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How To Get A Guy To Chase You: 15 Proven Tactics

How To Get A Guy To Chase You: 15 Proven Tactics

How do you get a guy to chase you? This is the ultimate question every woman has asked at least once in her lifetime.

What makes a man fall in love with you? How do you get every guy to eat out of your hand?

When I was younger, I didn’t know the answer either. I wandered around looking for clues. After years and years, I finally unlocked the male mind.

Luckily, for you, I decided to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. Here are the most effective ways to make a guy chase you.

And, you know what’s the best part? These tips and tricks work with literally every man in the world.

How To Get A Man To Chase You In 15 Bulletproof Ways

If you follow these tips, I can guarantee you one thing: the man of your dreams will be on his knees in front of you. You just have to get out of your comfort zone and forget about your old dating patterns.

After all, they haven’t brought you anything good, have they. Well, now you’re under my watch and you’ll do exactly what I tell you.

1. Live a life he will be jealous of

Ladies, this is as simple as breathing. If a man sees that you are satisfied with your own life, he will want to be a part of it.

So, what you need to do is have an amazing life with a lot of friends and family who support you no matter what you decide.

He needs to see that you are living your life to the fullest, and that you don’t want to change it for anything. That also means that you make a brand out of yourself by being a high-value woman.

In this way, he will fall head over heels for you because he likes the idea of being with a woman who works her ass off to be the best version of herself.

2. High love standards are what you need

Here is the most common mistake a lot of women make: they lower their standards for the guy they like.

What happens next? Well, once he sees that he doesn’t have to put in effort around you, he will stop trying.

After all, you’re not going anywhere no matter who he is or how he treats you.

Well, you need to raise your standards to actually catch a man’s attention.

No man will chase a girl who is easy to get or who will accept any term in a relationship.

You need to show him that if he wants to be with you, he needs to work his ass off to show you that he deserves you.

Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t let a man lead you on.

The trick is to make him see you as a challenge. Don’t worry… he won’t run away when he sees that you have high standards.

Instead, he’ll try hard to meet those standards, and that’s exactly the type of guy you need.

3. Don’t give him credit so easily

A man needs to go the extra mile to seduce a woman he likes.

So, don’t let him think that he is already your boyfriend just because he invited you to dinner or took you out on a few fancy dates.

The trick is not to give girlfriend privileges to the guy who hasn’t made your relationship official yet.

If you two are just casually dating, act that way. Don’t focus on him only, and don’t stop flirting with other guys if you haven’t put a label on your romance.

The moment this man sees that you have given him all of you on a silver platter right from the start, he’ll consider you caught. He already has everything he wants, so why would he bother trying hard to win you over?

If you want to make him fall in love with you, don’t let him all the way the first time you see him no matter how much you like him. Don’t give him all of your love and energy unless you want him to take you for granted.

Show him that he has to invest in your relationship in order to get more from you. That way, he’ll fight for your love and attention.

4. Play hard to get

No matter what they say, all men like girls who’re playing hard to get. I’m not saying that you should do it in a long-term relationship, but it’s definitely the way to go at the beginning of your relationship.

You probably don’t understand it, but it’s just a part of male psychology.

They’ll always choose a girl who is playing hard to get over the one who carries her heart on her sleeve right from the start.

If you’re wondering how to make a man chase you, or how to make him stop ignoring your texts, don’t reveal too much too soon. Yes, this applies to sleeping with him as well.

It’s actually pretty simple to capture his undivided attention and make him want you – you just have to ignore him for a while. 

First of all, postpone physical intimacy for some time. As attracted as you are to him, be certain that he’ll appreciate you more if he has to wait.

When he sends you a text message, don’t respond right away. Make him a little bit anxious about your reply. Don’t text him and he will text you

Tell him you’re busy when he asks you out. The worst thing you can do is show him that he’s your number one priority right from the start – he’ll get tired of you pretty soon.

Also, there is no harm in making him a bit jealous. Make him wonder if he’s the only man in your life. 

5. There is nothing more attractive than self-respect

Trust me on this one: there is nothing sexier than a woman who respects herself. Of course, I’m not telling you to be an egomaniac, but you have to know your self-worth if you’re wondering how to get a guy to chase you.

