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Wedding Speech For Brother From Sister: 68 Top Examples

Wedding Speech For Brother From Sister: 68 Top Examples

Has your brother officially decided to tie the knot once and for all, and that day is coming very soon? Now, as you’re here, I assume you’re having trouble with your wedding toast?

Consider your problem solved. I have here a collection of the best and most touching examples of a wedding speech for brother from sister.

Be with your bro on his big day and make him even happier by delivering the most memorable wedding toast ever. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it even more than you think.

Emotional Wedding Speech For Brother

1. “I would like to say today what a beautiful couple they make! People talk of fairy tales, but real relationships take a lot of work. I must applaud and congratulate the bride and the groom on investing in each other and putting in the work to be the best possible versions of themselves for each other. This is true love, folks! As Mignon McLaughlin said, ‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’

A toast to my brother, my best friend, and his other (but not better) half. Love you both!”

2. “Good evening, everyone! What a wonderful wedding we all just attended! [Pause for applause] As you know, Brother and I are twins, but we are very different people. My Brother likes rock music – I like classical. My Brother is athletic, and I’m a bookworm. My Brother likes comedy movies – I like sci-fi. And the list goes on. For twins, we just aren’t very much alike. In fact, I’d say we are pretty much like most siblings, except we do have the typical twin connection.

I know when he’s happy and when he’s sad. And the most important connection I have felt with you, Brother, was earlier today. I could feel your exuberance. I felt the love you have for Bride, and it made me so grateful that you’ve found such fulfillment in Bride, your new wife. I hope you’ll forever feel this way, and as for the both of you, I hope you‘ll love each other unconditionally for the rest of your lives.”

3. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Joanne, I’m Joe’s sister, and I’m honored to be with him on his big day today.

Those who don’t know much about me and Joe’s relationship, let me fill you in a bit. I’m the older sister, which means I’ve been around his entire life. And I’ve had the privilege of watching him grow into the best man I know, aside from our own father.
I like to think that I’ve impacted his life somehow, but really, he’s impacted mine the most. I wanted a little brother so much before he came into my life. I wished, and I wished, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled or felt luckier that God decided to give me Joe. Helping me build my sense of humor and giving me a self-esteem boost along the way, he’s shaped me into becoming a better person.

Siblings, partners in crime, and best friends, I am so happy that he’s chosen to spend his life with this woman over here. If I could mold a woman specifically for my brother, it would have been her in every way. You’ve both gotten so lucky.
Let’s all raise our glasses to Joe, his beautiful new wife, and the incredible journey they’re about to embark on.”

4. “I am so happy today to be able to congratulate my brother (Name) and his beautiful wife, (Name). I have always believed that there is someone out there for everyone, and today, (Brother’s name) has found his soulmate in (Bride’s name).
The first time I met (Bride’s name), I was absolutely sure that she was the right person for my brother. We instantly became friends, and our families bonded together smoothly – that was a relief.
On this day, I wish the two of you the greatest happiness for the rest of your lives. It might come with a mix of good and bad times, but they are only there to test your love for one another. So be true to each other and never stop believing in yourselves and one another.
This toast goes to the beautiful bride, my beautiful sister-in-law, and the handsome groom, my sweet, kindhearted, loving brother. Here’s to you both (raise your glass), two beautiful souls who have their heads but who have lost their hearts.

5. “There are so many reasons to love [groom]. He’s intelligent, kind, and generous, but I think my favorite thing about him is his sense of humor. Dear brother, you have always had the ability to light up a room, and you look so handsome tonight.
Now, onto my beautiful sister-in-law. My first impression after meeting [bride] was that they were one of the only people I’ve ever met who could keep up with [groom’s] wit and good humor. However, it wasn’t until [insert anecdote] that I realized that she was my brother’s soulmate. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you as an individual and as the perfect partner for my beloved brother. Thank you for loving him the way he deserves.”

6. “I know that you, Bride, have also discovered unconditional love. And, just as importantly, I know that you love my brother the same way he loves you, with your whole heart. Bride, I’m so grateful that my brother found the love of his life. Seeing the two of you together always makes me smile. I can’t help it. You are a perfect match for each other. You give each other permission to be yourselves. You accept each other’s imperfections. Most importantly, you support and encourage each other, no matter what task or project you decide to tackle. I hope that one day I’ll be lucky enough to find love like yours. I wish you all the best and many, many happy and blissful years together.”

