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What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want In Bed? 16 Essential Things

What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want In Bed? 16 Essential Things

Older women know the definition of good performance in bed, and they aren’t willing to fake orgasms to boost their partners’ egos. They also know what they want in bed; if their partner can’t fulfill their wants and needs, their sexual desire will decrease.

So, what do 50-year-old women want in bed

Every woman (regardless of age) has their preferences in bed, and there are some things 50-year-old ladies particularly value and enjoy.

If you want to please a 50-year-old woman in bed like a boss and offer her an unforgettable sexual experience, you must know what she wants. You’ll find all that (and more) below!

What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want In Bed?

A 50-year-old woman won’t be impressed by a man’s unwillingness to take initiative or use a direct approach. Here are all the things that 50-year-old ladies expect from a man in bed:

1. Direct approach

An older woman has a lot of things going on in her life, and she doesn’t like to waste her time playing games. Therefore, she will appreciate a direct approach.

If you’re attracted to her, let her know without beating around the bush. If you want to have sex with her, initiate it, and she will appreciate your confidence.

Send her a dirty text message or whisper something hot in her ear if you’re in public. Tell her how much you want her and what you will do to her later on when you two are alone. Use your imagination and be direct and specific.

Dating older ladies is very easy when you use a direct approach. Older women don’t like to overthink things and wonder about their partners’ next move. They want to know how you feel and what you want from them.

2. Extended foreplay

If you’re wondering how to get a 50-year-old woman in the mood, you need to make foreplay last longer. With younger girls, foreplay is sometimes not necessary, but older women need it!

Here’s what Rush says about sex and older women: “Most of the problems older women have are due to decreased estrogen levels that accompany menopause. The loss of estrogen can make your vaginal walls thinner, drier, less elastic, and sometimes inflamed.”

Decreased levels of estrogen associated with menopause influence vaginal lubrication in most women. Medications can also have side effects that can impact sexual function and lower libido. Therefore, extended foreplay and the use of lube are your best friends because they will combat vaginal dryness.

When it comes to foreplay with older women, you need to do it like you mean it. Be 100% invested in it because older ladies will know when you aren’t. Lack of effort in bed is one of the most famous turn-offs.

3. Romantic elements

Older ladies appreciate men who add some romance into the equation. Romantic elements include hugs, cuddles after sex, romantic forehead kisses, and so on. 

Doing all these things will help her relax and enjoy sex in every sense of its meaning. Older women don’t see sexual intercourse only as a physical act because romantic elements, sensuality, and vulnerability are essential aspects of sex. 

One of the romantic gestures only real men do is prepare a romantic dinner. If you want to show your older lady how crazy you are about her and how much you appreciate her, prepare a romantic dinner with all those “corny” elements like scented candles, etc.

(Remember the wine!)

4. A partner who makes them feel attractive and appreciated

Old men and older women want partners who make them feel attractive and appreciated. They know that this is the secret ingredient to having great sex. How can you make your 50-year-old lady feel attractive?

Compliment her, do things that will make her smile, master the art of subtle touches, and appreciate every inch of her body.

According to older women, one of the biggest sins a man could commit in bed is rushing things and not paying much attention to cherishing the nonsexual parts of their bodies. 

Instead of only focusing on their boobs and booties, you can also kiss their knees and necks. Sensually touch their bodies as if you’re painting with a brush. That’s how you’ll make them feel attractive and appreciated.

5. Quality over quantity

While many younger women focus on calculating the time of intercourse and seeing it as the main parameter for good sex, older women value quality over quantity. Why?

Older women know that excellent foreplay and quality sex (that makes your whole body shiver) is more important than the time it took to have sex.

An older woman won’t tell her best friend, “OMG, we had sex for half an hour.” She would rather say, “Damn, his moves were powerful last night. I enjoyed every second of it.” 

Also, her best friend won’t ask her about the length of her sexual intercourse, but she will want to know whether her partner made an effort to please her in bed.

Making an effort to last longer shouldn’t be the only indicator of good sex, and what’s more important is how you do it instead of how long you do it. That’s what an older woman wants you to know.

