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15 Obvious Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You (Beware!)

15 Obvious Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You (Beware!)

One thing is for sure. If an Aquarius man is serious about you, he won’t play mind games. Instead, he’ll make sure to express his affection in various ways.

Sadly, not everything is black and white. Sometimes it’s really hard to realize whether an Aquarius guy is falling for you or if he’s actually using you.

Their charming nature can fool you into thinking you’re their number one priority when in reality, you’re just an option.

The easiest way to know what actually is going on is to check the following signs an Aquarius man is using you. If most of these signs resonate with you, then you know where you stand.

15 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

If he has difficulty keeping his promises or prefers superficial conversations with you, then you know he’s not genuinely in love with you. Here are all the most common signs an Aquarius man is using you, so beware.

1. He avoids spending quality time with you like the plague

Aquarius men are curious and open-minded by nature. The same applies to Aquarius women.

This means they always make sure to come up with creative date ideas regardless if it’s your first date or 5th.

So, if he’s not genuinely interested in you but is only interested in using you, he will avoid spending quality time with you like the plague.

In other words, he will not feel the need to make an effort and impress you with his romantic tendencies. To him, Netflix and chill is enough because he’s not interested in connecting with you on a deeper level.

He’ll also avoid maintaining eye contact because he’s not interested in pursuing you like a real man but using you like an immature boy.

2. He only tells you what he wants you to know

Do you know that feeling when you’re with someone you’re crazy about, and you can’t help but ask them a million questions to get to know them better?

Well, the problem arises when you’re that person, but they aren’t. If he only tells you what he wants you to know, consider this a red flag.

If he’s unwilling to share his personal life with you, including his likes and dislikes, it means he doesn’t want you to be part of his world.

He’s only interested in keeping you at a distance so that he can come to you whenever it’s convenient for him.

3. His friends and family are a “forbidden realm” for you

When an Aquarius man is in love with you, he can’t wait for you to meet his friends and family. He wants to share you with the whole world because he’s so proud of being with you.

He does his best to make you feel like an essential part of his life. Well, if he doesn’t do any of that, you can be sure his intentions with you are not romantic.

If he always makes excuses about why you can’t meet his friends and family, know that he’s not even trying to make this happen. Why?

Because he doesn’t want you to be in his close circle. That way, it’s harder for him to manipulate you. Also, it will scream something serious, which he’s definitely not ready for.

4. He lashes out at you when you least expect it

As his fellow air signs (Gemini and Libra), Aquarius is a thinker, communicator, and doer.

An Aquarius man thinks twice before saying something because analyzing everything is his routine. (And no, they are not perfectionists at heart like Virgos.)

What I’m trying to say is that Aquarians don’t normally lash out at someone out of the blue if they care about the person. However, if they do, they will not even bother turning on their empathic and understanding tendencies.

If you notice that he’s constantly criticizing you or gets annoyed by little things you do, know that he’s not really focused on how his actions influence you.

His toxic intentions are what motivate him to act badly towards you. And no, he doesn’t feel remorse no matter what he does or says to you.

You could tell him that his behavior hurts you, but he will only tell you that you’re overreacting and imagining things.

5. Keeping his promises is mission impossible

He says that he’ll pick you up at 5, but he comes half an hour later. He says that next week you’re going on an adventure, but this never happens.

Whatever he promises you, he cannot keep it. Why? The answer is simple: Because he’s not even trying to.

If an Aquarius guy has a deep affection for you, keeping his promises will be his holy duty. He won’t have a problem doing so because he respects you and cares about how you feel.

Remember that. You know an Aquarius male is using you if he doesn’t really care whether he keeps his promises or not. The only thing he cares about is himself.

6. Compromising is out of the question

Do Aquarius men have problems compromising with others? Oh yes, they do. Do you know who else is bad at compromising? Taurus, Capricorn, and Leo men.

The easiest way to know whether an Aquarius man is into you or not is to test his compromising capabilities. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to test this because he will let you know either way.

