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There Are 20 Types Of Girls – Which One Are You?

There Are 20 Types Of Girls – Which One Are You?

Every woman is unique. Her mind is like an endless universe. Her feelings are something that not everyone can grasp. So, it would be really pointless to fit all girls into boxes. That’s why we won’t even try to do it.

We’ll just state the fact that there are some general types of girls and there is always one or even a few types of women to which any girl can relate.

We also get a lot of questions in our Her Way inbox that go like this:

“Among all types of girls, which type do guys usually go for?” “Is my type someone’s epitome of a perfect girlfriend?”

“Why do men fall for a certain type?” – and the list goes on.

As we keep on talking with our readers, new questions start to surface, like whether they are interested in the personality traits, qualities, goals, and social skills that females possess.

Whether you are one of those readers or just stumbled on this article out of curiosity, we’re here to give you some answers.

How Many Types Of Women Are There?

young smiling woman posingBelow is a list of 20 different types of girls. So, keep on reading and see if you feel like these types of women bear any resemblance to who you are and what you like.

Forever single

smiling woman posingMost girls hate their singledom. They’re scared they will end up alone – it’s one of their worst nightmares.

A forever single girl is not one of those girls – she’s embraced her single life to the fullest, with all its ups and downs.

She’s learned with every piece of her once-broken heart that being single beats being in a crappy relationship any day.

She’s reinvented herself, found ways to make life better and more interesting and discovered the importance of self-love.

She’s put her life back together brick by brick and isn’t about to let anyone wreck it that easily.

Loneliness won’t make her enter a relationship just for the sake of being in one. She knows that feeling is temporary, it will pass.

She immediately sees the warning signs of a shady dude and walks out before he gets to crush her.

She’ll be in a relationship when being with somebody feels right and not a moment sooner.

She’d never trade her peace for somebody’s low efforts and half-love. She’d never waste time on a player who has one foot out the door at all times.

Only a man worthy of her love will break the walls she has built so carefully.

Only a man who’s ready to be all in and to whom commitment isn’t an issue will be blessed with her love.

He’ll know just how lucky he is because a girl who has been single for a large gap of time makes the best girlfriend.

Luckily, she’s very much aware of it too. And that’s why she’ll stay single for as long as a man worthy of changing her single lifestyle comes along.

Sarcastic girl

happy woman talking on the phoneThis isn’t a girl who is everybody’s taste for one simple reason – not everyone understands her.

On the other hand, those who speak sarcasm or at least get it simply adore her.

She adds that cynical amount of fun to everyone’s lives.

With her, everything is susceptible to a joke. She has no boundaries and she’ll make fun of you for the pure fact that she loves you.

She doesn’t have time for bullshit and will give it to you straight. She’s one of the most honest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

She’s like a breath of fresh air among all that is fake.

She’s basically every guy’s dream. She is independent and has a lot going on in her life, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She lets her man be exactly who he is and is guaranteed to make him laugh. She doesn’t nag unless she’s put in a position where the situation calls for it.

A sarcastic girl keeps her cool and tries to look at every situation rationally. She has a habit of putting herself in the shoes of the man she loves.

On the other hand, she’s not so forgiving toward everybody else.

Fool her once, shame on you, because, with her, there are rarely any second chances to give out. She gives her all and when she finally understands that she is being used, she will break up instantly and be truly done with you FOREVER.

She has a huge heart underneath that badass front, but not everyone can see it. She doesn’t let people in so easily.

She has to trust them enough to let her guard down, but once she does, she loves like no other.

She’s got high dreams behind her sarcastic exterior. She takes herself just seriously enough to know which boundaries to push and which to leave be.

She’s the type of girl who has a huge heart, but only a select few get the pleasure to really know it.


woman comforting a friendA girl who’s gifted with empathy is someone to hold on to. She is selfless, caring, and compassionate. This cute personality of hers will make any man fall in love with her.

