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When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You (11 Clear Signs)

When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You (11 Clear Signs)

Has your Cancer girlfriend decided to end your relationship, and you want to know if her decision is for good? I have here the most obvious signs that can show when a Cancer woman is done with you forever.

If you recognize most of these signs, you should give up on trying to win her over again and let her go because it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to be part of your life anymore.

11 Clear Signs That Show When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You

How do you know for sure when a Cancer woman is done with you? These definite signs below will clearly show you!

1. She’s ghosting you

Has she started ignoring you all of a sudden? She’s giving you the silent treatment, and you can’t figure out why? Does she also avoid meeting you in person?

Yes, it’s obvious that your Cancerian girl is ghosting you. The fact is, together with Gemini and Capricorn men, Aquarius and Cancer women are most likely to ignore their partners when they’re about to break up with them.

Why is that? It’s because Cancer ladies are too emotional and gentle and can’t handle breaking up with someone directly. Especially if she’s aware of the other person’s feelings and knows the breakup will hurt them deeply.

2. She has disconnected from you

You don’t talk or spend time together often anymore, right? Do you text her and invite her out, but she’s always busy when you want to talk or see her?

You’re losing your connection, and you’re probably aware of that yourself. No matter what you do, you can’t save that connection or your relationship by yourself. If she wants to go, let her go and wish her luck.

3. Her mood swings have become intolerable

Cancerians are known as the most sensitive peeps out of all the zodiac signs. However, contrary to Cancer men, Cancer women know how to handle their emotions and different mood swings, especially when their relationship is at stake.

Women born under this emotional water sign are well aware of their moody and highly sensitive natures, and they always try to keep their emotions under control. That’s why if she starts having terrible mood swings and doesn’t even try to deal with them, you should know that her feelings for you have changed.

She’s stopped caring for you because it’s obvious that she doesn’t care if her mood swings bother you. This will be especially hard for Aquarius men or even Libra men because they hate moody people more than anything else.

4. She’s become secretive

A Cancer lady will never keep secrets from a loved one. If she starts doing that, you should know that something is off.

If you’ve found out that she’s been doing things behind your back or that she is keeping secrets from you, you need to confront her about it. If she keeps denying it, you should show her your evidence.

I’m sure that it’ll make her be honest with you and finally tell you the truth. And that is, unfortunately, that she’s been thinking about leaving you because her feelings have changed.

5. She has changed both physically and mentally

Her incredible sense of humor… The good vibes she used to spread all around… Her amazingly strong yet emotional nature… Has all of this changed in a moment?

You feel like you don’t know her anymore because she’s changed completely. It’s like she is aiming for a new beginning, a new personality.

And you know what? You’re probably right. She has decided to leave some things in the past and focus on her future. Unfortunately, there is most likely no place for you in that future.

6. She starts picking on your insecurities

This is something a Cancer lady would never do, especially to a loved one. At the same time, it’s one of the most obvious signs that clearly show when a Cancer woman is done with you.

It’s like all the love she once felt for you has now grown into hate. She’s picking on your insecurities because she wants to hurt you and demolish your ego. She’ll do this, especially if she knows that you’re one of those men who care more about their egos than anything else.

7. She stops being jealous

When a Cancer woman stops showing her jealousy, it’s a clear sign she’s given up on you forever. She is a clingy and possessive type of girlfriend, and jealousy is simply something she can’t control when she falls in love.

On the other hand, she can’t also act or pretend that she’s jealous if she isn’t. When she stops showing jealousy, you should know that she has become indifferent toward you, and the end of your relationship is very near.

8. She blocks all physical contact you try to make

Loyalty is one of the most eminent personality traits of a Cancer woman. She could never give her body to someone who doesn’t already have her heart.

In other words, she could never sleep with a man she doesn’t love. If your Cancerian girlfriend starts avoiding physical contact, besides all of these other signs, you can be sure that she is about to end your relationship for good.

9. It’s obvious that she doesn’t miss you

If a Cancer woman doesn’t show she misses you after a breakup, you should believe her. One thing a Cancer girl definitely doesn’t know is how to hide her feelings, especially Cancerian women with Venus in Cancer.

If she misses you or wants to be with you, her actions will show it sooner or later. She is nothing like Sagittarius or Taurus women who are great at acting and hiding their feelings.

10. She admits the love has gone

A Cancer woman will never lie about her feelings. If she doesn’t want to admit them, she’ll leave you without any explanation, but she’ll never be dishonest about how she feels about someone.

If she admits that she doesn’t love you anymore, do you really need more signs that she’s done with you for good? No, you don’t. Now you need to start searching for ways to heal and move on as soon as possible.

11. She has already started dating someone else

If you hear that your Cancer woman likes or has already engaged in a relationship with someone else, that should be the most obvious sign that she doesn’t want you in her life anymore.

Scorpio, Leo, and Cancer women are the most faithful ladies of the zodiac. A Cancerian girl could never be with someone else if her heart still belonged to you, remember that.

Seeing the girl you still love with another man will break your heart, I know. However, you need to gather every ounce of strength you have and redirect it towards moving forward. You’ve lost her for good, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that anymore.

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Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

According to horoscope compatibility, the best match for a Cancer woman is a Virgo man. They simply have the best compatibility score, which allows them to build a healthy and successful relationship.

A Pisces man, much like a Scorpio man, is also a very good match for a Cancerian lady, and it’s probably because both of them belong to the water signs of the horoscope.

A Taurus man also has good compatibility with a Cancer lady, but it may be a challenge for them to maintain a lasting relationship.

An Aries man is probably the worst match for a Cancer woman because of their different natures. Along with him, a Gemini man is also considered a bad match for a Cancer girl because of their impulsive nature, which will drive a Cancer woman away every time.

What Does It Mean When A Cancer Woman Ignores You?

One thing you need to know if you’re dating a Cancer lady is that she is probably the biggest grudge holder in the horoscope.

She belongs to the group of people who don’t believe in forgiveness and giving people second chances. For that reason, if she suddenly starts ignoring you, you’ve definitely done something bad to her, and she’s ignoring you because she’s angry with you.

She doesn’t want to talk to you because she thinks you don’t deserve it right now. Also, she knows that giving you the silent treatment will drive you crazy. You can see her silent treatment as some kind of revenge because she’ll most definitely want to hurt you and see you suffer.

How Do You Get A Cancer Woman To Forgive You?

If your Cancer lady has decided to quit your relationship because of something you did to her and because she thinks it’s unforgivable, there is a way you can change her mind.

Open up to her about the reasons behind that mistake, tell her how you feel, admit that you’re afraid of losing her, promise you’ll never hurt her again, and ask her to give you another chance.

If she sees that your apology is sincere and her feelings for you are strong, she’ll forgive you. Trust me, even though Cancerian women are known as huge grudge holders, they’re also emotional and easily controlled by their emotions.

In The End

I hope you’ve figured out how to know when a Cancer woman is done with you. If you’ve recognized most of these signs above, you should come to terms with the fact that your Cancerian lady has decided to let go of you forever.

It’s not an easy fact to accept and recover from, but you need to do it if you want to keep your life together. Accept her decision and focus on moving forward.

However, if you truly believe and your gut feeling confirms that she is your soulmate, don’t just let her go. Fight for her, fight for her love, and I’m sure you’ll manage to change her mind and get her to give you another chance.