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7 Romantic Ideas For Her In The Bedroom (+ 9 Sexy Tips)

7 Romantic Ideas For Her In The Bedroom (+ 9 Sexy Tips)

In long-term relationships, the stress of everyday life makes rest the number one priority in the bedroom. Romance is often left for birthdays and anniversaries, and sexy times happen during the end credits of the show you’re binging.

When Netflix-and-chill is no longer as fulfilling as it used to be, it’s time to spice things up. Bringing some excitement and fun into your relationship is easier than you might think. You don’t have to plan romantic getaways or come up with elaborate date ideas.

Here are some romantic ideas for her in the bedroom that get most women in the mood, but don’t forget to communicate with your girlfriend to learn the unique ways she likes to be wooed.

7 Romantic Ideas For Her In The Bedroom

You’ll earn a hundred romance points with your girlfriend or wife if you show her that you’re paying attention to what she likes and that you’re making an effort. Learn what makes her heart beat faster, then follow up and make it happen.

Pick the romantic things she’ll like from these romantic ideas for her in the bedroom to make your date night extra special.

1. Make your bedroom inviting

First things first, don’t keep things in the bedroom that aren’t just about you and your girlfriend or wife. Move everything that doesn’t belong there to the living room, and turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for just the two of you.

If your kids or pets play or sleep in your bedroom, consider moving them out even before you start thinking about planning a romantic evening. If you work inside your bedroom, try to find a different space.

Decorate your bedroom in a way that makes both you and your partner feel comfortable and relaxed. Your bedroom should be a spot where you spend time together and rest, and nothing else.

On the day when you want to get romantic with your wife, make your bedroom clean and uncluttered. Fresh sheets are much more romantic than last week’s. Tidy up any clothes lying around and take out anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

2. Set the mood

Rose petals and candles might be a romantic cliche, but even so, going the extra mile to set the mood will instantly turn your evening special. Stimulate the senses with lighting and scents to create a romantic atmosphere.

Dimmer lights in your bedroom make things seem more intimate and candlelight creates a soft glow and a sexy ambiance. Choose scented candles infused with fragrant essential oils to add another layer of romance.

Prepare some easy-to-eat food (that won’t leave crumbs on the comforter) like fruit and chocolate to feed each other. And what’s a romantic evening without a glass of delicious wine? Don’t forget to chill a bottle to serve before you get comfy.

3. Run a bath

A warm bath hits the spot after a long day and helps you unwind and relax. Run a bath for her or both of you to let all the tension out and get in the mindset of a romantic evening. Surprise her with a relaxing bubble bath she’s not expecting, but that she definitely needs.

Dim the lights in the bathroom, too, and light a few candles to create a spa-like atmosphere. Bath salts, bath oils or a bath bomb will add scent and bubbles to her bath and enhance the experience. After her bath, she’ll feel comfortable and in the mood for more.

Of course, if your bathtub is large enough, you can join her in the bath to share moments of relaxation together. If it’s a little cramped you both still might enjoy it, but if you’re looking to make this evening all about her, you can leave her in the bath while you’re setting the mood to surprise her when she comes out.

Get those rose petals!

4. Cue the music

You’ve set the mood and pleased her senses of sight, smell and taste – there’s soft candlelight, the air is fragrant and sweet and she’s sipping her favorite wine. Before you move on to the sense of touch, make sure that her sense of sound is stimulated by playing romantic songs that she enjoys.

Romantic music is based on your individual tastes – what’s sexy to one person might be the furthest thing from sexy to another. You can probably find a playlist close to what both of you like already, but why not consider making your own romantic playlist instead of using one that was made by someone else?

Creating a playlist together can be a wonderful romantic activity. Go down the memory lane with your wife or girlfriend and try to recall all the songs that meant something to you, that was playing during an adventure you shared or just songs both of you consider sexy to create the perfect bedroom soundtrack.

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5. Give her a romantic massage

Next, the sense of touch. Physical touch in the bedroom will likely lead to sexy times, but why not start off with a massage meant to relax and pamper her?

If she’s still wearing clothes, she’ll need to get undressed. If she’s just come out of the bath and is only wearing her bathrobe, ask your wife to remove it and lie on her stomach.

When she gets naked, don’t immediately initiate sex. Focus on making her feel good instead of turning her on – make the massage all about making her comfortable.

Use a scented massage oil with skin-softening properties to create a bubble of relaxation for her senses. Warm it up between your palms and slowly run your hands down her back. Go slow and be gentle, paying attention to her reactions.

6. Connect with one another

Building intimacy in a relationship is ongoing, and regularly working on connecting with your partner improves your relationship and makes it more stable. Setting aside time for each other to check in brings you closer together.

Communication is key in connecting with each other. When you want to get romantic, talking to your wife about your needs and desires and listening to hers will make you feel more connected to each other.

There are many ways of expressing love. Learn each other’s love language and learn how you both show love. Explore ways to show your girlfriend or wife what she means to you and choose the one that she responds the best to.

Turn off your electronic devices to be able to focus just on each other. Unwind on your bed cuddling and talking about your feelings. Ask questions and listen to what she has to say. Compliment her and tell her what you appreciate about her. Snuggle and talk to each other to connect physically, mentally and emotionally.

7. Prepare a gift

This step is optional, but it can be a great addition to your romantic evening.

Don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtful gift. Of course, your wife will appreciate being gifted something that she’s been putting off buying because it seemed too costly, but your gift doesn’t have to be anything expensive or difficult to get.

