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When A Taurus Man Misses You, He Does These 10 Things

When A Taurus Man Misses You, He Does These 10 Things

When a Taurus man misses you, he doesn’t show it in a usual way. Instead, he sends you some easy-to-miss vague signs he still loves you.

Since you’re not a mind reader, I assume you need my help to figure him out. And, that’s exactly what I’m about to give you: an insight into his mind.

But, I won’t stop there. If you read on, you’ll also find secret tips and tricks to make this man miss you.

When A Taurus Man Misses You, This Is How He Behaves

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Here are the most common signs a Taurus guy misses you like crazy. Can you relate them to your ex?

1. Blowing up your phone.

When a Taurus man misses you, he won’t approach you in person right away. Instead, he’ll probably test the waters first to see if he has the green light to reenter your life.

And, what’s a better way to do it than to blow your phone up? He’ll start by occasionally texting you to see what’s up or he’ll call you to check up on you.

If he sees that you don’t mind his phone calls and text messages, he’ll blow up your phone even harder.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting good-morning and good-night texts from this man. And, you know what’s the funniest part?

Somehow, he’ll drag you into texting him back. It’s just a way of him coming back under your skin, and he’ll be very successful at it.

2. He’s all over your social media.

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Another clear sign that a Taurus man wants you back is his social media activity. To be exact, it’s his activity on your social media profiles.

This is the easiest way for him to keep up with your life without being too obvious about it. He’s the first one to watch your Instagram and Snapchat stories, he likes all of your selfies, and he comments on your posts. If you blocked him, dozens of fake accounts would appear on your profile.

If you catch him sending follow requests to your girlfriends, be calm. He’s not doing it to hit on them – he is just trying to stalk you.

3. He tries to know everything about your life.

That’s what brings us to the next good sign that a Taurean misses you: the fact that he wants to know everything about your life. He doesn’t stalk you through social media only – he does it in real life as well.

He’s always somewhere in the background waiting for you to take him back. He asks your mutual friends about your whereabouts and, of course, he’s particularly interested in your love life.

He hangs out with your friends and family members because he hopes to get new information about you.

But, he doesn’t stop there. All of a sudden, he starts appearing at all the places you usually spend time at.

4. He doesn’t pursue anyone else.

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When a Taurus man misses you, he remains faithful as if you two were still together. As crazy as this might sound, trust me, it’s the truth.

Let’s not forget that Taurus women and men are some of the most loyal horoscope signs out there.

That’s why a Taurus male won’t pursue any other woman as long as he has feelings for you. It’s just not a part of his personality to look for a rebound relationship.

I’m not talking about serious relationships here only. This man will remain completely single until he gets you back.

He won’t jump from one meaningless fling to another “almost relationship”.

5. Paying his way to your heart.

Whether you like it or not, this man can be described as materialistic. And, he assumes that everyone around him appreciates money over everything as well.

So, when a Taurus man misses you, he’ll try to buy his way into your heart. He’ll shower you with lavish gifts, invite you on an expensive vacation, or even do you a little favor and, for example, pay your electricity bill.

Don’t worry – he doesn’t think of you as a gold-digger nor does he test you. It’s just that he’s not so expressive with his feelings. This is a Taurus guy’s way of telling you how much he loves you.

After all, he’s giving you something he appreciates the most: his money.

6. He is still very protective of you.

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Even though you two are no longer dating, this guy still thinks it’s his duty to take care of you. He protects you, helps you out, and makes sure you know you can rely on him.

Trust me – if you had a problem and came to him, he would turn the world upside down just to get you a solution. He would never allow anyone to badmouth you, let alone hurt you in any other, more serious way.

At a first glance, you might think he’s doing all of this just because he’s a gentleman. Yes, every real man should respect his ex-girlfriend.

But, trust me, a Taurean doesn’t behave like this because of his good manners. He’s doing it because he still loves you.

7. He changes for you.

While you two were together, you kept nagging on and on about the things that you wanted him to change concerning his personality. After some time, it became obvious that he didn’t plan on making any of these changes.

I don’t know if your pleas were connected to his personality or the way he treated you. Either way, they were all in vain.

But now, all of a sudden, it looks like he has taken his own life into his hands. It appears that he’s more than ready to change his ways. Interestingly, all of his changes match the ones you asked him to make.

Don’t you see that this guy hopes you’ll notice that he finally became the man you wanted him to be?