Things are actually pretty simple: men are taught by example; not by words. If a guy sees that you don’t appreciate yourself, neither will he.

How can you expect him to love you if you don’t love yourself? Aren’t you just showing him that you don’t deserve love from anyone?

How do you respect yourself more?

It’s a proven fact that every guy likes a girl who is aware of all of her qualities, and puts herself in first place. They love women who never settle for less than what they deserve.

If you have a healthy relationship with yourself, it’s likely that you’ll end up building a healthy relationship with a guy as well. The moment a man feels that you don’t respect yourself is the moment he’ll start walking all over you.

For starters, work on your communication skills. Talk to him like you believe in every word you’re saying. Don’t show that you’re nervous or something like that.

Also, don’t get all surprised when he gives you a compliment or a present. Thank him, but act like that’s what you deserve.

6. Become girlfriend material

There is no way that you’ll find the perfect boyfriend who has everything you’re looking for without investing in yourself first. I’m not saying that you should become flawless overnight, but you definitely must work on becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Actually, you should try hard to become a high-quality woman for your own sake in the first place. Nevertheless, it will help you attract a high-quality man as well.

Don’t start this self-improvement when you’ve already met a guy. It’s a journey that should go on regardless of your love life.

But, if you do become a successful, independent woman who knows what she wants from life, it’s sure that you’ll also become girlfriend material. In that case, every guy in the world will want to become a part of your life.

7. Don’t fall for his love bombing

I hate to generalize, but you know how most men are. They act as if they’re ready to do everything in the world for you – until they get what they actually want.

For some, it’s your heart; others just want to sleep with you, while some are after your trust. Either way, the moment they get what they are after, they change their ways.

Suddenly, there is no more Mr. Nice Guy from the beginning. Now, you’re the one who has to beg for his attention and the one who chases him around.

So, how do you prevent this from happening? Well, if you want to keep him interested, don’t take everything he says or does for granted.

Look, don’t be paranoid and question his every move. That will drive you crazy as well.

But please, pay attention to the difference between genuine emotion and love bombing.

If he plans the future the first time he sees you, if he starts putting pictures of you two together on his social media right after the first date, or if he starts with some huge romantic gestures even if you haven’t met each other right, he’s probably deceiving you.

8. Emotional codependency is your archenemy

We’re all human beings. I know it’s difficult for you to control your emotions, even when you know you should.

But, it’s one thing to fall in love with a guy, while becoming addicted to him is something else. Emotional codependency is the worst trap you can fall into – trust me on this one.

If you’re wondering how to get a guy to chase you, the answer is: don’t become too needy.

I know you can’t wait for your next date, but don’t let him see that. Don’t let his text messages dictate your mood.

Most importantly, never allow your potential breakup to become your biggest fear. Remember: you don’t need this guy – you want him in your life.

A man cannot be the center of your life. If he sees that you’ve put him in first place, he’ll think that his mission is done, and he’ll stop going after you.

9. A woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip

When you fall for a guy, you want to let him all the way in. You want to share your life with him, but sometimes that backfires against you.

Being an open book is not so good when you first start a relationship. You want this man to be intrigued by your personality.

You want to give him a challenge: to uncover layer after layer of your character. And, you can’t do that if you put everything out in the open.

Trust me: men are curious about mysterious women. If you act this way, he’ll put effort into finding out more about you.

And, what will happen in the process? Well, he’ll be falling harder and harder for you without even realizing it, and that’s exactly what you want.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should keep important facts about your life away from him. But, you don’t have to talk about your most embarrassing high school moment either.

10. Wake up his hero instinct

Okay, this one will probably trigger many feminists out there, but here is the harsh truth: you have to make a guy feel in charge if you want him to chase you. No, I’m not telling you to become a submissive woman who listens to his orders – that would turn him off as well.

I’m just advising you to let him be the man. The best way to do this is to awaken his hero instinct.

You see, all men have the inborn need to protect the women they care for. Your guy is no different.