She’s able to relate to other people’s feelings, so she’s happy for their happiness and compassionate in their sadness.

The ugly side of it is that she feels everything so deeply that it overwhelms and drains her.

She needs to be reminded that it’s okay if she takes care of her emotions too.

You see, toxic people leech off empaths because they have so much to give, and once they’re done, empaths need a lot of time to heal and stand on their own two feet again.

A girl who is an empath needs a partner who is more like her. One who will see how precious she is and appreciate all that she does.

She’s used to going the extra mile and making every effort, and it would be nice if she had somebody to meet her somewhere in the middle and reciprocate.

She needs someone who understands where she’s coming from and reminds her that taking care of herself is not selfish, but necessary and highly recommended.

She’s the type of girl who’d compromise her own well-being for someone else’s needs. While this is an admirable trait, it’s also detrimental to her own happiness.

That’s why she needs someone who’ll never take from her without giving anything back.

She’s willing to give a lot, and it’s perfectly okay to expect to find a partner who’d nurture her needs the way she does everyone else’s.

Introverted girl

shy woman looking downA lot of people don’t even bother to understand the amazingness of an introverted girl.

They label her as odd and go on their merry way, as they have no clue what kind of a gem is hidden underneath that shy and silent exterior.

She doesn’t open up to just anybody. Being around too many people drains her energy and being among toxic ones speeds up that process.

That’s when she needs some time alone to recharge. She won’t even answer texts or phone calls unless she feels the need to do so.

She has a habit of spacing out when she feels overwhelmed, so she’s physically there with you but mentally on a whole different planet.

She has her own version of fun, which doesn’t necessarily include big groups of people or clubbing. She probably likes chilling in her bed, scrolling through memes and relaxing.

She likes things that are more casual, private, and laid-back.

She’s a bookworm and movie enthusiast, and anytime she wants an escape, you’ll know where to find her.

She’s not the kind of girl who takes a lot of selfies and promotes herself on social media. She’s not comfortable putting herself out there that much.

She’s a loyal partner and always sure about what she feels and how deeply – she’s spent a ridiculously long amount of time thinking about that.

When she’s in love with someone, she has eyes only for him and all the other guys interested in her fade to grey.

Her partner is guaranteed a drama-free relationship as she doesn’t believe that fighting, yelling, or throwing things around will solve anything.

She prefers to talk things through and is generally more comfortable with that approach.

When she senses bad vibes and a disturbing need for argumentative behavior, she’ll distance herself immediately.

Conflict is not her thing. Dating an introverted girl is complication-free. With her, what you see is what you get.

Extroverted girl

friends making a toast in the clubShe’s the total opposite of an introverted girl. She is extremely outgoing and loves crowds, socializing, crowded concerts, and clubbing.

She’s the life and soul of any party and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight.

She is talkative and friendly, and hanging out with people is what fills her with energy.

People like to spend time with her because she’s open and honest.

They feel like she’s giving them a free pass to get to know her without any complications.

One of the downsides to being an extrovert is that she doesn’t know how to be alone, so more often than not she stays in a relationship, even though she knows that the best thing to do is leave.

She feels isolated if she’s not among other people and she has a habit of acting before thinking things through.

It’s important to mention that the levels of being an introvert or an extrovert can vary.

And there’s no better or worse between these types of girls. They are both great, just simply different.

With each girl, you get a completely different side of the coin. And FYI, whichever one you pick, your life will be richer for it.

Gypsy soul

beautiful woman looking awayThis girl is definitely totally different from all the other girls. She is a combination of different types of girls yet unique in her existence.

She never leaves anyone indifferent. Some adore her, some hate her, and the best thing about it is that she couldn’t care less.

A girl with a gypsy soul has the biggest heart – unfortunately, that heart was broken.

Fortunately, however, she turned her pain into her strength and her heart’s even stronger now.

She believes in people until they prove her wrong. She always chooses to see the best in them.

