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How To Impress A Guy And Win Him Over: 17 Dos And Don’ts

How To Impress A Guy And Win Him Over: 17 Dos And Don’ts

Girls, let’s be honest — what we all want to know is how to impress a guy. Now, another moment of truth: we are ready to go to great lengths and make huge steps to leave a good impression and make him fall for us hard.

When we like a guy a lot, we do anything just to catch his attention and make him notice us.

There is something seriously WRONG with that. We pretend for so long that we forget who we really are. As a matter of fact, we completely lose ourselves trying to impress someone we aren’t even sure we’ll ever get any kind of feedback from.

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with yourself, and if you don’t treat yourself the way you deserve, who will?

Who will love you if you don’t love yourself enough?

No one. You have to set an example for people, some kind of instructions regarding the quality and quantity of love you would like to receive from them. And those instructions only come through self-love.

In this article, my mission is exactly that, to teach you how to impress a man without losing yourself.

How To Impress A Guy―The Dos

To start, here are the things you should do to make your man fall for you.

1. Respect yourself

All women need to hear this: men are attracted to women with strong self-respect. Every man worth having would never date a woman who doesn’t respect herself and allows others to treat her however they want.

Show him that you’re the only one who is holding the steering wheel to your life, that you have a great self-relationship and won’t allow others to harm or destroy it in any way.

Let him know that as much as you like him, you’ll never cross your own boundaries just to make him like you too, nor will you ever allow him or anyone else to define your boundaries.

Nothing is sexier and more impressive than a woman with attitude.

So, you need to work on improving your self-confidence. You need to learn to be honest about who you are and who you aren’t and don’t ever want to be.

A strong sense of self is the most important weapon when it comes to impressing and winning over your man. Well, learning how to make a guy chase you using male psychology is equally powerful.

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2. Seduce him with your physical appearance

Okay, I don’t want to lie – your first impression is important. And, when it comes to that, we all notice physical appearance when we first meet someone.

So, when you finally arrange a first date, dress well and try to look your absolute best. Of course, pay attention that you don’t overdo it and that you feel comfortable in the clothes you choose to wear.

But, above anything else, wear something that makes you feel super confident. Wear your superwoman cloak and sweep that guy you like off his feet.

Another tip: don’t wear something that will show off the hottest parts of your body. I listed this one below, but I really have to mention it here too: don’t reveal too much, too soon.

Bear in mind that men are attracted to what they see but fall in love with everything else. In layman’s terms, your outer beauty can get a guy’s attention, but it’s your inner beauty that will keep him by your side forever.

3. Use eye contact to flirt

Get into flirty mode and seduce him through sexy body language.

Attack him with intensive eye contact. Smile at him. Play with your hair while he’s talking to you. Bite your lip while he’s looking at you. Touch his arm ‘accidentally’ while he’s standing next to you. Trust me, these are all simple ways you can make your man’s heart melt for you.

However, your greatest flirting move should be eye contact. Let your eyes speak for you. Let him know how much you’re into him every time he gazes into your eyes.

The power of prolonged eye contact is incredibly strong. So, every time you catch your man looking in your direction, look back at him and try to keep the eye contact alive for as long as it is possible.

4. Let your humorous nature out

No one wants to be stuck in a boring relationship, right? None of us wants to be stuck with a partner who drains our energy, and being a grumpy girl is definitely not a way to impress a guy.

So, instead, show him you have a great sense of humor. If that isn’t one of your strengths, you can always search for a few funny jokes and puns online and send them to him over social media.

Also, show that you appreciate his sense of humor by laughing at his jokes.

Tease him and goof around with him. However, do pay attention that you don’t overdo it because dumbing yourself down and making yourself seem silly isn’t impressive. Try to make him laugh, but don’t do it at a cost.

5. Win him over with your kindness

How to impress a man: Be kind and warm because kindness is the ultimate sexy.

Don’t judge or gossip about other people in front of him. Watch your language. Pay attention and be aware of other people’s feelings.

Help others when they need it. Be empathetic. Compliment him more often. Don’t be jealous of other people’s achievements.

