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How To Attract A Guy: 19 Bulletproof Ways To Get His Attention

How To Attract A Guy: 19 Bulletproof Ways To Get His Attention

There’s this new guy you like. However, you don’t want to make the first move , even if your life depended on it.

On the other hand, you can’t just sit there and patiently wait for him to magically understand that you’re into him and do something about it.

Is there a woman in this world who’s never experienced something like this? I think not.

Well, if this is the situation you’re going through right now, congrats because you’ve come to the right place where all of your troubles will go away.

If you’re wondering how to attract a good man, we’re here to give you 19 powerful ways to capture his attention.

Just follow this step-by-step guide and I promise you that he’ll be completely drawn to you in no time.

How To Attract A Man Physically

Men are visual creatures and whether you like to admit it or not, the fact is that your physical appearance needs to attract a guy before he even decides to give you a chance.

You know what they say: first impression is everything.

As harsh as this might sound, no guy will put an effort into meeting you if he doesn’t like your physical appearance .

You can call all men shallow, but the truth is that all human beings function like this, including us females.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some common standards of what most men consider under the term a beautiful woman .

Nobody expects you to be perfect, but you definitely should make an attempt to look your best when you’re trying to capture the attention of the guy you like.

Dress to impress

You might think that men don’t have a habit of noticing our clothes.

And you’re absolutely right – they’re definitely not as obsessed over details, accessories, and colors as we are.

That said, the thing every guy will without doubt notice is how certain clothes look on you.

Therefore, you need to dress in a way to hide your imperfections and put a focus on your good sides.

If you have curves , don’t be scared to wear clothes that will point out to them. Just make sure that your clothes aren’t too vulgar.

Don’t think that he’ll fall for you if you appear in front of him half naked. Instead, this way, he’ll only perceive you as a piece of meat and that’s the last any woman wants.

Also, he’ll spot if you dress like a clown. Remember that not every type of attention is good for you and don’t let anyone make fun at your attempts to attract this guy.

You don’t have to wear an evening gown every time you expect to run into him either – it will be enough for you to wear clothes appropriate for the occasion and for it to be clean and ironed.

When it comes to your shoes, high heels are a must. I know that you probably feel more comfortable wearing sneakers, but high heels simply drive men crazy.


For us women, makeup is probably the most important irrelevant thing in the world. And you’re no exception.

That is why you’ll probably use your best makeup skills to attract this man. However, don’t forget that usually, less is more.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that you should allow this guy to see your straight-out-of-bed edition. Just don’t overdo it and remember that there are different types of makeup for every occasion.

You won’t put on glitter; huge, fake eyelashes; red lipstick; and have smokey eyes for a casual coffee during the day.

In fact, according to research, most men like to see a seemingly natural appearance.

It means that you should look like you have no makeup on at all, while you actually spent hours getting ready. You know the drill: a little bit of foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, and some lip gloss.

Also, make sure to put focus on the most appealing parts of your face that will highlight the beautiful woman you are.

If you have blue or green eyes, make them look even bigger and if you have a beautiful, big mouth, use a distinguishable lipstick color.

Smell good

The first thing men notice about the opposite sex is their scent. It doesn’t matter how you look, if you pass by a guy and the smell of your perfume knocks him off his feet, half of the job is done.

Of course, the most important thing is to be clean and freshly showered.

Don’t choose too heavy perfumes that will cause him a headache. Instead, pick a delicately feminine smell that will make him instantly drawn to you.

Another important thing is to have a characteristic scent.

This way, every time he smells this perfume, even if it is on another woman, you’ll reappear in his memory.

Have a nice hairdo

Another feature of your body you should pay special attention to is definitely your hair.

You don’t necessarily have to pay your stylist a visit every time you know you’ll run into this guy, but it would be nice to make sure that your hair is neat and clean.

Try on a few different hairstyles before you figure out which one suits you the best.

According to research, most men are attracted to women with straight, long hair . So, if you have long hair , use it to your advantage!


If you want to attract men in general and not just one guy in particular, you’ll have to work on your body. Don’t be lazy and start exercising right away.

Choose any form of physical activity you prefer: start speed walking regularly, hitting the gym, or taking swimming classes.

Besides shaping your body, exercising will also make you feel much better about yourself and increase your levels of self-confidence .

Nobody expects you to become a supermodel overnight – it will be enough to lose that extra weight that’s been bothering you.

How To Attract A Guy With Your Body Language

Once you’ve leveled up your appearance, it’s time to improve your dating game .

When you’re trying to figure out how to attract a guy without talking to him , you need a powerful way to show him you’re into him.

