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Differences Between An Alpha, A Beta And An Omega Female

Differences Between An Alpha, A Beta And An Omega Female

If you’ve ever observed wolves or just taken your dog for a walk and paid close attention to those of his kind, you’ll have noticed that every animal has its place in the pack.

There are usually two wolves or dogs who lead the entire group and who are always at the head.

They are followed by other members who wait for their orders and who appear to listen to them blindly. Well, we are not so much different from the animal kingdom.

Humans, both men and women, can also be divided into some main categories, even though in our world, everything is way more complex and complicated than among animals.

Looking at things superficially, all of us can be characterized as an Alpha, Beta or Omega.

However, in reality, things aren’t that simple because most people are actually a mix of these categories and because one’s type can change during their lifetime or due to some circumstances.

Nevertheless, there are some basic differences between an Alpha, a Beta and an Omega female which can help you determine the category you belong to. Here are 21 of them.

What Is An Alpha Female?

The term Alpha female represents a strong leadership role, empowerment, charisma, and passion.

Alpha females are self-confident, strong women, who don’t shy away from accepting leadership positions because they are natural leaders.

Such females are widely known as Alpha female leaders in both social and love life.

Alpha females are present in all animals and in the primate hierarchy as well. Wolf packs are often led by an Alpha female wolf and an Alpha male wolf. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Alpha Female Traits

Alpha females are independent and dominant

Out of all these types, the Alpha personality is always the first one to be noticed. Dominance and independence are the most powerful alpha female characteristics.

When in a group of people, both the Alpha male and the Alpha female will always stand out and have most eyes on her. This makes her a powerful role model.

This is the type of girl who doesn’t mind being the center of attention and enjoys the fact that people admire her.

An Alpha woman is anything but submissive. Instead, she is a born leader of the pack. One of the most famous Alpha female wolf quotes prove that:

“Alpha females don’t run in packs.” – Unknown

It doesn’t matter who she is surrounded by, this woman is never afraid to take matters into her own hands. Her opinion is always respected and the people around her have a tendency of doing what she tells them to do.

In one study, “Defining the Alpha Female: A Female Leadership Measure,” researchers developed a 14-item questionnaire for the sake of measuring the alpha female personality.

They looked at qualities such as leadership, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, extroversion, and gender ideals. In the end, they concluded that alpha females embrace their leadership roles and tendencies.

These girls have this unexplainable charisma, self-confidence, and a positive self-image that work like a magnet and draw everyone to them.

This is a dominant female aka the fiercely independent woman who has her own goals and she won’t stop until she accomplishes them.

This is the type of girl who never gives up, a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

Alpha women are social butterflies

Alpha females are great at reading other people’s body language and they are also great leaders in a female social hierarchy.

The biggest difference between alpha and omega personality types is the fact that Omega women are the most introverted, whereas Alpha women are the most extroverted women of all types.

According to bestselling author and behavioral investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards, alpha female personality works as “social lubrication and business mediators.”

She explains this statement in the following words:

“They bring social ease to a group, they tell jokes, they start conversations, they introduce people, they smooth over business disagreements and take charge. As leaders, this drives most females to use their influence to connect other people, making them the glue that holds groups together.”

Female Alphas are outgoing, love a crowd, and never have trouble fitting in with a new group of people.

These are the women who are considered to be adventurous and fun to be around. The ones you’ll never be bored next to and the ones who have the ability to make every day significant and worth remembering.

Are you a social butterfly yourself? Well, now you know that this is one of the signs you’re an alpha female.

Alpha women are inspiring souls and motivators

Without a doubt, alpha females are the biggest cheerleaders for their friends, family, and coworkers. They are always there for help, motivation, and emotional support.

If you call an Alpha woman and ask her to help you with something, she will instantly jump into problem-solving mode.

Such women are the biggest motivators and the inexorable source of inspiration.

