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11 Signs Your Partner Is Snapchat Cheating On You

11 Signs Your Partner Is Snapchat Cheating On You

Day by day, more and more people cheat in relationships. The reasons why this is happening are numerous. First of all, there is increased availability of cheating.

Today there are plenty of options to initiate cheating – cheating can happen on any social media platform, but we will stick to Snapchat cheating in this article.

Is cheating via social media platforms even considered cheating? What are emotional and physical cheating? And what are the signs of cheating using the Snapchat app?

Here is a summary of everything you should know about catching your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating!

What Is Snapchat Cheating?

Is physical cheating the only type of cheating? Of course not!

A certain kind of hidden, ongoing connection with someone who isn’t your primary partner is referred to as emotional infidelity.

This form of cheating involves an individual choosing to develop an emotional attachment with someone other than their primary romantic spouse in a way that strains or jeopardizes their relationship.

Physical cheating is the old fashion way of cheating. Today, there are many other ways of cheating available due to the invention of Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc…

There is a difference between emotional and physical cheating. Emotional cheating can sometimes be worse than physical cheating, as physical cheating occurs in most cases from physical needs, and the cheater usually doesn’t want to have a relationship with the other person.

On the contrary, emotional cheating includes their will to have intimate and personal conversations with other people, suggesting that you are not good enough for them.

11 Snapchat Cheating Signs You Shouldn’t Miss

If they want to emotionally cheat on you, then Snapchat is the best social media app they could find.

If you suspect that you are with a cheating spouse, here are the signs that your gut isn’t wrong.

1. Hiding their phone

Consider it this way: What is someone’s primary motivation when they hide anything from people? Usually, they do so to prevent that person from finding out what they are hiding.

Yes, one may think of a smartphone as a person’s wallet or a woman’s handbag. This is a zone that is quite near the core of the person’s privacy zone.

When you are in a relationship, it is normal to have personal space, and if you are aware of this fact and still invade your partner’s privacy, then you show signs of being a control freak.

However, there are certain signs they are hiding their phone without this invasion of privacy. You can recognize it through:

1. Sudden overprotection of their cell phone or laptop

2. They always place their phone face down

3. They’ve changed their lock screen password

4. They get calls from unknown phone numbers

5. They leave their room to take a call

6. They never read text messages when they are with you

All these signs may be benign if they don’t last for long, as it could be that your partner is hiding something to surprise you with a gift or a romantic trip.

Anyhow, if these signs last too long, then you should definitely suspect something bad is going on.

2. They spend most of their time on Snapchat

Finding out if your significant other is using this app is rather simple if you already have a Snapchat account. So, if you notice that they use it regularly, it can be a hint that they are Snapchat cheating.

Although not widely, many people use Snapchat as a communication tool. Because communications vanish so quickly, it’s not the most convenient way to communicate with a friend.

You aren’t able to scroll all the way up to see when you made plans and appointments. Therefore, prolonged use of the app can be a sign of cheating.

You should also be cautious if they use their phone all the time when they are with you, but when you two are apart, you wait hours for a response.

3. You aren’t best friends on Snapchat

In the past, it was simple to determine who someone’s best friend on Snapchat was. However, since the app has been developed and altered, it is no longer as simple for us while simpler for cheaters.

The tiny heart emoji is still a good indicator of a best Snapchat friend’s status, though. If you give them a lot of snaps and you’re still not their favorite, they’re undoubtedly sending photographs to someone else much more frequently.

Is it one thing to communicate more frequently with your friends but less than with your partner? Aren’t you their number one? Something just seems off there…

4. They become distant

Your partner can become distant for several reasons, but one thing is true: there is always a reason they became distant.

Cheating in general, no matter what kind of cheating it is, causes your partner to distance themselves from you. They found someone new, something really fresh, that they were comfortable with, which is what pulled them away from you.

The initial excitement faded away, and there was nothing that interesting for them to stick to. Their thoughts and feelings are elsewhere or with someone else.

Additionally, Snapchat makes sending questionable photos seem far less risky. So, even though they might not be physically present with the other person, things can still be physical.

Remember, physical attraction is possible without an emotional one, but this can never be applied vice versa.

5. They are snapping with the door closed

You can hear when they are snapping pictures unless they are wise enough to put the sound off.

Do you ever hear your significant other snapping when they use the restroom? That is a major warning sign.

This clearly indicates that they are stepping away from you to capture photos and send them to another person. If they were innocent, they wouldn’t be required to do anything.

Keep a watchful eye on this sign!

6. They don’t Snapchat you back

This is a clear indication that you have a cheating partner. This may not apply to them if they don’t use this app frequently, though.

But if they consistently use it and ignore your snaps, there may be a serious cause.

Some people simply don’t like sharing pictures, but if someone is really active on an app but doesn’t respond to your messages, what’s going on?

Perhaps they just don’t want to take the risk of mistakenly sending you a snap meant for the person they are cheating on you with.

And because of this, they simply don’t snap you.

7. They smile at their phone

We’ve all caught ourselves laughing at our phones at least once. This doesn’t happen easily, and there must be a serious reason for it.

