If you possess Virgo traits, you are, without a doubt, an incredibly interesting and unique person.

The perfectionism, practicality, hardworking nature and competence everyone belonging to the sixth sign of the horoscope has makes you so special and intriguing to all astrologers and tarot readers.

You’re known to be a reliable friend, a loyal romantic partner and a devoted family member. What more can a person ask for?

So, what are the Virgo traits everyone born under your zodiac sign has? Here are the most significant ones.

Virgo season: August 23rd – September 22nd

Type of air sign: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury (mutable sign)

Ruling House: Sixth (Virgo is the sixth sign)

Symbol: The Virgin

Virgo Compatibility:

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Compatible with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Leo, Pisces

Not compatible with: Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Aries

Famous Virgos: Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé, Nick Jonas, Blake Lively, Idris Elba

Top 10 Positive Virgo Traits

Loyal and trustworthy

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When you let someone in your life, you do it all the way. You give them all of your attention and you’re fully committed.

If you belong to this astrological sign, this is true for all of your relationships. You’re completely dedicated to all of your friends, family members and relationship partner.

The truth is that you don’t have many people who are really close to you. Nevertheless, your loved ones and other people you give your attention to will consider themselves lucky.

Once you enter a relationship, you go all the way in and you give your wholehearted love to that person. You take care of them and you’re loyal to the soil.

According to astrologers, no one with this sun sign would betray someone’s trust even if their life depended on it. People tell you secrets and ask you for advice because they’re aware that you’re one in a million.


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It doesn’t matter what you put your hand to, you won’t give up until you get the job done, as you’re one of the most competent zodiac signs.

A great thing about you is that you can achieve anything you imagine. You accomplish things others would never even think of doing.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your career, friendships, romance or family relationships, you’re successful at everything you do.

You’re efficient and disciplined. When you’re a part of a team, you see other people’s mistakes, the ones everyone else miss, and you correct them on the spot.

You never stop learning and you don’t rush things and instead of being impulsive, you’re patient and take your time to get something finished.


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Another one of the amazing Virgo traits, which is also common for all earth signs, is how responsible they are. If you belong to this zodiac, your word is your bond.

You keep your promises, no matter the circumstances. You take all of your responsibilities very seriously and you don’t make any lousy justifications to show otherwise.

In fact, you wouldn’t break a promise and betray your own integrity even if it was the last thing you had to do.

Your horoscope sign makes you reliable and everyone in your surroundings knows that they can count on you.

Simply put, you’re a person who shows up.


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Being born under the Virgo zodiac sign, you’re probably highly intelligent. You’re well-read and you consider education to be extremely important for every individual.

You’re wise and you use logical reasoning to your advantage. You’re eager for new knowledge, regardless of your age.

Virgos use every opportunity they get to inform themselves so you’re always familiar with events in your surroundings and in the entire world.

You also use social media to be as informed as possible. Basically, you spend more time snooping around other people’s social media profiles than posting your own content.

No, you’re not nosy by nature; you just feel in control if you have more data. However, you’re only truly concerned with things that interest you.

You won’t waste your time exploring, for example, nuclear physics, just out of curiosity, if you know that is something you’ll never need in life.

On the other hand, when you’re interested in something, you explore it all the way.


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I bet that there doesn’t exist a lazy Virgo sun sign in the world. Instead, everyone belonging to your zodiac sign is a workaholic, since this is one of the most common traits of a Virgo.

In fact, sometimes you act like you’re addicted to hard work, which is a known Virgo characteristic. Virgos only feel that they’ve done enough once they’re tired.

You simply can’t stand relaxing and not doing anything, as it automatically makes you feel useless and as if your entire life has no point.

Every Virgo has been like this since early childhood. You’ve been an overachiever from the first day of school and this practice has continued throughout your entire life.

Even though this addiction to hard work brings a lot of success to most people belonging to this zodiac sign, it can be harmful to the Virgo themselves.

Whether you admit it or not, all of this work puts you under a lot of pressure. It doesn’t matter how much you love your career, everyone needs some time off.

It seems that you are too hard on yourself. You have too high expectations that you’re scared of not achieving.


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A lot of people might not conclude this about your zodiac sign due to your distant nature but one of your most prominent Virgo characteristics is your kind disposition.

