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How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You (20 Effective Ways)

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You (20 Effective Ways)

You’ve met a guy. Things were going too well and you thought you had finally found what you were looking for… until he just started ghosting you.

Now, you’re probably confused and scared that there’s something wrong with you. You blame yourself and want to fix the problem.

I have only one thing to tell you: The problem isn’t you, but him.

But still, if you want to know how to make a guy regret ghosting you, I understand… and I will help you.

Stay with me, and let’s get this project started!

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You: 20 Ways

If you want your man to feel sorry for ignoring you, just follow these 20 simple tips:

1. Believe in yourself

I know that fighting with insecurities isn’t easy, but the sad truth is that guys don’t like being in the company of someone with low self-esteem.

If you’re wondering how to make a guy regret ghosting you, the best possible strategy is precisely confidence.

Change your self-talk. Tell yourself how beautiful and intelligent you are daily. Fake it until you make it.

It will take you places… and you will win your man’s heart and mind.

2. Be more attractive than ever

So, how to make a guy regret ghosting you? Well, just put some makeup on, dress up, and start the seduction game!

I recently read that there’s no limit to how irresistible you can be. And, that couldn’t be truer. Look so good that he won’t even want to look at another woman.

Most importantly, be aware of how attractive you are.

No matter how good you look, if you don’t think highly of yourself, it WILL show, and it WILL backfire.

Instead, imagine you’re the goddess Aphrodite and conquer his heart.

3. Remove him from social media

You’ve read that right. It wouldn’t be immature because you’re doing it for your own well-being.

Why put up with someone who keeps hurting you? Why give him such power over you?

He’ll realize how awful his actions are only when you take away from him every opportunity to reach out to you.

Make him see how much he has hurt you, and he will never dare to do it again. And, it will be up to you whether you’ll accept him in your life again or not.

4. Do it for the right reasons

Yes, if you are fueled by anger and revenge, it will get you even more heartbreak.

Whenever you try to destroy another human being, you only harm yourself in the process.

If you really want your vengeance, then make sure there isn’t any hatred in your heart. Make sure you only want to do right by you.

Don’t let your thoughts sound like ”I want to make him pay” or ”I want him to suffer the same way I do.” Reframe your thinking.

Try saying ”I want him to see that I’m stronger than my desire for him. I want him to see that I don’t really need him.”

You’ll see how great it feels.

5. An eye for an eye

I know this looks contradictory to what I’ve just said, but it really isn’t.

Treating him the way he treats you isn’t necessarily about revenge. It’s how relationships should work.

Imagine someone giving you only 20% while you’re giving all you’ve got. Do you think that’s how it should be? Do you want a love like that?

The eye for an eye tactic is really nothing more than justice.

If he’s ghosting you, give him a taste of his own medicine. If he’s not putting in too much effort, take a few steps back.

When men see they’ve gotten under your skin, they’ll do whatever they please. Don’t let them.

Have enough self-respect to set boundaries, and never accept someone who treats you like you’re ‘just some woman.’

Maybe you’re just not the one for him, and he doesn’t know how to tell someone he’s not interested. Or, maybe he’s serious about you, but is testing you.

Either way, wait for him to make the next move.

6. Don’t be desperate

Clinginess is always a deal breaker for men. It’s okay to make an effort, but when he sees that you’re trying hard despite him ignoring you, you’ll only feed his ego.

He will see you as his possession that he can use however and whenever he pleases. So, don’t give him that satisfaction.

Remember – it’s about mutual effort. Never let him see how much you care when he doesn’t text back, even if it hurts like hell.

Keep your love hidden and practice self-control. Not only will you make him fall in love with you, but your relationship could actually grow into a healthy one.

7. Live your best life

The best dating advice for women I can give you is this:

Use social media to impress a guy. Post pictures where you’re the prettiest and the happiest. Do fun things, and let him know all about it.

If you still hang out together because you have mutual friends, even better! Put your game face on and smile like you never have before.

When he sees how happy you are, he’ll be dying to be a part of your happiness.

