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15 Signs That Prove You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life

15 Signs That Prove You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life

When finding a best friend, you look for qualities in people you love.

Whether it’s humor, compassion, the same thinking process, or the occasional, “I hate the same people as you,” you know what you want and like.

So, here are the qualities that prove you’ve found your best friend for life.

They are the first people you go to when something bad happens

woman embracing her friend at home

We all have those moments when we just want to complain about our co-workers, professors or significant others, or your car just broke down and you really need help.

They are the first ones we contact because we know they will drop whatever they are doing to talk to us or save our asses.

They make you laugh when all you want to do is cry

best friends laughing

We all have those days when the tears want to flow like a river, but our best friend always keeps us smiling and reminds us that every bad day passes.

Who knew one person could help you so much in life?

Partners in crime for life!

two young girls driving bicycle

You know you’ve found your true best friend when they are the person you commit every questionable life decision with.

Hey, you are young, and you deserve to be a little mischievous sometimes! Especially with your partner in crime.

I love you’s are a thing

friends hug on the sidewalk

To anyone who says, “I love you!” to their best friend, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s just a necessary thing to say before you hang up the phone or when you’re leaving each other after hanging out.

And to all the guys who say they don’t do this—”I love ya bro!” still counts!

“Oh my god I hate this (insert person or word)”

three girls smiling

This text or conversation is a topic you have probably had A LOT with your bestie.

It usually ends with you two laughing up a storm and then going to get food or coffee. Really, though, who is going to complain about that?

They are the ones you can go days without talking to and you don’t have to worry about your friendship

friends talking on balcony

You both know one another has a life, and you know you don’t need to speak to each other every day.

You also understand that if you go a week without talking, nothing will have changed the next time you see each other. That’s all that really matters anyway.

They are your biggest supporters

friends hugging after long time

They are always there when it counts. Whether it’s supporting you at different events you are involved in, or through hard decisions, you have to make in your life.

You know you can always count on them to be there cheering you on. It’s pretty cool to always have someone to count on, and who can always count on you.

They stick up for you no matter what

girls hugging each other in the field

Some friends are just friends, and if someone were to say something bad about you, they probably wouldn’t butt in and say, “Hey, that’s my best friend, don’t be saying that crap around me.”

But that’s why they are only friends, not your BEST friend!

They make you laugh the hardest and the longest

two young girls smiling outdoors

Whether it’s something ridiculous you did or something really hilarious, you always find that you laugh the most when you are with them.

They say laughter is food for the soul and if you have a true best friend, you’ll completely agree with that statement.

Netflix and chill is actually just Netflix and chill

friends eating popcorn and chilling

You and your bestie were offended when you found out people were trying to make this phrase inappropriate.

Because, hey, you made this a fun thing before any random girl and guy made it a hint of something else…

Ugly Snapchats are meaningful things

young blonde making crazy selfie

Are you really best friends if you haven’t sent each other a horrifying Snap that could be used as blackmail eventually? I think not!

They understand you and your moods

two lazy girls on the couch

Some days are just not your days, but they never hold it against you. They are always the first one to cheer you up with your favorite snack and to help get your mind off things.

They are a part of your family

family having lunch together

Your parents probably know them as an extra daughter or son and they are over for dinner all the time. It’s cool to have a sibling you actually get to ‘choose’!

Bathroom breaks are done together

friends together in bathroom

It doesn’t matter where you are, but if you are together it normally means bathroom breaks are together as well. And neither of you even thinks twice about it.

They love all of you, the good and the bad

young woman hugging her friend at home

It’s awesome to know someone has unconditional love for you, other than your mom and dad!

Thank you, best friend, for being my person and the person I can always count on to care and love me! You are someone I could never live without.


Your Best Friend

15 Signs That Prove You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life

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