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Beetle Spiritual Meaning: 27 Hidden Symbols

Beetle Spiritual Meaning: 27 Hidden Symbols

You’re not a big fan of bugs. I get it. Trust me, you’re not alone. However, if you were familiar with the beetle’s spiritual meaning and symbolism, I bet you would change your mind.

It would help you understand that these creatures play a significant role in nature.

But that’s not all. They’re also in touch with the spiritual realm and have the ability to bring crucial messages from the other side.

If you read on, you’ll learn everything about it.

Beetle Spiritual Meaning

When a beetle flies on you, you can interpret it in more than one way. However, the fact is that each of these different meanings is of key importance to your spiritual journey.

1. Strength

The first beetle meaning is connected with strength. At first glance, you see this totem animal as tiny, and its size makes you assume that it’s weak. After all, other animals and human beings can crush it in one move.

However, when you come to think of it, beetles are actually much stronger than they appear. After all, that’s the whole point – hiding your true power and surprising your opponent with this ace up your sleeve when they least expect it.

According to scientific studies, some beetles are actually incredible weight lifters. They can lift 300 to 1,200 times their weight.

That’s not all; a dung beetle is actually the strongest insect in the entire animal kingdom. How amazing is that?

2. Unity

Another beetle spiritual meaning is that of unity. Just think about it: a single beetle can’t accomplish much, can it? However, when they unite to reach a common goal, they can do wonders.

Well, isn’t this symbolism of the beetle alone enough for this little insect to be your spirit guide? Aren’t we humans actually quite similar to beetles?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you should disregard your individuality. But don’t forget the importance of teamwork.

The truth is that you can accomplish much more when united with others. I don’t care if we’re talking about your friends, family, or anyone else you consider “your people.”

At the end of the day, we’re all much stronger when we’re not alone. And that’s one of the first lessons your beetle spirit animal is here to teach you!

3. Perseverance

Trust me – the beetle is one of the most persistent insects in the entire kingdom. It’s a creature that keeps on trying, even when the odds are against it.

It doesn’t know the meaning of giving up and achieves the impossible, even when it looks like it doesn’t stand a chance.

The beetle totem teaches you exactly that: to never give up. It teaches you perseverance and persistence.

Just like beetles, humans also go through different hardships in life. But remember that not everything is lost as long as you keep fighting.

But the moment you give up is the moment you fail. As long as you keep going, there is still a chance for success.

4. Adaptability

When you look at insects, you’ll notice that they look pretty similar in most cases. However, the moment you dig beneath the surface, you’ll see that each one has a set of distinctive features.

What you probably didn’t know is that insects and especially beetles are one of the most adaptable creatures in the world. Their body features change according to their surroundings, and they adapt to living in a certain area with ease.

Does this mean that you should change the essence of who you are to fit into the world? Absolutely not!

However, sometimes you really must adapt to the circumstances. Trying to mold your entire surroundings to your standards is often impossible.

I know that this might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth!

5. Creation

Different cultures considered beetles sacred. And they had a perfectly good explanation for that!

The ancient Egyptians believed that beetles (especially the black beetle) were sacred. Ancient Egypt was actually full of beetle amulets that Egyptians wore for good luck.

Ancient Egyptians connected some species of beetles with the creation of the world. They also thought it was essential for resurrection.

But guess what? These beliefs had scientific backup! It has been proven that larvae of a certain species of beetles really can come back to life even after losing almost their entire bodies.

Nevertheless, Egyptians weren’t the only ones who gave beetles such an important role.

The Native Americans had unusual relationships with beetles, and they played an important role in their lives. On the one hand, they were afraid of this power animal

However, at the same time, they also believed beetles to be crucial for the creation of the world.

To be exact, some cultures believed that the entire world was created by a water beetle. According to that belief, our world is just a floating island in the middle of a vast sea.

6. Cleanliness

In contemporary culture, bugs are usually connected with dirt. I guess you wouldn’t sleep near beetles because you’d assume your surroundings were unclean.

However, if you think about it, you’ll see that there is not much sense in this theory. On the contrary, beetles are actually connected with cleanliness.

Wherever you see bugs, it means that the place is clean for other animals and plants to live in. Also, let’s not forget that beetles eat other animals’ feces, which means they actually clean our earth!

How is this connected to the beetle’s spiritual meaning? Well, let’s not forget that there is something called spiritual cleanliness as well.

If you take a closer look at its symbolic meaning, you’ll realize that beetles are a sign of a pure heart – something we all crave!

7. Growth

I’m sure you’ve heard about the term metamorphosis. In short, it’s a process during which a beetle transforms from larvae to an adult.

Everything about their appearance, habits, and lifestyles change during this period.

If you can’t find a symbolic meaning here, I don’t know where else you can. Here you have the best example of growth in nature.