7. “Hi everyone. For those of you I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, I’m [name]. [Groom] and I have been best friends since diapers, more or less. It’s [number] years later, and I couldn’t be happier or prouder to celebrate my bro’s big day today. I already told you everything, and I just want to congratulate you both once more and wish you a long and happy life together.”

8. “Brother, where do I start? Alright, how about we go down memory lane when I discovered you crying in your room when Dad would not get you a puppy. I believe that was the first genuine sort of grown-up discussion we had – and from that no-doggy day moping to seeing you here today, as a handsome groom, I can’t feel anything but pride. You have developed into a determined man who doesn’t allow anything to pull you down, and I can’t wait to see all that you and (bride) accomplish alone and together as well.
How about we raise a toast to the long lives and happiness of our dearest couple!”

9. “Thank you all for coming to my brother’s wedding. I love my brother dearly. You know that, right, Brother? But I must admit we’ve always had a kind of competition going on between us. Yeah, Brother, you can’t deny it. Sometimes, it wasn’t very pretty.
But today! I mean, Brother, I have to say, you took all this competitiveness between us to an extreme level by being the first one to get married. And yeah, you won the whole marriage competition, but you are so much more than the winner of our little competition. You are a star winner because you chose [Bride] to be your wife! You truly rose to stardom level in our competition when you somehow convinced this poor woman to marry you.
I hope you’ll always be as happy as you are today. And I hope you’ll keep loving each other the same way you do now. I’m raising this toast to your health, love, and happiness.”

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Short Sister Of The Groom Speeches

1. “Your happiness is so important to me, and I know you will always have it with your amazing wife. The two of you have so much in common, and you both have big hearts. I know you’ll be happy together, and I really wish you that from the bottom of my heart.”

2. “This toast goes to the beautiful bride, my beautiful sister-in-law, and the handsome groom, my sweet, kindhearted, loving brother. Here’s to you both (raise your glass), two beautiful souls who have their heads but who have lost their hearts.”

3. “Please raise your glasses and join me in toasting my wonderful brother and his new wife! May you always be the winners in life. I love both of you very much.”

4. “Good evening. I’m so happy to be here tonight. First, I want to wish my brother and his new wife a wonderful life together. The two of you are great together, and today, your wedding was just magical.”

5. “Good evening, everyone; from the moment [Groom] met [Bride], I knew that this was going to be something special. The way you two talk to each other, you’re so alike sometimes that, honestly, it kind of scares me. But to quote Mark Twain, ‘To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.’ May your love be timeless.”

6. “On this day, all I would wish for the two of you is the greatest happiness for the rest of your lives. It might come with a mix of good and bad times, but they are only there to test your love for one another. So be true to each other and never stop believing in yourself and one another.”

7. “In all seriousness, my dear Brother and his lovely Bride, I am so happy for the two of you. Watching the two of you prepare for your wedding, I realized just how much you adore each other.”

8. “Ladies and gentlemen, kindly join me in celebrating my brother and his beautiful wife as they start their lives together as a married couple. May you always hold the delight you share today in your souls and never let it go!”

9. “And I will admit, it was hard to let go of my brother a little. We have always been inseparable. But I am so happy that he found someone who cares about him so much. I know that [bride] will keep him happy. And he will keep her happy as well.”

10. “Congratulations to the newlyweds! You two couldn’t be more perfect for one another, and I am confident you will build an amazing life together.”

11. “Dear brother, congratulations on marrying the love of your life. I’m so proud of you and the way you have grown up to be a wonderful man, and I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be a wonderful husband too!”

12. “Please join me in celebrating the happy couple as they start their lives together as husband and wife. May you forever hold the joy you share today in your hearts and never let it go!”

13. “It’s a great happiness to find someone who loves you as much as the bride loves my brother and vice versa. Today, I want to thank both of you for being part of my life and celebrate the love you both share.”

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Funny Wedding Speeches For Brother From Sister

1. “All of us have gathered together in this room. We’ve got something really important in common – none of us have got a clue what I’m going to say next!”

2. “Yes, [bride], you look absolutely stunning today, and it’s a privilege to have you as my sister-in-law. I’m so excited that not only have you officially joined the [your surname] family but that you’ve also taken on responsibility for my brother. Yes, those calls at 2 am when he’s forgotten where he lives are now your problem. Really [bride], you should have read the small print.”

3. “Ladies and gentlemen, today we witnessed a unique event in history – it’s the first and presumably last time anyone has trusted me to give a speech!”

