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21 Signs Of A Good First Date & How To NAIL The Second One

21 Signs Of A Good First Date & How To NAIL The Second One

Sometimes, signs of a good first date are so obvious that words don’t do them justice.

The conversation flows, the body language is everything, and their sense of humor rocks.

While these telltale signs are what the relationship experts agree to be total indicators of an impending second date, there are also many subtle signs that you may have missed.

And that’s what I’m focusing on in this article.

You want a solid, good start to your potential relationship, as well as to make sure that the dates keep on coming, right?

Great! Because since those good signs are easy to miss when you’re in your head too much, I’m here to save the day!

First dates are all about exploring the territory, uncovering potential red flags, and figuring out if they’re a keeper through casual small talk.

While it’s difficult to be certain if this new person will be a good fit long-term, it is possible to detect positive signs that suggest great compatibility.

To make sure you had a great first date, find out which red flags to watch out for, and learn how to nail the second date, keep reading. I’ve got it all covered.

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Was Your First Date A Success? 21 Great Signs That It Was

Find out if your date was as awesome as you think it was through these foolproof signs! If you can check the majority of these off your list, congrats, there’s definitely potential!

The date lasted much longer than you had anticipated

This is undeniably one of the best signs out there. I know how dreadful those first dates can be.

You keep stressing about the small talk and how to keep it interesting to the point of going mad.

So when your date exceeds your expectations longevity-wise, congratulate yourself.

You’ve found someone interesting enough that made you forget about the hours that went by just like that. First-date chemistry is really strong with you two!

Their sense of humor was perfectly in sync with yours

I don’t know about you, but if my partner can’t make me genuinely laugh my booty off, I stop wasting my time.

You need to be able to laugh together!

If it’s all seriousness, deep stuff and they can’t break you out of your bad mood, just leave.

Lack of laughter is a deal-breaker and never settle for less. Especially if they can’t make you LOL so early on.

You were both really interested in what the other had to say

This is the beauty of your date. Neither of you were interested in interrupting the other.

You both genuinely wanted to hear the other one talk and the conversation flowed beautifully.

This is one of the most precious signs of a good first date.

In a relationship, you need a partner who can communicate. And this is a great indicator of one such individual.

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There was LOTS of eye contact on both parts

There was no awkwardness in this regard. You were totally comfortable looking them straight in the eye whilst talking and it felt really nice. They did too, and it was almost like magic.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but so far, this seems to be a really great first date. Can you keep it up?

You were able to be your genuine self without hiding any parts of you

One of my least favorite things about dating is having this feeling like you can’t be completely yourself from the get-go.

It’s really challenging to get to know a person while not being true to your own self.

When you’re able to overcome that and show all your quirks without feeling judged, that’s a success and you can be sure that you’re close to getting a girlfriend or boyfriend.

People fake it way too often out of fear of being misunderstood too soon. But for me, if I have to fake anything, I’m out.

There was definitely physical contact (a subtle touch of a hand, etc.)

You were hesitant at first, but once you saw an opportunity, you just took it. You found a cute excuse to touch their wrist over the table and there was definitely a spark.

Then, they returned the favor and “accidentally” brushed up against your leg while changing seating positions.

Things like this are true indicators of two people into each other.

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The whole time you felt like you’d known each other for ages

One of the most amazing things that can happen on a date is precisely this. Meeting them for the first time but feeling like you’ve known them for ages.

The conversation is so smooth and natural, they give out great vibes, and the atmosphere is rousing in the best possible ways.

These types of things almost always lead to something great. Make sure to keep it going, as something this unique deserves to be explored.

You never ONCE wanted to grab your phone or run for the hills

Feeling the need to be on your phone during a date is a massively bad sign. Luckily, you enjoyed someone so much that you totally forgot about your phone!

And if you’re being honest, that’s a rarity. You can’t remember the last time you met someone who genuinely made you forget your smartphone.

What does that tell you?

They listened carefully and asked a bunch of follow-up questions

They had a lot of questions whenever you shared something about you or your close ones. And not the invasive kind.

They genuinely seemed interested in whatever you were talking about.

And since there are lots of narcissistic types out there who can’t wait for their turn to shine, this is pretty cool!

They friended you on social media the same night

And you probably totally freaked out, right? (Who wouldn’t?) In fact, your own reaction says it all.

