So, it’s been bugging you for a while and now you’re at that point where you need to check for signs your guy friend is falling for you. I feel you, I’ve been there.

I know what you’re thinking: What if I’m overreacting? What if he’s just being nice?

After being close friends for so long, you’re not sure if all those little things he does mean something more or he’s just being polite and nice.

Crossing the friend zone can be scary, especially when there are so many risk factors on the side.

For example, he already knows all your secrets and you share mutual friends. If something goes wrong, that might be a disaster.

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After all, he is the person who knows all of you – and not just the good parts. He might even be your best friend.

So, does he really want to be with you or are you catching the wrong vibe?

If you already suspect that your male friend is into you, there is nothing else to do but try to flirt back and see where it goes.

But before you do that, you need to make sure you’re not just seeing things that aren’t there.

Although every friendship is different, there are some universal signs that can help determine if your friend likes you romantically but is too shy to show it openly.

1. You had one of those intense moments

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This sort of thing usually happens on days when you spend a lot of time together.

You have those spontaneous intimate moments when you both feel like there’s something in the air but none of you says or does anything.

Maybe you had a long meaningful conversation and feelings started showing up.

Maybe you were sitting just a little too close and felt like something was pulling you to get even closer.

Trust your intuition. If you feel like something’s there, it probably is. Your guy best friend is falling in love with you.

2. The way he looks at you speaks louder than words

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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and they are right.

If your friend has deeper romantic feelings for you, he might be scared of how much he likes you.

He will probably try to hide his emotions because he is too afraid of your reaction or simply doesn’t have the courage to talk to you about his feelings.

But despite the fact that he doesn’t verbalize his emotions, his eyes will always tell you the truth.

There are two possible scenarios when it comes to eye contact.

The first is that he will avoid looking at you straight in the eyes. If this is the case, it’s obvious that he’s too shy and afraid you’ll see right through his feelings, and he’s not ready for your reaction.

On the other hand, it is also possible that he constantly tries to make prolonged eye contact and stares at you whenever you are not looking.

He looks you deep in the eyes whenever your eyes lock. You know, with that deep, piercing look that’s hard to ignore.

This shows that he is so in love with you that he simply can’t control his gaze.

Another reason he looks at you is because he’s trying to read something from your eyes. He’s trying to find out if you share his feelings in the way you look back at him. He wants you to notice.

That is a clear sign that this guy likes you and wants something more.

3. He wants to be physically close to you

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When a man is in love, he has a hard time containing himself. In other words, he will have the urge to be close to you and accidentally make some sort of contact.

An obvious sign that your guy friend is into you is the body language and non-verbal signs he sends you.

For example, think about if he ever misses a chance to kiss you on the cheek?

Does he always hold you in his arms for a little longer than normal when you hug? Now, that’s a big sign he’s crushing on you!

Watch out for more subtle things too, for example, the way he plays around with you or teases you. It all stems from his need to feel you close.

If he does all of these things, the physical attraction is obviously there.

I’m not saying that this guy won’t respect your boundaries or will invade your personal space, but he’ll definitely have an uncontrollable urge to make some kind of physical contact.

Whenever you are with a group of people, he will always sit or stand next to you just so he can be closer to you.

Whenever he talks to you, he won’t miss the opportunity to touch you, even if that means just touching your hand or shoulder or rubbing your knee.

Besides, he will always lean in close whenever he gets the chance, especially when you talk.

4. He’s protective over you

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When a man loves a woman in any way, he will always have the urge to protect her, and your male friends are no exception.

But if this guy goes out of his way to show you his protective side, it’s a dead giveaway that he wants you to see him as more masculine and therefore more attractive.

He has a natural urge to protect you because of his romantic feelings for you.

He wants you to see him as more than a good friend. He wants you to see him as a man who can take care of you.

No matter how strong and independent of a woman you actually are, if a guy is in love with you, he sees you as this vulnerable little creature who he wants to protect at all costs.

Of course, he doesn’t mean to undermine you. Instead, he wants you to see him as someone you can count on and who can make you feel safe.

Whenever someone hurts you, he’s the first one to react and try to do something to make things right.

Whenever you argue with someone else, this guy always takes your side and defends you. He always makes sure you get home safe and offers to go with you to places you don’t feel comfortable at.

On top of it all, he does all of this without you even asking him to.

5. People around you notice that something is going on

smiling friends having positive conversation at cafe

If any of your friends felt the need to comment on his behavior in a way that they suggest there’s something more than friendship between you two, take that comment seriously.

Sometimes things are far more obvious when you look at them from the outside.

Both of you are caught up in your own feelings, doubts, and thoughts, but people around you can see things clearly.

This is definitely one of the biggest signs that he’s not just interested in you as a friend.

6. Your needs are important to him

man surprising woman with the gift

One thing that can help you see if your male BFF is emotionally attached to you is the way he takes care of your needs.