What she can’t see is their toxicity. At first glance, she always takes that leap of faith and if they do her wrong, it’s on their soul – hers is safe.

She’s grateful for all the lessons in life, no matter how hard they are. Yet, she doesn’t reflect much on the past.

She lives for now and tries to make the best of every day.

A gypsy girl is fun to be around. She’s a very positive person, a very good listener, and a very loyal friend.

She enjoys music, hanging out with her female friends, nature, and every ray of sunshine. She has a lust for life like you’ve never seen before.

This type of girl doesn’t take herself or life in general too seriously. There’s a distinct aura around her that only those who truly want to get to know her notice.

She’s special and extremely kind. She’s got a pure soul, a forgiving heart, and a lust for life.

Adrenaline is what keeps her going, but her loyal core group of closest people keeps her grounded.

Modern-day hippie girl

hippie woman posingInteresting is a mild description for this girl, as she is a level above.

She lives by her own rules and doesn’t care what anybody has to say about it.

She learned a long time ago that trying to make everybody happy is impossible, so instead, she works on making herself happy.

She’s highly opinionated, especially when it comes to human rights, feminism, and politics.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, no matter the cost.

Wanderlust is incorporated into her DNA and she hopes she can travel the world and see all its amazing parts.

She’s humble and doesn’t care much about materialistic things. She’s always happy no matter what her bank account has to say on the matter.

The modern-day hippie girl is the embodiment of love.

She even loves the people who weren’t always fair toward her and hurt her – she just doesn’t need them in her life anymore.

When she falls for someone, she falls hard.

She’s all in and ready to work on the relationship. She’ll give more, love more, and spoil the person she’s with.

All she needs in return is to feel accepted, respected and loved just the way she is.

Just like she accepts and embraces every human being for who they are, she doesn’t ask for much when she seeks the same from others.

She’s got insecurities just like everybody else, and her soft heart has led her to heartbreak on many occasions.

She knows her soulmate is out there somewhere, and whenever he enters her life, she’ll be open to that love.

Her ideal date night consists of wearing a comfy T-shirt, ordering in, and lounging on the sofa with her love.

Peace, love, and security. That’s all it takes to make her happy and brighten her day.


smiling business woman walkingAn alpha woman is first and foremost the strongest and most independent woman you will ever come across.

She is a born leader. Someone with the guts to speak up and who demands to be treated right.

But don’t let all that fool you into thinking that she doesn’t need anyone in her life.

An alpha woman would love to have a man in her life who is her equal, her partner, and her soulmate.

Underneath her tough exterior beats a soft heart.

She is cautious with her love and she pays attention to whom she gives it, but once you win her over, she’s the most devoted and loving partner, friend, or family member anyone could ask for.

Just don’t expect an alpha woman to conform to anyone’s needs and expectations.

She knows exactly what her mission on this earth is and she won’t let anyone boss her around.

That doesn’t mean she’s difficult to be around or full of herself.

It means she knows who she is, she knows how to get it, and all she seeks is a man who won’t try to put her down but rather lift her up.

A man who’ll let her ambition flourish and love her for her drive and perseverance.


woman flirting with man in the barShe has mastered flirting to a T. She is interesting and fun to be with and she has her looks going for her as well.

She works her charms and knows exactly what to say and when to say it to make any guy feel wanted.

She can handle players with ease because she’s the coach when it comes to the game of love.

She always lets men make more effort and has all of them wrapped around her little finger.

She has expectations that are simply too high for just any man to meet.

Until she realizes that no one can match up to her ideals and that she has to be realistic and appreciative of that one good man in her life, she won’t be happy in love.

One of her biggest problems is that she believes there’s always someone out there better suited for her and she’s never satisfied with her partner.

She doesn’t stay tied down in a relationship for long and always has another man waiting as a backup.

This girl finds it hard to stay committed simply because she yearns for more. More men, more freedom, and more options.

Her intention is not to hurt anyone in the process, although it’s understandable if it’s perceived that way.

