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Top 15 Flirty Emoji Faces To Boost Your Texting Game (+Examples)

Top 15 Flirty Emoji Faces To Boost Your Texting Game (+Examples)

A flirty emoji has the power to spark up any conversation, but only if you choose the right one. This is the lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

Yes, I used to be one of those people who overdid their emoji game. Literally, I would find a few emojis and use them whenever I could without paying much attention to the context or the person I was texting. ?

Once I changed that, my love life improved as well because now I know exactly what every single one of those emoticons means, and I use them sparingly but wisely.

To help you boost your dating game, below, you’ll find the list of top 15 flirty emoji meanings, and you’ll also learn which emojis are best for him and her.

Worry not; there will be examples, too, given that I feel extremely generous today! ?

What’s a good flirty emoji face?

Flirty blush emoji ?, winky face emoji ?, or tongue wink emoji ? are classic flirty emojis with which you cannot go wrong. They are suitable for any flirting occasion because they are perfectly balanced.

They have the power to step up your flirting game without trying too hard, and that’s why they are also my personal favorites.

Truth be told, there are tons of flirty emojis available on dating apps, social media, and customizable keyboards for both iPhones and Androids.

Yes, we all agree that we need more than these three emojis to spice up our texting conversations. So, what are the best flirty emojis to use, and, more importantly, what are their hidden meanings? Let’s find out! ?

Best Flirting Emoji Faces And Their (Hidden) Meanings

Flirty blush emoji ?

The main reason why this emoticon stands for the best flirty emoji out there is its versatile nature. Blushing is a universal way of showing your excitement and affection.

Shout out to the person who came up with the idea to add some blushing to this cute emoji! The blushing face generally means that the person enjoys your (virtual) company and they are amused by your textual chemistry.

When to use: Basically, you can use this cute emoticon whenever you want during the conversation (but don’t overdo it).

The best way to use this cute emoticon is when saying hello for the first time that day when you want to show how excited you are to be talking to that one person, or when they say something nice to you and you start “virtually” blushing.


  • Hello! ?
  • I really enjoy our conversations. ?
  • Stop making me blush. ?

Winky face emoji ?

Here’s another classic. A winky face is a face that can sweep you off your feet within seconds if you receive it from someone you really like. Why?

Because it has that straightforward “I like you” vibe. If you accompany it with flirty texts for him or her, it’s all you need to become the flirting god/goddess.

When to use: This one’s easy. You can use the winky face emoji when you want to accentuate your flirtiness, a.k.a., when you want to stop beating around the bush.


  • Want to go for a walk? ?
  • If you only knew what I’m thinking about right now… ?
  • Did you miss me? ?

Smiling face with heart eyes emoji ?

What’s better than a heart emoji? Well, a two-hearts emoji, of course! However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind when using this emoticon.

You need to use it sparingly because if you overdo it, the person you’re flirting with might freak out “a little bit” and become annoyed by it. You don’t want them to think that you’re obsessed with them, right?

When to use: I suggest using this flirty emoticon after a fun date to showcase your excitement. You can also use it when you’re talking about some cute stuff (especially babies, cats, and dogs), or when you’re complimenting them. Or when you want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, of course. 


  • Thanks for last night. ?
  • Your (something) looks awesome in this one pic. ?
  • Your flirty vibe is driving me crazy. ?

Kissing face with closed eyes emoji ?

Cuteness, blushing, flirting. This one emoticon has all these things (and more). There’s a variety of kissy faces out there, and this one can have two meanings: you’re either blushing by what you just read, or you’re speechless (in a good way).

When to use: You can use it when they say something sweet to you, after a first date, when they surprise you with one of those unique romantic gestures, and when you want to express gratitude.


  • I appreciate your effort. ?
  • I had an amazing time with you tonight and I hope we’ll repeat it soon. ?
  • You’re so silly. ?

Smirking face emoji ?

If you look closely at this flirty emoticon, you’ll notice that it has subtly raised eyebrows, a sideways glance, and a slight smile.