4. “I do have to say, though, brother, just how lucky you are. You will leave here today with a wife who is warm, loving, and caring. And my dear sister-in-law, how lucky you are as well. You leave here today having gained a lovely outfit and a wonderful bouquet of flowers.”

5. “I just want to say, in front of our families and dearest friends, that I love you both and hope that every day will be happy and blessed for you guys just like today’s is – just not as expensive.”

6. “Dear brother, I love you so much, and I really hope you’ll still feel the same about me after you hear my speech.”

7. “I remember how mom and dad have always had an uncanny ability to find out what’s going on in our lives. When John found me smoking in the rear garden when I was 16, mom and dad were the first to learn of it. When he spotted me lighting fireworks from the window of my room, mom and dad were the first to know. When John saw me taking… Oh! Wait a second! My brother’s a snitch!”

8. “First of all, I want to thank you all for being here with us today. As most of you know, I am [groom’s] sister. As we grew up, we were as close as can be. We were always in trouble, and I remember wondering if there would be a woman brave enough for someone as wild as my brother. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present you this strong woman over here, my wonderful sister-in-law!”

9. “The groom and I share the same sense of humor, so if you don’t like my jokes, you can blame my brother!”

10. “All those among you who know the bride will know that she’s a wonderful and caring person. She really deserves a good husband. Thank God she married my brother before she found one.”

11. “My brother has requested that I don’t share any embarrassing stories… so that’s it from me! Thanks for listening!”

12. “A recent analysis has revealed that 68% of individuals in the US are addicted to puzzles, which suggests that two-thirds of you must be trying to understand what on earth (bride) sees in my brother.”

13. “We’ve now reached the point in the proceedings when we all get to see my brother, the groom, shift uncomfortably in his seat and grip the tablecloth. That’s right. I’ve been asked to give him the drinks bill.”

14. “Loyal. Kind. Honest. Generous… That’s enough about me – I’m here to talk about my brother and his lovely bride!”

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Wedding Speeches From Sister To Younger Brother

1. “Many of you only know my brother as the cool, dashing, athletic, somewhat successful professional [fill in the type of career]. However, he wasn’t always that way. I know. It’s difficult to imagine, but he was once just a little guy, my baby brother. And even though we’re adults, I’ll always think of him as my little brother. Today is his special day, and I wish him nothing but happiness and love.”

2. “As you all know, this handsome man over here is my little brother. He is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. And now, he is no longer a little boy but a man who has met his equal, another person in this world who is as deserving of him as he is of her. Together, they make a wonderful pair, and I know that they will make each other so happy in their new life together.”

3. “Bride, when you entered my little brother’s life, it was like you turned on a light switch. He always had a lot of energy and zest for life, but you’ve amplified all that and so much more. You complement him, the way he seems to complement you. I wish you both happiness and nothing but true love.”

4. “I spent our childhood looking out for you, Brother, and I’ll always be your big sister and always look out for you.”

5. “I know I am not alone when I say that it is a joy to see the bride and my lil’ bro fall in love with each other day after day. The beauty of their love is something that words cannot fully describe. Let’s toast our newlyweds, and bro, just so you know, I couldn’t be happier for you than I am right now.”

6. “Had you been by his side at the time he did that, I know you would have been right there with him, helping him. And, knowing that, I can breathe a sigh of relief as Brother’s big sister because I know you will look out for him the same way I always have. I also know that he will always look out for you the same way he has always looked out for me.”

Speech For An Older Brother’s Wedding From Sister

1. “Please join me in raising a toast to the beautiful bride and my lovely big bro. To a life filled with happiness and love. May you build on the love and relationship you sealed today with your wedding vows and always have each other’s best interest as your number one priority in your marriage, with your combined unconditional love guiding you.”

2. “As you may know, I am the groom’s younger sister. As we were growing up, I always wanted to be like him. Do the things he did, have the things he had – I was probably a bit annoying – and I always wanted to tag along. He taught me how to care, share, and try to reach for the stars. And as I grew up, I wanted to be just as beautiful, caring, smart, and successful as he is. I’m so happy for him because he found his happiness. He found the love of his life. I also wanted to thank you all for coming. This wedding party wouldn’t be the same without each one of you. Let’s raise our glasses to the happy couple!”

