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12 Sure Signs Wife Is Changing Mind About Divorce

12 Sure Signs Wife Is Changing Mind About Divorce

Do you remember the last time you changed your mind about something? I do. Multiple times I have made a decision, and then BOOM, I started having second thoughts about it.

Do you think your wife is going through the same? If so, how will you know for sure? What are the signs wife is changing mind about divorce?

From her body language to her verbal communication, there are so many clues that can indicate that your wife is thinking of giving your marriage a second chance.

Given that you’re here reading this, I suppose that you’re also interested in fighting for your marriage. However, there’s one catch. You need to know that you and your wife are on the same page.

It takes two to tango. It takes two to save a marriage (or what’s left of it).

Below you’ll find some legit signs wife is changing mind about divorce because she still cares about you and your marriage.

What Are The Signs Wife Is Changing Mind About Divorce?

husband and wife hugging in the bedroom while smiling and rethinking divorce

Did you notice any difference in her eye contact? Are there any positive changes regarding her behavior? If the majority of these signs resonate with your wife, then you will know she’s changing her mind about divorce:

1. Improved communication

You’ve noticed some positive changes in her verbal language. She’s no longer passive-aggressive, and she doesn’t start sentences with “You did this or that” with an accusing undertone.

Now you can actually talk about important things without blame-shifting, name-calling, or arguing. You listen to one another and allow your communication to flow naturally.

Negative changes in communication are some of the early signs of the divorce process, whereas positive changes can indicate that your marriage is definitely starting to improve.

Healthy communication is one of the most important aspects of every relationship. If you suddenly feel like you’re in a new relationship (read: new marriage), it’s because you and your wife are putting in effort to make it work. It’s because your wife is changing her mind about your divorce.

2. Physical touch is “reborn”

Before you mentioned the word “divorce”, there was less or no physical touching at all. You both knew that you were in a sexless marriage, but you refused to talk about it openly. It was evident that the attraction diminished, and there was a lack of passion.

Now that you’re considering divorce, you notice a significant change in her behavior. She starts making sexual overtures and initiates subtle physical contact.

Your physical intimacy is on the rise, and you can feel it every time she “accidentally” touches you and flirts with you. So, yes, this is one of the signs wife is changing mind about divorce.

Just as healthy communication, physical contact in marriage is equally important (especially if one of the partner’s love languages is physical touch.)

3. Positive changes in her body language

wife and husband holding hands while smiling and looking at each other

If you observe other people closely, you’ll notice that a lot of information can be conveyed through facial expressions. You can see when they’re sad, upset, happy, or confused.

Nonverbal communication cannot be faked, which means it’s something people do on a subconscious level. When you see someone with crossed arms, it means they are reserved because they’re scared, or they don’t feel comfortable.

Some positive changes in your wife’s body language would be her leaning in slightly when you speak or maintaining deep eye contact. This means that she still cares about you and is interested in giving your marriage a second chance.

4. She talks about the “good old days” with nostalgia

Every marriage is bound to go through lots of ups and downs. This will determine which period will prevail in our memory. When we’re thinking about getting a divorce, we’re 100% focused on all the negative elements of our marriage. Why?

Because we’re totally sure that our marriage cannot be saved and reminding ourselves of the reasons why helps us stay consistent in our decision. I hope you see where I’m going with all this.

If your wife starts talking about the “good old days” of your marriage and you see that spark in her eyes and excitement, then you know it’s not “game over”.

Now she can’t understand why you two wanted to divorce in the first place. In a way, she’s trying to convince you that your marriage can still be good like it used to be.

5. She compliments you

When a woman is thinking about getting a divorce, the last thing on her mind is complimenting her husband, right? Instead, she would think of a million things she hates about you and a million and one things she hates about your marriage.

Did she start complimenting you all of a sudden? Then it is a valid sign she’s actually questioning her divorce decision.

It means she still likes your personality, your appearance, and your special set of skills in every area. When a woman compliments a man, she primarily does it because she wants him to feel noticed, appreciated, and loved. I suppose that’s the main answer to all your questions, right?

