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19 Things To Know Before Dating An Irish Man

19 Things To Know Before Dating An Irish Man

They’re charming, have a great sense of humour, and don’t even get me started on that sexy accent. That’s right, I’m talking about Irish guys.

But what does dating an Irish man really feel like? What are the perks of this relationship? What about his bad sides?

5 Signs You’re Dating An Irish Man

All Irish guys follow similar behavior patterns:

1. No mind games

Here’s the biggest difference between American and Irish men: men from Ireland are not into playing mind games. Modern dating? Luckily, you can forget about that.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that Europe doesn’t have its players. After all, you know that Spanish and Italian guys are probably the biggest seducers in the world. Well, Irish boys don’t fall much behind.

However, the good thing is that you’ll always know where you stand with this man. You don’t have to worry about him not labeling your relationship or leading you on for months.

There will be no mixed signals, no toxic behavioral patterns, and he most certainly won’t lead you on for months. With this guy, everything is out in the open from the very first date.

2. Good manners

One of the biggest signs you’re dating an Irish man is this guy’s manners. One thing is for sure: you’ll finally feel like a real lady with him.

When you first meet him, you won’t spend the next day desperately waiting for a notification on your phone to see if he texted you or not. Instead, he’ll call you right away.

This is a guy who will open the door for you, walk you to your front porch, always call you first, take you out to romantic dinners, hold your coat for you…. you name it. That’s right, it looks like you’ve finally found yourself a true gentleman.

And don’t even get me started with paying the bill when you go out. If you offer to split the check, he’ll get all offended.

This man treats you like the lady you are. He showers you with gifts and pays you compliments. He knows how to court a woman.

Some might call him old-fashioned, but trust me, he’s a rare germ.

3. He is into sports

Dating an Irish man means coming second to sports. This doesn’t mean this man doesn’t love you – it’s just that sports are a huge part of Irish culture.

This is probably his favorite hobby and free time activity. He likely tried being a professional sportsman when he was younger, but that failed.

Now, he is the biggest fan of his favorite soccer, rugby, or hurling team, and he wouldn’t miss the game if his life depended on it.

But do you know what the upside of this is? He’s always fit!

4. An outgoing, social butterfly

Irish people are mostly extroverts who love hanging out. This man loves the craic (which is an Irish word for having fun), and he loves spending time with his friends and meeting new people.

Does this mean that he is into clubbing, as well? Well, unfortunately, yes. 

Technically, Irish lads prefer the pub, where they can drink a pint of Guinness. But the bottom line is the same – you’re with a man who won’t stop going out even though he is in a serious relationship.

This is just part of his personality. He has a great sense of humor, loves the dancefloor, and will always choose a night out over a quiet evening of Netflix and chill.

If you’re an outgoing girl yourself, dating an Irish man will be a dream come true. However, if you’re not a social butterfly like him, this might become a problem in the future.

5. A real man

At the end of the day, you’re not dating a boy – you’re dating a real man. A man who will always be there for you, a man you can rely on, and a man who knows how to handle real life.

Some might call him too harsh, but this man is not a dreamer. Don’t get me wrong – he knows how to be romantic.

But the point is that you won’t have to guide him through life. On the contrary, you can relax and let him be the leader.

You’re finally dealing with a guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of taking it, a mature man who is strong enough to give you everything you need and want.

5 Pros Of Dating An Irish Man

This is why a relationship with a guy from Ireland will be the best one you’ve ever had:

1. His charm

The first thing that will attract you to this amazing guy is his charm. Trust me, nobody is immune to it. I mean, just look at all the studs from the Emerald Isle: Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Pierce Brosnan…

What do they all have in common? That’s right – they all have that X factor that makes women all over the world fall head over heels for them. Well, that’s this charm I’m talking about.

On the one hand, this is the advantage of dating an Irish man. But on the other, you have to be aware of one thing: you’re with a man every woman around you secretly wants.

He doesn’t have to be physically attractive at all. He doesn’t have to be rich or highly educated – trust me when I tell you that every woman would like to at least try him out for the night.

But this charm is not only magnetic to women. Wherever he shows up, he steals the spotlight. No matter what he does, all eyes are on him, and literally everyone wants to be his friend.

