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How To Attract A Cancer Woman: 14 Tips That Work Every Time

How To Attract A Cancer Woman: 14 Tips That Work Every Time

Have you fallen hard for a Cancerian lady but don’t know how (or don’t have the courage) to approach her? Stay with me because you’re about to find out the top secrets on how to attract a Cancer woman.

Let me tell you one thing: seducing a woman born under this water sign won’t be that easy. It’s not like she wants to be chased; it’s just that due to her emotional vulnerability, she always tries to get to know a man well before indulging in a relationship with him.

But, don’t worry. I’m going to equip you with the best tips to help you get your Cancer girl to fall in love with you madly.

How To Attract A Cancer Woman: 15 Amazing Tips

Now, enough with the chit-chat – let’s get down to real business… Let’s make your Cancer lady fall head over heels for you.

1. Try to leave a great first impression

For a Cancer woman, the first impression is most often also the last. So, when it comes to the first move, you can’t just approach her with a lame pick-up line and expect her to fall for that. She’s really not that kind of woman.

Approach her like a true gentleman. Ensure you have confident body language. Ask her for her name, talk to her, make her smile, and finish by asking her for her phone number.

The day after that, send her a text. Invite her out, and if she accepts the invitation (and she will, trust me), plan the most perfect first date ever that will only confirm that great first impression she already has of you.

2. Become her friend first

Most Cancer girls won’t ever engage in a relationship with a man they don’t know or don’t trust. That’s why the best way to attract a Cancer woman is by becoming her friend first.

That will give you both the chance to get to know one another better and establish an emotional connection. It’s also proven that relationships built on friendship are the strongest and most successful.

3. Stay honest, no matter what

Yes, a Cancer woman is emotionally fragile and can get hurt easily. However, don’t think that you’ll protect her feelings by lying because you think the truth may hurt her.

That’s wrong because lies will hurt her the most. The truth may hurt her for a moment, but the pain that comes from a lie stays there, in her heart, forever.

4. Don’t ever break your promises

Standing behind your words and keeping your promises are the traits a Cancer girl appreciates the most in a person. She could never fall for a false and unreliable man who isn’t able to keep his promises.

So, if you make a promise to her, try to keep it no matter what. It’ll show her how much you respect her and how much she actually means to you.

5. Be romantic

How to attract a Cancer woman: Simple. Be a gentleman, and let your romantic side woo your Cancerian lady.

Shower her with cute compliments and romantic nicknames. Surprise her with a nice gift or a romantic gesture from time to time.

If you’re good with words, you can write her a poem or a sweet message and send it to her in the morning to brighten her day. A Cancer woman appreciates the little things the most in love relationships.

6. Show her how gentle and kind you are

Cancer women are ruled by the moon, making them gentle, kind, warm, and empathetic. And those qualities are exactly what they look for in their potential partners.

Treat others with kindness, and don’t be afraid to show her your gentle side. It won’t only capture her attention; it’ll also make her fall for you hard.

7. Take the traditional approach to love

If you’re into modern dating and prefer casual relationships and one-night stands, then the Cancer woman is definitely the wrong choice for you.

She’s the kind of woman who never jumps from relationship to relationship. When she indulges in a relationship, she only has eyes for her partner. She commits and devotes herself to her man completely.

That’s why, if you want to attract a woman like this, you need to show her that you also prefer the traditional approach when it comes to love relationships. Show her that you believe in soulmates, honest commitment, and true, ever-lasting love.

8. Become friends with her loved ones

Even though her circle of friends is small, her love and devotion for them are very strong. Those few people around her are who she appreciates the most, and their opinions really matter to her.

So, before you win her over, you’ll probably need to focus on winning over her loved ones first. Use every opportunity to hang out with them and make sure you leave a good impression.

9. Win her over with your sense of humor

If your zodiac sign is Gemini, Aries, or Sagittarius, you have a very powerful weapon that can help you win over the Cancer woman. It’s, of course, your incredible sense of humor.

Despite her moody nature, a Cancer woman loves to laugh, and if you manage to make her laugh, you’ll be on the right path to winning her over. Here’s some information that may come in handy: Cancerian ladies are into satire and topical humor.