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6. Jealousy

A week or a month ago, you were only thinking about this sentence “My wife wants a divorce”. Now you’re thinking about this one sentence “I think my wife is jealous.”

Actually, you think that you’re imagining things because there’s no way your wife could be jealous of another woman when you’re so close to getting a divorce. Well, you might be wrong.

Married couples don’t start caring about one another the second they think about going separate ways. Any signs of jealousy are actually signs wife is changing mind about divorce.

Pay attention to how she reacts when you talk to other females or when another woman compliments you because you might get surprised.

7. She suggests couples therapy

husband and wife in couples therapy facing the therapist

Why would your wife suggest going to a family therapist and attending couples therapy if she’s thinking about getting a divorce? Exactly. She would do that only and exclusively if she still cared about you and your marriage.

Therefore, this is one of those obvious signs that getting a divorce is the last thing on her list right now. Instead, she chose to take things into her hands and try to save your marriage. Wait. How can you save your marriage?

By working on any problems you might have in a marriage and/or by asking for professional help. If you have any family issues or unresolved issues, they need to be addressed, and your wife is perfectly aware of that.

8. Your wife is paying more attention to your needs and wants

One person alone cannot save the marriage. Two people can’t save marriage either if they are only focused on themselves. Finding common ground, making compromises, and taking care of each other’s wants and needs are essential elements of a healthy marriage.

We shouldn’t forget the power of little things such as frequent hugs, kisses, and helping with chores. Now let’s connect all this with your wife’s behavior.

Is she paying more attention to your needs and wants? Does she frequently ask you for your opinion on different things? If yes, then this is one of the sure signs she’s reconsidering her divorce plans.

9. She seeks your attention

Not a single woman on earth would seek attention from a man she’s not interested in. Period. No matter how attention-thirsty a woman is, she simply wouldn’t seek it in the wrong place (read: from the wrong man).

So, you noticed your wife started seeking your attention more than usual. Perhaps she gets offended if you don’t notice her new hairstyle, or she started wearing hot outfits only to catch your attention.

There are multiple ways in which women seek attention, so pay close attention to her behavior. Trust me, if she seeks your attention, you’ll definitely know it. And, yes, this means she’s definitely changing her mind about the divorce.

10. You spend more time together

husband and wife spending time together with a dog while eating

Did you notice that you spend more time together than before? Now, is spending time together mainly the result of her initiation? If yes, then you have your answer: She doesn’t think about getting a divorce but rather getting closer to you.

She’ll ask you to help her with grocery shopping, to help her with chores, or to watch a movie with her. She’ll try to connect with you in various ways and not just one.

Needless to say, spending more time together helps you create a stronger bond. All those activities that you do help you connect on so many levels. In a nutshell, they help you restore your bond and strengthen your marriage.

11. She stops talking about divorce

You used to spend a lot of time talking about alimony, divorce papers, and other divorce proceedings. Now all this is gone!

Your wife no longer mentions any of that, and you don’t know why. Let me tell you why.

It’s because she no longer thinks about that. The fact that she’s no longer interested in talking about divorce may be a sign that she rewired her thoughts on fixing your marriage.

But don’t get me wrong. Sometimes women refuse to talk about divorce because they are focused on other things in life besides that. How will you know that she’s determined to save your marriage?

If the majority of other signs on this resonate with her, then you know she stopped talking about divorce because she no longer wants it.

12. Negative emotions are a thing of the past

When you look at your significant other (read: your wife), you notice that she’s glowing differently. She seems overly optimistic about everything she does and says.

It’s because negative emotions are a thing of the past, and she no longer thinks about getting a divorce. She made a final decision to work on your marriage and to motivate you to do the same.

She knows that it won’t be easy, but it will be totally worth it. She’s being optimistic because she’s convinced that you will succeed in making the best of your marriage. Do you feel the same way? If yes, then make sure to let her know.