And this is exactly what we’re bringing to the table.

Sometimes, non-verbal signs send a much more concrete message than the actual words. That’s exactly why you ought to use your body language signals to flirt with this man and attract him.

Eye contact

I’m sure you’ve already heard the famous saying that eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, that can’t be more true.

Eyes can’t lie and if your attentions are honest, the object of your affection will realize that as soon as he looks at you.

This is exactly why the way you look at this man the first time you two meet is the best signal that you’re into him, without you actually having to tell a single word.

Don’t be scared to stare at him until you manage to maintain prolonged eye contact .

Also, if he doesn’t look back right away, don’t let that discourage you.

He might be ashamed and probably needs some time to process the fact that you’re really into him.


Another thing no man can resist is a genuine smile. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a perfect set of teeth – what is important is that he sees that you have a positive personality .

Also, don’t forget to use every possible opportunity to laugh at his jokes and praise his sense of humor .

Even though they refuse to admit this, a lot of people and especially men actually have an incredibly fragile ego.

They usually need much more encouragement to make the first move than you might think.

Therefore, when this man sees that you find him interesting and that everything he sees and does amuse you, he’ll definitely take the hint and see it as a green light to approach you.

Touch him accidentally

If you want this new guy to fall for you hard, you’ll have to acquire some physical contact first.

Of course, you won’t jump him the moment you see him, but there are numerous subtle and simple ways for your bodies to get used to each other.

For starters, use every opportunity you can to touch him, without him noticing you’re doing it on purpose. Instead, make him wonder whether you’re really into him or all of this is nothing but pure accident.

When you’re talking to him, put a hand on his shoulder or knee.

Wipe something off his face or sweater, grab his hand mid-conversation, hold him a little longer in your arms when you hug each other, and kiss him on the cheek gently every time he approaches you.

Sit next to him

Another body language signal that you’re into someone is always sitting as close to him as possible.

When you do that, you have more chance to intimize with this person – to feel his breath, whisper in his ear when you two are talking, and acquire some kind of physical contact.

You can also always make sure that your feet are turned towards him. This way, you’ll have more face-to-face contact and it’ll be even easier for him to kiss you, if the opportunity arises.

Be careful about your voice

Whenever you’re around the object of your affection, be careful about your voice as well. Find the perfect balance between being too loud and too quiet.

You want to draw the attention on yourself, but you don’t want him to think of you as too invasive.

When it’s appropriate, use your sexy voice and laugh in a seductive manner.

Bite your lips

Another body language sign that you’re into someone is biting your lips while you talk to them.

Not only that, you should also look at his mouth. That way you’re sending him a clear signal that you can’t wait for him to kiss you passionately.

Trust me, once this guy sees your enormous desire for him, he’ll be knocked off his feet.

How To Attract A Guy Emotionally

After you’ve made yourself visible and after you’re certain that this guy has noticed you, it’s time for the next step: getting under his skin.

And the only way to do this is to attract him emotionally and mentally.

In order to achieve this, you’ll have to show him the beauty of your personality and each one of your traits that make you so damn special.

Prove him that you’re a high quality woman and girlfriend material he can’t afford to lose.

Work on your self-esteem

Before you figure out how to attract a high quality man , you have to become a high quality woman yourself.

Or at least convince both of you that you’re one.

You can’t expect this man to find you attractive and lovable if you don’t think that way of yourself.

You can’t expect him to think you’re a valuable girl worthy of his time, unless you start believing in your own self-worth.

That’s exactly why the first step you have to make in the process of seducing the right guy is building your self-esteem and becoming a confident woman .

Once you start thinking of yourself as an appealing, interesting, and smart woman, and approach him with this attitude, he’ll just follow your lead and form a similar opinion about you.

Instead of immediately thinking about your potential failure and being convinced that you don’t deserve this guy’s attention, change your mindset and for a change, start believing in yourself.

Be confident enough to know that you can win him over and that he will be yours, sooner or later.

Don’t act like a selfish princess – that’s a huge turn-off for most guys.

Nevertheless, show him that you have enough dignity and are a confident woman who knows what she wants.

Be his friend

If you want to attract the right man and are looking to have something more than a one night stand with him, you need to find the line between becoming his friend but not trapping yourself in the friend zone.

Show him that you’re someone he can count on in all life situations: a woman who gets him but also a girl he can hang out with.

Make him fall in love with you as a person before he even starts perceiving you as his potential partner.

If he’s a good guy , he’ll appreciate you as an individual before seeing you as his could-be girlfriend.

Having said that, be careful not to start acting like a dude and becoming one of the guys, in your desperate attempts to make this man like you.