Let’s say that you want to go for a walk and he wants to have a movie night. Do you think he would say something like, “Okay, we can go for a walk now, and tomorrow we can watch a movie”?

Of course, he wouldn’t! And I bet there are many situations similar to this that you’ve already experienced with him. Another thing about Aquarius men: They are stubborn as hell.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to compromise with him or explain something to him, he will have a hard time understanding it. (Especially if he doesn’t care that much about you.)

7. Frequent ghosting

Most of the time, you have no idea where he is, what he’s doing, or what exactly is going on in his life. Frequent ghosting has become the new normal.

Sometimes, he ignores your text messages for days, weeks, and even months. And what do you do? You keep finding new excuses to justify his behavior.

If he tells you that he’s busy, you never question it. Be honest with yourself.

Do you truly think someone can be so busy that they don’t have a few seconds or a few minutes in their day to text you back?

He does have time to tell you that he’ll text you or call you later. He does have time to reassure you that everything is fine but that he’s a bit busy at the moment.

But he doesn’t do it. Why? Because he obviously doesn’t care about you the way you care about him.

He doesn’t feel the need to keep you updated about his whereabouts and current situation because it’s easier to ghost you and use you when he needs you.

8. His selfishness is present in every aspect

Selfish men are some of the biggest destroyers of a woman’s mental health. I’ve dealt with several, one of them being the famous Aquarius.

I was convinced that he was into me because everything went smoothly, well, until it didn’t. The first red flag I noticed was his selfishness. Once he hooked me, he just decided to stop paying me attention but didn’t stop asking for it.

So, while I was selflessly going out of my way to please him, his selfishness was growing like cancer. Besides that, he was also ungrateful. (Speaking of legit signs an Aquarius man is using you.)

If all this resonates with you, know that the man you initially met was not the true him. He pretended to care about you only to get what he wanted from you: your undivided attention.

Now that he has it, he feels free to show his real face without worrying that something will change. Well, will it? As long as you approve of your selfish partner’s behavior, nothing will ever change.

Acknowledge that this man has been using you for his selfish purposes that have nothing to do with true love or affection.

9. Your relationship is primarily sexual

Is he just seeing you for sex, or is there something more? Is he interested in getting to know you better, or is he just pretending to be?

Just like Sagittarius, an Aquarius man likes deep, stimulating conversations, and they are open-minded. When they date someone they’re into, they can’t help but make it as meaningful as possible.

This includes asking tons of thought-provoking questions, suggesting new adventures, and philosophical conversations into the small hours, you name it.

If he doesn’t act this way but is only interested in sexual activities devoid of meaning and passion (something Pisces, Scorpios, or Aries men cannot understand), then your relationship has no future.

It’s definitely not easy to say, but he’s just using you for sex and other things he can freely get from you.

He’s not interested in any kind of emotional investment but in hookups and fleeting romances that have no future.

10. You can’t rely on him even if your life depended on it

If you can’t rely on “your” Aquarian man, know that this is a huge red flag. Of course, canceling plans can happen to anyone from time to time, but if this becomes the norm, then you should be worried.

• “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to make it today. Can you, please, cancel our dinner?”

• “I know I said I’ll do it, but (something) happened, and I couldn’t.”

• “Sorry, but now is not the right time.”

• “I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.”

Do any or all of the above statements sound familiar to you? If yes, then you know who you’re dealing with.

Your man is someone you definitely can’t rely on regardless of the circumstances. His ability to make excuses is outstanding, and it seems like it is never the right time for anything.

Regardless of whether you need some advice or only for him to listen to you, he won’t be there for you. He’ll be busy doing other things and not caring about you at all.

11. He prefers superficial conversations with you

Aquarius zodiac signs are people who need constant intellectual stimulation. They’re usually not interested in small talk or any type of superficial conversation.

So, why would an Aquarius man prefer superficial conversations with you? You see where I’m going with all this.

The only reason he would prefer this kind of conversation is that he’s playing games with you. If he wanted something serious with you, he would initiate intellectual convos all the time because it’s in his nature.