5 Reasons Why Your Wife Is Reconsidering Divorce

husband and wife hugging and smiling while walking down the road

There are different people with different opinions, and there are many reasons why your wife would change her mind about the divorce. Here are the most common ones:

1. She’s still in love with you

This is one of the most logical reasons why anyone would have second thoughts about getting a divorce. If your wife still has deep feelings for you and genuinely loves you, she won’t need much persuasion to fight for you and your marriage.

Perhaps you’ve been through a lot lately, which has affected the quality of your marriage. Hard times can make you forget all the positive sides of your marriage and cause mixed feelings.

Sooner or later, our heart always tells us the right thing to do. Your wife has realized that she’s still in love with you, and because of that, she’s reconsidering getting a divorce.

2. You’ve been together for a LONG TIME

Perhaps you met during high school, and you’re the only guy she’s ever been with. Time plays a crucial role when it comes to deciding to break up with someone or get a divorce.

Apart from time, the effort also plays an essential part in making a decision regarding “should I stay or should I go?”. In fact, I think time and effort are interconnected.

The more time you spend with someone, the more effort you invest in your relationship. It’s simple logic. The main reason why your wife is changing her mind about getting a divorce could be her being unwilling to let go of all that time and effort invested.

Well, that reason should also be supported by her feelings. If it is, then it’s a valid reason to “abort the divorce”.

3. She believes that your marriage deserves a second chance

wife and husband hugging and looking at each other

When your car is broken, and you see it cannot be fixed, would you still invest your time and effort into repairing it? I bet you wouldn’t. The same applies to marriages.

If your wife believes that your marriage is doomed, she certainly won’t roll up her sleeves and fight for it. If your wife believes that your marriage deserves a second chance, she might reconsider getting a divorce.

Instead, she will do her best to save your marriage. She will initiate that you go to couples therapy and openly talk about your marriage problems.

Do you also think that your marriage deserves a second chance? Is your marriage worth saving?

4. She’s worried about your kids

Kids and divorce is one of the most sensitive topics out there for every mother and father. Every mother and wife wants to do the best for her marriage and her kids.

She wants to protect her kids from the suffering that can be caused by getting a divorce. Many children think that they are the reasons why their parents decide to go their separate ways. Such emotional trauma can last for a long time.

If she’s worried about your kids, she might reconsider getting a divorce. This can be for the time being, or she might change her mind about divorce for good.

5. Divorce is definitely not cheap

Life is not cheap, and divorce is even more expensive. Here’s the thing. If you can’t establish a divorce agreement peacefully, then this means you will have to engage lawyers and go through a trial.

I don’t even have to mention the financial cost of all this. If your wife isn’t ready for that, that might be the reason why she’s reconsidering getting a divorce.

One of my cousins is in a similar situation (although she isn’t married). She and her “boyfriend” still live together just because they have a child and the rent is extremely expensive.

This is also one of the examples of when people simply can’t break up or get a divorce due to their financial situation.

Your Wife Is Reconsidering Divorce. Now What?

wife and husband sitting on a couch facing away from each other while wife is rethinking divorce

Do you still have feelings for your wife? Do you believe that your marriage deserves a second chance? Are you willing to fight for your marriage?

If your answer is Yes to all of the above questions, then you and your wife are on the same page. Both of you still care about one another, and you want to save your marriage.

The common reasons for divorce include lack of intimacy, lack of commitment, infidelity, and basic incompatibility. Remember that a marriage is a two-way street meaning it can only be saved if both sides are willing to work on it.

Both of you have to be determined to fight for what you believe. Also, the reasons for reconsidering divorce have to be legit.

There is not much sense in fighting for your marriage just because your wife postponed getting a divorce due to being worried about your kids. Both of you need to be in the right mindset when it comes to deciding to stay together or not.

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Final Thoughts

husband and wife standing on the grass and arguing

Have the above signs wife is changing her mind about divorce helped you see the bigger picture? Do you still have some doubts when it comes to your wife?

If yes, then I advise you to have an open and honest conversation with her. If you’re unsure whether she’s changing her mind about divorce, then simply ask her about it.

You have nothing to lose. After all, it’s better to ask than to waste your time overthinking everything. As always, listen to your heart and do what you think is right. Best of luck!

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