You don’t show this side to everyone you meet but the truth is that you’re quite helpful.

It doesn’t matter what kind of difficulties you might be facing, you’ll always find time to give someone a piece of advice.

You’re the one people call when they need a shoulder to cry on, someone to put a smile back on their face or just someone to listen to them.

In fact, solving other people’s problems is your specialty. You enjoy fixing their issues and putting their lives in perfect order.

Sometimes, however, you act like you’re everyone’s parent, like it’s your duty to take care of everyone’s needs and well-being.


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Here is another Virgo personality trait many probably wouldn’t connect with you but the truth is that you’re tremendously creative.

First and foremost, you’re interested in art and not only that but you’re also artistically skilled and talented.

I’m not saying that you’re necessarily predestined to become a world-famous singer or actor but I’m sure that you have some talent in you, even if it’s deeply hidden.

Maybe you’re a skillful handyperson or you are exceedingly good at making your own crafts or DIY products. This part of your personality is especially helpful when you’re in a relationship.

Another thing many don’t know about you is that you have a romantic side.

You enjoy throwing little surprises for your other half, regardless of special dates, so when their birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day comes along, you go out of your way for them.

Your surprises are unique and never cheesy since you possess a certain amount of practicality. When you’re being romantic, you do it in a cute, special way that has nothing to do with being pathetic.


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Another one of the positive Virgo personality traits is, without a doubt, your independence. You’re someone who can make it on your own, regardless of life circumstances or obstacles.

Over the years, you’ve gotten used to being the one everyone relies on.

You’re a nurturer and a caregiver, so there are many people who would return you the favor without question, people who would be there for you if you just called them.

However, the truth is that you don’t know how to do things the other way around. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been self-sufficient and you simply don’t know how to ask for help.

On the other hand, many see you as a loner, due to your independence but that is far from the truth. You love being around people but you won’t hang out with just anyone in order to escape your solitude.

Only the chosen ones have access to your life and to the real you.


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You’ve spent most of your life trying to convince people that you’re not one of the emotional astrological signs.

You’re cold, you don’t let things bug you and other people’s concerns or opinions cannot impact on you in any way whatsoever.

At least this is what you would like everyone to think about you and in fact, you’ve done a really good job with this, as most people really do perceive you this way.

However, the point is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you like it or not, you’re actually an extremely emotional and even highly sensitive person.

Nevertheless, the problem is that you have a bad habit of repressing your emotions. You don’t only hide this Virgo personality trait from everyone around you, you do the same thing to yourself as well.

You bury the emotions you don’t like deep inside of you until sooner or later, they have to find their way to the surface.


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Despite your emotional side, all astrologers will tell you that you’re grounded by your earth element. Therefore, you’re deeply rooted in the material world and your brain governs your life.

Those who don’t know you very well will accuse you of being cold-hearted but the fact is that you’re just overly careful.

Belonging to this sun sign, you think things through before acting on them, which saves you from a lot of misery.

You’re not impulsive when it comes to important life decisions. Instead, you’re patient enough to take your time before coming to a final conclusion.

At the end of the day, you’re actually stronger than most people, so unlike them, you have the ability to disregard your emotions and not allow them to lead you into despair.

When you’re perfectly aware that something or someone is wrong for you, you’ll walk away, despite your heart’s desires. Only rarely can people do this and it is something many admire you for.

Top 10 Negative Virgo Traits


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When someone hears the words Virgo zodiac sign, the first thing they probably think of is perfectionism. In fact, almost every Virgo horoscope or tarot reading will point to this as your number one negative trait.

Whether you like to admit it or not, this really is the number one disadvantage of your character.

You have trouble admitting that there is no such thing as perfection and you can’t accept the fact that you have your own set of flaws.

Instead, you spend your entire life working on them and trying to erase them. Well, newsflash; despite all of your efforts, some of them will always remain because they are a part of you.

However, what is even more troubling is that you ask too much from the people around you. You expect them to be perfect as well, which is utterly impossible.


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Having a Virgo personality must mean that you’re always right. You’re the one who knows best and the one whose decisions are never wrong.

Well, wouldn’t we all like to be like that? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The problem is that you refuse to accept this. You never admit that you’re wrong and your stubbornness destroys your relationships with others.

