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12 Signs He’s Losing Interest And 5 Ways To Spark Things Up Again

12 Signs He’s Losing Interest And 5 Ways To Spark Things Up Again

If you’re not sure what’s going on with him, then you’re most definitely looking for signs he’s losing interest (speaking from experience) and you’ll find them all below.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

We have fallen for this amazing guy (potential the One) and everything is going great, until he just leaves, saying how it doesn’t feel right or how he’s not happy.

And we’re left wondering whether there was anything we could have done, if there were any signs that he was unhappy or if he was simply drifting away from us.

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We overanalyze every relationship that comes after, looking for signs he’s losing interest and we can’t help ourselves.

That’s why I’m here to put your mind at ease and point your attention toward those red flag signs that his interest in you might be slowly drifting away.

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What Makes A Man Lose Interest In A Woman?

There are many reasons why a man would suddenly lose interest in a woman and the biggest one is the fear of losing their freedom within a relationship.

If everything was going smooth from the start and you’re in a committed relationship, a sudden loss of interest can mean lots of things and it’s usually linked to grass is greener syndrome.

It’s either that or he’s a commitment-phobe in disguise. Let me explain this famous grass is greener syndrome. This happens when a man realizes that he might be missing something out there (other women).

This doesn’t mean that he sees other women as better or prettier than you. It’s in every man’s nature to chase women and some of them can control themselves while others find it difficult to do so even when they are in a serious relationship. So, get him to chase you.

Another ‘famous reason’ why a man would lose interest in a woman is when she’s rushing things. This mostly happens in the early dating stages or in the beginning of a relationship.

When a woman is forcing a man to commit to her or when she acts needy, he will lose interest and she will start wondering why.

If you’re not sure whether he’s losing interest or something else is going on, the following signs will tell you for sure.

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12 Obvious Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

Note: If you go through these signs and you are still of the idea of working things out with him and preventing him from losing interest, we have some great pieces of advice for you to follow.

So let’s start:

He’s not available on the phone like he used to be

Texting was a must. You used to send text messages back and forth all day long and throughout the night and your phone calls lasted for hours.

But lately, you find yourself eagerly waiting for his response, only to see none. You find yourself staring at a blank screen, losing all hope that he will answer your texts.

Suddenly, he’s always busy, he forgets his phone, he doesn’t check in during the day, he forgets to answer or to let you know that everything is okay.

This is one of the first warning signs that he’s losing interest because he simply doesn’t want you around him all the time. So, don’t text him first (at least for the time being) and watch how things change.

He’s making excuses

In the beginning, he was always around, always there when you needed him, always there to help you out, and always looking for your support and backup.

But now he’s all alone, independent, and working all the time.

He has crazy deadlines, he has to do this or that now, he doesn’t think he will be there at the agreed time. These are all obvious signs he is losing interest in you.

It’s simple; as soon as a person starts giving you excuses that are hard to believe, they don’t really want to spend time with you. It’s evident that there’s no real effort, just the bare minimum.

He stopped asking questions

He stopped asking questions about you, about your life, about your feelings. When we’re asking questions, it means that we’re interested in the other person.

It means that we want to know them better, that we want to know how they feel about certain things and we want to know what they love.

But as soon as the questions stop, it means he’s not interested in the things you have to say, he’s not interested in checking on you. He’s no longer interested in you and he has no future plans with you.

He has become rude and defensive

If the man you once knew, the man you fell in love with, was always kind, caring, and opened up to you but has turned into this cold, rude, and defensive man, it’s not a sign that something’s wrong with him or you.

It’s simply a clear sign that the guy is losing interest in the relationship and he doesn’t know how to cope with it so he becomes distant and cold.

Contrary to early days, now he spends less and less time with you and when you spend time together, he’s acting distant.

And as soon as you start asking questions and demanding answers, he turns defensive, because he’s not yet aware of your relationship failing.

He’s not aware of him distancing himself from you and thus hurting you.

There’s no intimacy anymore

You used to make love all the time. You just couldn’t keep your hands off of each other.

You can still remember the times when you two enjoyed all those nights of romantic lovemaking and other nights of raw, sensual sex.

But now, it’s been weeks since the last time you hugged each other or the last time you enjoyed each other’s bodies. Your sex life is no longer existent.

A lack of physical intimacy is definitely a big sign that a guy is losing interest but it could also be a sign that he’s having some health issues or problems at work.

Unless he refuses to admit that there’s a problem or if he refuses to talk about it, then it means that his interest is long gone.

There is only intimacy

This is the flip side of the previous sign. His main focus is on how to get into your pants and nothing more.

He disappears for days at a time and then suddenly a text message from him lights up your phone with a last-minute proposal to hang out.

All in all, if all the other aspects of the relationship, like keeping in touch, spending time with you without sex, planning ahead, and making efforts aren’t there, then he is definitely losing interest in you.

He stopped treating you as a girlfriend and started treating you as a booty call.

He no longer notices the little things about you

How to tell if he’s losing interest? Simple.