2. His sense of humor

I’ve already mentioned this man’s great sense of humour. Well, let me tell you that this is one of his most prominent personality traits and definitely one of the biggest advantages of having him around.

It’s like this guy radiates positivity and good vibes. He stays away from negative people and doesn’t let anyone mess with his energy.

It’s impossible to stay sad or angry when he’s around. Even when you’re at your lowest, I promise that he’ll succeed in making you laugh.

The most important part about his sense of humor is that it’s always respectful. He’ll never joke about something that might hurt you, and he’ll never be vulgar.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with his sense of humor is this man’s optimism. He always sees the silver lining to the foggiest cloud and the light at the end of the darkest tunnel. This kind of guy sure comes in handy when you’re not feeling well.

3. The attractive accent

And, of course, let’s not forget about his breathtaking accent. Every woman is knocked off her feet the moment an Irish man speaks. 

Irish people know the difference between Galway, Dublin, and Belfast accents. But for American girls, it’s pretty much all the same – as long as there is something Irish involved.

Just imagine hearing this guy’s voice whispering naughty things into your ear between the sheets.

4. Family-oriented man

Yes, Irish lads love partying, and they enjoy having a good time. However, this man doesn’t plan on remaining a bachelor forever.

On the contrary, he dreams of having a big Irish family with lots of kids. At the end of the day, he’s actually a family-oriented man.

A man who wants to settle down, get married, and have a huge wedding with all of his friends and relatives, build a white-picket fenced house with a big porch, and have a bunch of children running around…

And let’s not forget the golden retriever to complete the perfect image. I know that this might sound like a fairytale to you, but trust me when I tell you that men like him really do exist.

He’ll always choose a woman he sees as wife material over immature girls who don’t have a goal in life. A woman who wants to build a family with him, a woman who has what it takes to be the mother of his children.

And once he finally finds her, he is ready to give her the world. Remember that this man will do anything to provide for his family and keep them as happy as possible.

5. Loyal to the bone

Another amazing advantage of dating an Irish man is his loyalty. Yes, I’m talking about the fact that he is, first and foremost, faithful, no matter what.

If you’re his girlfriend, you can be sure about one thing: he’ll never lay hands on another woman. He understands that he would be spitting on your union if he did so, and that’s the last thing he wants to do.

Besides, this man can control his urges. It would be humiliating for him to cheat because that would mean he’s only led by his instincts and not by his willpower.

Nevertheless, this is not the only way he expresses his loyalty. This man is also a loyal friend, brother, and coworker. He’s a “ride-or-die” kind of person.

He is really trustworthy and would never betray those he cares for. Even if you two break up, you can be sure about one thing: this man will always have your back, and he’ll always respect you.

4 Cons Of Dating An Irish Man

What are some red flags this man brings to the table?

1. Mammy issues

I’ll be honest with you: this man loves his mammy more than anything. Looking at it from one point of view, this is a good thing. It means he’s learned how to respect women from an early age.

But on the other hand, it can bring you loads of problems in the future.

To be exact, his mammy is not the only problem here. His entire Irish family might try to meddle with your relationship and later marriage. Even if you’re dealing with toxic in-laws who treat you like an outsider, he’ll always take their side over yours.

Yes, having a big family is all fun and games until you start seeing them every couple of days at your house and they start making decisions for your marriage. In this case, distance from your in-laws looks like mission impossible.

As mature as this guy is, he’ll always ask for approval from his family, especially his mom. That is a big red flag, so watch out.

2. Toxic masculinity

The next thing that screams no to dating an Irish man is his toxic masculinity. As I’ve already told you, he is an old-fashioned kind of man who wants to provide for his family. But this comes with a certain stake.

First and foremost, this man rarely shows emotion and sees it as a sign of weakness. He is convinced that he is not allowed to be vulnerable. Instead, to be a real man, he must always be tough and strong, even when he doesn’t feel like it.

He probably won’t tell you this in the beginning, but deep down, he is into traditional gender roles. He thinks that a woman should know her place.

Yes, he wants a big family, but he hopes that his wife will take over most of the responsibilities regarding the kids and the household as long as he puts food on the table. I’m not saying that he will literally prevent you from working, but he would definitely prefer you to be a stay-at-home wife.

