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Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Virgo and Aquarius… We’re talking about a powerful, strong, and definitely unique couple in every sense of the word. They may even be the most interesting couple in the entire zodiac.

Aquarius belongs to the group of air signs, and Virgo is the earth sign, which means the distance between them is pretty huge. There are so many obstacles and challenges they’ll have to go through and overcome together.

But, once they manage to get to each other, once they finally overcome all those obstacles, they’ll form such a beautiful bond… it will be a bond so strong that nothing and no one will ever be able to break it.

Differences are the deepest form of love. These two sun signs have plenty of those, and that is exactly what makes their bond so special and unique in every possible way.

But, enough with the chit-chat. Let’s find out if this unique love match will be strong enough to go for the long haul.

Are Virgo And Aquarius Compatible?

To be honest, it’s not that easy to give a definite YES/NO answer to this question. Air signs generally vibe better with fire signs, and earth signs share better compatibility with water signs.

When it comes to Virgo and Aquarius zodiac compatibility, we can’t say that they are the best zodiac sign match or one of those love matches made in heaven, but they really can build a loving and long-lasting relationship.

Molly Hall, the astrologer and Tarot reader, says: “Virgo and Aquarius are cool characters with lots of quirks.

They’re arguably the most particular signs of the zodiac”, and she continued about their chemistry; “If there’s a civilized beginning and other chemistry in the birth chart, you could have a winner.”

The thing is that there is no in-between when it comes to the Virgo-Aquarius relationship. Either it’ll be the best relationship ever or it’ll be a complete disaster.

Virgo VS Aquarius

Like all the other zodiac signs, these two have a bunch of things in common, but they also have a few differences. And, the only question is, will they allow those differences to separate them or will they accept and embrace them?

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, and Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarians.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and that’s the reason why Virgos have such extraordinary communication skills and why their analytical nature comes to the surface so often. It’s also the reason why they’re always such perfectionists.

Uranus… It is the most unconventional, odd planet of the zodiac. It’s no wonder why Aquarians have the title of the least conventional sign of the entire zodiac.

But, their ruling planet also makes Aquarians so original, innovating, and highly adaptable because Uranus is the planet of changes.

Virgo is a mutable sign, while Aquarius belongs to the group of fixed signs. Even though most people think that Virgo’s mutable nature can represent a problem for Aquarius, they actually handle it pretty well.

After all, they’re ruled by the planet of sudden changes, Uranus. However, Aquarians being the fixed sign can be very stubborn, and that might be a little too much for Virgos.

Virgo is an earth sign, which makes them grounded, patient, loyal, and practical. On the other hand, Aquarius is an air sign, and it means they’re spontaneous, quick, intelligent, and fair.

Their grounded vs flighty nature can make it difficult for them to understand each other, but if they care enough, they’ll find a way to handle it.

These two also have different thinking and perspectives of the world. Virgos are always concerned about what other people think, while Aquarians can’t care less about it.

Also, people born under the sign of Aquarius are the big-picture thinking people, while Virgos are more detail-oriented.

Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love

The fact is that this match has better chances of developing a good and successful friendship than a romantic relationship.

However, they can also build a lifelong romantic relationship if both sides are ready to put some effort in and, of course, if the love they feel for each other is strong enough.

The most important thing that both of them need to know is that they should never even try to change each other.

It’s perfectly normal that they’ll have many differences and things they won’t like about each other, but they need to try to embrace those things and let it help them strengthen their relationship instead of ruining it.

Both Virgos and Aquarians are known as dedicated, strong-willed, and goal-oriented people. Those personality traits will definitely help them when it comes to maintaining their relationship.

Virgo Man And Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

I think that most astrologers would agree that this love match is living proof that opposites do attract.

Aquarius woman is mysterious, and it’s something that attracts a Virgo the most. He will try to unveil her and find out what she hides behind all that mystery.

Virgo man is loyal and reliable and, truth to be told, those are the qualities that all women look for in a man.

When he makes a promise, he’ll follow through on it no matter what, and his Aquarius lady will appreciate it more than anything else.

On the other hand, Virgo men can be pretty stubborn, and they can get easily frustrated.

If the other side makes even the smallest mistake, they can go crazy about it and break up with them without even giving them the opportunity to explain their actions.

Aquarius girls are very confident, and that trait doesn’t actually always help them in life. They think they always have rights, and that’s why it’s so hard for them to compromise.

That drives their Virgo partner mad, and it also makes it harder for them to maintain a healthy relationship.

So, Virgos should try to be more patient and Aquarians need to be ready to make compromises. That’s the only recipe that this love match needs in order to have a successful relationship.

