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If Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs? 14 Proofs You Are

If Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs? 14 Proofs You Are

I know we have all heard of this theory. Now, some of us believe in it and think that it’s true, but there are also some of us that think there is no way to know for sure what’s going on in one person’s mind.

The truth is, no one can answer the question, “If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs too?” for sure. However, there are some things that, in a way, prove this theory is legit.

Your subconscious mind is way more powerful than you think.

You know, there is this thing called telepathy, and when you have a twin flame, strong connection with someone, your mind keeps sending you strong signals about that person.

It’s like your mind becomes synchronized with theirs, and you are able to feel their emotions. But enough with the chit-chat, we have a theory to prove. So, I’ll keep explaining, and you keep reading below.

If Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs? Proving The Theory Through These 14 Signs

First of all, there are two types of signs you can feel when someone is thinking about you. I’ve divided them into two groups: physical and psychic signs. So, let’s find out more about each and every one of them.

8 Psychic Signs

The universe has its own (read: strange) way of sending us signals to warn us or make us realize something.

Those signs that the universe sends to you to let you know that the person you’re thinking about is thinking about you, too, are called psychic signs. And even though those signs aren’t so obvious, they’re most definitely trustworthy and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

1. Strong energy vibrations

Have you ever felt a light electrical shock when you touched the person you can’t get out of your mind? If you did, then it’s confirmed… That person can’t get you out of their mind as well.

That electric jolt is a good sign of a strong sexual tension between you two. Because of that sky-high tension, it’s impossible for you to affect those high energy vibrations around you.

It’s time for you to admit your feelings to one another, or you’ll keep getting those tiny electrical shocks every time you touch each other.

There is truly no other way to calm that ‘electric field’ around you other than to sit down and talk honestly with each other. The tension will still be there, but the vibes will be greatly changed and improved.

2. Frequent (but for no apparent reason) mood swings

In one moment, you’re filled with positive thoughts, and you feel like the happiest person alive. However, the next, everything changes, and your mind becomes filled with dark, negative thoughts.

The worst thing is that all those mood swings continue happening for no apparent reason. I know, it can be emotionally draining, and it can deeply affect your state of mind.

However, I know this will sound awkward, but those mood changes can be a sign that someone is thinking about you, especially if you have telepathy and a strong connection with that person.

Your absence obviously makes that person feel sad, but, at the same time, thinking about you makes them happy. You feel their mixed, overwhelming vibes, and it’s completely natural that it affects your mental health and harms your own peace of mind.

3. Synchronistic encounters

Some people say that the worst thing about breakups is when you simply can’t stop thinking about it and when, no matter what you do, you can’t get that person out of your head. Some would say that the worst thing is when you keep seeing them wherever you go.

And then, there is me. I say that neither one of those things has to be bad. If you can’t stop thinking about them, that means that you still love them and that the breakup was obviously a mistake.

On the other hand, if you keep running into them everywhere you go, it’s a strong sign that they’re thinking about you too.

Or, you might be thinking about sending them a text or calling them, and at that same moment, you might get a message from them. You might be missing them and thinking how great it would be to see them, and you may run into them the next second.

I know it may feel strange… Like you haven’t even broken up because you still see them almost every day. But, trust me, it’s proof they’re missing you and can’t stop thinking about you.

4. The white feather

The white feather is one of the most touching and meaningful symbols in the universe. Pure white feathers symbolize love, peace, hope, and solace.

If you’re thinking about a loved one that is unfortunately no longer a part of your life, then this psychic sign is of huge importance for you.

You can see it as consolation because it’s a sign that person is thinking about you. Even though they’re no longer alive, they can still feel your sadness, and they have sent you that feather to remind you that they are and always will be there for and with you.

A white feather also symbolizes protection from evil. So, if you keep finding one out of the blue, you should really consider yourself lucky and be grateful because a loved one is sending you a message that they’ll always be by your side, protecting you from harm.