Guys ghost because they thrive on your despair. They love nothing more than when you yearn for them… when you’re not able to enjoy your life without them.

So, do the opposite. Show your guy how irrelevant he is. Make him see that your life is going on perfectly well whether he’s in it or not.

8. Change your habits

If you want to know how to make a guy regret ghosting you, keep this pro tip in mind:

Having fun is effective, but when your guy sees that you’ve completely turned your life around, he will be super curious.

Find new hobbies and create new habits. Make him see that you’ve started a whole new chapter without him.

The best revenge is moving on… or, at least making it seem like you’re moving on.

If you want to give him a second chance, this will surely get his attention. And, if you don’t, well, at least he knows he’s no longer a priority.

9. Dismiss him when he shows up again

Ghosters usually come back after a while to claim their power again. Your guy will be ready to give you the bare minimum only to disappear just when you think you’ve got him.

This is a sign of emotional unavailability.

Understand how his mind works and beat him at his own game!

When he comes to you the next time, don’t be so welcoming. Don’t act like his text message is just the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Reply hours later because you’ve got more important stuff on your mind. And, when you do reply, lower your enthusiasm.

Trust me, he will be freaking out!

10. Avoid reaching out to him

Do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, text him after he has ghosted you. That won’t keep a guy interested. It will just make him feel more powerful. This is all a game to him.

And, what will the end result be?

Well, more ghosting.

Don’t depend on him because that’s exactly what he wants. When you send him a message, that’s his proof that you value him far more than you value yourself.

It gives him a thrill to know that you will abandon your pride and dinigty only for a chance to speak with him. Are you really going to let that happen?

11. Find a guy who outshines him

The best possible motivator for a guy… is another guy. If you want your ex back, and this time for good, find someone who is far better than him in all areas.

Dating an alpha male who’s smarter and more capable than him will make him chase and commit to you.

Even if you don’t feel like he is, the main goal is to get him to confess his feelings for you by making him feel threatened.

But, don’t go too far. Hook up with someone who isn’t interested in anything serious because you shouldn’t play with anyone’s feelings like that.

And, also, although you want to make your man compete, make sure you don’t totally destroy his self-confidence.

Such games never end well.

12. Act like you don’t care

A guy who has ghosted you will expect you to have an extreme reaction. It’s understandable, isn’t it? Nobody likes to be ignored. Everybody wants love and attention.

So, when you do the opposite, a.k.a. act like you barely noticed it, he won’t be pleased to see that you don’t care that much about him after all.

If you’re wondering how to make a guy regret ghosting you, this psychological trick is the perfect strategy you’ve been waiting for.

13. Don’t be too obsessed

Even when you’re trying hard to hide that you’re upset, it’s visible. That’s why you need to have your end goal in mind – making him regret ghosting you.

The biggest mistake you can make is being too hung up on it.

I know what you think. How can you accomplish your goal without giving it your life and soul? How can you make him come back to you if you’re barely lifting a finger?

But, that’s precisely how you should act.

Keep the goal in mind, but don’t let it take over your entire life. Devote a certain amount of time and energy to it, but no more than necessary.

Only when you believe that you can live without him will you be able to make an impression.

14. Mention other guys

You don’t have to ACTUALLY date a new man. Just pretend that you do.

When you’re having a conversation with your ghoster, casually slip in some information about him.

Talk about how wonderful he is and how he takes care of you. Present him as a real man with all the good qualities your man lacks.

I swear it will drive him crazy, and get him to chase you! He won’t be able to stand that there’s someone other than him that you’re mesmerized with. Works like a charm!

15. Have a social media detox

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Well, try deactivating all your social media, so he doesn’t even have a chance to text you anymore.

He’ll probably think you blocked him, but who cares? The important thing is that he can’t get to you.

And, what’s even more important is that you’ll finally have the time to look for the right answers. You can only find them within.

Listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Does this guy really like you? Is he worth waiting for? Does love have to hurt this much?

16. Learn to love yourself

Yes, people CAN love you even when you don’t love yourself, but not everyone has good intentions.

