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How To Annoy Your Boyfriend: 160 Ideas

How To Annoy Your Boyfriend: 160 Ideas

If you and your boyfriend like to playfully annoy each other, it’s a good sign that you’re comfortable and relaxed with one another and your relationship.

This happens when you reach the point of being close enough and knowing each other well enough that you don’t have to worry about how everything you do will seem to the other person . (Or you’re both the kind of people who like to tease their partners, and your relationship has been this way from the start.)

A little irritation can bring positive tension, make things fun, and even raise the level of excitement. Of course, if you don’t want to damage your relationship, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn‘t do or say, as well as when to stop.

You should know how to annoy your boyfriend for a laugh, but avoid really hurting his feelings. Unless that’s what you’re after, be careful not to cross the line.

Some of the following ideas are very annoying, and some are lighthearted. Be aware that if you use them too much, there’s a chance you might hurt or upset him, so be prepared to face the consequences.

How To Annoy Your Boyfriend: Level 1

If you want to play around with your boyfriend by annoying him, pick something he doesn’t take too seriously or something that he doesn’t mind you making fun of. No doubt he does things that you find annoying too. This depends on the person, of course, but there are some things that will tick every guy off.

Use these ideas sparingly: small annoyances can be fun the first time you use them, but they become too much if you overdo them. Here’s how to annoy your boyfriend to spice up your relationship.

1. Make him talk about his feelings. Be as dramatic about it as you can.

2. Fake a cute sneeze in his direction. When he protests, just giggle.

3. Give him spoilers about a show he’s watching. They don’t have to be real.

4. Bug him to do a TikTok challenge with you. If he agrees, make sure you post it and tag all his friends.

5. Ask about the rules of the sport while he is watching a game. Make him explain every little thing about it.

6. ?? Overuse emoji. ???

7. Take too long to get ready, then hurry to the door and yell, “I always have to wait for you to get ready. HURRY UP!”

8. Cook a dish using ingredients he doesn’t like and get him to try it.

9. Complain about getting hit on.

10. Put subtitles on while you’re watching TV so you can read along with the show. Out loud.

11. Keep changing the music twenty seconds after a song starts.

12. Send him a “We need to talk” text while he’s out with friends. Never follow up on it.

13. Ask, “Why?” about whatever he says. How quickly do you think he’ll catch on?

14. Eat all his food. The snacks, leftovers, and yesterday’s takeout. (Treat him to a meal after.)

15. Quote along to a movie while you’re watching it, especially if it’s his first time seeing it.

16. Beat him at arm wrestling. This might need some preparation, but it will be worth it.

17. Order a salad at the restaurant because you‘re “on a diet,” then eat from his plate. Ask him to cut you a piece of meat, but finish his fries without asking.

18. Ask him to do things for you that you can’t be bothered with, like chores and errands.

19. Pretend that everything he does irritates you – if you can do it with a straight face.

20. Pester him while he’s doing something he has to focus on. Poke him, talk to him, ignore all his warnings to quit it.

21. Sleep on his side of the bed. If you wake up while he’s asleep on the side you prefer, insist you switch.

22. Leave him the gift of an empty toilet roll.

23. Sing a song he hates, as loudly as possible, as off-key as possible. Serenade him with it.

24. Indirectly ask him to do something for you. For example, say, “Aw, I’m so hungry, and I don’t feel like cooking,” instead of asking him to cook. Give him puppy eyes while you’re trying to passively-aggressively convince him.

25. Whenever he’s getting ready to go out without you, pretend you’re sulking while doing something fun, such as running yourself a bath and getting ready for an at-home spa evening or texting your friends to go out too.

26. Take selfies all the time. Duck face not optional. Even better if you can make him join you.

27. Steal his toothbrush. You don’t have to use it, just wet it so he thinks you did.

28. Leave your accessories in his bedroom, your clothes in his closet, and whatever else you can think of lying around his apartment.

29. Use his body to warm up cold feet and hands.

30. Speak in a baby voice and use baby talk to turn him off completely.

31. Leave your makeup around the sink.

32. Start hanging out with his best friend’s girlfriend.

33. Leave a used teabag in the sink.

34. Make him go on a double date with your BFF and her boyfriend.

35. Send him every cat video you can find, even if he’s a dog person.

36. Say, “I love you so much. Do you love me?” while you’re hanging out with his friends. This has the most powerful effect if you’ve just started dating.

37. Hog all the blankets when you’re at home. Goes well with tip 29.

38. Make noise in the morning while he’s asleep, especially if he is not a morning person. Clang pots and bang pans, slam doors, and sing out loud. Have a coffee and a smile for him when he wakes up.