This usually means that you are texting someone very important and that you can’t hide your enthusiasm and happiness about it.

So, an obvious sign that your partner is cheating on you is if they use Snapchat frequently, are smiley, and keep their phone hidden from you. It also suggests that they are just half-heartedly trying to keep it from you.

They are being rude and inconsiderate if they are looking at photos of another person while you are in the room, and they might even want you to catch them.

If this is not the case, then they have such strong emotions that they can’t even hide them from you.

8. A long snap streak

Any Snapchat activity can be useful in figuring out if your significant other is being unfaithful. If you want to catch your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating, you will first need some signs or evidence.

One of those signs is the so-called snap streak. Your snap streak keeps track of the number of days in which you and another Snapchat user have sent each other Snaps.

This snap streak is usually denoted as the ‘‘fire’’ Snapchat emoji next to which there is a number of days in a row you two have been snapping.

If this number is huge with someone your partner has never mentioned, you definitely have a reason to suspect that they are cheating.

9. An unknown Snapchat friend

You and your partner always talk about everything. You know their history, the people they dated, and you have met all their best friends.

Still, you caught a glimpse of your partner’s Snapchat, and you saw Snapchat messages with an unknown person. If you saw that there is one of the friend emojis beside the name of this unknown person, there is an additional reason to suspect they are cheating on you.

10. They use Snapchat a lot, but there is no evidence

One of the obvious signs your partner is being emotionally unfaithful is the lack of any Snapchat activity even though you see them using the app all the time.

This can only mean one thing: they are hiding something from you. They are always deleting their Snapchat conversations, their friends have unusual names, and they never post on stories.

This is a clear sign they are sending cheating Snapchat messages.

11. They don’t post photos of you two

Although not posting your photos has more benefits than disadvantages, it can also be considered a warning sign.

If they post everything and everyone but never you – this can only mean that they are hiding you from another person.

This is only one red flag out of the many relationship red flags you will encounter with a cheating partner. That person probably doesn’t even know you exist and is naive while falling for their lies.

3 Ways To Catch Your Partner Snapchat Cheating

If you’ve spotted some of the signs, then you’re probably wondering how to catch a cheater. Here is a list of ways to help you find out if your partner is cheating or not.

1. Follow their snap map

The snap map is a feature that was just recently introduced. A user’s current location is shown on the snap map when they launch their Snapchat application. You can utilize a snap map to locate your partner.

However, a Snapchat user can turn it off to prevent it from revealing their position if they are lying and do not want you to know where they are.

Just to mention: if they constantly turn their snap maps on and off, it can be a sign that they are going to locations they don’t want you to know about.

2. Spy apps

One of the best spy apps is Spymaster Pro. Simply download the Spymaster Pro app to use it to catch a partner, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend cheating on you using the Snapchat app.

Before you start, you should know whether they use an iPhone or Android. To catch Snapchat cheating, you must buy the Spymaster Pro Android spy app if they use an Android device. On the other hand, you should buy the iPhone spy program if they have an iPhone.

After you have the preferred Spymaster subscription, you should do the following:

For Android

With this program, you can spy on an Android user without having to root it. Additionally, it works with all current Android devices and versions, including Android 13.

This app needs to be installed on the target phone. However, installing Spymaster Pro on an Android device is simple and won’t take more than 4–5 minutes.

You can then access the Spymaster Pro dashboard by logging into your spy account on your device. You can use it to trace someone on Snapchat and catch a cheater.

You can also employ a number of other well-regarded capabilities of this Snapchat spy app in addition to this, like viewing their call logs.

For iPhone

This highly rated spy app works with all iPhones running iOS 4.4 to 15. Additionally, Spymaster Pro provides an iPhone solution without installation or jailbreaking.

Therefore, in this scenario, installing the app on the targeted device is not necessary. Snapchat cheating can even be exposed without needing to jailbreak the device.

However, you must have the target person’s iCloud credentials on hand to use this iPhone spy software.

You only need to enter these credentials once you’ve logged into your Spymaster Pro account on your device to begin monitoring Snapchat and many other services on the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

3. Confront them

Address the issue if their behavior of how they use Snapchat bothers you. Don’t just brush it aside or disregard it. It won’t disappear by itself.

An honest conversation about their actions and how they impact you can help things improve. Be direct and truthful, but avoid yelling.

Act cool and be rational. Inform them of your worries and feelings.

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Snapchat cheating has become so frequent these days that many people don’t even consider it cheating and forget about it the minute they catch it.

Unfortunately, sometimes this emotional cheating is worse than physical. If you are someone who isn’t thrilled that your significant other might be using Snapchat as a cheating app, this article covered some of the signs they are doing so.

Whether you are okay with this or not, I would advise you to always take care of yourself first. If you are feeling not good enough and sad that you caught your partner cheating, you shouldn’t try to give them a second chance. Cheating is always a choice, not a mistake.

You should always respect yourself, and the person who loves you will never think of doing such a thing. Cheating always says a lot about a cheater but nothing about you.