Not one of the Aries traits can leave anyone indifferent. This is an extraordinary sign whose presence intrigues everyone around them.

It’s more than enough to meet just one Aries to understand what I’m talking about. You don’t have to spend much time with them but I assure you that Aries will leave an impression on you.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re perfect; in fact, this zodiac has its own set of flaws, just like the rest of us mortals.

If this is your zodiac sign or you just want to get to know one better, you have to be familiar with all Aries traits. This is your chance.

Aries season: March 21st – April 19th

Ruling planet: Planet Mars

Famous Aries people: Lady Gaga, Jackie Chan, Van Gogh, Hugh Hefner, Elton John, Leonardo da Vinci

Aries compatibility: Compatible with: Leo, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus

Not compatible with: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces

9 Best Aries Traits


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There is no doubt about one thing; Aries is considered to be one of the most confident zodiac signs out there.

The thing about them is that their self-esteem doesn’t come from external factors. Instead, this sign constantly pushes themselves forward. They set new goals and reaching them gives them self-confidence.

They have faith in themselves. This sign is very well aware of their abilities and self-worth.

However, this doesn’t mean that Aries never fights with insecurities. In fact, they’re often so hard on themselves that they end up ruining their own confidence.

Even though this is not expected from them, Aries always wants to be the best. When they don’t achieve what they imagined, they get disappointed and start comparing themselves to others.

Nevertheless, nobody can see these inner struggles. In their surroundings, Aries always appears to be certain of themselves, no matter what.


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As a fire element and a cardinal sign, Aries is a born warrior. They’re predestined to conquer and to win. Predestined to be a hero.

Being connected to the god of war, every Aries has an incredibly brave heart. In fact, this is one of the most courageous zodiac signs out there.

When they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, Aries never flees. Instead, they look the challenge directly in the eye and fight it till their last breath.

Victory is Aries’ number one priority. They’re ready to do whatever it takes to always leave the situation as a winner.

Whatever obstacle appears in their way, Aries personality traits make them approach it completely fearlessly.

They don’t think of the possible consequences and they don’t obsess over the negative outcome of things. Instead, they let their heart lead them.

For Aries, defeat is never an option. The truth is that they couldn’t stand looking themselves in the mirror and seeing a coward. Their bravery defines them as a person and they would be spiritually dead without it.


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Among other outstanding traits of an Aries, their honesty is at the top of the list. When you’re in any kind of relationship with an Aries, worry not about them deceiving you.

This is a sign that hates lies, even in situations where they would be comforting. Instead, an Aries will always tell you the truth, no matter how horrible it is.

You see, they’re very realistic about this. They consider that the only way you can get out of a bad situation is if you know all the facts from day one.

Sooner or later, the truth always finds its way to the surface so basically, they don’t see any point in lying.

Yes, it might give you some comfort in the short run. However, one way or another, there will come a day when you’ll have to deal with the truth, as much as you try to escape it.

So, why not start right away? At least you’ll know where you stand.


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Being a fire sign, it is expected from Aries to be passionate. They really are like this about everything they do.

When it comes to an Aries man, they’re probably the sign with the most masculine characteristics. The traits of an Aries male are to be macho, alpha men who like to be dominant in their relationship.

No girl can resist an Aries male. They’re often a player until they fall in love. On the other hand, an Aries woman doesn’t lack passion either.

Aries is an amazing lover and a great kisser. When you’re with them, you feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

According to all tarot readings, everything about being involved with an Aries feels like one big adventure.

From the moment you meet them until the moment they walk away from your life, you feel like you’re riding the most dangerous roller coaster in your life.

The thing about them is that they only enjoy the chase, not the actual romance. However, as soon as they feel like they have got what they wanted, they’re out.


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From their early childhood, every Aries is ambitious. They always want to achieve more and more. This is a sign that never settles for less than they deserve. And they know they deserve so much.

Aries usually has an incredibly successful career. They like making, having and spending money.

Nevertheless what lies behind their success is the fact that they rarely do something they don’t enjoy doing. Instead, Aries always finds a way to connect business with pleasure.

Basically, they end up earning money while doing something they love. What an amazing combination, right?

Whatever an Aries does, they do it with a cause. At every point in life, they have a plan and a set of goals they want to achieve.

Every Aries knows where they were, where they stand now and who they want to become and the best part is that they never give up on turning their dreams into reality.


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The irony about Aries is that they’re incredibly generous with their loved ones but at the same time, cheap when it comes to spending money on themselves.

An Aries is a natural giver so they enjoy making the people around them happy.

Aries likes buying gifts and throwing surprises. They don’t have any trouble loaning money or helping out their best friend in need.

Nevertheless, what makes the Aries zodiac sign especially generous is the time and effort they’re willing to give to their loved ones. Even if it doesn’t appear to be so at first sight, Aries has the kindest heart ever.


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This is a sign that can’t keep calm for too long. Those belonging to the first sign of the zodiac is anything but static. Instead, they’re full of energy at all times.

They’re in the constant search of new thrills and adventures.