If you didn’t like them, you’d be annoyed at seeing their friend request.

But if you quietly went crazy and maybe even squealed a little, that’s one of your best signs of a good first date.

They clearly want to get to know you better, hell to the yeah!

They mirrored your actions (and vice versa)

You grabbed a glass of wine and they did the same immediately afterward. You smiled, and so did they (totally instinctively).

Need I say more? This is one of the cutest signs of a great connection. When you do things like this by accident, there’s definitely something cooking there.

Your date suggested that their friend group would LOVE you

Who wouldn’t love hearing this? Say you were talking about some of your crazy adventures, and they just stopped you mid-sentence to say: “I just have to tell you that my crew would really dig you.”

Clearly, you’ve already got him thinking about potential hang-outs. How awesome is that?

Having their friends like you definitely helps things in major ways.

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You two walked home as you both wanted that extra time together

Aww, how cute is this? When you don’t even want to call an Uber because you really want to squeeze any additional time you can have together. How often does that happen?

This means you’ve really clicked. Walking together after a great date and talking like you’re already a couple is the dream.

You naturally progressed from small talk to the deeper stuff

You broached subjects like mental health, your previous serious relationships, family background, and everything in between.

The conversation just naturally progressed! One minute you were cracking jokes and the other, you were talking about your big sister moving to another country and how it affected you.

Small talk is really important because you can’t always be serious. But when you can just naturally cross over, that’s pretty rad.

You couldn’t help but smile the whole time

It seems like you can finally kiss online dating bye-bye, as this person made you smile throughout the entire date. And it’s not just their cool sense of humor.

Talking to them just felt pleasant and relaxing. You were right where you wanted to be and the smile never left your face.

You only realized this when you got home and your facial muscles actually hurt from smiling the whole night through.

Immediately afterward, you NEEDED to share it all with your friends

And finally, it wasn’t about something that went wrong because the date rocked!

And you just needed your best friend to know what a wicked good time you just had.

This is one of the cutest signs of a good first date. The need to share your joy immediately afterward pretty much sums it up.

Your date texted you within 24 hours

Could they be real? Yup! And they also suggested some awesome second date ideas (omg) which is one of the best signs they’re really into you!

You already know how big of a deal this is. If they didn’t like you, they wouldn’t bother texting, especially so soon. But if you heard from them within 24 hours, you’re golden.

You can’t get them out of your head

To me, first impressions are everything. And when you can’t get this person out of your head after the date, you know they did something right.

I’m the kind of person who can’t stop replaying stuff in my head for days and even weeks on end. But I don’t mind it!

If you have a good thing going, of course you’re going to think about it! Why deny yourself the joy and excitement?

You weren’t similar, but you still appreciated your differences

Here’s some really good dating advice. Just because you two aren’t two peas in a pod, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be great together.

People have complicated lives, complex family members, demanding jobs, and different beliefs, but if there’s a strong click, it means you can work through it.

And it seems like you’re on the right track.

You know what you’re after, and so far, they totally fit the criteria

So far, they seem like just the kind of person you want in a partner. It seems like you might finally be done with swiping left on dating sites as this one has it all.

You don’t want to jinx it of course, but if the dating experts are on your side, how could you not be happy?

After several bad dates, you deserve someone who nails the little things.

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You hugged or even kissed at the end of the night

And finally, when the date reached its inevitable end, there was a hug or a kiss that you wanted to last for hours.

You dreaded this moment, but when it came, it felt so natural and left you all tingly.

Ending the date on a good note is so important. And this to me feels like the best finale of a glorious date.

If this was only the first one, how exhilarating will the second one be?

How To Knock It Out Of The Park On The Second Date

Now that you’ve got the first one under your belt, let’s focus on having even more fun on the following date.

Here’s how you can make sure to grab (and keep) their attention the second time around!

Skip the restaurant and go for something totally different

Going to a fancy restaurant or a really cool coffee shop is usually the go-to option for early dating. But why not switch it up?

Suggest a totally different idea! Maybe you could try go-karting?

Or have a picnic if it’s a nice day? If you live near a beach and the weather allows it, go catch some waves!

You know what I’m talking about. Try different things. I assure you it’ll be more fun than your regular romantic dinner date.