Aquarius Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

This pairing of the water bearer and the virgin of the zodiac is everything but an easy one. The fact is that all relationships have ups and downs, but this one will be full of them.

Now, the question is, are these two signs capable of maintaining a healthy relationship despite all those challenges they’ll have to face?

Of course they can. There is no obstacle that can’t be overcome with mutual compassion and understanding.

The Aquarius man is fair and intelligent, and he has the great ability of logical thinking. That’s why he’ll be attracted by Virgo’s practicality straight away.

On the other hand, an Aquarius’s patience and understanding will win over the Virgo lady for sure because she is very sensible, gentle, and she’s struggling with intimacy issues, too.

It’s a fact that Aquarius men are a bit absent-minded, and that’s probably something that will piss off their Virgo partners the most. And, Virgo women can be highly critical and judgemental, which can be overwhelming for Aquarians.

The bottom line is that Aquarius men should try to listen more actively to their Virgo ladies, and they should try to be more understanding and less judgemental with their Aquarius partners.

That’s the only way their relationship will triumph.

Virgo And Aquarius In Bed

The good news is that the sexual compatibility between these two signs is pretty good, but before they take their relationship to that level, they’ll first need to build a strong emotional and intimate connection.

Both of them are highly intelligent, and that’s why they can be prone to overthinking sometimes.

These are probably the reasons why people born under these two astrological signs almost never indulge in one-night stands or such affairs.

The dance to the bedroom will be veeeeeeery slow, and it may be an issue for Aquarians because they usually don’t wait too long to get intimate with their partner.

However, trust me, you’ll see that it is well worth the wait in the end.

Both of them like to be dominant in the bedroom, so this also may be an issue for them. This issue can be solved easily; they’ll just need to agree with which position they would like to be in and that’s when their sex life will flourish to the max.

Virgos like to learn, and they are always eager to try new things. This is the part that will delight their partner the most because Aquarians are known as eccentric lovers who are pretty adventurous in bed.

Virgo And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Now, let’s get to the friendship part. What do you think… do Virgo and Aquarius get along when it comes to friendship?

Well, contrary to their love compatibility, they are highly compatible when it comes to friendship. They can form a very strong bond that can also last forever.

Honestly speaking, a lot better friends for the Virgo would be Taurus and Capricorn, and Aquarius shares better friendship compatibility with Gemini, Leo, and Libra. However, these two astrological signs can also become best friends.

They’re both independent people who don’t like to rely on others. And, they also don’t like others to count on them too much. That’s probably a reason why both of these sun signs have a small circle of friends.

One of their most important personality traits is ambition, and that will bring these two together the most.

There are a few things they’ll have to do in order to maintain their friendship, and the most important ones are to accept each other’s thinking and perspectives, and, of course, to be ready to face all of the challenges together.

11 Tips To Maintain Your Relationship And Make It Stronger

Even the least compatible horoscope matches can build and maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

The fact is that the stars play a significant role, but even if the stars don’t align, a couple can keep their relationship. Of course, that’s only if both sides are ready to put some effort into making it happen.

We already determined that this love match doesn’t quite click straight away, but they definitely can form a strong and deep bond if they both care enough. And, if you want to know how, just keep reading below.

Admire each other’s strengths

Stop complaining about each other’s flaws and mistakes, and start being more appreciative. Embrace and celebrate your virtues.

Remember that you need to be the greatest motivation and support for each other. Rejoice for your partner’s success and look at it as your own. That’s the only way you’ll keep your relationship.

Keep your relationship balanced

People born under the earth sign, Virgo, are grounded, while those born under the air sign of Aquarius are more relaxed and free spirited.

If they want to build a successful relationship, they will have to find the balance between their natures, which is indeed so opposite.

It’s all about giving and taking in relationships, and that’s why relationships always need to be a two-way street. You can’t expect everything if you give nothing.

Learn how to address conflict – COMMUNICATE in a healthy way

This is particularly important if we’re talking about the moon signs.

People with Virgo moons are very sensitive, and sometimes even overly emotional, while Aquarius moon people are a bit detached, and it may be difficult for them to understand each other’s emotional needs.

However, if they’re completely open with each other and if they keep communicating regularly, they won’t get in conflict so often.

You’re both HSPs, so try to control your emotions

This is probably the biggest reason why Aquarius-Virgo compatibility isn’t so great. Even though Cancerians and Pisces still keep the title of the most sensitive zodiac signs, Virgo and Aquarius aren’t far from them on that list either.

Of course, this can also be a good thing. For example, both of them have deep awareness of other people’s feelings, so they’ll understand each other’s emotions pretty well.