3. Drinking problem

Remember how we talked about his fun personality? Well, there is always something to celebrate in Irish culture: St. Patrick’s Day, different Celtic festivals, the win of his favorite sports team…

The bottom line is that alcohol usually goes hand in hand with these festivities. And I’m not only talking about one pint of Guinness here – I’m talking about some heavy drinking with other Irish boys.

From an American perspective, this much alcohol looks like a drinking problem. But from an Irish perspective, it’s just a regular Saturday.

Nevertheless, if you’re not into drinking, this might bother you. And nobody can blame you.

4. Unhealthy arguments

Arguing with an Irish man is never healthy, and your relationship might get dramatic from time to time. When things are going well, it’s great. But when it’s bad, it’s awful.

You’re dealing with an incredibly stubborn man who has a hard time compromising. Things have to be his way or no way at all.

Yes, dating an Irish man brings with it many arguments. But you can’t expect such a fiery man to turn into a calm one overnight.

Dating Irish Men Tips

If you want to get into his heart faster, follow these tricks and tips:

1. Know what you want

If you don’t know what you want from life, and if you’re not sure if you’re ready for a relationship, be with a different guy. This one doesn’t want to waste his time or energy on women who have no clue where their lives are headed.

I’m not only talking about your love life here. I’m talking about having a clear goal in life and knowing what you want from the future.

2. Always show respect

No matter what, you always have to show respect when dating an Irish man. He will forgive you for many things, but he won’t tolerate disrespect.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying that you should fear him or anything like that. But always keep in mind that he’s not some immature boy you can play with.

This especially goes for your public life. If you have something to say, or if you want to call him out on his actions, always do it when it’s just the two of you. Never humiliate or insult him in front of his friends and family.

3. Trigger his hero instinct

The best and most efficient way to capture this guy’s heart is to trigger his hero instinct. Trust me when I tell you that this is the type of man you can rely on. In fact, he hopes that you will count on him when you need a hand.

Don’t worry, you’re still allowed to be the independent, self-sufficient, strong woman you are. But what harm will it do if you act like a damsel in distress from time to time?

Ask for his opinion, ask him to do you a favor, and show him that he’s your hero. He’ll put more effort into your relationship and try hard to be your Prince Charming.

4. Get along with his friends and family

Look, I’m not saying that you must love this man’s entire family and be crazy about all of his friends. However, getting along with them would definitely help you win his heart with more ease. And, of course, let’s not forget about Ireland, his homeland.

These are all the people he cares deeply about, and it would make him very happy to see you spend time with them. Besides, if you plan on having a serious relationship or even marrying an Irish guy, they will be a huge part of your life, whether you like it or not.

On the other hand, if you decide that you don’t want to be friends with them, at least respect them at all times.

5. Cherish your feminine side

It’s time to forget about your divine masculine energy and awaken your divine feminine energy. Let him be the man – as simple as that.

In the meantime, be grateful that you’ve finally found yourself a man who allows you to be the delicate, gentle flower you are deep down.

Let him chase you, initiate contact, make plans, and guide you. Of course, you have to show interest, as well, but it’s okay to let him take the lead.

Are Irish Men Good Partners?

Taking all things into consideration, dating an Irish man is like winning the lottery, especially in comparison to most of the guys around. Irish guys are loyal, faithful, want to provide for their families, think about the future, don’t play immature mind games, and will respect you.

Of course, they have their flaws. Nobody is saying that they are perfect, but at the end of the day, they make pretty good life partners and husbands.

Another important thing is that they keep their word, which means that they take their vows and promises very seriously. If an Irish guy promises to stay with you through good and bad days, you can count on it to really happen!

Do Irish Guys Flirt?

Even though they’re known to be faithful, Irish men are also very charming, which makes some women believe they’re flirting with them.

When he is single, an Irish guy will flirt with a girl he likes. And he’ll do it incredibly well. Nevertheless, when he is taken, this will rarely happen. It’s possible for his kindness and respectful behavior to be misunderstood as flirting.

To Wrap Up:

I’ll be honest with you: dating an Irish man is not always easy. After all, you’ve seen all the cons of this relationship.

However, trust me when I tell you that there are many more good things he brings to the table. If you sum everything up, you’ll realize that giving this man a chance might be the best choice you’ve ever made.