If he is in love with you, he’ll rarely be selfish or self-centered. Instead, this guy will always take care of you and your needs, even prioritizing them before his own.

He will surprise you out of nowhere with the things you love.

For example, he’ll take you out for a spontaneous lunch at your favorite place, or surprise you with little gifts.

This guy will make sure you are always okay and not missing anything.

The biggest tell-tale signs are the little things; for instance, the way he cares about if you’ve gotten enough sleep or if you are hungry or tired. In short, he cares for your well-being and that means a lot.

It comes from genuine emotion.

Of course, it is normal for your male and female friends to take care of you to a certain point, but if your friend is in love with you, he’ll be different.

He’ll be more involved and interested in your daily routine, and curious about your free time.

One of the most important things is that he’ll go out of his way to make you feel comfortable around him because he cares about your feelings.

He simply wants to please you but knows he can’t do it as your boyfriend, so he gives you these little tokens of affection to prove his love to you.

7. Every word that comes out of your mouth lands in his ears

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Men aren’t known for being the best listeners. Sometimes it seems like they don’t listen to a single thing you say.

But one of the signs your guy friend is falling for you is the fact that he really listens to you.

This guy is genuinely interested in everything you have to say. Even when you’re talking about clothes or makeup, which most men don’t care about.

You never catch him watching a game or texting while you’re trying to talk to him about something that’s important to you. And that’s a good sign of a quality man right there.

Although he’s your friend, which probably means that he knows a lot about you, this guy wants to get to know you even better, so he could approach you better in a romantic sense and push things to the next level.

But even if he doesn’t plan to act on his feelings, it is obvious that he really finds you interesting and amusing.

8. He always initiates contact

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Friends message each other all the time, so getting a message from him isn’t that unusual.

However, if he often initiates contact and communication, sends you good morning and good night texts, he definitely has a secret crush on you.

When was the last time your girl bestie wished you a good morning like that? Exactly, friends don’t do that. Crushes do.

He keeps in touch with everything that goes on in your life, and you can’t think when the last time was that you didn’t hear from him.

It is obvious that he has the need to talk to you on a daily basis, and that is rarely something friends do.

He wants to become a part of your life, so you’d get used to him and possibly grow romantic feelings for him.

Besides, whenever the two of you hang out, he is the one who initiates these get-togethers.

Even if he doesn’t have a valid reason to call you or see you, he will find some excuse to do so.

If nothing else, this guy will call you just to see what you’ve been up to because he obviously can’t control the urge to hear your voice.

9. He opens up to you

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Most men  don’t open up to just anyone, and your male friends are no exception.

Of course, if you and your guy friend are extremely close, he will occasionally mention some things that are bothering him.

But he’ll rarely go into any details and open up his soul to you.

But if your friend loves you as a woman and appreciates and respects you as the great friend you are, it is certain that he thinks you’re girlfriend material.

He values your opinion. You can see that in a way he asks for your advice and guidance.

He doesn’t have trouble opening up to you completely and showing you his vulnerable side.

These are definite signs that you are special to him. Besides, he obviously wants to see where you stand on certain topics in life, and he gladly discusses them with you.

This man wants to determine if the two of you are compatible enough before he does something about his feelings and tries to start a romantic relationship with you.

10. He’s secretive about his love life

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Despite the fact that your guy friend is in love with you, this probably won’t prevent him from having an active love life.

However, whenever the topic comes up with you around, he becomes suspiciously secretive.

One of the possibilities is that he opens up to you about everything except for his love life.

You’ve been friends with this guy for ages, but somehow you don’t know anything about his love or intimate life.

You don’t know if he’s ever had a serious relationship, and you’ve never met his girlfriend.

If this is the case, it is possible that he really has been single for all this time because his love for you is so deep that he simply can’t imagine himself with anyone besides you.

He can’t seek dating advice from the one woman he actually wants to date.

But what is even more likely is that he intentionally refuses to talk about his love life because he feels embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about it with the woman he loves.

On the flip side, he might talk about his sexual affairs and relationships in front of you on purpose.

If he does this excessively, it is obvious that he wants to see your reaction.

This guy hopes he’ll provoke you and that you’ll show your jealous side.

He may think that you are not aware of your romantic feelings for him, so he wants you to realize that you love him, once you see you might lose him.

Besides, whenever he talks about the girls he is seeing, he somehow finds a way to compare them with you, even indirectly.

He doesn’t say it straightforwardly, but when he tells you the things that bother him about his girlfriends, those are always the things they don’t have but you do.

It’s obvious that this guy is looking for you in every other woman.

11. Your love life bugs him

Woman stands next to man with black hat

Wile it’s possible that the friend who’s in love with you doesn’t talk to you about his love life, the situation is completely different when it comes to you.

One of the signs a friend likes you romantically is his huge interest in your love life.

Although it is quite normal for your friends to be interested in the people you are seeing, when it comes to your male friends, they will never be that interested in your love life.

Unless they see you as more than a friend.