On the other hand, their relationship might be a real rollercoaster of emotions and it may get a bit overwhelming for both partners.

This is why it’s important for them to communicate their needs openly and regularly.

And also, they should try to keep their emotions in control as much as they can because they definitely won’t be able to deal with their outbursts of emotions.

Use your relationship for personal growth

This is also very important. As both Virgo and Aquarius are ambitious and focused on their personal growth, they might get a bit competitive or start thinking that their partner stands in their way of personal development.

Your personal growth surely benefits your relationship, but it can also be vice versa. You can use your relationship as the fuel for your personal growth.

Be there for each other, be each other’s greatest fan, keep supporting your partner, and create some common goals. Keep growing as individuals and your relationship will keep growing, too.

Steer the wheel together

Both Virgo and Aquarius are among the Leo, Scorpio, and other zodiac signs who like to be dominating in a romantic relationship.

However, we all know that it’s impossible for both partners to be dominant. I mean, it’s impossible to maintain that kind of relationship.

So, the best thing for you would be to simply let go of it and try to steer the wheel together.

It’s all about making compromises and communicating your needs in a healthy relationship. Constant adjustments from both sides will lead your relationship to triumph.

Give each other space

This is particularly important for maintaining your relationship. The thing is that both of you need personal space in a relationship in order to feel happy and comfortable.

This is something that can be easily done by setting healthy boundaries right at the beginning of your relationship.

Simply establish those ‘don’t disturb’ zones and respect your partner if you want them to respect you. Also, you don’t have to do all things together. Find different hobbies or relax separately or simply hang out with your “uncommon” friends.

Always remember the reason why you fell in love

You’ll have disagreements, and that’s a fact. But, the important thing is that you should never allow those conflicts to harm your relationship.

You should never be mad at each other so much that you don’t talk for days. I get that sometimes your partner’s actions can push your buttons and maybe even make you rethink your relationship.

However, in those moments, you should just remember why you love them or why you fell in love with them in the first place. I’m sure that reason will be stronger than the one you were fighting about, and you’ll work things out immediately.

Be there. Be open. Be honest.

One of the Aquarius’ horoscope traits is being absent-minded. I’m sure this frustrates Virgos the most because we all hate it when our partners don’t listen to us.

On the flip side, Virgos are having a difficult time with opening up, and they choose to suppress their emotions instead of communicating them to their partner.

That’s so wrong, and it’ll ruin their relationship sooner or later. Whenever something is bothering you, feel free to share it with your partner. Listen and talk to each other.

The Aquarius-Virgo relationship can survive indeed, and this is the best recipe they need to maintain their relationship.

Tip for Virgos: Reorganize your priorities

Virgos are highly ambitious, and their main priorities in life are making goals for the future and achieving them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in favor of their love life.

Aquarians will never believe that you truly love them until you put them on the very top of your priority list. Honestly, no one would, right?

Once a Virgo makes their Aquarius partner the number one priority in their life and starts spending enough time with them, their relationship will flourish.

Tip for Aquarians: Let the romantic side of you out

You need to understand that your Virgo partner is very gentle and sensitive. That’s why you need to be more careful and attentive with them.

If they ever start feeling emotionally neglected in the relationship, they’ll leave you without thinking about it.

I know this part may be difficult for an Aquarius because, along with a Sagittarius and an Aries, they’re known as the least romantic zodiac sign. But, the fact is that a Virgo loves to be pampered when they’re in a relationship.

So, surprise them with a simple, small gift every now and then, don’t forget to send them a good morning/good night text message, and make their favorite meal or simply give them a massage.

It’ll be enough for a Virgo to feel loved and appreciated.

To Sum Up

I think we’ve said everything there is to say about this special couple. Now, we only have to come to the final conclusion. So, what do you think?

Is the Virgo and Aquarius combination a promising one or do they absolutely have no chance of succeeding?

I know, you still can’t make up your mind. Well, to be honest, I completely understand you because this is a very complicated pairing.

In my opinion, it’s like this: either they’ll bring out the best in each other or they will see and bring out nothing but the worst in each other.

Everything is up to them. If they want to keep their relationship, they’ll have to try harder and both of them will have to put great effort into making it work.

It’s also important to mention that these two zodiac signs are very compatible in all the other spheres of life, except love life. They can be very good friends, but they aren’t so compatible when it comes to love and romantic relationships.

Maybe, they aren’t quite soulmates, but they’re one of those people who know what they want and who won’t stop or quit until they achieve it.

So, if they fall in love with each other, there is nothing that will stop them from being together… Not the stars, nor the whole galaxy.