He knows he can’t be with someone who’s not on the same page as him when it comes to these things. So, if he doesn’t test your intellectual compatibility, you can be sure he’s just wasting your time.

12. Talking about the future is a big no-no for him

While his body language might reveal that he’s interested, if his actions don’t match, then you know he’s not worthy of your time.

Another clear sign he’s not into you is him avoiding conversations about the future, and not only that, he’ll also avoid making plans in advance.

The main reason he avoids doing this is to avoid taking things too seriously with you. It’s clear that he doesn’t see a future with you at the moment (or he never will), but he’s not ready to lose you.

Well, he’s not ready to let you go because there is still something you’re giving him without expecting anything in return. Think about what that thing is, and you’ll have your answer.

Perhaps it’s sex, emotional support, or enjoying your company without him needing to make an effort to deserve it. Needless to say that you deserve better.

13. He doesn’t support or respect you

You could talk to him about your life goals and passions for an hour, and he wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. He pretends that he’s listening to you when in reality, he’s thinking about new ways he can get what he wants from you without earning it.

It’s clear he neither supports nor respects you, which are the biggest signs an Aquarius man is using you.

Well, if he respected you, he wouldn’t make you question things, and you wouldn’t be here today reading my humble words.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good that you’re here today, but his behavior towards you definitely isn’t, and you deserve someone who will be there for you no matter what.

If your intuition is telling you that this man is not even trying to treat you like a woman deserves to be treated, then that’s all you need.

14. Playing hard to get is his favorite hobby

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of the water bearer. They can be quite unpredictable in both relationships and life in general.

Sometimes, an Aquarius man will choose to play hard to get only to grab your attention and to see if you truly care about him. But if he does this frequently or all the time, then you know he’s not really into you.

I have a few questions for you:

• Do you constantly feel like you’re in the middle of a hot and cold game?

• Does he change his behavior when you start chasing him?

• Does he act like he’s totally disinterested in you only to change his opinion minutes/hours later?

Dear lady, you’re in the middle of a roller-coaster game that Aquarius plays when they’re only interested in using you and not caring about you.

Trust me, nothing will change if you also decide to play hard to get. Ignoring an Aquarius man might grab his attention for a while, but in the long run, everything will remain the same.

15. Your emotions are his favorite thing to play with

If an Aquarius man has a crush on you or is in love with you, he’ll see you as his best friend, lover, and a special person. Your emotions will matter to him, and he will not want to play with you in any way.

If your emotions are his favorite thing to play with, know that he’s not interested in pursuing your heart but is interested in following his selfish tendencies.

He obviously doesn’t care about how his ghosting, harsh words, or lack of empathy affect you.

He plays with your heart and emotions while knowing that you don’t deserve this treatment but instead someone to take care of you wholeheartedly and selflessly.

How Do You Know If An Aquarius Man Is Lying?

The easiest way to know that an Aquarius man is lying is when he tries to change the topic and redirect your focus onto something else.

So, if you start questioning his lies and demand answers, he’ll think of something neutral that doesn’t give you much to overthink.

After that, he’ll ask you a question only to make you forget what you even asked him in the first place. They use this tactic to make their lies less important than they are.

When an Aquarius man is lying, he’ll try to cover it in various ways. At first, he’ll try to make the situation less serious than it is and then bombard you with different questions.

If you don’t fall for it, then he’ll accuse you of overreacting and imagining everything. So, that’s how you know he’s a liar.

To Conclude

One of the biggest signs an Aquarius man is using you is him avoiding having deep conversations and telling you only what he wants you to hear.

He will do his best to always keep you at a distance so that he can return when it’s convenient for him. His intentions are solely directed to his selfish needs.

An Aquarius man will use you for as long as you let him. Now, the question is, will you or how long will you let him?

If you truly care about him while he’s only playing games, then your relationship has no future. He knows this, too, but the main difference between you and him is that he doesn’t really care.