10. Try to be understanding and empathetic

All a Cancer woman wants is to be understood. She’s well aware of her fragile emotional health and needs an empathetic man who will be able to accept and deal with it.

Don’t try to read her thoughts or emotions. Talk to her and make her open up to you. If you manage to provide her with that emotional security, she’ll have no choice but to fall madly in love with you.

11. Motivate her to feel good in her own skin

Cancer is one of the most insecure signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, females born under this water sign struggle with low self-confidence and have a very poor self-image.

Offer her a genuine compliment from time to time. Remind her of all of the qualities that made you fall for her so deeply. Encourage her to change her self-perspective and help her discover a new (and a lot more beautiful) self-image.

12. You can encourage her to step out of her comfort zone, but don’t ever force it

You need to understand that you’re dealing with a woman who’s a homebody. A Cancer woman always prefers the comfort of her own home to going out.

These moon-ruled women like to spend time with their loved ones, but the fact is Cancerian ladies also enjoy having alone time.

You can, and you should, invite her to some of your social gatherings, but you should also try to understand if she refuses to sometimes go. If you keep forcing her to step out of her comfort zone, you’ll only scare her away.

13. Accept her as she is, and don’t try to change her

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) are ruled by their emotions, and they’re definitely the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Females born under these signs are known for their frequent mood swings and their moodiness in general.

A Cancer woman may also struggle with her self-esteem and insecurities. Because of her emotional instability, she gets hurt easily, but the worst thing is that she is so vindictive and can hold a grudge forever.

Obviously, she isn’t perfect, but if you’re looking for perfection, you’ll most probably stay single forever.

You just need to accept her… together with all of her qualities and flaws.

14. Don’t be a coward; say loud and clear how you feel about her

Gather the courage to express your feelings for her. That kind of confidence and bravery will definitely attract her.

Be careful, though. You can’t tell her that you love her after the first date. It’s a bit unrealistic, and it may scare her away.

Just tell her how much you like her and that you would like to get to know her on a deeper level. Lay all of your cards on the table, and you’ll see how much your Cancer woman will appreciate it.

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What Does A Cancer Woman Want In A Love Match?

A Cancer woman doesn’t seek perfection. She doesn’t want a perfect man because she is aware that kind of man doesn’t even exist.

All she’ll ask of a man she’s in a love relationship with is effort, honesty, and love. She’ll want to know that his feelings for her are honest and that he’ll stay by her side no matter what.

A woman with the Cancer zodiac sign appreciates hard-working, goal-oriented men. She wants a man who knows what he wants from life and works hard to get it.

She is not into immature boys who are only interested in one-night stands. She wants an emotionally stable man with whom she’ll be able to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Who Are Female Cancers Attracted To?

When it comes to their horoscope compatibility in love and relationships, the best matches for women born under this water sign are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer men.

However, without a doubt, a Virgo man makes an ideal partner for a Cancerian lady. A man born under this star sign has all the qualities a Cancerian girl looks for in a man.

A Cancer female may also feel an intense attraction to a Capricorn man, but it may be difficult for them to establish a deeper emotional connection.

A Leo man may also capture her attention, and they may even become best friends with time. However, building and maintaining a romantic relationship isn’t likely between these two sun signs.

On the other hand, they have the lowest compatibility grades with Aquarius and Libra men because of their different natures and perspectives on life.

How To Capture A Cancer Woman’s Heart

First and foremost, you need to prove to her that you’re trustworthy. She is so afraid of being hurt, and for that reason, she’ll never give a man she doesn’t completely trust her heart.

You need to make her feel loved and protected in every possible way. You need to prove to her every day how much you honestly care for her and that you want her in your life forever.

Also, romance and passion are probably the safest paths to a Cancer woman’s heart. Rock her world between the sheets, shower her with love and affection in and outside the bedroom, and you’ll have her heart forever.

All In All

This seductive guide on how to attract a Cancer woman has all the needed knowledge to captivate the heart of a woman born under this sun sign.

In the end, a Cancerian woman isn’t all that complicated when it comes to romantic relationships. All she wants, needs, and demands from her partner are for them to be loyal, gentle, and caring. After all, that is indeed what we all want from our loved ones.

Just follow these tips carefully, and you’ll manage to win over the heart of your Cancer lady forever.