In fact, sometimes it has a negative impact on your own relationship with yourself.

It often happens that you keep pushing yourself toward something you no longer want just because you refuse to give up.

Even when deep down, you know that you’ve made a mistake, you wouldn’t admit it out loud in a million years. Instead, you will keep on defending your attitudes and you will never stand down.


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Your mind is your strongest weapon, there is no doubt about that. However, since your star sign is Virgo, sometimes it works against you.

You have a strong desire to keep everything under control and to pull all the strings and in order to achieve this, it’s necessary to have all the data, so you have to know every single detail regarding a certain situation.

You have to think of all the possible outcomes and consequences, right?

You think you need to analyze every step of the way. You think you have to dissect the past, the present and the potential future.

Well, you’re wrong! This kind of attitude has caused your problem of overthinking. Trust me, you have this issue. After all, you’re a Virgo, aren’t you?

People pleaser

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Let’s be real; this is probably the last thing someone would characterize you as, besides being overly emotional. However, the truth is that you’re a people pleaser, which is definitely a negative trait.

If your Venus is in Virgo, you care about what others think of you and deep down, you feel unworthy. Most of all, you do everything in your power to get praise and compliments from others.


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This one comes hand in hand with perfectionism. You’re overly critical of yourself and to others, which is not good for your mental health or for your relationships.

I know that you mean well. You want to push everyone around you in the right direction.

You’re just trying to inspire them to become the best possible versions of themselves. Nevertheless, you’re choosing the wrong way to do so.

In fact, in most cases, you’ll actually get a counterproductive effect. Nobody likes to be criticized all the time and after a while, people will start accusing you of being a nag. And you know what? They wouldn’t be so wrong.

Overly picky

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It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about potential relationship partners, friends, your choice of work or your outfit; you’re overly picky about all of these.

Naturally, this is all a consequence of your perfectionism and overthinking practices.

Don’t misunderstand me; it’s great that you have high standards. In fact, you shouldn’t lower them for anyone’s sake. However, that doesn’t mean that you should spend a lifetime being too demanding.

Just for once, try relaxing and pick what your intuition tells you to choose. I’m not saying that it will work out for the best but I promise you that you’ll be proud of yourself for at least trying to get rid of this nasty habit.


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You’re anything but approachable. There is actually nothing wrong with this, it’s just that you don’t let many people come too near you.

Every Virgo loves their privacy. However, there is a difference between being emotionally distant with strangers and being uptight.

I hate to be the one to break it to you but this way, it looks like you consider yourself to be better than everyone else.

Stop worrying this much about the impression you’re leaving and just enjoy your day. From time to time, try giving someone new a chance and see where it takes you; maybe they’ll surprise you.


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Let’s be honest; you doubt everyone and everything, similar to all Virgo people out there. You’re a skeptic and have a hard time believing people.

I know that this is nothing but your defense mechanism. You are smart enough not to allow yourself to get your hopes up about something that might fail.

You don’t consider yourself a pessimistic or optimistic person and instead, you think that you’re just a realist but actually, your biggest problem is that you don’t believe in the good in people.

You always expect someone to hurt you or do you harm.

You have no faith in humanity so even if someone treats you nicely, you wonder if there is a hidden agenda behind all of it.


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You’re an alpha Virgo woman or Virgo man. You are a leader and you expect everyone else to follow you.

I know that you want to get the job done and not only that but you’re probably the only one who knows how it’s done the right way. Or is it your way?

However, it’s about time that you accept that you can’t control everyone’s life. Every Virgo horoscope or tarot reading will tell you that you’re overly bossy and want everything to go your way, which is impossible.

You have to learn to be a part of a team and learn to compromise with others.


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I hate to be the one to break it to you but guess what? You’re one of the most manipulative signs of the zodiac. You have a way of changing people’s minds and sometimes, you do it in a sneaky way.

This doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person but it is definitely not an appealing trait. The source of your desire for manipulation is your desire for control and once you let go of one, the other will follow.

Since you’re a perfectionist, please don’t concentrate so much on your negative Virgo traits. Trust me, there are many more qualities that you possess.

After all, remember that you’re a human being and you’re allowed to have your set of imperfections, just like the rest of us.