3. “My big bro has just tied the knot. And I do believe that [bride] is his perfect match. And today, I realize that all he needs is a woman who will love him just the way he is, with all of his craziness. Their commitment to each other inspires all of us because that’s what we call true love. So, let’s raise our glasses to this amazing couple!”

4. “I toast my big bro to honor his wedding day, but more importantly, in memory of the years we have spent together. My heart is filled with unspeakable pride. The memories of all we shared will be with me always. I love you, brother; you will be part of my life forever.”

5. “Enjoy your life together. (Brother), you’re so lucky to have found your soulmate, and (bride), you’re lucky to have found someone who will make you laugh every day. Usually unintentionally. And often in the bedroom. Ladies and gentlemen, a toast to my brother and my favorite new sister. Cheers!”

6. “My big bro has always set an example for me to follow. Over the years, he has shown me how to love and care. Today he shows me how to find a best friend, a partner, and true love, all in one person. I hope that I am just as lucky someday.”

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Quotes About The Bond Between A Brother And A Sister

1. “To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We’ve shared private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.” – Clara Ortega

2. “There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.” – Unknown

3. “Do you know what friendship is… it is to be brother and sister; two souls which touch without mingling, two fingers on one hand.” – Victor Hugo

4. “You and I are brother and sister forever. Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up. As soon as I finish laughing.” – Unknown

5. “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” – Vietnamese proverb

6. “We shared parents, a home, pets, celebrations, catastrophes, secrets. And the threads of our experience became so interwoven that we are linked. I can never be utterly lonely knowing you share the planet.” – Pam Brown

7. “As brother and sister, our paths shall change, but the special bond between us will last forever.” – Unknown

8. “A brother is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit.” – Unknown

9. “Sisters and brothers are the truest, purest forms of love, family and friendship, knowing when to hold you and when to challenge you, but always being a part of you.” – Carol Ann Albright Eastman

10. “After mom and dad, a girl feels safe and complete being with her brother.” – Unknown

11. “The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.” – Unknown

12. “Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” – Susan Scarf Merrell

13. “Brothers are just born to bother sisters.” – Unknown

14. “There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother. Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.” – Anna Quindlen

15. “He is my most beloved friend and my bitterest rival, my confidante and my betrayer, my sustainer and my dependent, and scariest of all, my equal.” – Gregg Levoy

16. “Always and no matter what, brothers and sisters are there for each other in times of troubles.” – Catherine Pulsifer

17. “Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends. Joy and laughter or tears and strife, holding hands tightly as we dance through life.” – Unknown

18. “I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother, and I found all three.” – Baba Amte

19. “Once a brother, always a brother, no matter the distance, no matter the difference and no matter the issue.” – Byron Pulsifer

20. “Brothers and sisters get angry with each other, they at times say mean things, but in the long run, they watch out for each other, even though they would never admit it.” – Kate Summers

What Should I Say In My Brother’s Wedding Speech?

As the sister of the groom, you may be asked to give a speech at the wedding ceremony. Now, there are a few things you should pay attention to if you want to deliver a great speech.

In the introduction, you should greet all of the wedding guests and thank them for coming. Also, mention people who have participated in the wedding planning and thank them for how stunning the wedding reception looks.

Talk about the bond you have with your brother and thank him for every moment, every memory you created together. Thank him for always having your back, and say that you’ll have his forever.

Also, welcome your new sister-in-law into the family. Compliment her wedding dress and her looks, her inner and outer beauty. Ask her to love and respect your brother, her husband, forever.

You can share a funny memory you have of your brother and you, but steer clear from embarrassing stories, and DON’T by any means mention his exes.

If you’re not great at public speaking, it would probably be a smart idea to practice your speech before the wedding day or at the rehearsal dinner.

There will probably be bridesmaids, the best man, the brother/sister of the bride, and some other family members around, and delivering your speech in front of them may help you deal with your fear of public speaking.

It’ll definitely be easier to speak at the wedding ceremony after you’ve already done it at the rehearsal dinner.

In Fine

You can use these examples of a wedding speech for brother from sister, you can search for speech samples online, or you can use these templates as an inspiration to write your own sister wedding speech.

The only important thing is to speak from your heart.

Make your bro’s wedding day even more special with an amazing wedding toast. Remember, it’s a privilege and an honor to deliver a speech at your loved one’s wedding.

In the end, I want to congratulate your brother and his bride and wish them a lifetime of happiness. And if you haven’t found your soulmate and tied the knot already, I hope you’ll do so soon and feel that immense happiness too.