Treat yourself and everyone around you with kindness. Always choose kindness because, the truth is, it’s the most important feature of your inner beauty.

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6. Open up to him

You need to be very careful with this one. You should open up to him about your personal and love life, talk about your past relationships and family relationships, but you must never put everything out in the open.

When it comes to getting to know each other on a deeper level, you should just follow his lead. You should reveal as much about yourself as he’s ready to reveal about himself.

While we’re talking about it, you should listen carefully when he talks about his life. You should do it not only to remember important details about his life but also to exude an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

But, don’t be afraid to show him your vulnerabilities. After all, we all have them, and they’re a vital part of our character. Hiding them would only mean you’re weak, and that won’t impress your man.

7. However, respect and stick to your boundaries

Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that goes against your own rules and boundaries.

If you keep pushing your limitations because of him, he won’t see it as something impressive. On the contrary, he’ll only see you as a characterless woman, which will paint another picture of you in his head.

On the other hand, if you prove to him that you would never give up on your beliefs, values, and boundaries, he’ll definitely start admiring you.

8. Begin a debate and make sure to win it

Don’t be afraid to indulge in a serious and deep conversation with him. It’s completely normal to have different opinions regarding certain topics, and you definitely shouldn’t hide it.

Express your opinion in every situation, even if his opinion is strongly opposed to yours. That will show him that you have a strong character, well-constructed opinions and that you aren’t afraid to stick to them no matter what.

When you make a point, make sure you have a strong argument to support it.

Try to win the debate, but also, if you lose, admit that your opinion is wrong and thank him for clearing things up for you.

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9. Befriend his best friends

So, this isn’t some spectacular secret. Guys respect, love, and treat their buddies like they’re a part of their family.

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain how important their opinion is to them, which leads us to the next conclusion: to impress a guy, you need to impress his friends first.

Try to earn a ticket into his circle of friends but don’t be too pushy. Nobody likes intrusive people, remember this.

Hang out with them – you can even give them advice about women… Win them over with your sense of humor. Once his friends like you, he’ll have no choice but to fall in love with you.

10. Be bold enough to invite him out first

Both men and women think that it’s the man’s job to invite a woman out on a date. I don’t know why it’s so, but I think it’s very dumb and wrong.

What’s wrong with a woman inviting the guy she likes on a first date? Does it make her less of a lady or what?

No, no. It only shows that she has more courage than he does. It shows that she has a high sense of self-awareness and that she isn’t afraid of rejection.

So, if you’ve been texting over social media or an online dating app for a while, you should muster up the courage to make a move on him and ask him out. That will knock him off his feet.

How To Impress A Guy―The Don’ts

On the flip side, dear ladies, here are some things you should never do to impress a guy.

1. Change your looks dramatically

Every woman wants to dress well and look beautiful, that’s completely normal. We want to have perfect hair, nice legs, pretty faces, and so on.

However, some of us are ready to change our looks dramatically just to look like our crush’s dream girl. For example, he loves blondes, and you are a brunette.

The next thing you do is bleach your hair to resemble his celebrity crush, Zara Larsson. Girl, what is wrong with you?

I know we do silly things for love, but changing your looks for a guy can have a very negative impact on your self-esteem.

You will feel like you must meet his dream girl standards when it comes to looks, and you won’t be able to stop.

Eventually, you will lose yourself, and perhaps some features people really like about you.

Think about this—a guy will rarely spend extra hours in the gym or wear uncomfortable clothes for you. So, why would you feel such pressure to wear high heels just because he likes them, and skip meals just because he likes skinny girls?

Don’t be silly! If a man likes you for who you really are, Zara Larsson wouldn’t stand a chance next to you.

2. Show off your virtues and qualities

To be honest, nobody likes showoffs. Other people should recognize your qualities through your actions and deeds. There is no need to boast about them because, believe me, that’s a major turn-off for every man.

The (unfortunate) thing is that most people think that talking about their positive traits means they’re showing their self-confidence. Well, it does not. It may only make you look like an egoist or narcissist.