6. A partner who is willing to take initiative

What do 50-year-old women want in bed? Apart from extended foreplay, they also want a partner willing to take initiative. Older ladies aren’t scared of initiating things, but they also want to know that their partner can do the same.

Learning how to initiate sex with your older lady is not as hard as it seems. If you’re chilling on the couch, all you need to do is start kissing them slowly and then increase the intensity of your kissing and touching.

If you’re in public, whisper something hot into her ear, or remind her of the great sex you had last time. Sexting is also a great way to take initiative because it will boost her imagination and is an excellent introduction to intense sex.

7. Embracing their kinks

Older women aren’t ashamed of things that please them in the bedroom. They embrace their kinks and expect their partners to do the same.

If your older woman is into roleplaying, BDSM, rope bondage, or similar, make sure to fulfill her wishes. Also, I suggest trying out other kinky sex ideas because older women are open-minded and adventurous in bed.

You can ask her about her fetishes and kinks or wait for her to share them with you. If you neglect their kinks even though you know exactly what they want in the bedroom, they will be offended.

For older ladies, sex is about giving and receiving. It’s about learning about your partner’s needs and wants. Those willing to listen won’t have a problem pleasing their partners.

8. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the number one thing 50-year-old women want from their partners (be it a younger man or an older one). Older women know that great sex is about giving and receiving.

These ladies are willing to give but expect their partners to provide them with the desired treatment. Mature women know that both romantic and sexual relationships should be based on reciprocity so that both partners feel respected and appreciated.

9. A partner who understands the complexity of the female body

The female body is one of the most complex things out there. You can’t simply press a button and expect miracles to happen, and that’s what older women want their partners to know.

They want their partners to know that pressing multiple buttons and creating a harmony of touches with different intensities is the right way to help a woman reach orgasm.

Pretending to know what you’re doing is different from actually knowing what you’re doing. Take some time to learn about the complexity of the female body, which will surely help you impress your older lady.

10. Flexible and cooperative attitude

What do 50-year-old women want in bed (except a man who knows what he’s doing)? They want a partner who is flexible and cooperative. These ladies know that being cooperative is highly important for great sex.

They want to know that their partner will respect their decision to skip using sex toys when they aren’t into it. Also, they want to know that their partner will appreciate their guidance when it comes to pleasing them.

A cooperative attitude means focusing on your and your partner’s needs and preferences. It also means being willing to compromise when needed because every sexual experience is unique.

Just because your lady enjoyed roleplaying last time doesn’t mean she will want to do it every time you have sex. If she isn’t in the mood for something (or you aren’t), your cooperative attitude will help you find a solution so that both parties are pleased.

11. A partner who is willing to let her guide them

Older ladies know where they want to be touched and how they can achieve orgasm, and they also know “the shortcuts” that help them reach climax. Age and experience go hand in hand, so it’s no wonder these ladies offer their partners guidance.

Now, are you willing to let her guide you? If you are, your lady will be more than happy about it. She will consider it a massive sign of immaturity if you aren’t. Why?

Because men who aren’t willing to accept guidance from their partners in bed often have big egos and think they know everything about pleasing a woman.

Here’s the truth: Just because you’ve had many partners doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new from your current partner. Every woman has her sexual triggers and how she reaches orgasm.

If you aren’t open-minded or willing to learn about your partner’s preferences, this is a recipe for unenjoyable sex.

12. Mature mindset

What do 50-year-old women want in bed? Mature women like men with mature mindsets. What does this mean?

They don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t take their pleasure seriously. Such men are primarily concerned with reaching climax and don’t bother much about reciprocating or learning about their partner’s preferences in bed.

Immature men are selfish in bed and don’t make an effort when it comes to foreplay. Older ladies won’t tolerate such behavior from an immature man.

Instead, they want an emotionally mature man with an “I know what I want” mindset. They appreciate men who notice their body language and reactions during sex.

Older women find it unnecessary to talk too much during sexual intercourse because most things can be read through their facial expressions and physical reactions. Mature men know how to listen to a woman’s body and are in tune with their sexual energy.

