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7 Things To Do If He Starts Losing Interest In You

7 Things To Do If He Starts Losing Interest In You

Don’t freak out! It’s not too late!

If he started to lose interest in you, that doesn’t mean that there is no space to make it work again.

There are simply some tips and tricks that will help you with getting your man to be head over heels for you again.

Just relax and take it easy. Rushing anything won’t work.

If you start to panic you will give yourself to the relationship much more than is needed and that will drive him away even more.

I know this sounds wrong, but if you start to text him invites to hang out, buy him gifts, etc, you will look too clingy and no man likes that.

If you really want to live past this crisis, you might want to keep reading, to see what you can do to reassure yourself that you will be OK no matter his decision.

1. Show him what he’ll miss.

This means to focus on your goals and the things you didn’t get to do when he was always be around.

If you take some time off, you will be much more relaxed and he will also ask himself where you are and if you’re the one who’s giving up on him.

This can also backfire but it will teach him that you can do things without him.

Don’t just walk around thinking that you’re undesirable and that he doesn’t love you because of something you did.

First of all, you don’t have the evidence that he really did stop loving you, so don’t jump to conclusions.

Just relax and realize that you’re an awesome woman and that any man would be happy to have you in his life.

2. Give him space to think.

The worst thing you can now do is ask questions and not let him breathe.

If you give him space and leave him with his own thoughts and feelings he will remember all the amazing things that you’ve experienced together and he will ask himself if it’s worth to throw everything away just because he’s not sure about his feelings.

You will give him time to think, to realize that it would be much better to have you on his side rather than to live without you.

3. Be honest.

There is no need for you to sit around and wait forever. It’s a problem in your life that you need to solve to continue and be happy again.

So if it’s been a month, or even a few weeks, without hearing a word from him or if he’s still distant, you need to go and talk to him.

Ask him everything that you want to know, don’t hold back. You deserve to know what’s happening and to see if there is something you can do to fix it.

If there’s no fixing it, then ask if he wants to break up. There is no sweet-talking it.

4. Do stuff alone.

Go out and have fun. Be wild. Be crazy. Be yourself. Be the woman he met and fell for. Don’t hold back.

Remind him how amazing you are with your wild nature, amazing figure and pure soul. He simply can’t resist you. You will be on fire again.

5. Find a new interest.

For the both of you. If you’ve been together for a while now, try to find a new flame to be lit.

You might know that he likes hiking or snowboarding so go and buy the necessary gear and invite him for a hike!

Have fun together. That will remind him of how much he’ll miss you if he left you.

It will make him see that there is no one who would put so much effort into the relationship like you do.

6. Get flirty online.

If you can’t get physically close to him, know that people created the Internet to communicate.

So send him an online message that will trigger his thought process and make him think about you.

This includes sending a message on one social media profile only. Don’t bombard every account he has with messages, because that’ll just backfire.

If he posts a selfie that is very attractive, send him a message telling him which part of his body you’ve always loved.

Perhaps his eyes? His lips? His smile? It’s up to you. Do it in a nice way, like, “I’ve always liked your (insert here).”

7. Do you know what a thirst trap is?

It’s a photo that will make him regret ever thinking that he wanted to leave you.

Post a picture on your Instagram, looking all dolled up. Do your make-up and strike a pose in your favorite outfit.

This needs to look natural, not like you’re suffering in your clothes.

Also, don’t overdo it, meaning, don’t wear something that shows too much cleavage because that might make him run away even more.

A modest outfit, but one still complementing you. You will win him over in no time.

Extra tip:

OK. So I didn’t want to put this one up with the others because it’s not likely to bring him back, but it’s a tip for you: Let go.

If you see that there is no way to make him fall in love again, or even show him that you do love and care for him, then let go.

I know it sounds painful, but I think that being around him, trying to make it work when he doesn’t even want to text you, is even more painful and heartbreaking.

At least, this way you will come out stronger and you will know that you did everything that you could to keep him on your side. If he doesn’t appreciate it, then let him go.

It’s simply not worthy of all that invested time and energy.

7 Things To Do If He Starts Losing Interest In You

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