Just look at the famous singers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, or Nicki Minaj. Even though every single one of them has a unique style, they are still true Alphas in every sense of its meaning.

Alpha women are determined to make a change starting from small things to bigger ones. They motivate others to achieve their goals and their lifestyle is an inspiration to people around them.

These alpha female quotes prove all that:

  • “I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.” – Dolly Parton
  • “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” – Madonna
  • “I handle my business and also I speak up for myself. But if I was not like this, so many people would’ve taken advantage of me…I just always felt like, I’m never going to let anyone pull me down and make me feel small. I’m never going to let a man do that and I think sometimes that transfers over into your career as a woman. I’m a businesswoman.” – Nicki Minaj
  • “I am too intelligent, too demanding, and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself.” – Simone de Beauvoir
  • “I am a warrior in the time of women warriors; the longing for justice is the sword I carry.” – Sonia Johnson

Alpha women prioritize their learning

Alpha females know the importance of continuous learning. They constantly work on themselves and they learn from everything around them. They both learn from their own experience and they learn from others.

These women live for challenges. Because of that, they are solely focused on improving themselves in every sense of its meaning.

Alpha women aren’t satisfied with mediocrity. They know that they can always do better. If they fail once, they don’t give up that easily from achieving their goals.

Instead, they work harder, learn harder and when they’re ready, they try again. Sheer determination and focus are strong with these women.

They see challenges as tools that shape their beliefs, experience, and talents. These women literally have a list of thought-provoking questions with which they challenge people around them.

The thing with alpha females is that you can either like or dislike their mindset but you cannot stay indifferent to them.

Alpha females can accept criticism

Just because they are dominant and independent, many people think that alpha women can’t accept criticism. Well, the truth is that these women are capable of handling the truth.

As a matter of fact, they appreciate the truth and constructive criticism more than anything else. Why? Because they know it’s the only way to improve themselves.

They use criticism as a learning tool instead of something negative.

If you tell an Alpha woman that she could improve something, she won’t waste her time on contradicting you if she knows you’re right about it.

Instead, she’ll roll up her sleeves and step up her game. The truth is, an alpha woman is her own biggest competitor. She doesn’t have this need to win others at any cost but she’s mainly focused on competing with herself.

She knows that the hardest battle she will ever have to fight is between who she is NOW and who she wants to BE.

Alpha women live with purpose

Not one day goes by that an Alpha woman doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do. These women live with purpose and have clear goals in life. They have mental, physical and spiritual goals that they set for themselves.

They believe in the power of small steps. They are not only focused on the final outcome but they celebrate small victories every single day.

Every small victory is an achievement in the life of an Alpha woman. They see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow.

These women persevere regardless of the circumstances or challenges that come with achieving those goals. They know that the only way to be the powerful women they are is through hard work and dedication.

Alpha females live with no regrets

These women turn every experience into valuable life lessons. They embrace their journey and don’t allow their past to influence their present.

These women live with no regrets. They are always looking forward, continuously learning, growing, and trying new things.

Alpha women know that in the end, people only regret the chances they didn’t take, relationships they were afraid to have, and the decisions they waited too long to make.

That’s why they have promised themselves that they will have an active role in their life instead of a passive one.

They know that the only way to live with no regrets is by doing your best to change the things you can and having the courage to accept the things you can’t change.

They also believe that everything happens for a reason. If you can self-identify as an alpha female, then you know you live your life to the fullest.

Alpha Females In Relationships

Most men are intimidated by Alpha females because they know exactly how much they deserve and aren’t ready to settle for less.

They are called too picky and too demanding and they are accused of having overly high standards.

However, the truth about this kind of woman is that she listens to her reason more than her emotions. She knows how to love but isn’t ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of her emotions.

True Alpha females don’t repress their emotions but don’t put them in front of their reason either.

When it comes to romantic relationships, an Alpha girl is strong enough to walk away from a man she deeply cares about the moment she realizes he isn’t treating her right or once she sees that he isn’t the right guy for her.