And this is another reason beetles can be your spiritual guides. They’re here to remind you of the importance of the continued spiritual growth you should always strive towards.

Your soul can and should go through a symbolic metamorphosis until you reach your spiritual awakening. Of course, this awakening wouldn’t be possible without the spiritual growth you must go through!

8. Nature

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about ladybugs who are thought to bring good fortune, grasshoppers who symbolize the need to always move ahead, or some other type of bug, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beetles? Nature, that’s right!

Well, there’s a deeper reason for that. The truth is that this spirit animal really does symbolize nature, and it’s here to remind you to always be the one with it.

Trust me – you can’t exist without nature. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll reach the peak of your spiritual journey.

9. Survival

Cockroaches can survive a nuclear disaster. There are bugs that are able to survive in space (even though no other being can remain alive in a vacuum). They can handle incredibly low and high temperatures.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about a tiny, seemingly fragile creature.

Now that you know all of this, it shouldn’t surprise you that the spiritual meaning of the beetle is strongly connected to survival because they are the biggest survivors in the universe.

They can actually teach you a lot. Most importantly, you can learn a thing or two about going through hard times and never losing the will to live!

10. Leadership skills

Here’s something else you can learn from beetles: a thing or two about leadership. I know that the first thing that’s popped into your mind right now is the queen bee!

But bees aren’t the only insects that have leaders. Yes, you heard right. Their colonies don’t have rulers – they have leaders.

Basically, everybody wins in this type of hierarchy. The leader doesn’t dominate over their followers. It literally leads them but not in a tyrannical sense of the word.

Maybe our human race should look up to beetles when it comes to leadership. They can show us the difference between bosses and leaders.

A leader is someone who guides their followers. Someone who shows them the way. Someone who bases the hierarchy on cooperation instead of fear.

11. Intelligence

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are creatues that manage to go through hard times without anyone’s help, animals capable of carrying much more than their weight, animals that don’t give up, and animals that have impressive leadership skills.

Yes, beetles are all that and more.

Knowing all of this, it’s not hard to conclude that we’re talking about highly intelligent creatures. They’re sharp-minded and wise, as we all should be.

They’re great communicators and always find a way to survive.

12. Order

Truth be told, beetles have a society of their own. When you come to think of them together, don’t picture chaos. In fact, they’re probably more socially organized than us humans.

Each specimen knows its place in society. They possess discipline and are a symbol of harmony.

After all, just look at the ants. You can’t believe that such tiny bugs with such small central brains can be so intelligent and that they are able to follow the rules.

Does this mean that you should blindly listen to what figures of authority tell you? Does this mean that you’re not allowed to move forward and change the place you were assigned in society?

Definitely not! But you can look up to beetles when it comes to discipline, planning, and multitasking.

13. Success

Another beetle spiritual meaning is that of success. The truth is that these animals rarely fail. To be exact, their success rate is so high that they can give inspire you to reach your goals more effectively.

Beetles manage to do the unthinkable. They survive under conditions no other animal could ever live in and play an important role in the world.

14. Negativity into positivity

Yes, mother nature is partially “to blame” for all of these great qualities beetles possess. However, what’s even more crucial is their “mindset.”

Primarily, I’m talking about their determination to get the best out of every situation. You might not know this, but beetles are quite optimistic creatures. And that is why they symbolize positivity in the animal kingdom.

They are here to teach you to look on the bright side of life. No matter what’s going on, never lose hope for a better tomorrow.

One way or another, things will find a way of sorting themselves out. All you have to do is have faith.

Instead of allowing pessimism to get the best of you, take control of your thoughts. A good idea is to try positive affirmations, which will attract happiness into your life.

15. Hard work

We’ve already established one thing: beetles are incredibly successful. But do they spend all of their days waiting for a miracle to happen and bring them the success they crave?

Absolutely not! On the contrary, they invest a lot of effort into reaching their goals. In fact, if a beetle is your spirit animal, it should serve as inspiration for hard work.

As much as the Universe loves you, you’ll never receive things served to you on a silver platter. On the contrary, you have to work to get what you want.

Your dreams will come true – if you fight to make them happen. You will get out of difficult situations – if you put effort into changing your life.

Nothing will happen if you sit patiently, waiting for someone to knock on your door and provide you with the solution to your problem.

I mean, just look at the beetles!

16. Clairvoyance

Why do you think beetles have antennas? Besides looking cute, this part of their body also plays a crucial role in their life and survival.

Their primary role is to pick up signals the outer world sends. However, I’m not only talking about sounds and smell.

I’m referring to the fact that beetles use these antennas as a kind of a sixth sense. You probably didn’t know this, but these animals possess clairvoyance and maybe even second sight.

So, if you keep on seeing beetles, it’s likely that your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you. They’re probably using angel numbers and some other clues as well – you’ve just failed to see it.