Relax, you know they totally dig you!

Relax, if they didn’t like you, there wouldn’t be a second date, now would there? So, you’ve got that working for you.

Focus on being your confident, badass self and exude positivity and joy.

You’ve already got a pretty solid picture of what they’re like so you know what to expect. Plus, the firsts are always the worst.

Now’s the time to kick it up a notch. Show them your fun side and why dating you would be basically like winning the lottery.

Ask them anything you were hesitant to broach during the first date

It’s understandable that on the first one, you didn’t feel comfortable delving into particular topics. All in due time, right?

So now that you’re going for round two, you may feel free to dig a little deeper. I’m not saying ask them about their entire family’s complicated history.

But you can definitely start asking about more intimate stuff now. After all, you have to figure out if you’re a good fit, right?

So it goes without saying that some questions simply need to be asked.

Try to elevate the conversation even further

And I’m not talking about the deep stuff here (not necessarily anyway).

But try to discuss an array of different things just to see what they’re into and what doesn’t float their boat.

This way, you’ll get a much clearer picture of them as a person.

What they find funny, what sets them off, what can make them LOL in the worst of moods – that type of thing.

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Don’t be afraid to crack a joke or two (sense of humor is SO important)

You may even prepare a joke beforehand, but definitely don’t recite it in a way that lets them see you practiced it at home.

If you’ve got a good sense of what can make them laugh, then you can definitely casually throw in a short, witty joke to make them laugh.

There’s nothing I love more than LOL-ing at the most unexpected moments.

Talk about things that inspire you and ask about their passions

This is a beautiful part of dating. Finding out all about their hopes, dreams, ambitions, and watching them as they discuss it passionately.

People shine differently when talking about things they love.

And afterward, you can do the same, and if they’re as good of a date as you think, they’ll let you talk without interruptions.

Maybe ask some questions about where they want to be in five years just to see where you stand if this works out.

Show them you’re into them (don’t be mysterious in that regard)

Don’t hide how you feel. That’s not cool anymore.

You don’t have to outright blurt it out on the first date, but you can definitely show them with your body language.

Be open, inviting, interested, and somewhat eager. Don’t put all the cards on the table at once, but definitely leave the impression that you’re into them.

Recall any small details your date may have mentioned to woo them

People love to know that they were actually listened to! Anybody can just nod along and wait for their turn to talk. But not everyone will listen for the sake of actually hearing.

So be that person! Listen, soak it in, and try to remember. It shows that you’re not superficial or narcissistic.

And when you casually mention that thing they had no idea you kept in mind, they’ll be in awe.

Flirt like your life depends on it

Second dates are all about flirting your booty off!

Be a tease, wink here and there, suggest some mildly naughty ideas but then laugh them off and leave them wondering if you were actually joking.

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Touch their hand, lean against their shoulder (you get the gist)

Physical contact is the best (if you know your limits of course). It’s all about doing it subtly but seductively.

Don’t be afraid to touch their hand here and there (it’s hot, trust me).

If you’re standing in a row or something, grab their hand or lean against their shoulder.

It’s cute as hell and shows your interest.

If you’re feeling bold, suggest an exciting third date idea

Why not? If you’re having a wicked good time, and you get the sense that your date is just as into it as you are, go for it! Fortune favors the bold.

Their reaction will tell you all you need to know.

If they’re eager, they’ll be elated at your suggestion, and if they’re really not feeling you, they’ll be caught off guard and not know what to say.

Still, that actually tells you everything. But vibes don’t lie! If the good times are rolling, I guarantee you they’ll say yes.

If you like them, TELL them (honesty is a breath of fresh air)

When did people stop saying things openly and honestly? Why has that become such a hard thing to do?

Sometimes, I feel like old-school dating was the best.

People like to hear things like that. You shouldn’t keep playing coy and hope they figure out what’s in your head.

All that’s going to do is chase them away.

It’s so simple. If you dig this person, say it! You can never go wrong with being honest, especially about something so positive.

Early Dating Red Flags You Need To Look Out For

And finally, here are major red flags that you should never ignore on a date. If you recognize this person in any of these, think long and hard before seeing them again.

They can’t form an original opinion and agree with whatever you say

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in a person, it’s their inability to form an opinion. I don’t need you to agree with me, I just need to hear that you actually have something to say.