5. Seeing repeating numbers

No matter where you go, do you keep seeing numbers like 111 or 222 or some other sequence of repeating numbers? Does it seem like wherever you go, whatever you do, you keep stumbling upon the same sequence of numbers?

Well, that’s just another good sign that the person you’re thinking about is thinking about you, too.

Those repeating numbers you keep seeing are called angel numbers, and they convey a very important meaning. We can most definitely say that those angel numbers are just another way the universe is trying to send us signals or warn us about something.

And I’m telling you from my own experience that those angel numbers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Three months ago, I stumbled upon the number 555 wherever I went.

One day, I was having a very bad day at work, and I decided to treat myself to a good lunch. And when the waiter brought the check, guess what the price was? Of course, it was $5,55.

The next day, I quit my job and immediately received a new job offer. It was really strange, but I finally understood that day that the universe was trying to warn me all that time that I needed to radically change something in my life.

6. You keep seeing them in your dreams

The last time I dreamed about my ex, I received a text from him the next morning. He told me that he missed me like crazy and that he couldn’t stop thinking about me.

The truth is, I was thinking about him a lot, but I was still surprised by that dream, and I was even more surprised by his message.

But then I figured it out. It was the universe, again. The universe sent him into my dreams as a sign that he missed me too.

So, if you keep dreaming about that one person you can’t get out of your mind, don’t think it’s all just pure coincidence. It’s all connected, and I think that very soon, you’ll be receiving a similar message.

7. Their name keeps popping up on your social media feed

Even if you don’t look at their profile, even if you block them, does their name somehow keep popping up on your social media feeds? Well, that has to mean something, right?

And indeed it does. The universe is trying to make you realize that you’re in that person’s thoughts as well.

Trust me, that’s not a coincidence. It may even be a sign that you should reach out to them and ask them to meet and hang out.

You can try to block them so their name stops appearing in your news feed. But, trust me, there is nothing that could prevent the universe from reaching its utmost goal.

8. You get the confirmation of a professional psychic

If you find these signs confusing or have doubts about recognizing them, you can always seek professional help.

Find a professional psychic, arrange an appointment, and talk to them about it. Tell them about the signs you’ve recognized and ask them what your next step should be.

After all, they’ll interpret these psychic signs correctly and provide you with some great advice on how to deal with your overwhelming emotions and achieve inner calm again.

6 Physical Signs

Contrary to psychic signs, physical ones are easier to see and feel because they are the signs of your bodily state. So, traces of those signs can be seen on your body and face.

1. You get goosebumps

When you think about it, goosebumps are very similar to the lovely butterflies we all feel when we fall in love with someone. Or, am I truly the only one who gets goosebumps every time I’m close to the person I have strong feelings for?

The truth is, science can provide you with many reasons why we get goosebumps… It may be a bodily reaction to a low temperature or a response from our nervous system to strong emotions…

However, if you get goosebumps every time you think about a certain person, it’s believed that it happens because that person is thinking about you too.

After all, we aren’t just physical beings – we are also spiritual. And that vibe you get when you think about that one person is real, and those goosebumps that appear all over your body are proof of that.

2. And (or) random hiccups

I know you hate this as much as I do… Actually, as much as I did before I found out the actual meaning beyond those random hiccups.

The most popular belief is that when a person hiccups out of the blue, someone else is talking about them.

And if someone is talking about you, it’s completely natural that they’re thinking about you as well. So, the next time you get random hiccups while thinking about a certain person, you can be sure that they’re thinking about you at that same moment too.

Of course, once again, medically, there are several reasons why those random hiccups occur. However, if you don’t recognize any of the reasons, then your hiccups are caused only because your loved one is thinking about you too.

3. Your left eye twitches or itches

This is a very popular belief in many cultures. According to that belief, if a woman senses an itching feeling in her left eye, it’s a sign that someone has positive thoughts about her.

