You have probably heard about the notorious astrological sign of Scorpio. Scorpio traits are unmistakable and that’s why it’s often easy to spot them.

They are probably one of the most talked-about zodiac signs and if you have friends born between October 23rd and November 22nd, they probably already presented themselves as Scorpios at some point, even if they, quote, don’t believe in horoscopes and all that stuff, unquote.

Before we start diving deeper into this mysterious sign, let’s learn some general facts about them and explain their meaning.

You have probably heard that every sign belongs in certain categories.

The main categories are elements and quality; there are four elements (fire, earth, air and water) and three types of quality (cardinal, fixed and mutable).

Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign because of their passionate nature but that’s not correct.

Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces. However, they do have some fiery attributes and that’s because of their ruler Mars.

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It’s also a fixed sign (together with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), which means they stabilize and secure what initiative and eager cardinal signs started.

Fixed signs are often praised because of their reliability and depth but on the other hand, they can suffer from a lack of flexibility or openness to new experiences.

Fixed quality and water elements combined give a strong mental focus, a profound understanding of feelings and the ability to endure a journey to the deepest parts of the human psyche without getting scared.

That’s probably where scary Scorpio stereotypes come from and why this sign is often misunderstood.

Moreover, its second ruler, Pluto, is known as a mythological underworld overlord which, symbolically speaking, translates as a subconscious part of our psyche.

Pluto is associated with themes of death and rebirth, which are also the main themes of the sign of Scorpio.

It governs matters of personal power, creative destruction, core truths and deepest fears.

Even in tarot, the card that represents the Scorpio horoscope sign is none other than death.

Scorpio personality traits

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Positive traits


One of Scorpio’s biggest gifts is their resilience.

Just like their ruling planet Pluto, they are all about finishing cycles and then coming back to life, reinventing themselves and finding the strength to move on as a reborn person.

They have a hard time letting go of something they have come to love and that’s why they often end up hurt.

However, they always find a way to mend their heart and grow thicker skin afterward.

For the same reason, Scorpio can sometimes appear cold and ruthless but the truth is they just need time before they can trust you.

No matter how hard they fall, they will rise up like a phoenix, another symbol associated with the sign of Scorpio.


The Scorpio zodiac sign operates on strong emotions and purpose. If they have high motivation based on genuine feelings, they will do anything they can to achieve their goal.

With the right ideal in mind, they will do the impossible to get where they want to be.

A Scorpio in their full potential has great willpower and the ability to win over their enemies. The only problem is that often, their biggest enemy is themselves.

Once they’re in tune with their purpose, all obstacles fall before them and their determination prevails. Their path isn’t necessarily easy but it’s a fruitful one.

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A combination of intensity, fixation and depth creates good strategists in Scorpio but also overthinkers at times.

However, a focused Scorpio is a great planner who thinks all things through and doesn’t leave room for failure.

The only things that can cause unexpected disturbances and ruin their focus are their uncontrolled and intense feelings.


Passion equals intense feelings and that’s something Scorpios are known for.

All water signs are passionate in their own way but this sensual sign is very specific in the way they present themselves.

They are secretive, mysterious, and somewhat distant with everyone who isn’t in their close circle but if you catch their glare across a room, you’ll know there’s a fire inside them.

There’s nothing casual about them and they are not small talk types of people. Scorpio loves depth and if they’re into you, you’ll know it.

This trait is a double-edged sword because it can propel a person to the highest highs and drag them to the lowest of lows.

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Trust and loyalty

Now, in this category, Scorpio star signs are absolute winners. They are the most loyal sign in the zodiac and they are proud of it.

If you win the heart of a Scorpio, it’s forever yours, which also means you have a strong and fearless person on your side and someone you can always count on and that means a lot.


This sign is not easily scared. We already know that they love to dig deep and their bravery and sometimes their obsession fuel their curiosity even more.

They love to know what’s hidden inside most people and they have naturally good abilities to find it, which is also why they often dabble in the occult and esoterica.

Negative traits

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The downside to having a lot of determination is that sometimes it becomes pure stubbornness.

The inability to let go is one of the things this sign struggles with.

They need a lot of time to accept something or someone completely but they also have a hard time letting it go when they need to.


The eighth house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, which is very revealing of what kinds of activities they prefer and enjoy.

The eighth house is connected to matters of physical love, death, taxes and everything hidden, like a true scorpion, a small, timid but deadly animal.

Scorpios are secretive because they want to know everything and reveal nothing.

In fact, the only thing you’ll know about Scorpio is that they don’t want you to know them and therefore that they’re unusually mysterious.

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If you think of the traits of a Scorpio, you’ll notice that they include focused feelings with a strong need to know hidden things, which can come across as obsessive if unbalanced.