The Bible teaches us that actions speak louder than words. And that’s why I always let my actions speak for me, and you should too.

To get a guy’s attention, you need to work and act, not just talk. Your words may impress and attract the guy you like, but you’ll definitely need more than that to keep him by your side.

3. Pretend to like things you actually don’t like

He is really into sports, but you hate it. However, you decided to pretend you like basketball just to have a chance to talk to him about something.

And suddenly, you find yourself in front of the TV watching his favorite team playing basketball.

Pretending to like things he likes is wrong on so many levels. First, you will be caught lying, and nobody likes liars.

But more importantly, you will waste a good portion of your time doing something you don’t like just to impress some guy.

People like different things, and that’s okay. It’s amazing if you two can talk about various topics and respect each other’s opinions about them.

From my point of view, mutual respect for your interests is what matters most.

4. Reveal too much, too soon

You should allow him to get to know the real you, but that doesn’t mean you should reveal everything about yourself immediately on the first date.

Men like mysterious women, and that’s a fact. If you present yourself as an open book as soon as you start dating, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll get bored and walk away.

You can and should reveal some details about your life, but leave something for him to be curious about. If he’s into you, he’ll explore and try to find out those things about you by himself.

5. Neglect your friends and family

When we like or fall in love with someone, we want to spend as much time as possible with that special person, and that’s completely normal. Unfortunately, the problem occurs when a girl starts spending all of her free time with the guy she likes.

She starts canceling plans with her best friends and, all of a sudden, she starts skipping family dinners.

If you do the same thing, and you tend to distance yourself from your friends and family just to make your man happy, trust me, you should stop.

Always respect people who are your greatest support, and don’t sacrifice them for any man.

6. Create unnecessary drama

All men want is a drama-free relationship. I think that is pretty clear to all of us.

However, the fact is that most women actually enjoy the thrill of creating drama. We’re all a bit prone to being overly dramatic, even over irrelevant, little things.

In our defense, I really think it’s because we’re more emotional than men. We take things to heart, and that’s why we react so impulsively in some (read most) moments. We act on the spur of the moment, and we don’t mind (in that moment) what might happen later.

So, to conclude, how to impress a boy: Silence your inner drama queen. Confine her deep down and stop her from breaching the surface.

7. Sleep with him before you’re ready

You two are in love, and everything seems awesome. However, you are still not ready to sleep with him.

You feel like you are going to disappoint him if you tell him the truth, so you just make yourself do it. To be honest, that’s not a good idea at all.

First of all, it will make you feel terrible, and making love is supposed to be something beautiful. Never force yourself to sleep with someone just to impress them.

Actually, you should never push yourself to do something you’re not comfortable doing. A true gentleman will never make a woman sleep with him if she’s not ready.

And think about it—you should be looking for a gentleman, your life partner, not an immature boy.

These are some of the things women do to impress guys and should finally stop doing.

How Can I Impress A Guy By Talking?

First of all, you need to behave and talk like a lady. That means you need to watch your language and talk to him in a pleasant tone.

If curse words are a part of your vocabulary, a guy worth having, a true gentleman, will dislike it big time. He’ll only be impressed if you watch your manners while talking.

Naturally, you can show off your sense of humor and talk about something that will make him laugh. A few unique and funny jokes or pick-up lines will impress him.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that your words need to be followed with proper body language. I know it’s something we can’t completely affect, but you should definitely be careful about the signals your body language projects to the guy you like.

Ultimately, just be yourself!

To wrap it up, how do you impress a guy and make him want you? There are many simple ways to do it, but you need to remember the most important one: to stay loyal to yourself.

A woman with a fickle character won’t impress a man.

On the other hand, someone with high self-confidence, a woman who never listens to others and does whatever she wants will grab the attention of every man.

Whatever you choose to do, you should never change yourself for a man. You may get him that way, but you’ll lose something bigger: someone way more important… You’ll lose yourself, which is something you will never be able to forgive yourself for.

I think I’ve armed you with some pretty great pieces of advice to leave the guy you like breathless. Now, good luck and go get him, giiiiiirl.