So yeah, if your date just keeps nodding along, without stating any opinion, that’s definitely a deal-breaker for me.

How can you communicate with someone who can’t argue their point? Communication is key, and this is plain embarrassing.

They have the audacity to order for you (no, thank you)

Umm, no thank you. I know what I like and I’m perfectly capable of speaking for myself. People who have the audacity to think you’d actually be impressed with this need a reality check.

It’s one thing if this was your long-term partner who knows what you like/dislike. I can live with that. But for a first or second date, not so much. It’s presumptuous and, frankly, plain rude.

Zero eye contact (they keep eying the room)

This is a red flag that you definitely need to run away from. If they can’t concentrate on you and your conversation this early on, can you imagine them a few months into the relationship?

Find yourself someone who’ll look you in the eye and pay attention to you as you’re talking. That’s a good sign of a person who’d be a good partner.

If they’re eyeing the room, they can watch you leave it.

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They say things like: “I’m not like all the other guys/girls” (which makes them EXACTLY like them)

This is definitely not one of the signs of a good first date. Quite the opposite actually. It’s a cheesy statement that people say when they want to appear special and “different.”

If they truly were nothing like most people, they wouldn’t feel the need to say so. They would just be that way and you’d see for yourself. This is just a cry for attention.

They manifest signs of seriously low self-worth

You don’t need someone who’ll constantly need you to hold their hand and tell them that they’re good enough.

You’ve got your own issues. If they’re self-deprecating this early, I wouldn’t see them again.

They are clearly trying to pretend to be someone they’re not

I can’t stand fakers. Just be your genuine self, for crying out loud.

How can you even fall for someone who so clearly has a mask on? If they want to impress you, this isn’t going to work.

Be true to yourself or let me find someone who is. But definitely don’t waste your time trying to figure out what’s under all that charade.

They’re clearly not comfortable with who they are.

You haven’t heard someone badmouth their ex like this in a LONG time

A huge red alert. Bad mouthing an ex is a huge no-no. This could be you one day.

How would you feel if you knew your ex was talking badly about you to their dates? It would kind of suck, right?

So don’t give this new person a free pass. There are two sides to every story.

And if they’re on a date with you, and their focus is an ex who they clearly have a grudge against, I’d leave them be.

…or generally, anyone (they have a superiority complex)

Nobody is good enough for them. They seem to think that they’re more capable, smarter, and know better than most. And they’re not afraid to show it.

If it were me, I’d just let them know they’re definitely not all that and leave my table (or wherever you two are).

They make a scene in a full restaurant if they don’t like their food

This is a major deal-breaker. Can you imagine the audacity and rudeness? I mean, if you have any sort of issue, kindly let the person know.

But putting someone on blast so publicly is the ugliest thing.

I’d be embarrassed to be seen with them. Watch out for people with such poor manners and communication skills. You definitely don’t need this sort of person in your life.

They start talking about a future WAY too early

What could possibly be inside a person’s head to make them talk about a future with a person they’ve known for two hours?

It’s kind of baffling to me. It’s okay to show interest and let your date know that you’re definitely into seeing them again.

But talking about a vacation or meeting the parents… I’ll pass.

Don’t foolishly think that it’s a good sign. It’s really not. They’re clearly in some sort of rush that leaves a bad first impression.

They showed up late and offered no explanation (excuse me?)

Your time is precious. And if this person cannot respect that, what does it say about them?

It’s okay if there was a legit reason for their lateness. Things happen. But offering no explanation, seriously?

Avoid people of this kind. You deserve to be respected and this individual clearly doesn’t.

If you were forced to sit alone for any amount of time and did it without complaining, the least you deserve is to hear why.

A bit too comfortable sharing some truly private details

Do you know those people who have no boundaries? Who will just share the grossest things as if it’s the most natural thing ever?

Yeah, I’m not a fan. I’m guessing you’re not either.

There’s a time and place for everything. And a first or second date is definitely not a good time to share gross photos from an elective surgery or any type of stuff that makes you feel uneasy.

Right now, your date should focus on impressing you with their kindness and humor. There’s time later for everything in between.

On their phone way too much during the date

In my opinion, phones should not even be on the table. If you’re on a date, that’s what you should be focusing on.