As long as it shows her that you’re paying attention, it’s going to make her happy. Giving your wife something she mentioned that she wants in passing or something she likes and uses is a sign of affection and effort.

Big gifts and small gifts become more memorable if they’re received while in a romantic mood. If your date is taking place on a special occasion, give her your gift after she’s already feeling pampered and cared for.

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9 Sexy Things To Try In Bed

After the mood for romance is set, cuddling and massage usually turn into something more.

Sometimes, they don’t, so don’t be disappointed. If you or your wife are going through something stressful, sex can be the last thing on her mind. As long as you feel that your girlfriend feels cared for because you made an effort, your relationship has become closer.

But when your girlfriend gets in the mood because of the romantic bedroom ideas you used, here are some ideas to spice up your sexy times.

1. Flirting

Some couples in long-term relationships stop flirting, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. Flirt with your wife to show her you want her and love her. Tease her and compliment her, make her laugh and make her flustered.

Make eye contact and don’t stop the lingering touches. Dress up for each other and get pretty for each other to show one another you’re always making an effort. Buy her sexy lingerie, but make sure you make yourself sexy for her too.

2. Kissing

Don’t skip kissing with your girlfriend, especially if she likes it. A good kiss can get things moving like not much else. Making out isn’t just something to do if that’s as far as you’ll go – kissing your partner breathless is top-notch foreplay.

Use your lips, teeth, tongue and breath, be careful where you position your hands and remember that kissing is both romantic and sexy.

Closeness and intimacy mix with arousal and excitement. Start slow and sensual, and let your feelings guide you. Tell her how you feel about her with your kiss. and show her how much you want her and how she makes you feel.

3. Foreplay

If you’re focusing on her, your foreplay should last. Make her feel sexy and attractive – give her honest compliments, focus on her body and take your time. Make her feel comfortable and relaxed and be confident and generous.

Kiss her all over and touch her everywhere using light, soft touches. Start with less sensitive zones like her wrists and her forearms, then move to more sensitive areas. Kiss her neck, nibble on her ears and scrape your teeth across her collarbone.

Move down to her belly button and her inner thighs. Skip her intimate areas until she gets really worked up to build anticipation.

4. Dirty talk

Dirty talk can seem daunting and you might be afraid you’ll sound ridiculous, but everyone can do it. The key is in being present and showing your feelings instead of saying things you’re supposed to say when you want to talk dirty.

Your voice plays a great role in talking dirty. Keep it low and soft, but don’t try to put on a “sexy voice,” unless your goal is to make her giggle (it’s perfectly fine if it is!)

Whisper in her ear and tell her how she makes you feel. Tell her when you like it when she does something, how sexy she is and what you want to do with her. The more you do it, the less shy you’ll feel.

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5. Role-playing

Role-playing is fun because it makes you step out of your own life and become someone else for a while. You can take it as seriously or as loosely as you want, but there’s a certain kind of freedom however you approach role-playing.

More than anything, role-playing is fun. If you wear a costume and go over-the-top, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh in addition to turning you on. 

But also, when you take up a role, it makes it possible to learn about your feelings and kinks and explore power dynamics and situations you’d never be part of in real life.

Common role-play scenarios include student and teacher, doctor and patient, strangers who have just met, infidelity, boss and employee, etc.

6. Sharing fantasies

Sexual fantasies are a funny thing. Everyone has them, but lots of people keep them private even in intimate relationships. This is especially true if you or your partner feel ashamed of your fantasies because you believe that they’re bad.

But the thing about fantasies is that they’re just that – fantasies. Some of them can become real, while others can be fulfilled through role play or not at all. The only thing that matters is to share them with a partner who cares for you, understands you and respects you.

If your girlfriend shares something she’s embarrassed about, don’t judge. Some things turn us on sexually exactly because they’re shameful, while others are just plain hot.

So if your wife tells you her fantasy is for you to give her a lap dance or for you to hold her down, be open and encouraging. It’s up to you whether or not you feel comfortable with making her fantasies come true, but you should appreciate the fact that she shared them with you.

7. Toys

Toys can enhance your experience by adding a whole new dimension to your lovemaking. There are more kinds of sex toys than you might imagine.

If you don’t have experience using them, the best thing you can do is visit an adult store together. There you can talk to a professional who will recommend you something suitable to enrich your sex life. If you’re not ready for that, visit online adult stores and explore until you find something interesting.

Don’t forget the lube!

8. Bondage

Bondage doesn’t have to mean chains and shackles – even a silk scarf will do just as well. Of course, it all depends on what you’re into, but if you don’t have experience with bondage, it’s best to start light.

Using scarves as blindfolds is a great first step in exploring kink. When your partner can’t see you, she can concentrate on what she feels, so your touch becomes the focal point. Tip: tease her when she can’t see to make her extra sensitive and responsive.

When you get more comfortable, you can try tying up her wrists or having her tie you up, then move forward if you learn that bondage is something that interests both of you.

9. Take sexy photos

Take some sexy photos individually or together to keep as a memory or use to turn you on in the future. Consider some of these options:

You can set up a photo shoot and take pictures of each other in sexy outfits or no outfits at all or you can take pictures of the both of you while you’re making love. Another idea is to look at yourselves in the mirror and take a picture.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even film yourselves.

Wrapping Up

Effort and willingness are what makes a relationship thrive. Romantic gestures enrich your love life and stimulate your sex life, so why not make them a regular occurrence?

Make your wife or girlfriend feel cared for and pampered using these romantic ideas for her in the bedroom. She’ll appreciate them and you’ll connect on a deeper level, making your relationship stronger and happier.