On the other hand, it’s also believed that if her right eye twitches, that means that someone has negative thoughts about her. In other words, it means that someone is trash-talking her.

It’s totally the opposite for men. That is, the tingling left eye has a bad indication for men, while the right eye has a positive one.

Of course, there might be medical reasons for that tingling sensation in your eye. So, you should check them out first.

If there is no good medical explanation for that uncomfortable feeling in your eye, it’s almost a surefire sign that someone (your soulmate) is thinking about you.

Also, in many cultures, the twitching of the left eye is a sign of good luck, while twitching of the right eye represents that something bad will happen.

4. Burning sensation in the head area

If you aren’t sick and your room temperature isn’t too high, but you still have a burning sensation in your ears or cheeks, it’s a good sign that someone you’re thinking about is thinking about you and misses you too.

You can’t control your flushed ears or cheeks because they are strong vibes that another person radiates throughts your way.

The universe sets that fire in your ears or cheeks because it wants to point out to you that you’ve been stuck in someone’s mind. And it’s most probably the same person that can’t find a way out of your mind.

5. Phantom sensations

The fact is that science doesn’t have a clear answer regarding this topic. The best it can offer us is that it’s a placebo experience.

There is some truth to it because, after all, we’re imagining that someone is touching us when there is no one around us. However, there is still a good explanation for why a person may feel those phantom sensations.

And you don’t have to feel like someone is touching you. You can feel an inexplicable warmth around you, or it may seem to you like you can sense a person breathing near you.

Those phantom sensations will be particularly intense if you have a telepathic, strong connection with that person. When you think about each other, you want so bad to be with one another, and those strong energy vibrations result in those phantom sensations.

6. Recurrent sneezing

According to a popular belief in Asian culture, when your nose starts itching and you sneeze out of the blue, it’s a strong sign that someone is thinking about you or that they miss you.

In addition to this, it’s also believed that if you sneeze three times in a row, it means that the person thinking about you has positive thoughts.

So, if you haven’t caught the flu and don’t have allergies, but you can’t stop sneezing, there is a good possibility that the person you have been thinking about constantly is thinking about you too.

Can You Feel If Someone Is Thinking About You?

Of course, you can. As I already said, it’s all about telepathy. Whether it’s your twin flame, soulmate, or you simply have that feeling of infatuation about someone, if you two have a strong connection, you are able to get into their mind.

You are able to read and feel their emotions. And most importantly, you are able to feel when they’re thinking about you.

Also, there are strong signs that the universe sends your way to let you know that you’re in another person’s thoughts.

Now, it’s up to you and your ability to carefully read and analyze those signs. You don’t have to possess psychic abilities or anything like that – you just have to pay careful attention to the signs around you.

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Someone?

There could be many reasons why you can’t get a certain person out of your mind. However, one thing is for sure: you’re thinking about them because you have some kind of unfinished business with them.

It might be an old friend, your ex, or even a family member… it’s irrelevant. They probably aren’t a part of your life anymore, but you keep thinking about them because you didn’t get proper closure when you ended your relationship with them.

You still have feelings or a strong connection with them, and that’s keeping you from moving on.

There are many words left unsaid, and you won’t be able to stop thinking about them until you get it all out there. You need to talk to them and get that obviously long-needed closure.

To Conclude

After all this, I think that the only right answer to the question, “If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?” is a yes. Of course, that is if some of these signs coincide with it.

I can tell you that, in my own experience, this theory has been true almost every time.

A lot of people don’t believe in these spiritual things, but if you pay close attention to it, and if most of these signs happen to be true, you’ll realize that it’s almost impossible for all that to be a coincidence.

Whether you’re thinking about an old friend, a family member, or your soulmate, if you keep recognizing these signs around you, it’s almost sure they’re thinking about you too.

Also, keep in mind that nothing in life happens without a good reason. Maybe you won’t always find the reason, but you’ll most definitely find a sense behind everything that happens to you.