If these aren’t signs of flirting, then I don’t know what is! This emoticon is equivalent to checking someone out in real life and letting them know that you’re attracted to them.

When to use: Feel free to use it when you’re ready to add some flirty elements that will let them know you’re flirting with them in an open and unapologetic way. Use it when you like what the other person is throwing out there (or when you want to initiate a date).


  • I don’t know about you, but I think this is perfect movie weather. ?
  • I challenge you to guess what I’m thinking right now. ?
  • I had the weirdest and wildest dream about you last night and I’m not sure if I should share it with you. ?

Upside-down smiley face emoji ?

If you’re an awkward person by nature like me, then you’re probably already using (if not overusing) this emoji. An upside-down smiley face indicates awkwardness and cuteness. Besides that, it indicates flirtiness in a subtle way.

When to use: Obviously, you can use this emoticon when you say something awkwardly weird or when they do that. Either way, you win because this emoticon has the power to make any text message flirtatious.


  • Oops, did I text that? ?
  • I’m thinking about last night. ?
  • You are really hot, just wanted you to know that! ?

Stuck-out tongue and tightly closed eyes emoji ?

I bet there isn’t a better combo than a tongue emoji and flirty jokes. It’s a flirty cocktail that no single human being can resist. This emoticon is a synonym for playfulness in every sense of its meaning.

When to use: You can use this emoticon to show appreciation for their sense of humor, when throwing a fantastic comeback, or simply when you’re teasing them about something.


  • I like you more than wine. ?
  • Where have you been all my life? ?
  • I am imagining your hands all over my body right now. ?

Blowing a kiss emoji ?

If you want to let your crush know how you feel about them, this kissy-face will surely make your messaging more intimate and open. It’s the best emoticon to send someone and let them know how much you like them.

When to use: Send this flirty emoticon when you can’t stop thinking about them, when you want them to know that you’re thinking about kissing them, and so on.


  • I’m in the mood for some kissing, want to join me? ?
  • I promise you a weekend to remember. ?
  • Flirting with you is so much fun! ?

Smiling face with horns emoji ?

Yup, this smiling face with horns will definitely take your texting game to the next level. Why? Because it’s the perfect combination of naughty and innocently flirtatious.

Whenever I want to tease a guy I really like, I send him this one emoticon. Needless to say that they fall for it every single time.

When to use: It’s perfectly safe and desirable to send this emoji accompanied with dirty talk phrases or when making jokes in a flirtatious way and being sarcastic.


  • I want you all to myself. ?
  • I have a special plan for us this evening. ?
  • I’m feeling a little naughty. ?

Drooling emoji ?

Well, you would want to be cautious with this one (especially if it is your first time texting them). This emoticon indicates strong physical attraction and reaction. When you use this emoji, it means you’re strongly attracted to them; hence, you’re virtually drooling.

When to use: Similar to the smiling face with horns, you can use a drooling face when sexting, when they send you dirty-flirty text messages, and similar.


  • Looking forward to having you later. ?
  • I had one too many dirty thoughts today… Guess who inspired them all? ?
  • I blame you for all of my distractions. ?

Crying laughing emoji ?

I really like to use LOL or ROFL, but a crying laughing face wins every single time. If you want to avoid using acronyms, then use this cute emoticon that will show them that you’re laughing your ass off.

The best of all is that you can add three of them in a row in accordance with the intensity of your laugh and the situation.

When to use: Obviously, you’ll use it when they say something funny or when you didn’t get the joke, but you don’t want them to question your intelligence. You can use this emoticon when subtly teasing them or when cracking hilarious jokes.


  • Damn, I can’t stop laughing. ???
  • If my heart were to fly, your soul would be my airport. ?
  • You smell like trash… Can I take you out? ??

Tongue wink emoji ?

If you’re looking for a sarcastic emoticon, this is your best bet. It has all the elements that you need to boost your flirting game! This winking face will both intrigue them and help you build anticipation.

When to use: Use this emoticon when you’re feeling flirty and when you want to impress them with your flirtatious reply to something said as a joke.