She’s a tough nut to crack, but when she finds that one person who makes her heart beat faster and sends shivers down her spine, she’ll know it’s time to change her ways.

Miss smartypants

woman talking to her friendsThis kind of girl (or, how I like to call her; miss nerd) has an opinion about any topic you tap into.

Her brain is full of information and there’s no area she doesn’t know at least the basics about.

Fashion is not her number one priority (so don’t call her a fashionista).

She’s all dressed up when the occasion demands it; otherwise, she likes comfortable T-shirts and baggy clothes.

Her intelligence has a way of standing in the way of love.

She used to spend so much time wrapped up in studying, reading books, and informing herself about various topics that she neglected her people skills.

A lot of people label her as awkward. Because of that, what they fail to see is that she is one of a kind and doesn’t fit into molds.

She needs a man who will match her intelligence and accept her the way she is.

She’s the kind of girl who needs a wake-up call that will make her see there’s more to the world than just books and studying.

It’s totally possible to be a nerdy girl with a rich social life.

She’s just in need of someone worthy to come along and show her that she can balance it all with the right person by her side.

Wife material

man kissing woman while she cooksThis type of girl is so special, so different from all the other girls and that is what makes her so unique. She’s many types of girls, all in one. She is gentle and kind, but at the same time, not someone a man can mess around with.

She has her priorities straight and wants a stable relationship that can evolve into marriage.

She’s someone almost any man can imagine having kids with.

She’s reliable, a good friend, and a great listener. She loves to plan ahead, even though she’s well aware that not everything goes as planned.

She couldn’t care less about what other people have to say; she has her own life and her own rules.

She doesn’t mind doing things for the man she loves, but she wants him to meet her halfway.

She is big on forgiveness but she has her boundaries and isn’t afraid to tell her significant other when he crosses the line and does something she doesn’t approve of.

If a guy isn’t serious about this girl, he should never let her meet his male friends and family members because they’ll fall in love with her instantly.

She truly is a keeper and everyone sees it. Her motherly instincts are in bloom and will eventually make any man tie the knot sooner or later.


woman holding shopping bagsThis is one of the types of girls who is pretty self-explanatory. She’s up to date and follows the latest fashion trends.

She’s a trendsetter who’s simply in love with fashion and style.

Her Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with pics of fashion influencers, makeup tutorials, and online shopping pages, and one day, she aspires to be an inspirational fashionista or blogger with her own prominent online business.

She tries to look her best at every given moment and there’s hardly any chance you’d catch her looking like a slob if you happen to bump into her.

Her looks are one of her greatest assets and one of the first things people notice about her.

The downside is that she might look superficial and self-absorbed, which isn’t necessarily the case.

No one should be judged based on their looks alone. She wants a guy with a fashion sense of his own.

Someone who’s filled with confidence and lets her be herself without any “You look better without makeup” nonsense and the “Do you really need one more pair of shoes?” monologues.

She is who she is. Accept her as such or leave her be.

She won’t judge you on your life choices, so don’t do the same to her when it comes to her fashionable side.

She’ll never change her ways for a man (nor does he need to!) She’ll be the perfect girlfriend to a man who appreciates a woman who likes to take care of herself in every way possible.


woman talking to her friendThis is a gossip girl who loves to talk and she basically never stops.

She is open, outgoing, has a sparkly personality, and always has everyone’s best intentions at heart.

Her only problem is that she doesn’t know when to shut up.

She might come off as self-absorbed because a lot of her monologues are about her, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to be more successful at work and in relationships, she has to improve her listening skills and allow other people to offer their opinions and share things with her.

The perfect match for her would be a shy guy.

She could help him get out of his shell and open up a bit, and she could practice talking less and listening more to what he has to say.

Needless to say, she’ll be more dominant, but the right type of guy won’t mind it at all. In fact, he’ll welcome it.