This is a woman who knows her worth and will never allow the man she loves to put her down or abuse her in any way.

Instead, she would always rather remain single rather than waste her time on someone who doesn’t deserve her.

She knows her capacities and abilities and is never scared of going through life on her own. However, most Alpha women have quite a complicated love life, due to their empowered personality.

An Alpha male might consider her to be too intimidating or even too much to handle because he knows she doesn’t need him to guide her through life or to make her complete.

On the other hand, some women can’t be satisfied with a Beta male either because they feel like they can’t keep up with them or follow their pace.

A psychotherapist Dr. Sonya Rhodes explains this in the following way:

“Funny, strong, independent, and comfortable in her own skin, the Alpha believes in herself—but has some blind spots. She assumes that as an Alpha female she should be partnered with an Alpha male. The problem is, two Alphas will tend to compete for power and dominance. I believe that Alpha women can learn to envision themselves as the Alpha in a relationship with a Beta man, who just might make the best fit.”

What Is A Beta Female?

Beta females are mostly known for their shy and introverted personalities but this doesn’t make them less special than other personality types. On the contrary to the Alpha personality, the Beta personality is more passive (but no less powerful).

Beta women are types of women who rule from the shadows. (I personally think that this is the best Beta female definition so far.)

Beta females prefer keeping thoughts for themselves but when they need to intervene, they choose to voice their ideas in a diplomatic tone.

These women embrace the role of being a caregiver. They are spiritually empowered, great listeners, and in touch with their emotions.

Beta females and Beta males are comfortable in their own skin and they don’t try to overshadow Alpha females or Alpha males.

A Beta female is usually the Alpha female’s best friend because they complement each other. The same thing applies to Beta men.

Beta Female Traits

Beta females rule from the shadows

Alpha female vs Beta female is one of the most famous “battles of personalities”. Even though most people assume that Beta female is the opposite of Alpha female, the truth is quite different.

A Beta female actually shares many personality traits with an Alpha woman—she is also fierce and sharp-minded but often lacks the confidence to take over the leadership position.

In contrast to Alphas, a Beta female usually struggles with deeply-rooted insecurities which don’t allow her to reach her full potential.

Some Beta females struggle with low self-esteem because they overthink too much.

This is not something you see at first glance but they are known as women who doubt themselves, question their worth, and wonder if they’re enough all the time.

Competing to win is rarely this woman’s primary goal because a Beta female doesn’t seek public approval or admiration for her accomplishments.

The truth is that most Betas actually rule from the shadows. While Alpha women are likely to be career-oriented, a Beta female will prefer taking care of the family or the household.

If you belong to this type of woman, you are not submissive but you don’t mind being guided by others.

Following someone else’s lead doesn’t make you feel threatened or endangered and it’s not something that will hurt your ego.

Beta women are introverts

Contrary to an Alpha woman, a Beta female is known to be a quiet introvert, especially to those who don’t know her. This is the type of guarded girl who doesn’t let just anyone in.

Instead, she has pretty high walls around her heart and one has to be quite special to even get an opportunity to tear them down.

Being an empath, she has the ability to see through people so if you plan on tricking this girl or pretending to be someone you are not, think again because I can assure you that you won’t succeed.

A Beta female is an overthinker and analyzes every word before she says it out loud.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t in any way mean that she doesn’t have an opinion of her own or that she won’t stand up to anyone who doesn’t respect her enough.

Beta females follow their heart

On the other hand, a Beta female is completely different. This girl is a giver—she always puts all of her effort into the ones she cares about and she is always the ones who loves more.

A Beta female follows her heart, no matter what, even when she is aware that her feelings might bring her more bad things than good.

She is someone who believes in people and who never loses faith that her love might change them.

If you are a Beta female, you are a born savior who never gives up on her loved ones. When it comes to all of your relationships, especially romantic ones, you are loyal and faithful to the very end.