  • You wanna know who’s the most amazing person in the world? Read the first word again. ?
  • Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas? ?
  • I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together. ?

See-no-evil monkey emoji ?

Once I discovered this cute little monkey, I simply couldn’t imagine texting without throwing a few see-no-evil monkeys when appropriate. Why? Because it’s adorable, flirty, and cute.

When to use: Well, you can use this emoticon after saying something cute or hilarious, or when they say something awkward that makes you blush.


  • I can’t believe I just texted that. ?
  • I can’t see you. ? Can you come closer?
  • Stop flirting with me! ?

Eggplant emoji ?

The eggplant emoticon is one of the most sexual emoticons out there. I bet you already know the meaning of it, but in case you don’t, it represents a male’s reproductive organ.

When to use: This emoji is used to convey flirtation or sexual innuendos. It is used when you (or them) want to get intimate, but it can also be used as a part of jokes.


  • I might have something for you. ?
  • I want to see your ?.
  • My ? is really excited.

Peach emoji ?

Yup, this emoticon represents booty! Well, it looks like that, right? It’s also one of those sexual emoticons that can spice things up real quick when it comes to texting.

When to use: You can use this emoticon when you want to accentuate how much you dig their body (especially their booty) or make flirty jokes about it.


  • I can’t stop thinking about your ?.
  • Your ? is driving me crazy!
  • My ? is saying Hi.

Best Flirty Emojis For Him (With Examples)

Looking for the best flirty emoji for him? Worry not. Below, you’ll find the best emoticons to send a guy you want to get flirty with:

Winky face emoji ?:

  • I’m naked right now. ?
  • If you could do anything you want to me, what would you do? ?
  • I think it’s time we tried (fill in the blank). ?

Flirty blush emoji ?:

  • My thoughts about you are making me blush…?
  • I want to tell you something, but I don’t know if I can. ?
  • Stop thinking about me naked. ?

Stuck-out tongue and tightly closed eyes emoji ?:

  • I would invite you to come over this weekend, but I’m not sure I can keep my hands to myself. ?
  • Good morning! I’m not wearing a bra today. Just thought you should know. ?
  • Do you have any fantasies? ?

Smiling face with horns emoji ?:

  • I want you right now. ?
  • Nothing gets me hotter than thinking about you. ?
  • Did you know that you’re incredibly hot? ?

Smiling face with heart eyes emoji ?:

  • I really enjoy our texting sessions. ?
  • You’re so cute when you’re trying hard to make me laugh. ?
  • I can’t wait to see you. ?

Best Flirty Emojis For Her (With Examples)

The flirting emoji for her should be mysterious and teasing. If you’re looking for the best flirty emoji for her, here are some to choose from:

Stuck-out tongue and tightly closed eyes emoji ?

  • I want to check you off my to-do list. ?
  • Seeing your name on my phone makes me smile like an idiot. ?
  • How many flirty text messages do I need to send to you in order to make you mine? ?

Tongue wink emoji ?

  • I like you. What are you going to do about it? ?
  • If you knew that my answer was a “yes,” what would you ask me? ?
  • You’re in my 3 a.m. thoughts. ?

Winky face emoji ?

  • Hey, stop thinking about me so much. ?
  • I hope you find my willingness to text first attractive. ?
  • I’m so bored at work—come and save me. ?

Drooling emoji ?

  • If I correctly guess the color of your underwear, will you take them off for me? ?
  • I think about you a little more than I should. ?
  • Can I have you for my midnight snack? ?

Blowing a kiss emoji ?

  • I can’t wait to see you. ?
  • I melt whenever I see you smile. ?
  • If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’re mine! ?

Wrapping It Up

Regardless if you’re on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or dating apps, know that flirty emojis are your best friend. They make texting all the more fun and exciting.

If you want to spice up your texting sessions, throw a few flirty emoticons at the right time and watch how the intensity grows from minute to minute.

However, don’t overdo it. Avoid flirty emoji overuse and you’ll be just fine! ?