Not only that, but this is also a sign of strong intuition. Whatever happens, never stop following your gut feeling because it will take you places.

17. Resilience

Beetles are tough – nobody can argue against that. And if a beetle is your spirit animal or if it’s your totem, it means that you possess the gift of resilience.

You’re much stronger than you might think. Yes, you have your own set of vulnerabilities, but that doesn’t mean you’re weak.

On the contrary, you have the ability to rise from the ashes every time you fall. The ability to pick up the broken pieces of yourself and rebuild yourself every time someone tries to break you.

You’re resilient, and that is not a quality many people possess, so you better consider yourself lucky for having it!

18. Good luck

Nevertheless, seeing a beetle is a sign of good luck in itself. No, I’m not only talking about a lady bug landing on you – I’m talking about the fact that beetles are a symbol of good fortune in many cultures.

However, you must be careful because your luck can turn upside down in the blink of an eye. Did you know that killing a bug and especially crushing one brings bad luck?

So the next time you’re bothered by this special creature, think twice before harmingit. Instead, consider yourself blessed to be in its presence.

Beetle Symbolism: Dream Meanings

But what does it mean if you dream about beetles? Check out these accurate interpretations and see for yourself!

1. Related to your career

If you dream about beetles, important changes regarding your career await you. Maybe you’ll get the promotion you’ve been so patiently waiting for.

You may change your job. Or you’ll just get a raise.

Either way, the important thing is that this change is something positive. You won’t get fired or something like that.

This is a situation where you should take all the advice beetles give you. It is a sign not to give up on your dreams, a signal to keep up with your hard work, a symbol to keep investing in your personal growth, and a reminder to be disciplined.

If you manage to accomplish all of this, success is guaranteed!

2. … or finances

One thing is for sure: the dream meaning of beetles is strongly connected with finances. If you don’t get a raise or a better job, you can expect to get a large amount of money out of nowhere.

3. New beginnings

Another beetle spiritual meaning is connected to new beginnings. If you dream about bugs, it means it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Your job is done here, and it’s time for a new adventure. Turn over a new leaf and start over – this is your chance for a fresh beginning.

4. No taking risks

This is not a good time to make risky decisions. Yes, I know I told you to start over, but that doesn’t mean that was a green light to start acting recklessly.

Don’t make impulsive decisions. Instead, think things through thoroughly before acting on them.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t make you a coward. It only makes you a smart individual who listens carefully to what the Universe has to say.

5. Problems in your love life

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your love life won’t be all sunshine and roses for some time. Problems in your romantic life are just around the corner, and you’ll have no idea how to fix them.

Well, sadly, the truth is that there isn’t much to do except wait for the storm to pass.

6. Rich social life

While you’re encountering trouble in paradise regarding your love life, you couldn’t wish for a better social life. If you don’t have a BFF, you’re about to meet someone who will turn into a life-long friend.

On the other hand, if things are already going great in your friendships, your bond will become even stronger than before!

7. Trust issues

If you’re dreaming about bugs and want to know more about the beetle’s spiritual meaning, you’re likely struggling with trust issues. You’re overthinking everything and have a problem letting anyone new in.

Your dreams are telling you to let go. They’re telling you to start healing your traumas instead of suppressing your emotions until they eat you alive!

8. Unnecessary overthinking

Here’s another message the divine realm is sending you through your dreams: there is absolutely no point in all of this overthinking.

Will it make a difference? It won’t. Will it make things better? It won’t. Will it make you happier? Absolutely not.

So, what’s the point? The only thing it does is create anxious thoughts and make you feel worse than ever.

9. Lies and dishonesty

I know how much you hate lies and deception, but sadly, the beetle spiritual meaning in dreams is here to tell you that you’re surrounded by them.

Someone close to you isn’t being honest with you, and they will probably stab you in the back sooner or later. Maybe it’s a fake friend or even a toxic parent. Be careful!

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Scarab Beetle Symbolism

According to ancient Egyptians, a black beetle or the scarab beetle symbolize resurrection, renewal, and rebirth. It’s a totem animal that protects you from misfortune, disease, and death.

Green Beetle Symbolism

If you’ve seen a green beetle or dreamed about one, it’s a sign to stop being a passive bystander in your own life. Take matters into your own hands and be brave enough to make some crucial changes.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve read all about the beetle’s spiritual meaning, I hope you now know it’s importance. Don’t take their appearance in your life or dreams for granted.

After all, we’re talking about spiritually powerful animals that are here to give you a message from the Universe and your angels.

Besides, you must keep in mind that every beetle is God’s creature, and therefore, they deserve no less respect than you as a human being.

So if you are scared of beetles, trust me – there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s time for the stigma surrounding bugs to stop because they actually bring good news and even better fortune!