Therefore, if your guy friend is in love with you, he’ll want to know all the details of your dates and the guys you went on those dates with.
He probably thinks he’ll be in more control of things if he finds out about everything right from the start.

Whenever you are seeing someone new, this guy tries to find out whatever he can about him on social media.

He indirectly criticizes the other guy, telling you all about his flaws.

And whenever you break up with someone, he is there to comfort you, but you see that he is secretly happy about it.

This man always tells you that you deserve better, that you deserve someone who loves you more than the guy you’re seeing at the time.

But what he never tells you that he is actually referring to himself and his qualities when he talks of this imaginary better guy that you deserve.

If your friend behaves like this, there is no doubt that he is deeply in love with you, and he is obviously jealous, despite his best attempts to hide it.

12. It’s all in those little details about you that he notices

man looking at woman

Men are not very particularly interested in details; they’re big picture-oriented. That’s why they keep forgetting anniversaries and birthdays.

That is especially the case with your male friends. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about you if they happen to forget about your birthday or the name of your favorite band.

They simply don’t find these things as relevant as we do and don’t store them as carefully as we do.

But if one of your male friends is interested in you romantically, he will act way differently.

You are obviously more than important to him, so he finds everything connected to you important.

He will remember every detail regarding you, and know some things about you that even you don’t know yourself.

He will memorize all your preferences, your favorite movies, music, food, etc. and try to implement those in your relationship.

This doesn’t mean he is a creep or a stalker. It just means that he pays very good attention to everything that has to do with you.

He will always be the first to wish you a happy birthday or tell you that your favorite actor is starring in a new movie.

This guy will notice even the slightest changes in your appearance or behavior.

He knows you to the core, so he’ll always see when you’re feeling down or something is wrong, without you even telling him.

13. There’s no hand as helping as his

man fixing sink at home

Friends are here to help us.

However, this guy stands out. He puts so much effort into helping you out with everything in your life that you’ve started seeing him as your partner, not just as a friend.

This guy is there for all the things a boyfriend would usually do for you.

If you need help moving out, someone to do small chores around the house, or something to be fixed, he is always there for you. And with time, you’ve gotten used to having him around.

If you have a flat tire or you just need a lift, he is the first person you call.

Although it’s possible that he is just being friendly and polite, if your male friend goes out of his way to help you and resolve every little inconvenience you might find yourself in, it is likely that he is in love with you.

He has the urge to help you whenever he has the chance, and he also wants to present himself as a reliable man who you can always count on.

14. He showers you with compliments

man complimenting woman

He’s never shy to compliment you and tell you about the things he finds beautiful about you.

It’s sort of endearing and you’re never sure if he tells you that to make you feel better or he really means it.

He’s extremely supportive of the things you do and always has something inspiring to say to keep you motivated.

Every time you feel insecure about something, he finds a way to show you a different perspective and make you feel better about whatever you’re struggling with.

My advice? Quit being so insecure and trust him when he says that something about you is beautiful.

15. He’s always there for you

young man comforting woman

Besides always helping you out in life, if your guy friend has romantic feelings for you, he will also provide you with comfort.

This man will never be too busy to hear you out and help you deal with your problems. He will never be happy if you are going through some trouble.

This guy is the first person you call whenever you’re feeling down, and he’ll never pass up the opportunity to be the shoulder you cry on.

He will be there to hold your hand through life and give you some advice whenever you need it.

When you call him, he’ll leave everyone and everything he’s been doing behind just to be there for you.

Of course, a real friend won’t be by your side just when everything is going great, but also when things get rough, and all of this can mean that he is just being  a real friend.

But it is quite likely that this guy actually goes out of his way to be your rock in life, so you would see him as a strong man and as a reliable person who will never leave your side.

He is your greatest support in life – someone who pushes you forward on every occasion.

16. It’s obvious that he treats you differently than his other friends

man listening woman talking in the park

One of the most obvious signs your guy friend is falling for you is the fact that he doesn’t treat you like he does all of his other friends.

You two probably spend time with a large group of friends, but somehow you know that you are special to him.

You are always the first one he calls, he always sits next to you, and you feel like he addresses you when he talks to everybody.

Whenever he makes a joke, he looks at you, waiting for you to laugh at it, as if asking for your approval.

These are all obvious body language signs that he likes you.

He values your opinion more than anyone else’s, and he always pays extra attention to you.

Although it could be that the two of you are best friends and closer to each other than to everyone else in the group, it is probable that this is just his excuse.

This guy doesn’t know how to get closer to you, and he probably doesn’t think he treats you differently, but the fact is that everyone notices it.

Even his and your friends joke about you two being a couple and treat you that way.

If his friends do it, it is also possible that he’s been telling them about the way he feels about you, so they are just trying to see your reaction.

Whenever this happens, he smiles, and it is apparent that people seeing you two as a couple doesn’t bother him at all.

In fact, it seems that he enjoys it very much, and that makes his romantic feelings for you more than obvious.

16 Obvious Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You