Even though you are a selfless person who puts the needs of her partner in front of her own and someone who is ready to compromise in a relationship, this doesn’t mean that he can get endless second chances from you.

The moment you feel like you are not getting anything in return from this person and the moment you stop seeing them as trustworthy is the moment in which you will cut them off forever.

Beta women have no problems letting others lead

Unlike the Alpha female who is a natural leader, a Beta female doesn’t have problems letting others lead. That is the main reason why they go well together.

A beta woman is not a leader of wolf packs as an Alpha woman. A beta female is comfortable taking the back seat and letting others lead or make the first move once in a while.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Betas are insecure. They just feel more comfortable doing things in the background.

However, some Betas are afraid to take charge because of fear of not fitting in. Even though they have brilliant ideas and unique styles, they sometimes need a little bit of reassurance which makes them special in their own way.

That is where the Alpha woman comes into the story. She encourages a Beta woman to show her true personality and style without fearing what others will think of her.

Once a Beta female realizes her full potential, she becomes unstoppable. Even though she still rules from the shadows, she becomes stronger than ever.

Beta females prefer a passive approach

To avoid coming into conflict with others, they display their feelings through body language or they use another passive approach.

If you ask a Beta lady for her opinion on your not-so-stylish outfit, she’ll carefully choose words to tell you that it doesn’t really suit you.

Beta females prefer the gentle approach because they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings regardless if it is about clothing or some other more serious matter.

Given that Beta ladies like to overthink things, they can come up with one hundred possible outcomes for their one reply. That’s why they always think twice before saying something (or before making an important decision) which is the true essence of beta female meaning.

A female Beta makes other people feel understood and safe in their company. Her friends and family know that she will never judge them which makes her a perfect confidante.

Other people know that they’ll always get an understanding ear and the best advice from her.

Beta women are loyal to the core

Given that Beta women are true introverts, they seldom make hasty decisions. Instead, they think, overthink and overanalyze before doing something.

This makes Beta females loyal to the core. When they like someone, they are ready to do anything for them (and not only in romantic relationships).

The beta female is always ready to help others no matter what. She’s loyal to her friends, family, and her partner.

Beta women like to have a social circle of their trusted friends and special people. Also, they are picky about whom they’re spending their time with.

They know that time is the most valuable thing and they choose to spend it wisely (far away from toxic people). However, if you lose a Beta lady’s trust, you better pray that she will consider giving you a second chance.

These women are ready to give their life for you but once you betray them, the game is over (unless you convince them that you’re truly sorry and you’ll never repeat the same mistake again).

Beta females have high morals

On the contrary to other personalities, beta women tend to be more spiritual and down to earth. These women follow a clear set of rules and they hardly compromise on their standards.

They know how to stand up for themselves and others when they have to. Self-respect is one of the strongest traits of Beta females which makes them respected by all.

At times, they might be influenced by others to break their morals, but these women rarely do so. They are perfectly aware of the fact that they might do something they’ll regret later.

They don’t act on impulse but they think about all the possible consequences and outcomes beforehand.

Beta Females In Relationships

Beta ladies prefer a vintage kind of love instead of social media romances. They want men to roll up their sleeves and court them.

They want the chase and because of that, they sometimes play hard to get. Beta women love traditional romances and they’re not ashamed to admit that.

They adore all those cute romantic gestures from holding hands to sweet forehead kisses. Beta ladies don’t have unrealistic expectations but all they want is for a man to show them his affection through his actions.

Some Betas are too shy to pursue romances in real life so they escape to the fantasy world of romantic books and movies.

They create a perfect imaginary world of traditional courting. Daydreaming becomes their favorite hobby (especially if the reality still doesn’t match their expectations).

Beta females are true vintage ladies at heart.

They believe in unconditional love and traditional values. Betas are also patient when it comes to following their heart because they don’t believe in fleeting romances.