39. Convince him to do crafts with you. Use a lot of glitter.

40. Tickle him until he cries.

41. Send him sexy texts while he’s out with friends.

42. Talk the whole day in an accent that he finds annoying.

43. Insisting on doing couple things. Couple outfits will make it even better.

44. Make yourself a cup of coffee, but don’t bring him one. Be merciful and leave it in the kitchen – if you’re feeling like it.

45. Pretend to get lost while driving. Ignore his tips and suggestions.

46. Tell him you just want him to listen without giving you suggestions, then talk about something that has a very obvious solution that you just can’t seem to grasp.

47. Make plans for the both of you every weekend. Kindly inform him what they are.

48. Talk at length about topics and people you know he finds especially annoying.

49. Look at shirtless pics of male celebrities online and show him every one.

50. Pretend to snore LOUDLY. The same goes for burping – if you can do it at will.

51. Put your finger in his mouth when he yawns. Don’t let him bite you!

52. When he asks you a question, answer with another question.

53. Clean something off his face with a tissue while you’re in public. Bonus if you lick the tissue beforehand.

54. Ask him questions about a movie you’re both watching for the first time .

55. Change his Netflix password. Make him guess the new one.

56. Contradict his opinions and play devil’s advocate. After all , if you don’t challenge him, who will?

57. Respond to his text messages with nothing but GIFs.

58. Put up photos of yourself around his apartment.

59. Walk or stand in front of the TV while he’s watching it or playing games. There’s an urgent matter you need to discuss right at this moment.

60. Troll him on social media. Let him know it’s you before he blocks you, though.

61. Hide his things in places he’d never look.

62. Text him memes the whole day. Even better if he’s unfamiliar with them.

63. Stand behind his back while he’s at the computer and look at the screen or read over his shoulder.

64. Call him repeatedly until he reacts when he is trying to work.

65. ‘Borrow’ his clothes. Wear his t-shirt to sleep in and wear his hoodies home. He’ll never have sweats again. Never return them.

66. Log him out of all devices on Netflix, Spotify, and other services.

67. Take all the batteries out of the remote. Watch him struggle until he realizes

68. Obviously pretend you like the same things he likes. Call his favorite athlete by the wrong name while saying that they’re your favorite too.

69. Change the channel while he is watching TV. It’s okay if you don’t even want to watch anything.

70. Invite your girlfriends over without letting him know. The more, the merrier.

71. Eat all of the popcorn at the movies.

72. Move all of his DVDs into the wrong cases.

73. Show up unexpectedly at his workplace. (Bring coffee or food if you want to annoy him just a little.)

74. Make him watch your favorite reality show with you. Binge-watch the whole season.

75. Text his friends and pull a prank on him together.

76. Insist on the native pronunciation of foreign words, but do it incorrectly.

77. Respond “I don’t care” or “Whatever.” to everything.

78. Make him take you to the movies to see a chick flick and fall asleep immediately.

79. Pretend you’re only cooking for yourself, but later on, give him his share.

80. You really have to clean the house while he’s doing something he likes. It’s not your fault you have to vacuum when he’s playing video games or wipe the TV screen while he’s watching a game.

81. Insist on having a serious conversation while he is playing video games or watching his favorite TV show.

82. Act ‘quirky’ and over-the-top cute. You’re just not like other girls.

83. Talk really loudly in public, preferably about something embarrassing.

84. Reply ‘new phone who dis?’ when he texts you.

85. Post pictures of him sleeping on social media – hashtag sleeping beauty.

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How To Annoy Your Boyfriend: Level 2

The following ideas might be a bit more dangerous to use: unless your boyfriend is very secure in himself and your relationship, these might really hurt him , especially if he thinks you’re serious. Be careful, or you might end up getting dumped!

1. Talk smack about his best friend.

2. Ask him what’s wrong or what he’s thinking about all the time.

3. Always assume he’ll pay for everything. Don’t even grab your wallet when you’re together and the bill comes.

4. Scoff when he takes you to a cheap restaurant. Your palate deserves better.

5. Ask questions like, “Which one of my friends do you think is the hottest?”

6. Try to change his diet. For example, try to make him ‘eat clean’ or go vegan.

7. Leave your things in his apartment. Occupy a drawer for yourself.

8. Clean his apartment. Rearrange his cabinets and closet, and make sure to make some space for your stuff.

9. Mention his belly or love handles and suggest he hit the gym soon whenever he eats a snack.

10. Invite your friends to come along with you on a date. Have fun with them while he pays for everything.

11. Insult his mother. Say things he’s actually complained about.

12. Decide to change your outfit just before you leave for date night – more than once. In the end, opt for the one you started with.