Look, the truth is that he really is ready to change – for now. In fact, he already made some huge alterations in his behavior.

But, that’s not a guarantee that he won’t go back to his old ways the moment you go back to his arms.

8. Insane jealousy.

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You two are no longer a couple, which means that this man has no right to be jealous. At the same time, you have the full right to date whoever you want, and do whatever you want with your love life.

Nevertheless, sometimes it appears like he has a hard time getting used to that idea. Despite your relationship status, he still gets insanely jealous of the mere thought of you with another guy.

He asks you for details about your personal life all the time. At first, he does it casually, like he’s just making small talk, but later on, you see that he is more and more interested in every man around you.

Don’t worry: he won’t get aggressive nor will he interfere in your new relationship. But, he will guilt-trip you into thinking that you broke his heart.

So, if you’re wondering how to make a Taurus man miss you, just make him jealous.

9. Making excuses to see you.

This man won’t tell you he misses you upfront. He won’t ask you out on a date and make the first move towards reconciliation until he sees that it’s something you want as well.

But, at the same time, he’ll have the uncontrollable urge to spend his free time with you. That’s why he’ll make excuses to see you.

Maybe he is asking you to bring him his stuff back. Or, he needs a favor that only you can do for him. Or, he was just passing by your office during lunch hours and was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat.

10. He’s ready to re-discuss your relationship.

Finally, when a Taurus man misses you and sees you miss him back, he’ll open up about his feelings. But, he won’t beg you to take him back.

Nevertheless, he’ll be willing to re-discuss your relationship. He’ll talk to you about his mistakes and the ways he plans on fixing them.

Not only that: he’ll talk about the future as well. He’ll make you believe that this time, things will be different and better.

Will they really? Well, it’s up to you to believe him or not.

How do you make a Taurus man miss you like crazy?

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How do you make a Taurus man miss you? What to do if your Taurus man ignores you? How to make a Taurus man fall back in love with you? Just follow these steps:

1. Shower him with gifts.

Remember that this man’s love language is receiving gifts. This doesn’t mean he is using you for money – buying him presents is just a way for him to realize how much you care.

So, if you’re wondering how to make the first move on him, just get him a little something. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive – it’s the thought that counts.

It can be a DIY project or a little thing that reminded you of him. Trust me – it’s the best way to get him back in no time.

2. Let your sense of humor win him over.

A Taurus man likes spending his free time having fun. It’s your job to make every moment he spends with you as pleasurable as possible.

Always keep a wide smile on your face, spread some positive energy, and most importantly, don’t forget to make him laugh.

If he feels good whenever he’s with you, he’ll keep on seeing you.

I know that this can be hard when you’re dealing with an ex who hurt you badly. You can’t just act as if nothing happened while there is so much to discuss concerning your past and the future.

Nevertheless, if you try discussing these difficult topics right away, you won’t make him miss you. Instead, you’ll see him pulling away, and you’ll ruin all of your chances of getting back together with him.

For starters, stick to the light topics. Once you get his attention and see that he’s falling into your trap once again, ask him everything you want to know.

3. Don’t be readily available 24/7.

happy girl drinking coffee wondering what to do when when a Taurus man misses you

Rule number one: don’t be on call non-stop. If you’re too available, he’ll just assume he can come back to you whenever he wants. Look, even if that were true, he doesn’t have to know it, does he?

Instead of showing him that you’re doing nothing else besides patiently waiting for him to return, at least pretend to be busy. Play hard to get and make him fight for your attention.

If you play your cards right, he’ll get the feeling that he’s losing you forever, and that realization will freak him out like no other.

Keep in mind how jealous he can get. So, what’s the first thing he’ll think of when he sees you’ve stopped running after him?

That you’re dating someone new… that’s right. Once he feels threatened by this imaginary guy, he’ll put all of his efforts into getting you back. Voila, you got what you wanted!

4. Turn your flirty mode on.

Playing hard to get doesn’t exclude subtle flirting. In fact, telling a man you don’t miss him while your eyes are telling him something else will not only confuse him – it will make him think of you even more.

And, that’s exactly where you want your Taurus man. Remember: thinking about someone ends up with missing them.

Body language signals

If you want him back, don’t tell him that up front. Instead, give your body language a chance to talk on your behalf.

Look him deeply in the eyes and let him read your desires. Maintain eye contact, and don’t look away until it gets really awkward.