He used to always notice when you would change the way you wore your hair, the new dress you bought, or a new spice you used for cooking.

He used to notice when you were cold, offering you his jacket. And now you feel like you could freeze to death next to him and he wouldn’t even notice.

You feel like you’re a living ghost inside of your own home, inside of your own relationship. You’re there, but he simply doesn’t see you. His lack of interest is making you sad.

He’s no longer taking you into consideration

When he makes a decision, whether about his trips, his working hours, or projects he’s working on, he doesn’t consider you or your feelings.

He has decided to put himself first and makes plans without you because your future together is ceasing to exist in his eyes.

He’s no longer interested in your feelings, maybe hoping that if he neglects you badly enough, you will leave him; you will be the bad guy and not him then.

It’s evident that this is the beginning of a toxic relationship or should I say a nonreciprocal relationship.

He shows no initiative

You feel nostalgic about your first date and the beginning of your relationship because that was a period when he was actually making plans and putting in effort.

He used to make you surprise dinners, take you out on Friday nights, and plan your little weekend trips.

But he no longer does those things and you have found yourself only looking at his back when he’s leaving the house. He’s always running off to work, always tired, and not interested in going out with you.

He used to be so excited about movies and concerts you were going to see together but now he no longer mentions them, because he doesn’t want to see them with you.

When you plan a date night upfront, that’s when you go out. But if it were up to him, you two would never leave the house together. Yes, these are all telltale signs he’s losing interest.

He’s picking fights

This is something guys often do when they’re losing interest in a girl they’re dating or if they’re gearing up for a break-up.

The idea is to drive you crazy and drain you with all of the fights you have, so that you will just give up.

And those fights are over the smallest things, like who’s going to take out the garbage, whose turn it is to pay the bills, what kind of dress you wore to that business thing you had.

It’s not those things that truly bother him, it’s the relationship itself.

He is rude and disrespectful

This is one of the biggest signs of a guy’s fleeting interest. From a warm and loving creature, he has turned into a nitpicky, rude, and offensive creature.

His every joke is directed to you. You feel like he is preying on your insecurities and makes them stick out.

He ignores your existence. You can’t say anything right as he gets offended at every little thing.

These are all some of the shitty things men do when they want to break up with you. They treat you poorly so you will give up on them.

You have that gut feeling you can’t shake off

Sometimes, no matter what other people tell us, no matter what he tells us to ensure we know that he still loves us, no matter what we read in some magazine, we just know.

And sometimes we try so hard to ignore that feeling, we try harder to keep the relationship from falling apart, to keep us from falling apart.

But as someone who always tried harder and ended up broken, I know that it’s sometimes better to walk away from someone who doesn’t appreciate you enough than to hope for nothing and end up broken.

Signs He’s Losing Interest In A Long Distance Relationship

 He’s no longer looking forward to talking to you

You can’t remember the last time he called you and you had a long, meaningful conversation. If he no longer initiates conversations, it’s evident that he’s no longer looking forward to talking to you and he’s slowly but surely losing interest.

Your conversations are boring

Your conversations are no longer exciting as they used to be. It’s like he no longer even tries to keep you updated regarding his life. You talk about random things but the conversation doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

He tries to avoid any form of communication with you

When you set a date for a video call or a regular call, he cancels at the last minute. This didn’t happen only once but multiple times. Also, when you text him, he’s constantly busy and doesn’t have time to text you back.

He’s no longer looking forward to seeing you

When was the last time you two saw each other in person? If you can’t remember, it could mean that he’s no longer looking forward to seeing you (unless he is prevented by something else like his job).

He’s not excited to know anything about you

When you talk, does he show interest in your job, friends, and other things happening in your life? Or he just talks for the sake of talking?

If he’s not excited to know anything about you, this means he’s losing interest in a long-distance relationship.

It’s impossible to keep the spark alive if only one person is making an effort in such a relationship and if both partners aren’t doing their best to stay connected.

Signs He’s Losing Interest Through Text

Texting declines

When things were going well between the two of you, you literally couldn’t stop texting. That changed drastically. He no longer texts you frequently and sometimes he doesn’t text for days.

This is an obvious sign that you’re no longer on his priority list or he has no idea what to text any longer.

Whatever the reason be, remember that you shouldn’t push things. If you do, he’ll think that you’re needy and he’ll continue pulling away.

One-word texts are frequent

Before he would send novel-length texts and you would read them with a smile on your face knowing that he cares so much that he took time to send you such a long text. Well, that’s a thing of the past now because one-word replies become frequent.

Whatever you text him, chances are you’ll get a one-word reply and you’re always prepared for that. You no longer expect to receive a text message that is longer than a few words.

This worries you for a reason. It means that he’s losing interest in keeping a conversation going and he doesn’t care about how you’ll feel when he sends you a one-word text. Men.

(I apologize in advance to those who don’t fall into this category of men who send one-word replies).

No text messages at all

If there’s something even more annoying than one-word texts, it is no text messages AT ALL. Seriously, guys?

Do you really think that we don’t notice when you suddenly decide not to text us for some reason? And you expect us not to overthink? Right.