13. Demand he buy you things – the more expensive, the better.

14. Make comments about the smell of his apartment whenever you come over.

15. Bring up old relationships and fights from long ago when you’re arguing.

16. When he wants to go out with friends, insist you tag along.

17. Question him where he’s been and what he’s been doing after he goes out without you.

18. Ask him if you look like you gained weight. If he says no, get mad at him for lying to you. If he says yes, call him mean and start crying.

19. Ask him trap questions about what he’d do in a hypothetical situation to test him. Get mad if you are not happy with his answer.

20. Talk to him constantly and in great detail about your diet.

21. Never put your phone down, no matter what you’re doing. Let him know it’s more important than him.

22. Call his mom to have a chat.

23. Look through his phone in front of him.

24. Show up while he’s at guys’ night . Act like it’s not weird at all.

25. Cancel plans with him and give him something insignificant as an excuse.

26. Start laughing at something on your phone while having a serious conversation with him.

27. Always say you’re not mad, you’re disappointed. Say “I’m fine.” when you’re clearly upset.

28. Take him to the mall with you and spend the whole day clothes shopping. Make him wait for you outside the dressing room.

29. Text him when he’s busy, and keep texting until he replies. If you get bored, call him.

30. Whenever he talks to a woman, play the jealous girlfriend and ask him, “Who is she?”

31. Clog his drain with your hair. If he complains, ask him if he’s sure it’s all yours and not another woman’s.

32. Ignore him when he talks to you. Pretend like you didn’t even hear him.

33. Make fun of his clothes. Tell him all his shirts look the same and that his jeans are outdated.

34. Get him to drive you places and make him wait in the car while you run your errands.

35. Talk about children. Ask him how many he wants, and say the opposite.

36. Talk to his ex. It would be best if you became friends.

37. Invite yourself along when he goes out with a friend.

38. Criticize him in front of other people. Get really specific.

39. Don’t delete Tinder. Let him know this.

40. Call him constantly. If he doesn’t answer, call again. And again. Make sure he knows he has a needy girlfriend.

41. Imitate and make fun of the way he walks and talks. Really exaggerate it.

42. Leave something in his car, then accuse him of it belonging to another girl when you pretend to find it.

43. Call him by a nickname he doesn’t like.

44. Pretend to talk on the phone with a guy he doesn’t like. Act smitten.

45. Turn the topic of every conversation back onto you.

46. Burst into tears at the smallest provocation, particularly in public.

47. Tell him that size does actually matter.

48. Tell him everything about your friend’s dramatic love life. Try to involve him in the gossip.

49. Tell him that the top of his head is balding.

50. Criticize his driving. Tell him he drives like a grandma.

51. Correct him a lot. His pronunciation, facts, anything. He doesn’t actually have to be wrong.

52. Always play with your phone. Text, browse social media, or play games while he’s talking to you.

53. Pretend you don’t know and don’t understand anything. Just pout, giggle, and say you have no clue.

54. Say you don’t care what you have for dinner, but reject all his ideas and suggestions.

55. Shame him for his interests, especially if they’re nerdy.

56. Ask him to make plans for the two of you for this weekend, then turn down every option he gives you.

57. Ask him for advice, then do the opposite.

58. Obsess over a celebrity. Talk to him about them, and get mad if he tells you he’s not interested.

59. Talk to him about your ex, and emphasize all the ways he was better.

60. Be indecisive. When he asks you what you want, say you don’t know; when he makes a choice himself, tell him you don’t like it.

61. Ask him how he liked the outfit you wore last week, then get angry if he doesn’t remember.

62. Wash his white shirt with something red and turn it pink.

63. Mother him : tell him how to behave, give him instructions, tuck him in, feed him.

64. Getting mad at him for something he did in your dream. It was still him!

65. Leave him on read.

66. Ask him why he hates your friends.

67. Turn everything into drama. If he asks you if it’s PMS, get really mad.

68. Be late to everything. Make him wait for you.

69. Ask him if he thinks other girls are prettier than you.

70. Roll your eyes whenever he compliments you.

71. Be overly nice to every guy you meet when he can see.

72. Ignore his texts, but let him see you text other people.

73. Tell him about random guys flirting with you.

74. Set him up on a play date with a friend’s boyfriend.

75. Complain about your friends, and get angry if he agrees with you.

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Wrapping Up

Unless you want to make your boyfriend mad , be careful and try not to take things too far when you want to irritate him. If that’s what you’re after, then go crazy and use every idea from this list of annoying things .

If the reason you’re looking for ideas on how to annoy your boyfriend is to get a laugh out of him and bring some excitement into your relationship, then do it sparingly, and don’t forget to have fun.