Let your friends know where you are and that they should only reach out if it’s an emergency.

That way, you get to have an uninterrupted date that you can dedicate your time to. And if they don’t share this sentiment, it’s a majorly bad sign.

How can you get to know them if they’re on their phone? Actually, that does say a lot about them. Just not anything good!

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They don’t let you get a single word in

They’re a total blabbermouth. They’ll talk over you, and constantly talk about themselves.

It’s come to a point where you’ve genuinely given up trying to get a word in. It’s pointless.

Like I’ve already mentioned, communication is vital for a successful relationship.

If they’re already showing signs of being really bad at this, trust them. You can definitely find someone who won’t make you feel unheard.

They tried to take a selfie together right off the bat

I love a good selfie. Goodness knows that I do. But again, there is a time and place for a joint selfie. This ain’t it!

You’re not even a couple yet. You’ve known each other for a few hours. Can you give it time, dude?

And if they actually want to post the photo on their social media accounts, get out of there.

I don’t really know what on earth they’re thinking, but it’s nothing smart, I can tell you that much.

You were given a cheesy nickname that you were 100% NOT into

Nicknames are cool. They show a sense of humor and closeness that only two people get.

So, naturally, you only give nicknames to those you actually know, because otherwise, it’s meaningless.

So what could you possibly think about someone who gives you a nickname literally after learning your name?

No, it’s not cute. It’s weird, and you’re 100% not into it. All this can do is weird you out.

They appear overly needy and clingy

It’s normal to want to spend time with someone and get to know them better. That’s the whole point of dating.

But being overly needy is definitely not one of the signs of a good first date.

Sure, you like this person, but you’re not going to be all over them and freak them out immediately, right?

If your date has manifested any signs of clinginess, I’d watch out. If you give them a second chance, be sure not to ignore this issue.

Whatever their problem is, it’s not for you to solve it.

They keep interrupting you even though you barely get to talk

It’s one thing to be a blabbermouth right off the bat (still a bad sign), but interrupting you during the rare occasion you’re actually speaking?

Excuse me, but that’s a no from me, dawg.

Dating is 50:50. You’re not there to be someone’s sounding board who’ll just listen and admire them.

You deserve to share your own stories and be heard just like them.

If someone thinks that what they have to say is more important than what you have to say, don’t waste a second longer.

Their body language is off

This type of nonverbal communication says so much about a person. You just have to pay attention to it.

For example, if their hands are crossed, and they’re looking around, eyeing the room, that’s bad, obviously.

When you notice these types of stuff, including acting like they’re bored, nervously tapping their foot on the ground, rubbing their nose, and a lack of eye contact, take it seriously.

Pick up on their unspoken issues and don’t ignore them.

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They criticize your opinions and impose their own

Here’s what I’ve realized recently. People who are overly critical are merely struggling with their own insecurities and need validation.

They often have a really negative perception of themselves that causes them to disparage others.

Firstly, you should never take it personally, as it’s not you. And secondly, you’re not here to solve anyone’s underlying issues.

You’re here to have a good time with someone who’s there to impress you and woo you.

You don’t need to deal with an overly critical person who just needs attention.

The entire date, all you could think about was running for the hills

Uh-oh. Do I even need to elaborate on that?

This is not a match made in heaven. But hey, you gave it a shot and now you can go find someone worth your time.

Life’s way too short to force yourself into something just because you deeply want it to work. Some things aren’t meant to be and this is probably one of them.

Steer clear of anyone who makes you feel like an utter waste of time. Goodness knows you’ve got better things to do.

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If the first date feels like a job interview, just quit!

If you can’t check most of these signs of a good first date off your list, there’s no reason to panic. Dating should be fun!

If there wasn’t a click early on, that’s okay. There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Wait until you meet someone who’ll actually make you want to see them again.

I promise you that it’s very possible. If all of these great signs seem too good to be true, it just means you haven’t found the right person yet. So, keep looking!

Also, be sure to read our foolproof tips on how to get back in the game if you’ve been out of it for too long.

And as a bonus, here are some spicy speed dating questions that may come in handy.

I’ve also got you covered on major red flags to avoid as well as how to keep things going if there’s a second date.

Now, it’s up to you.

Whatever you do, always listen to your gut. A bad date can happen to anyone, just don’t let them waste your time twice.

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