A combination of a chatterbox and a shy guy will balance their personalities perfectly and both will learn a thing or two about what it’s like on the other side of the spectrum.

She’ll improve her listening skills and learn when to dial it down, while he’ll find his hidden voice and learn to speak up when it’s time to stick up for himself.

Together, they’d be a force to be reckoned with.

A true lady

attractive woman posingThis is a bright, well-mannered, and truly decent kind of girl. Everything she does or says is filled with femininity so powerful that it’s captivating.

Everything about her style is romantic.

With airy fabrics, lace, and pastel colors, her skirts and dresses are just a part of what makes her seem like a delicate flower but at the same time very flirty.

Most men really like a girl with feminine traits. They have an inner desire to protect her and make her feel safe.

Her sense of compassion is admirable and when she listens, she really listens and understands.

Her intellectual reasoning makes her the greatest supporter and the happiness of other people is something that truly makes her happy the most.

As for her love life, she wishes old-school dating habits could become relevant again because she’s definitely not into casual hookups and one-night stands.

She wants to be courted. She wants someone who’ll make an effort to be in her life.

One of her biggest wishes is to be stronger at times and handle things on her own.

What she fails to see is that she’s already doing so, she just doesn’t give herself enough credit.

There is one thing she needs to change ASAP, though. She needs to stop being so mild and forgiving, and ditch the toxic people from her life, as they are using her big time.

Adventurous girl

happy woman posing on her tripThere is no room for boredom once you’re by her side. This playgirl always has some new ideas to chase and new dreams to fulfill.

She loves to travel and meet new people.

She hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s in her plans and she brings back interesting stories from every trip.

This type of girl usually tries to combine two of her passions together – sport and nature.

So she does things that make her soul smile, like mountain climbing, swimming, paragliding, hiking, etc.

She needs a man who shares her sense of adventure, who supports and loves her in a way that makes her feel free and doesn’t try to tie her down.

She’s one of the most loyal and devoted women out there, but she needs her own space from time to time.

Someone jealous and controlling won’t stay in her life for too long.

This type of girl needs a guy with a wanderlust spirit such as hers and a thirst for all things exciting.

She doesn’t like to be in one place for too long. And she hopes to find a soulmate who’ll get her restless spirit and complement it with his own.


happy confident woman talking on the phoneOnce she sets her mind to something, there’s no stopping her. She’s goal-oriented, driven, ambitious, and passionate. She has very high expectations and clear goals in life and she knows exactly how to achieve all of them.

She is the ultimate alpha female and she loves to be in charge when it comes to both work and relationships.

She works hard and she should really find some time for herself to recharge and unwind. Otherwise, she’ll burn out.

She’s always working and tending to other people’s needs because they are used to her taking care of them.

That is why she tends to forget that she needs to take care of herself too, and needs someone to lean on every now and then.

The ideal man for her is someone who doesn’t mind being bossed around every now and then.

She’ll encourage the man she loves to dream bigger and try harder.

She can’t stand lowlifes and slackers who don’t have even one ambitious bone in their body.

She is known to be too hard on herself and others, which can often be an impediment to her love life.

All she needs to do to be truly happy is to take it easy once in a while and stop expecting perfection from herself and from others.

Sometimes there’s beauty in flaws and mistakes. If nothing else, you get a funny and interesting story out of them, as perfection can be sterile and boring.

Insecure type of girl

shy woman with hat posingShe is amazing, but she is totally unaware of it. She’s beautiful, but that’s not what she sees in the mirror. Her low self-esteem is totally destroying her self-image.

She is intelligent yet always too shy to speak up and voice what she knows.

She likes to play it safe without taking any risks, which makes her stuck in her comfort zone. Her lack of confidence reflects on her career and love relationships.

She is the best friend anyone could ask for, she just needs to make sure that she’s not taken for granted.

She’s genuinely a good person. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people take advantage of that and exploit it.

She has a sensitive soul and her feelings get hurt easily.