Spending time with him and showing him that you want to be his friend is great, but don’t forget about your feminine side either.

Do your best to stay away from hearing about his exes or girls he’s involved with now.

Don’t make a scene every time he brings up something regarding his love life you don’t like, but make it clear that you’re uncomfortable listening about his feelings for other females – that will be hint enough.

Tease him

When you want a man to go crazy for you , you have to tease him a little bit as well.

However, it’s important not to overreact and start acting like a cold bitch the moment he shows first signs of interest, especially since you’re the one chasing him.

Be there for him, but don’t be too available. Show him that you’re not going anywhere, but don’t let him see it as a green light to start taking you for granted.

Help him realize how much you like him, but at the same time, make it clear that your life won’t stop if he doesn’t give you any feelings in return.

Show him that you’re not playing hard to get – you really are hard to get.

Flirt with him, but make it clear that he’ll have to put in some effort before actually winning you over.

When you’re trying to figure out how to attract a man , it’s okay to try some hot-and-cold psychology on him, as long as you don’t start acting like a lunatic.

Besides, if you treat him like the love of your life one day and turn into a heartless bitch the very next, you can’t expect him to behave any differently or take you seriously.

Remember that there’s a huge difference between teasing a guy to get him to fall for you and playing with his mind and heart.

Respect him

The right men want respect from their better halves. Therefore, if you plan on belittling this guy to start perceiving you as a catch he should chase, think again.

This kind of behavior can only cause a counterproductive effect.

Don’t put this man down, humiliate him, or diminish his worth in any way – and especially, don’t do it in front of others.

I’m not saying that you should nod your head to everything he says, but you can’t disrespect his opinions and attitudes, even if they completely differ with yours.

When you two finally go out on your first date , show up on time and be nice to the staff.

Show him that you’re not taking him for granted and that you appreciate all of his effort.

Once this guy sees that you’re respectful towards him as a man and as a person, he’ll know that you’ll respect him as your boyfriend as well.

Do little things for him

If you want to get under a guy’s skin, you have to take care of him.

No, you won’t baby him and act like his mother – for most men, this kind of behavior is a huge turn-off.

However, it would be great if you could do some small favors for this guy.

Buy him a little gift, prepare his favorite meal, and don’t forget important dates!

Don’t become his servant – just show him that he can rely on you in good times and bad, and that you’ll always be there to help him out in times of need or at least give him valuable advice (when he asks for it).

Show interest in his life

Even though you might think that all men are into the same things – sports, booze, and girls – the truth is quite different.

As with every other person, this guy also has his own particular interests and hobbies, and it’s your job to get to the bottom of them.

Instead of directly asking him about the things he enjoys doing in his free time, snoop around his social media profiles or ask your mutual friends.

Explore the little things he likes, find out more about his favorite activities, and use this intel to your advantage.

First and foremost, this information can help you come up with some great conversation starters.

Of course, you won’t tell him that you’ve been investigating him; just casually bring up a certain topic you know he’s into.

Believe me when I tell you that he’ll be thrilled for having met someone as similar as him.

Also, this can serve as a way to ask him out on your first date : just tell him that you’ve got tickets to a concert of that band you’re both crazy for and ask if he’d like to join you.

On the other hand, if you have trouble figuring out what this guy likes, it will be enough for you to listen to what he has to say.

Show interest in his love life and everything else he’s talking about.

He’ll appreciate your effort and the fact that you’re paying attention to him more than anything.

Send a positive vibe

All of us have bad days. Days when we’re grumpy, nervous, and in the mood for a fight.

Days when we view everything negatively and fail to see life’s true beauty.

Well, even though feeling like this from time to time is perfectly normal, do your best to avoid the guy you like seeing you like this. Instead, make sure he notices your optimism and positive personality .

Laugh at every opportunity you get and don’t take that charming smile of your face.

By doing this, you’ll share your positive vibe with him and he’ll start feeling happy every time he’s near you.

Show him your intelligence

Yes, the fact is that some men fear smart women. However, that’s nothing but a sign that they’re weak, insecure, and not worthy of your attention.

So, if you want to attract the right guy , you need to impress him with your wit and intelligence too.

Forget about acting stupid to boost his ego. Instead, show him that you’re much more than a piece of meat.

Once you manage to intrigue him and challenge his mind, I promise you: he’s all yours.

Be yourself

Finally, just be and love yourself . Follow each bit of dating advice mentioned above but don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Remember: You’re special and unique, and there’s absolutely no need to pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress some man, regardless of how much you like him.

After all, if he chooses not to like you back just the way you are and fails to see all of your qualities, it’s his loss!