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I Love You So Much It Hurts: Meaning And What To Do

I Love You So Much It Hurts: Meaning And What To Do

I love you so much it hurts meaning I would give everything up for you. I would cherish you above everyone else.

Have you ever felt that way?

If you have, then you probably believe true love comes with heartbreak. But I’m here to tell you that this isn’t quite true.

The way you love someone reflects how you feel about yourself. What do I mean by this? Read on, and you’ll see!

I Love You So Much It Hurts: Meaning

Love does hurt, but it’s because you give it the power to hurt you. You’re obsessed with the idea of romantic love and will do anything to experience it.

When you fall in love, it consumes you. You start not just wanting the person but needing them. And that’s a problem.

Your loved one doesn’t just become your partner they become your savior. Before you, you see someone who will fix your life.

That’s why you keep getting hurt… because you don’t value yourself enough.

Love can be self-destructive

I’ve been hung up on a past relationship for three and a half years, and it really is true… love can be painful.

When I found perfection in this person, I never thought to look elsewhere.

It’s painful because I’m stuck. It’s painful because I love my person more than myself… even if it harms me.

Maybe your pain is different. Maybe your person is right beside you, but your overthinking is slowly destroying you.

Either way, you are in pain, repeating to yourself the same words…

I love you so much it hurts meaning that I can’t love you the way I want to because we aren’t together.

I love you so much it hurts meaning that so many words are left unspoken, and venting to friends isn’t enough anymore.

I love you so much it hurts meaning that you have power over me. You’re here, but I’m afraid you’ll slip through my fingers as soon as I look away.

I love you so much it hurts meaning you don’t love me back.

You come first

Yes, love can be self-destructive, which is why letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you is so important.

It won’t be easy, but every ”minor” victory matters! Take time to celebrate all your accomplishments, no matter how meaningless they may seem to others.

Only you know what you’re fighting against.

Can You Love Someone Too Much?

The answer is yes.

You’re probably surprised because we all want a great love, don’t we? And how can you not love someone too much and still call it a great love?

Well, the truth is – you can. You were just taught that love is sacrifice and that the person you love always comes first.

You neglect your own needs for the sake of unconditional love. You feel like the perfect lover only when you give it your best, even when it hurts you.

But I’ll tell you what no one else has told you before:

Putting someone else before you is self-destruction. Living only to take care of them is self-neglect. When you love someone too much, you end up resenting them.

If you think you are destined to give more love than you’ll ever receive, you are wrong. You just don’t choose the right people.

Practice healthy boundaries

I know. Undying love sounds poetic, but you need to take care of your mental health a bit more.

Love is complicated because you aren’t searching for other things to live for that don’t include your lover. Do them to enrich your life and love yourself more.

Start by having some me-time every day. Stay off social media and find new hobbies.


Because only when you feel that you are worthy of your own time will you be happy with yourself.

Only when you give yourself the happiness you deserve will you be ready for a healthy relationship.

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on your significant other. Find it by yourself… and then share it with them.

Love them… but love yourself more.

Can You Love Someone You Hurt?

Yes, but it depends on a lot of things.

You should first ask yourself what kind of pain it is you are going through.

Is it emotional or physical? Does your loved one hurt you because they enjoy it or because you’re just not a priority?

Abuse is not love

If someone causes you physical pain, know that that’s not true love – it’s abuse.

And they will think of a million ways to make you feel sorry for them.

Don’t fall for their apologies and sad stories. Don’t empathize with them and fall into the same trap every time. This is not what love feels like.

I know it’s hard, especially if they are a family member you are dependant on or if you love them a bit too much, but trust me – they don’t care about you and never will.

True love is gentle and kind. If you fail to find that, run for the hills.

If someone is causing you constant emotional pain, that’s not true love either. Someone who understands the true value of love will care about you and make sure that you’re alright.

They will care about your well-being and never make you feel bad about yourself. They’ll treat you like a best friend would.

So, if you notice that your person keeps criticizing you and blaming you for every little thing, that’s your cue.

Fights are normal, but when there is more fighting than peace and happiness, then something is definitely wrong.

Hurt can be unintentional

People aren’t always aware of what they’re doing. Sometimes, you just need to point it out.

For example, your partner may not be aware of your emotional triggers, especially at the beginning of the relationship. They may make a joke about something you’re insecure about.

You get angry at them and blame them for hurting you, but in reality, they don’t even know what they’ve done. That’s why it’s so important to understand your partner’s traumas.

Or, perhaps they tend to come back into your life just when you thought it was over. Something pulls them towards you again, and there they are… unaware that they’re causing you pain.

What they feel for you is conditional love, so their selfishness makes them blind. All they care about is satisfying their own needs, paying little attention to the effect it has on you.

It may or may not be true love, but it’s certainly not the kind of love you deserve.

When love is genuine, you feel peace because the person who loves you never allows you to have a broken heart.

But finding love after heartbreak isn’t easy. It’s okay to take your time.

What Do You Do When The Person You Love Hurts You?

You either talk to them or leave them.

What you do depends on the situation you’re in. Some problems are easily fixed, and others aren’t. Observe the situation closely and make your decision.

Communication is key

As we’ve said, people don’t always hurt you intentionally. While you’re out there contemplating ‘’Is love real?’’ they’re genuinely ignorant of how their actions have made you feel.

That’s why you can’t really be mad at them. Instead, you should express your emotions and make them realize what they’ve done.

But, make sure not to blame them for it. That will get you nowhere. Remember that the goal is to solve the problem. Do it by letting them know that they’ve made a mistake.

We are all flawed human beings, and making mistakes is inevitable. But, if he continually makes them even after you’ve pointed them out, they don’t love you.

When a person is afraid of losing you, they will do everything in their power to prove their love.

Fighting or silent treatment won’t help if you want a good relationship. Communication is the only way to make things right.

Know when to leave

What if someone gives you nothing but heartbreak? Are you going to stay just because you love them? Are you going to be unhappy for the sake of the relationship?

I sure hope not.

If your partner is abusive or toxic in any way, you should never put up with that, no matter even if you truly love them.

Even if you see a glimpse of hope, that’s because you refuse to see the truth they aren’t going to change.

I know, people ARE capable of change, but it isn’t that easy. Just think about the things you want to improve about yourself. It isn’t enough to wish for it, is it?

Yes, maybe they’ll change, but will you accept the constant pain for a ‘maybe’? Will you sacrifice your life waiting for somebody?

Love isn’t supposed to hurt. You should try to move on and mend your broken heart.

Final Thoughts

Have you realized?

”I love you so much it hurts meaning I don’t love myself enough.”

Don’t enter a committed relationship until you start appreciating what you have to offer. Learn to want people, not need them. You only need yourself.

Once you realize this, new doors will open for you, and for the first time, you will see clearly why it wasn’t working before… because you weren’t ready.