She’s just too good for this world and that’s exactly why she needs to toughen up and face her fears and insecurities.

It’ll be a long process, but if she really wants change, she has to walk toward it as nobody else can do it for her.

She’s not as helpless as may seem and much stronger than she gives herself credit for.

All she needs to do is work on regaining her confidence and she’ll turn her luck and life around.


young woman thinkingThis is one of the types of girls who’s the hardest to admit to yourself that you are. There’s no girl on this planet who wants to admit that she’s the “neighbor’s grass is greener” kind of woman.

Although it’s not an admirable type, it’s still quite normal. It’s a part of someone’s nature and part of being human.

“What does she have that I don’t?” “She has a better job than me, she must’ve been in a lot of beds to get there?”

“She’s getting married and I’m single, how did this happen?” etc.

This type of girl is always comparing her life to those of others around her.

She thinks that other people have it better and that she’s just out of luck.

The truth is we create our own luck and if she’d just stop comparing and redirect her attention to her own life, it would be a whole lot better.

If she stopped wasting time getting caught up in all the bad things happening to her and started counting her blessings, she’d see that her life is full of them – she just doesn’t know how to appreciate them.

Clingy girl

jealous woman watching man typingShe might act all cool and laid-back in the first stages of a relationship, but as things progress and become more serious, her possessive nature and suppressed jealousy will surface.

She wants to spend every waking moment with the man she loves and when not with him, she wants to know his whereabouts.

She expects texts 24/7 and a lot of attention.

This kind of behavior can easily become overbearing if you ask 99% of the male population, that’s why her relationships don’t last long.

She’s basically a good girl with low self-esteem, and she just needs to take it down a notch.

A clingy girlfriend has to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around that other person.

She needs to have a life of her own, with her own interests, social relations, and goals, otherwise, she’ll suffocate the other person with her perpetual neediness and make him break up with her eventually.

Single mom

woman holding her little babyIt’s a bit odd to categorize a single mom under types of girls because she’s a woman in the entire sense of the word.

Still, this list would be incomplete without her.

She’s been through a lot, but the love for her child has always been greater than any obstacles in her way.

She’s a lioness protecting her cub. A woman who’s been broken and bent yet still standing tall.

She’s an example of strength and endurance – the epitome of inner and outer beauty.

She won’t go for the players, layers, and cheats of this world because she knows that her pain will bring her child pain.

Only a real man can win the heart of a single mom.

He has to be ready for a committed relationship, honest, and loyal. And one day, when she’s ready to introduce him into her child’s life, he has to love her child as if they were his own flesh and blood.

That’s the only way to win over a single mom and keep her by his side for many years to come.

On The Whole

kind woman in sweater posingWe’ve listed 20 different types of girls that stand out the most, but there are surely many more because the amazingness of being a girl is something that’s not easily put into words.

We just want to reassure you, if you don’t consider yourself to be the kind of girl who likes to be put in one box, we feel you.

And that’s the furthest thing from what we’re trying to do here.

Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista, a serial dater, true love seeker, nerdy girl, or a woman with high dreams, it doesn’t make you any less desirable to your prospective love interest.

This is merely to help you see if you can relate to a specific type of woman (or a mix of two types or even a few more different ones) for your own personal curiosity!

A guy will like you for who you are on the inside, not for attending a variety of social events or wearing insanely high heels.

The right guy will like you for you. Regardless if you are a girl with high self-esteem and a seductive personality or a nerdy girl who’s been through hard times and doesn’t have tons of free time to waste on questionable boys.

This article is all about celebrating the diverse female personalities and ambitions and accepting those who are different.

We’re all perfect in our own imperfect way and only by embracing our flaws and shortcomings do we have a shot at making it in this world where women are taught to be pitted against each other.

Love yourself for who you are and respect the women around you for their own unique personalities.

They’re the ones who’ll build you up and give you strength when the world pins you down.There Are 20 Types Of Girls - Which One Are You