Some people can’t wait to use your lack of self-love against you… for their own benefit. It’s up to you to love yourself enough not to let them.

I know it can be hard, but take baby steps. Tell yourself that you deserve better than a narcissist. Convince yourself that you shouldn’t give him another chance.

You don’t need him to complete your life. You are complete on your own.

17. Know it’s not your fault

I know you tend to blame yourself whenever your loved one ignores you. After all, why would a guy reject you if he likes you?

You think there’s something wrong with you – something that makes you unworthy of being loved.

But, my darling, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The way he treats you is only a reflection of himself. It has nothing to do with you.

He isn’t capable of a committed relationship, so he keeps ghosting women, hoping to compensate for the lack of love in his life.

He doesn’t ignore you because you’re not good enough. He does it because he thinks HE is not good enough.

18. Forget about him entirely

Well, didn’t you listen to Taylor Swift’s song?

I forgot that you existed. I thought it would kill me, but it didn’t.

Listen to our queen T. Letting go of this guy isn’t the end of the world. It’s actually just the beginning. He will never love you the way you want him to.

Even if these tactics work, and they certainly might, he’ll still only like the challenge and not the real you.

If he had ever liked the real you, he wouldn‘t have ghosted you in the first place.

19. Find a real connection

Don’t waste time waiting for someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Why not go out there and try to find a guy who actually likes you?

You don’t even have to wait for someone to ask you out on a first date. It’s the 21st century. Go and get the guy yourself. Talk to him, whether in person or on a dating app.

If he’s interested, he’ll stay that way no matter who initiates the conversation.

Anyway, the point is that you deserve the world. Don’t settle for someone who has second thoughts about being with you.

If he doesn’t want a relationship, just let it go.

You have only one life. Enter the kind of relationship where you don’t feel like you’re hard to love. Find someone who will be both your lover and your best friend.

20. You come first

Yes, being ignored hurts. But, if it hurts so much that you can barely live with yourself, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

When you feel that he’s more important than you are, you’ll act accordingly. And, he will, too.

He’ll see the way you doubt your self-worth, and he will learn to treat you the same way.

You need to realize that your life is primarily your own. You choose the people in it. You choose what to do with your free time.

You alone are the master of your own fate.

Nobody else comes before you, especially someone who doesn’t have the decency to respond to your texts.

Take control of your own life. Think of your own wishes and needs. Trust me… no one else will do it for you.

Will He Come Back After Ghosting?

That depends on what he’s looking for.

If he wants power and an ego boost, he’ll definitely come back. He will need your love and interest to feel better about himself.

Once he gets his share, he will leave again… and then come back for another dose whenever it pleases him.

This kind of guy doesn’t care about your feelings. He’s just not ready to love anyone, so this is his way of dealing with it. Don’t wait for him. At his core, he will never change.

On the other hand, a guy may not know how to tell you he isn’t interested, so he chooses ghosting as his way of showing you.

Not very mature or kind, but he still has good intentions. Notice his signs and stop trying.

How Long Is Considered Ghosting?

Well, if someone is able to ignore you for three days straight, that would be ghosting.

Still, it’s important to take other things into consideration:

Is he bad at texting? Maybe you’re great together in person, but online chatting just isn’t his thing.

Does he have mental health issues? Then, he isn’t ignoring your messages out of malice, but out of self-care.

Also, you shouldn’t just wonder how long the ghosting lasts, but how often it happens.

If your guy ignores you for the first time, don’t think too much about it. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Wait a while and you’ll know for sure.

On the other hand, if he is ignoring you way more than talking to you, that’s a telltale sign of ghosting.

Wrapping Up

Yes, wondering how to make a guy regret ghosting you is valid. After all, you are in a lot of pain.

But, what’s important is that you use that pain to create a better version of yourself to build a great life that you will be proud of.

If you cling to the anger this guy has left you with, you will have nothing in the end. Even if you get your revenge, it won’t make you whole.

The best revenge is letting him go forever and focusing on yourself because you deserve your own love and attention the most.