Dear lady, if he no longer texts you, then you know something is off. It’s likely that he’s losing interest in you and now he decided to simply ignore you and delete you from his life for the time being.

What will happen next, you wonder? Well, chances are that he’ll come back when it’s convenient for him and you will either pretend like nothing happened or you’ll let him know that he can’t play with you like that anymore.

Whatever happens, protect yourself and put your happiness first.

Vague responses to straightforward questions

You ask him something like: When will you come home for dinner? He replies: I don’t know. Maybe in 2 hours, maybe later.

Seriously? Overthinking strikes again.

Then you start asking yourself tons of already worn-out questions: But what is he doing? Why is he so indecisive all the time? Why can’t he text a simple yes or no? Why is everything so complicated?

Well, whatever he’s doing, it’s obvious that he’s not really thinking of you. If he did, he wouldn’t give you vague responses to straightforward questions but he would find a way to show up for dinner and make things function. It’s as simple as that.

He sends you “None of your business” text

Whenever a guy sends me such and similar text, I instantly know that something’s not right. Since when something is none of my business (especially if I’m in a relationship with that person)?

If a guy sends you “None of your business” text, you have every right to feel hurt and disappointed. It’s one of those rude texts that scream “I don’t give a damn about you or your opinion.”

Now, the question is: Do you really need such a man in your life? Or do you think that he might change? These are not that simple questions, so take your time to think about them.

He frequently sends “I already made plans” texts

Whenever you suggest that you two do something together, he tells you that he already made plans with his buddies. If it happened once, you wouldn’t suspect a thing but this has become a routine.

Well, this is one of the obvious signs that he’s losing interest in you because he no longer wants to spend time with you. Instead, he prefers hanging out with his friends and other people.

If you want him to change his mind, then it’s time to remind him that you won’t wait forever on him to start treating you the way you deserve. How will you do that? It’s up to you but below you’ll find some valuable advice on what to do when he’s losing interest.

What To Do When He’s Losing Interest?

The best thing to do when he’s losing interest is to keep living your own life and give him enough time to make up his mind.

However, before you even think about doing something about it, ask yourself, “Does this man really deserve me?”

We are sometimes so blinded by the love we have for that one person that we seem to miss all the red flag signs screaming that they are not right for us.

If you believe you and your man have something left to save and that he is losing interest just because you’ve slipped into a rut, then there are a few tactics to try to rekindle your love:

Be your charming self instead of your clingy self

I know your primary instinct is to chase after him and show him your value but sadly, that can only push him further away.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Stop being too available.
  • Stop canceling your plans to be with him.
  • Stop texting him if he isn’t texting you.
  • Stop holding on too tightly because you will only suffocate whatever is left.

Follow his lead and don’t invest in him if he isn’t investing in you. The scariest but best way to get a man to chase you again is by slightly ignoring him.

Love life, love yourself, and let him see the strong and independent women he can’t afford to lose.

Don’t pause your life until he makes up his mind

By desperately waiting for him to find time for you, you are not doing either of you a favor.

In the first place, you are making yourself miserable. Secondly, you are making him take you for granted because you are always at his beck and call.

Instead of spending your Friday night glued to your phone, waiting for him to ask you out, make plans with your friends, go out, catch a movie or order a cocktail.

Do something fun and distract yourself from everything.

Make sure you post your night out on social media. He is probably imagining you not having a life and pining away for him at home but you should prove him wrong.

Show him what you are made of

It sounds a bit strange but the best way to spark his interest again is by working on yourself.

Many times, we change during the course of our relationship, we lose ourselves in the process of loving another human being.

Take a step back and think about the girl he fell in love with. Who were you back then? Why did he fall in love with you in the first place?

Be honest with yourself: Are you asking for too much too soon?

One of the most common reasons guys lose interest is because they feel like they are under too much pressure.

Your relationship must progress naturally, you can’t force yourself on anybody.

You can’t make someone commit to you fully if they are not ready. You can’t spend every waking moment of every hour glued to your partner. You can’t text non-stop.

The best dating advice from any relationship expert you will ever hear is that you both have to have your own lives to create a life together.

You have to have your interests, friends and personal space to spend time together with more quality and meaning. Also, you need to give him time to make up his mind.

Creating space guarantees a healthy relationship; it won’t make you more distant.

Stir up his perception of you

If you follow the four previous steps to a T, you will have a shocking effect on your partner. He will wonder what the hell is going on, which is definitely a good thing.

Trace back to all the things you have been doing wrong and do them right the next time around. Surprise him with your independence and lust for life.

Become the best version of yourself and love will follow you like a trained puppy. The only question left is if the guy who is losing interest in you is really your true love?

Final Thoughts

If the above signs he’s losing interest resonate with him, worry not and overthink not. Sometimes, men lose interest for a very short period of time and then they come to their senses and realize what they could lose if they continue acting distant.

Other times, they don’t realize that but this doesn’t mean you should worry about it. Instead, you should embrace the fact that they have shown you their true colors and you’re definitely not meant to be.