What Is An Omega Female?

What does Omega mean? If you’re looking for an Omega female definition, here’s one: An Omega woman is skillful, intelligent, empathic, and often the nerd type.

She can take perfect care of herself and she prefers her own company. Omega females are very similar to Omega males and even though they have limited social skills, they don’t have the need to fit in.

They aren’t afraid to speak their truth and show their quirky personality which makes them true gems. Such women are laidback to the core and fun to be around.

Omega Female Traits

Omega females are the biggest empaths

When it comes to an Omega female personality, two of their most recognizable personality traits are sensitivity and kindness.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of these women or play with them any way you like. It just means that they are the biggest empaths of all types of women.

An Omega female has the ability to understand people’s emotions and viewpoints. She is the trustworthy one, the one who never judges and the one people go to for advice.

If you belong to this type, you are known as the peacemaker and the mother of the group. The one who takes care of the ones important to you and the one who has the ability to love unconditionally.

The same goes for your friends, family members, and romantic partners. You are the one they can count on, the one who they know will never betray them or turn her back on them.

People around you consider you their rock, safe haven, and the wind beneath their wings.

Even though you might appear as a submissive one, the truth is that both Alphas and Betas depend on you, without any of you being aware of it.

You are the one who pushes them forward, the one who puts them back together when they break into pieces, and the one who catches them when they are about to fall.

Omega women have limited social skills

Unlike Sigma male and Sigma female, Omega females have an introverted mind and limited social skills.

They are usually “the weird ones” in a positive way and the ones who stand out from the crowd. This is a girl who doesn’t socialize much.

This doesn’t mean that she hates human beings but she prefers to spend time alone. She always has a lot of new things to discover and to learn about.

You can find her reading a book when everyone else is going out. Or you can find her writing an essay on the transience of life when everyone else is busy watching their favorite TV shows.

Similar to a Beta female, a female Omega usually has a small circle of friends whom she trusts unconditionally and whom she can always rely on.

She is someone who prefers having one or two best friends who are like family to her over being a social butterfly or having numerous acquaintances who mean nothing to her. Indeed, in the previous sentence lies the true Omega female meaning.

Omega females don’t have the need to fit in

When it comes to an Omega personality female, one of the main characteristics of this type is the fact that they are social outcasts.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that people don’t like them. Instead, they are the ones who never follow the pack and the ones who don’t try to fit in.

If you belong to this type, you are a unique and special person and your individuality is usually mistaken as weirdness. (This could be a legit Omega definition.)

Not many people can understand you completely but you don’t need them to either. You have your own moral rules and values which you are not ready to change for anyone.

The last thing you plan on doing is pretending to be someone you are not just to be more likable to others.

So if someone wants to be a part of your life, they have to accept you for who you are and deal with the fact that you’ll never change for their sake.

The ones close to you have to love you the same at your best and at your worst, together with all of your imperfections which make you the person you are.

Of course, none of this means you are stubborn—it is just that you are a strong individual who is not easily adaptable and who can’t be molded by anyone.

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Omega women are knowledgeable

If you ask an Omega woman to solve a complex task at work, she’ll be more than happy to do it. These women are often nerd types which means they are always updated and they live for mental challenges.

Truth be told, Omega women prefer to complete projects alone rather than with other colleagues. The same thing applies to Omega male personality.

This doesn’t mean that they aren’t eager to help when they’re asked to. These women like to share their knowledge with others and help them with tasks.

Still, keep in mind that an Omega woman won’t solve things for you. Instead, she will give you instructions and she will be there if you have more questions and assistance.

Such women are versatile and they are interested in lots of different areas of life. They always know everything about anything because absorbing information is literally their hobby.

If there’s one thing Omegas hate most, it is small talk. They can’t stand people who don’t know how to have a deep and meaningful conversation.

They are the type of people you call at 3 AM and talk till daybreak because they can never run out of interesting topics that are perfect for “curing insomnia”.