Behind this obsessive behavior and tendencies, there’s often feelings of insecurity, restlessness and an inability to feel safe or be on their own.

In a way, this sign doesn’t want to be independent, no matter how tough they look, and that’s because of their strong need to connect.

After all, one of the biggest issues for Scorpio is intimacy and intimacy is literally a physical and symbolic representation of a man’s need for unity and oneness.


Since Scorpio is ruled by watery elements and emotions and fueled by Mars’ fire, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the reactions from this sign can sometimes be over the top.

They are not scared to do things that are unimaginable to other people because they are very confident in their ability to be reborn.

They know that new beginnings are always there, no matter what.

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Unhealthy obsessions, combined with a natural interest in death, dying, decay and rebirth can lead to forming quite a morbid personality, at least for most Scorpios.

This trait is not necessarily negative but it can get disturbing at some point and translates into their sense of humor.

Accordingly, they are often interested in the macabre, gothic culture, horrors, crime stories, etc.

Love and intimacy

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One thing this sign is famous for is sensuality.

Scorpios are very passionate and they are, as we already mentioned, obsessed with intimacy and getting as close to a person as they can get, which translates into their love life too.

However, they also need a person who is capable of having deep and meaningful conversations and their own opinions.

This is a starting point for building trust and trust is a major factor when it comes to relationships with

They are generally not too into one-night stands but considering their love for physical love and charged, passionate feelings, it can happen.

It’s not something they feel great about later on though because they are naturally very inclined to having a loyal, monogamous partnership.

Some stereotypes represent this sign as very interested in fixations, which frequently include dominance and similar things, which again further confirm the need for possession and control.

All of this usually applies to people with the Scorpio sun sign, moon sign and/or Venus.

Family and friends

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Scorpios are the type of people who truly care about their loved ones.

They care about family and friends, they remember little details about you and they give the best presents.

They value honesty and dedication and that’s what they give to other people and they also like to take care of the people they love and are ready to take risks to make them feel safe. They are truly loyal friends.

Since they are very strong-willed, it’s possible that especially in their youth, they didn’t have the best relationships with their family.

However, later on in life, the bond usually gets stronger.

Career and money

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Scorpios are great at achieving goals they’re passionate about.

It’s important that their career is something they love or at least that they are interested in accumulating wealth, in order to give their loved ones a better life.

They can be great at careers that require a lot of focus and dexterity such as a researcher, psychologist, detective, etc.

They also make great managers because they have natural charisma and integrity, combined with a love for information and psychology.

Usually, their relationship with money is good. It’s not something they obsess about and that’s why they probably don’t have a hard time getting it.

However, matters of career are highly dependent on other things in their natal chart and are better discussed with a good astrologer as it’s something that means stability and security and allows them to do other things they love.

Male Scorpio traits

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A Scorpio man is magnetic and attractive. You have probably either already experienced that or read about it in a daily horoscope.

There’s a certain mysterious and confident aura around them that pulls you in and you want to know more about them.

However, attracting them isn’t always an easy task because they have a clear idea of what they want and they prefer a ride-or-die type of partner.

To seduce a Scorpio male, you need to be alluring, to make them want to know more about you. You need to intrigue them with wit and intelligent conversation before anything.

Physical attraction alone is not enough.

However, do not lie. Honesty is still one of the most required traits in a partner from their perspective.

Once you grab their attention and start spending time with them, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

They love to see depth and feeling in their partner. It triggers their instinct to protect and provide.

Female Scorpio traits

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A Scorpio woman is one of the most fascinating women in the zodiac. They are sensual and complex, passionate and caring.

Seductiveness and mystery are natural to her and go well with her traditional feminine qualities, even though she’s usually more confident and independent than other signs.

She’s smart and opinionated but to get to know her, you need to win her attention first and how you do that is by showing her integrity, will power and ability to understand things deeply.

She craves excitement, change and an active life so make sure you can keep up with her.

She’s a proud woman with clear boundaries, full of curiosity but not easy to pin down. If you manage to do it, expect nothing but loyalty and deep affection.

Scorpio’s compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

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Physical chemistry: high

Communication: medium


Physical chemistry: high

Communication: high


Physical chemistry: medium

Communication: low


Physical chemistry: high

Communication: high

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Physical chemistry: high

Communication: low


Physical chemistry: high

Communication: high


Physical chemistry: medium

Communication: low


Physical chemistry: high

Communication: medium

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Physical chemistry: medium

Communication: low


Physical chemistry: high

Communication: high


Physical chemistry: medium

Communication: low


Physical chemistry: medium

Communication: low

I hope you found out everything you need to know about Scorpio traits and that from now on, you’ll have a deeper understanding of their complex and fascinating nature.