13. Open and honest communication

Age isn’t only connected with experience but also communication. Older women know that a healthy relationship and great sex are based on open and honest communication.

Telling one another what feels good in bed is also on the list of turn-ons. If you aren’t ready to share your fantasies with your older lady, she will not consider you emotionally mature.

Mature women want their partners to speak openly about their expectations in the bedroom. They want to know whether you two are compatible in bed, and talking about it is the first step to learning more about each other’s desires.

The next step is implementing it in the bedroom. Remember that you should refrain from pretending to be into certain things to impress your older lady. After all, your performance will let her know whether you’ve been genuine with her or not. So, honesty is the best policy.

14. Mutual masturbation

Older ladies know plenty of ways to connect with their partners mentally and physically. One of them is mutual masturbation.

You cannot masturbate in front of your partner if you don’t feel confident and comfortable. Confidence is the essential part here. Men with high levels of self-esteem won’t have a problem with mutual masturbation.

However, those reluctant to try it won’t be that interesting to an older lady. Why? Because older women know that connecting on a deeper level leads to better sex.

By practicing mutual masturbation, partners strengthen their sexual bond, which enables them to enjoy more intense sex. Also, it is a massive indicator of sexual confidence, which works as a turn-on.

15. A partner who is attentive and mindful

Partners who are attentive and mindful won’t have a problem when it comes to dating a mature woman and pleasing her in bed. Attentive men listen to their ladies carefully and remember what they enjoy in bed.

They don’t just assume that their lady will like something but first ask her about it. An older woman enjoys being in the company of (and having sex with) a man who is attentive and not self-oriented.

Such men don’t see sex as something trivial that anyone can do. Yes, anyone CAN indeed do it but what matters is HOW they do it. Attentive and mindful men are constantly looking for new ways to please and surprise their ladies, which is precisely why older women are attracted to them.

16. Exploring sex toys

For most 50-year-old ladies, vanilla sex is out of the question, and that’s probably one of the most popular reasons why men are attracted to older women. Older ladies like to spice up their sex lives with different sex toys (vibrators, dildos, penis rings, etc.).

They are open to exploring different sex toys, so they would appreciate you introducing them to a new sex toy they haven’t tried before.

Older ladies believe life is too short for boring sex (or wearing uncomfortable shoes). I’m pretty sure that you’ll find plenty of sex toys online. If you aren’t a fan of using them, consider giving sex toys a try because older ladies appreciate men who are versatile and open to trying new things.

How Will You Know That A 50-Year-Old Lady Enjoys Having Sex With You?

The most significant indicator that an older woman enjoys having sex with you is her body language during sex, which tells you how much she wants you.

So, pay attention to where her hands are during intercourse. Is she pulling you toward her? Does she look ecstatic? Is she moaning with pleasure?

If yes, then you know you’re doing it right. Another indicator that an older woman enjoys having sex with you is that she initiates MORE SEX WITH YOU.

She wouldn’t initiate more of it if she didn’t enjoy it. Furthermore, older women are open and honest about sex, so they will let you know if they enjoyed it. You will not have to wonder about the quality of your performance.

Can A 50-Year-Old Woman Be Sexually Active?

Sure. A 50-year-old woman can be sexually active, and staying sexually active at an older age benefits both physical and mental health. It is a form of workout, a natural mood booster, and helps lower stress. 

50-year-old women can be sexually active, but due to decreased levels of estrogen associated with menopause, they might have problems with vaginal lubrication. Some older women also experience reduced libido.

Every woman should listen to her body and act accordingly. Being sexually active at an older age doesn’t have to be challenging if you go with the flow and extend foreplay.

Closing Thoughts

What do 50-year-old women want in bed? Apart from a mature partner who knows what he wants, they want someone who will learn how to reciprocate.

Older women don’t play games, and they appreciate honesty. They aren’t attracted to partners who only worry about satisfying their own needs or aren’t interested in exploring new things in bed.Impressing an older woman in bed is relatively easy when you’re focused on listening to her and letting her guide you from time to time.