They are types of people who send you the funniest and the weirdest memes. Their sense of humor can brighten up the gloomiest day and that’s why hanging out with them feels like a mini-vacation.

Omega females are children at heart

Omega females notice all those little things that many of us take for granted. They can’t help themselves but start booty-shaking when they’re eating their favorite food or pretending that they have superpowers when it comes to self-opening doors.

Omega females are still kids at heart. They still jump on beds as if they’re trampolines and they can’t hold grudges for long.

They enjoy the little things in life like a good book, stargazing during summer, going for a walk with their pet, laughing their ass off at the most inconvenient time, and so on.

The true Omega meaning hides in their innocent and fun personality. Still, this doesn’t mean that they are childish.

It means that they have managed to be both legit adults and kids at heart. They still have that spark within them and they still know how to find joy in little things.

They are both responsible individuals and children at heart which is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in life. They succeeded to preserve their child’s spirit because they don’t have the need to fit in.

They don’t have the need to blindly follow social rules and norms. Instead, they always think outside the box, and they believe in the beauty of diversity and unique mindsets.

Omega women love creative mess

These types of women love to be messy but in a creative way. An Omega woman’s office desk is not organized in a standard way as everyone expects it to be. Instead, it is a creative mess.

Even though other people would never understand this type of organization skills, an Omega lady knows exactly where to find anything from the memo she wrote 6 months ago to a pencil.

As a matter of fact, these women have the need to personalize everything and turn it into a creative mess that only them will understand. That’s how their mind works.

A creative mess is another term for their own world. In order to feel comfortable in a specific setting (be it at work or at home), they need to create their own world.

Some people are not fans of their way of thinking while others love it. Needless to say that an Omega woman couldn’t care less about what others think of her which makes them all the more special.

Omega females live in a world of their own

On the contrary to Alpha women being social butterflies, Omega women live in a world of their own. There lies the true comparison of Alpha vs Omega.

If you ask any Omega girl about her perfect world, she will tell you everything in detail because she’s been living in that imaginary world for some time now.

Omega girls find reality often boring and that’s why they have this need to create their own world. Indeed, their world is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

It’s full of nerdy, adventurous, and exciting things. They feel most safe in a world of their own and that’s why they prefer spending time alone.

Omega women rarely feel bored because their brain is constantly busy connecting the dots, finding answers to complex questions, and questioning their beliefs.

If you see an Omega doing nothing, know that they are actually doing a lot of it in the background. Their mind constantly processes information, analyzes and solves problems.

Omega Females In Relationships

Omega women are either in a lovey-dovey relationship or single. There’s no gray area here. Omega females have a secret desire for a fairytale romance. This is closely connected with their child-at-heart personality trait.

Omega females believe in the concept of the One and all those cute romantic gestures that come with traditional romance.

Because of that, omega women would rather be in a lovey-dovey relationship or they would remain single until they meet someone special.

Omega females don’t like the concept of modern dating. They don’t like expressing their affection on social media but they prefer doing it in person.

They need a man who will know how to court them and make them feel special. More than that, they need a man who will be interested in having deep conversations and exploring weird things (or at least showing appreciation for them).

When it comes to Alpha and Omega meaning in relationships, they can form a close relationship with telepathic or empathetic qualities.

Regarding Alpha Omega balance, Alphas in relationships may be jealous and possessive of their mate, whereas the Omega may become submissive.


As we can see, every female personality is unique and special in its own way. While an Alpha female is a natural leader, a Beta female rules from the shadows. Omega females live in a world of their own and they don’t give a damn about what others think of them.

Every single one of these personalities is different but equally powerful.

Are you still asking yourself, Am I an Alpha Beta or Omega female? Well, the easiest way to find out is to take an Alpha Beta Omega female personality test that you can find online.

However, chances are you’re a combination of all three personality types which is, if you ask me, a perfectly balanced type.