Smile whenever you see him. Grab his hand in the middle of the conversation, and put yours on his knee when he’s telling you a joke.

Keep him in your arms a bit longer whenever you hug each other goodbye. When you kiss him on the cheek, always be dangerously close to his mouth.

The goal is to tease him without actually doing anything. That will make him think: is he imagining things or are you trying to make a move on him?

5. Don’t give him your life on a silver platter.

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Look at things from your perspective. Who would you miss sooner: a guy who is always there right in front of your nose, or the one you know almost nothing about.

I already know the answer, and I’m sure you do. Well, your Taurus male is not so different.

He has to feel your absence in order to appreciate your presence. But, I’m not talking about going full no contact here.

Be mysterious

I’m just advising you not to give him your entire life on a silver platter.

If you’re familiar with this man’s personality, you know that he wants to know everything about you. Well, don’t give him that satisfaction of getting all the information he needs without moving a finger.

Does he follow you on social media? In that case, post ambiguous selfies, and post updates so he can never be sure about where and who you are with.

Does he talk about you with your mutual friends? Stop revealing too much to them also.

Does he ask you about your personal life? Remind him that he’s no longer your boyfriend, so he’s not entitled to that information.

6. Make him wait for a text back.

When a Taurus man misses you, he’ll blow up your phone. But, what should you do if you just get one text message from him? Should you text him?

Well, the worst option is to double or triple text him. Don’t send him an essay-long reply. I know there is a lot on your mind, but now is not the moment to discuss your relationship.

The second worst option is to respond to him the exact second you got the text. You’re giving him the impression that you’ve spent all of this time sitting around waiting for him to reach out.

Well, technically you did, but once again, there’s no need for him to know this. Besides, no man finds this type of behavior attractive.

What have we concluded? Well, isn’t it clear: that you should make him wait for a text back. Get in his mind and make him think why you are not so eager to talk to him.

7. Get a little touchy.

couple holding hands

There is another love language typical of Taurus men: physical touch. And, this suits you better than anything.

His mind and heart don’t have to necessarily miss you just yet. However, his body most certainly does – even if he’s not aware of it.

Of course, this is something you’ll use to your advantage. You get a little touchy whenever he’s around.

Trust me – just being near you will arouse him more than he expected.

The point is that you leave him wondering what you’re trying to do. You have to make sure that it appears as if you touch him accidentally, but flirty at the same time.

Come on, you’re a woman… I’m sure you know exactly what kind of physical touch I’m talking about.

8. Be visually attractive.

Taurus men are pretty superficial. So, maybe the best way to make this man miss you is the good old-fashioned one: looking your best at all times.

No, this doesn’t mean you should go over the top and wear a gown when he asks you for coffee. Don’t be too obvious, but make sure he has a good look at your female attributes.

Your goal here is to turn him on. Give him a quick reminder of all of the hot nights you spent together.

Before you know it, he’ll try sleeping with you once again. But, I have to be honest here: it’s possible that he won’t initiate anything more than casual hookups.

It’s up to you: will you play this game and try to rebuild your relationship from this point or is this the road you don’t want to take?

9. Show him your vulnerable side.

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How do you make a Taurus man miss you? Open up to him and show him you trust him.

But, be careful. This doesn’t mean you should tell him how crazy you are about him.

Instead of going on and on about your relationship, show him your vulnerable side. Talk to him about your past traumas, and give him a sneak peek at your darkest memories.

Once you get emotionally naked in front of a Taurus guy, he’ll appreciate you more as a person. It will be like he’s getting to know you all over again, and he’ll fall back in love with you.

10. Let him chase you.

No matter what happens and no matter how you feel, never, and I mean never run after a Taurus male. If you do, he’ll keep on running away from you.

Don’t beg for his love, and don’t let him get the idea that you can’t live without him. Even if being apart from this man breaks your heart, don’t be pathetic about it, and don’t let him realize it.

Instead, use the power of reverse psychology, and let him be the one chasing you.

Taurus Man Love Compatibility:

Compatible with: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Not compatible with: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius,

To Wrap Up:

man walking at night texting

When a Taurus man misses you, he shows it differently than any other guy in the world. But, I hope these tips have helped you figure out this mysterious man a bit more.

Now that you know what’s going on inside of his head, you’re one step ahead. Use this advantage wisely!

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