He wants you to see him as the knight in shining armor. He wants to be your savior, even though in reality, there is nothing you need saving from.

But, hey, let’s keep the magic alive. Imagine that you’re in a fairytale, and from time to time, you act like a damsel in distress.

Ask for his advice, let him help you with little things, and show him that he’s the first person you call whenever you’re in trouble. He’ll appreciate the feeling he gets when he’s with you, and he’ll chase you even more.

11. Let your confidence do the talking

Another proven fact: men are addicted to girls with high levels of self-confidence. To be fair, a confident person will always get more in life than an insecure one.

Don’t you ever dare think that you’re not good enough for this guy. In fact, he hit the jackpot when he met you.

If you think that you’re the best thing that could ever happen to him, he’ll start believing that as well.

Here are some examples: when he makes eye contact, don’t look away like you’re embarrassed. Show him that you’re used to guys checking you out all the time.

Don’t be scared to awaken your flirty side. Talk to him in a seductive manner. Use open body language when he approaches you, and show him that you’re not afraid of taking what you want.

Please don’t let your insecurities get in the way of winning this guy over. Confidence is sexy!

12. Always look your best

They say that physical appearance doesn’t matter. Well, I’ll have to disagree.

Yes, there are other things more important than your looks – that’s the truth. When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, their personality and heart are what matter.

But, hey, let’s be honest for a bit here. You can be the kindest and the sweetest girl in the world, but how can a guy you’ve never met before know that?

How can he see that you’re a good girl who’d love him like no other right there on the first date? Truth be told, he can’t know that from the start.

So, the bottom line is that he has to be attracted to your physical appearance first. That’s exactly why you have to pay attention to looking your best at all times.

Your looks will capture his attention, but later on, your personality will capture his heart.

Dress to impress

You don’t have to be a supermodel for a guy to like you. Things like clothes, makeup, and good perfume will do most of the job for you.

Always dress to impress. No, tacky and overly-revealing clothes won’t make a guy chase you. It will only give him the wrong impression.

Dress for the occasion, and make sure to dress according to your body type.

13. Keep your emotions in check

If you’re wondering how to get a man to chase you and want you badly, here is a proven recipe: learn how to control your emotions. No, don’t pretend to be heartless, but don’t be too open about your feelings either.

Let’s be real: we human beings are strange sometimes. We tend to take for granted the ones who love us.

You don’t want this to happen with you and this guy. If he sees that you’re crazy about him, he’ll think that you won’t stop loving him no matter what he does.

You don’t know him that well just yet. You can’t be sure whether he’ll start using you once he notices that he has become your weakness.

Do it for yourself

You should keep your emotions in check for your own sake as well. Don’t let them be in charge and take control every time you see things are getting out of hand.

Self-introspection is the key to success. If you see that you’re being too needy, that you’re giving too much of yourself, or that you’re settling for less, hit the brakes.

14. …but show him you care, too

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should act like you don’t care about him at all. If you’re wondering how to get a guy to chase you, you have to find the perfect balance between showing him your emotions and not revealing too much of them.

It’s tricky, I know. But, the way to do it is to match his effort.

Do some little things that will show him that you’re invested in the relationship. After a while, you can be the one who sends the first text or initiates the next date.

But, that doesn’t mean you should be the first one to say “I like you” or the one who upgrades your relationship to the next level.

15. Never chase him

Finally, never put yourself in the position where you’re the one who chases him. Please be extra careful about this one because tables turn in the split of a second.

Pay attention to each one of these tips, and make sure he’s not applying them on you because if he is, you’re in big trouble. Remember: you’re figuring out how to get him to chase you – not the other way around.

Don’t let him use reverse psychology, and don’t let him trap you with his hot and cold games. Always have in mind that you’re the prize here.

To Wrap Up:

All of this sounds like playing games – I can’t argue against that. But, as much as we all theoretically hate this childish behavior, these are the things you simply must do when you’re wondering how to get a guy to chase you.

Here is some good news: you won’t have to play like this for long. Soon enough, he’ll be all yours, and you’ll no longer have to calculate your every word and move.

Until then, follow these steps and I promise you’ll learn how to make a guy chase you in no time.