If you want to capture their attention for more than a few minutes, you have to be extra creative. You wouldn’t believe how easily and quickly these people get bored.

Being stuck in their comfort zone is an Aries’ version of hell. They are restless and are always willing to try new things.

If you need someone to go bungee jumping or jet-skiing with you, the Aries zodiac sign should be your number one choice. They’re fearless and want to try everything that life has to offer.

Thanks to this Aries personality trait, they really do live every day like it’s their last. They enjoy every breath they take and make every moment memorable and worthy.


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The thing that pushes Aries forward is their optimism. Whatever happens, this zodiac has faith that things will find a way of sorting themselves out.

No, they don’t expect miracles. They don’t sit around, waiting for their problems to be magically solved.

Instead, they work very hard on everything they want to make happen. However, they know that everything will always turn out for the best.

They’re incredibly positive and fun to be around. Whenever a dark cloud hits them, they search for its silver lining.

The best part about Aries’ optimism is that they have a way of spreading it to others.

You could be in the worst mood of your life but when an Aries comes along, they will make you feel better and give you a bit of their positive energy.


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The Aries horoscope sign’s charisma is something most people can’t compete with. This is something inexplicable about them and the reason why people simply adore them.

Their stories hold your attention and whatever they say will remain in your memory.

It’s not that Aries people try hard to get the spotlight but even when they’re modest about their qualities, people admire them.

When an Aries walks into a room, everyone stops talking. All eyes are on them, no matter what they do.

People tend to admire their energy, ambition and especially their adventurous side. Everyone wants to be in the company of Aries.

This sign usually has a lot of best friends from different social circles and classes and not only that, they’re also irresistible to the opposite sex.

One of the most interesting Aries traits is that they don’t have to do absolutely anything in order to be noticed. These people don’t make a fool out of themselves just to be liked.

In fact, it’s more than enough for them to just show up. Even in that case, their charisma will have a magnetic effect on everyone surrounding them.

6 Worst Aries Traits


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When you think of an Aries, the first word that probably comes in your mind is stubbornness. Well, sadly, in most cases, this is not prejudice or a stereotype related to this horoscope sign.

The truth is that most Aries are really unbearingly stubborn and that is their most negative trait.

Everything has to go their way, they don’t take no for an answer and they don’t listen to anyone’s advice.

Sometimes, this can be seen as independence, which is an amazing characteristic. However, in most cases, they’re so strong-willed that it becomes a burden for everyone surrounding them.

If you plan on meeting Aries halfway, think again. These people seem to be unable to reach compromises.

They’re natural-born leaders, which makes it impossible for them to take orders. They consider themselves the smartest, the wisest and the most competent of the group.


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For this sign, everything has to happen right now. Patience is not one of their virtues and they hate waiting.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, they act like little babies who can’t seem to understand that good things take time.

Aries’ impatience is a flaw that affects them the most. Often, they miss out on many great opportunities simply because they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘endurance’.


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There is a thin line between assertiveness and aggression. Well, being connected to the god of war, the Aries sun sign often crosses that line and ends up on the other side of the medal.

According to astrologers, Aries is one of the scariest signs of the zodiac. Sometimes, this is a good thing because it gives them the necessary level of determination when things have to be done.

However, the problem is that they get easily frustrated the moment something is out of their reach. An Aries has trouble accepting that they can’t control everything.

As soon as they don’t get everything they set their mind on, they get angry. This trait ruins many of their relationships since an aggressive Aries is impossible to be around.


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Aries doesn’t rely on their brain much. You might say that it’s great to meet someone who follows their heart wherever it takes them but things are not that simple with Aries.

The problem is that they’re usually overly impulsive and they act on things before thinking about their behavior.
They follow their gut and instincts but they don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

Typical Aries is impulsive to the point where they do whatever they feel like doing at any given moment. They say whatever crosses their mind and therefore is often perceived as tactless.

Overly competitive

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People with this star sign have to be the best and they’re ready to do whatever it takes to acquire first position. They have this uncontrollable urge to prove their competence to themselves and the rest of the world.

At first glance, you’ll probably consider this a positive personality trait. In fact, looking from one point of view, it really is.

Their competitive nature pushes Aries forward. It’s what makes them so successful and ambitious.

However, the problem is that they’re overly competitive. They get furious when they are not the best at something and spend their entire life comparing themselves to others.

These people see everything as a challenge, which often puts them in risky situations. If you want Aries to do something, just tell them that they can’t accomplish it and watch them thrive.


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Another dark side of this sign is their big, inflated ego, usually connected to their competitive nature. Deep inside, every Aries think that they’re better than everyone else surrounding them.

Even when they try to hide it, their arrogance shows. They really are successful and smart, there is no doubt about that. However, they don’t have to brag about it.

Whether they like to admit it or not, Aries really does have a too high opinion of their own worth, including their appearance, brains, wisdom and capacity.

To wrap up:

You might think whatever you want about Aries traits but trust me; having one Aries in your life is worthy of all the trouble they bring along.

You’ll remember every moment you spend next to them and they’ll change your life forever.