take things as slowly as possible.

This is a man who wants to get to know you before engaging in anything serious. After all, this is how things should be, and you should respect him for it.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t end here, at the beginning. I’ll be honest with you: you’ll have to arm yourself with nerves of steel if you want to deal with this man.

12. Don’t trigger his jealousy

Making a Taurus man jealous is a big, fat no, and it won’t get you anywhere. I’m not saying it’s completely impossible, but it’s definitely a practice you should not engage in.

It’s not that he can’t compete with other men in your life. In fact, he has a lot more to offer than your average guy.

However, he respects himself more than becoming a part of these games. He knows his worth and won’t fall into your trap.

If you try to make him jealous, he’ll likely walk away in no time. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

But don’t forget that this man has a hard time expressing his feelings. Basically, he’ll rather grieve in silence over losing you than actually show you his pain and jealousy.

Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs:

Compatible with: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Not compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

What Does A Taurus Man Need In A Relationship?

More than anything else, Taurus men need stability and safety. They want a loyal partner they can always count on.

They want a firm, consistent relationship without unnecessary drama and games. They want someone who understands and accepts their true nature. Also, keep in mind that Taurus has difficulty letting go of negative feelings which can make Taurus hard to love at times.

How Do You Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

Here are the ways to get into this guy’s heart and mind:

1. Inspire him to make the first move

Don’t forget that he wants to be the man in the relationship. Don’t be too pushy; let him take charge – this way, he’ll become even more interested in you.

Of course, you have to seduce him and send him some kind of signal that you’re interested as well.

2. Don’t rush things

Patience, patience, patience. How do you win a Taurus man’s heart? You let him be and don’t rush him into anything he’s not ready for.

3. Make space for him in your life

You can’t be too busy and expect this man to chase you around. He will make a move on you, but he won’t beg for your time and attention.

Make space for him in your life, and don’t forget to spend quality time together. 

4. Initiate physical contact

No, I’m not only talking about pleasing him in bed. I’m talking about cuddling and kissing, holding him tight in your arms, holding hands…

What about PDA? Well, he’s a big fan of it. Show him that you’re proud of having him next to you!

5. Praise him

Never forget to compliment him. Praise him at all times, especially in front of others.

6. Show him how much you appreciate him

Finally, always show him how grateful you are for everything he’s done for you. Show him that you appreciate his efforts and that you consider yourself lucky for having him.

Be careful because he’ll test you to see if you’re taking him for granted!

How Do You Know If A Taurus Man Has Feelings For You?

This is how a Taurus man in love behaves:

1. He spends all of his time with you

This guy is never too busy to see you. I don’t care how tight his schedule is, he’ll always find time to be with you.

2. He improves his texting skills

You already know that he sucks at texting. But he’ll do his best to improve his texting skills, just to stay in touch with you.

3. He initiates physical contact

This man will use every chance he gets to initiate a physical connection with you. He won’t pressure you into something you’re not ready to do, but he won’t be able to keep his hands off you either.

4. He shows you off

When a Taurus guy has feelings for you, he doesn’t hide you from the rest of the world. All of his friends know that you’re his girlfriend, and he’s more than proud to call you that.

5. He opens up to you

This is a man who doesn’t open up easily, and people consider him emotionally unavailable. However, all of that changes in front of his loved ones.

If he lets you into his heart, he does so all the way. He opens up to you and shows you his weak side because he trusts you won’t use it against him!

Will A Taurus Man String You Along?

Luckily, Taureans are not the kind of men who enjoy leading anyone on. Even though he’s not very verbal about his feelings, he’ll be very clear about what he wants from you.

This is not the type of guy who’ll promise you the stars and end up giving you nothing. He won’t love bomb you just so he can manipulate you afterward.

Most importantly, he’s a consistent, mature man, and you’ll always know where you stand with him. There are no mixed signals or immature mind games.

If he wants to be with you, he won’t hesitate to put a label on your relationship. He’ll be delighted to give you the title of his girlfriend.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve learned how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, I have to say one thing: once you accomplish your goal, don’t think about playing with his gentle heart.

I know that men who belong to this horoscope sign appear to be tough, but trust me, they’re completely different when it comes to their loved ones. Therefore, if you do bond with him on a deeper level, that’s when he’ll show you his true side.