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Is Aquarius Man Testing You? 20 Bad Signs And Ways To Cope

Is Aquarius Man Testing You? 20 Bad Signs And Ways To Cope

You’re dating an Aquarius guy or just crushing on him? Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few patterns in his behavior that you don’t particularly like or, at least, understand and you can’t help but wonder is your Aquarius man testing you?

Frankly, I’m not surprised you struggle with those thoughts because it’s known that Aquarius men like and tend to test their partners. However, the thing is they don’t have bad intentions, they only want to make sure you’re the right person for them before they take your relationship to a more serious level.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out whether your Aquarian male is really testing you, how and why he does it and, of course, how to cope with it and, finally, pass his test.

Is Aquarius Man Testing You? 12 Biggest Signs He Does

If you’re really being put under the test, you’ll notice the following signs of an Aquarius man testing you.

1. Playing mind games

I know that playing mind games is something women hate the most in a romantic relationship. However, if you’re dating a Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries man, you should expect those mind games because men born under these zodiac signs are known as mind players.

I’m sure you’ve doubted that your Aquarius man is using and playing with you, at least once. And you’re probably sure that he was playing with you because it’s all a part of the test he has prepared for you.

2. Behaving hot and cold

This is also another game Aquarius males like to play in a relationship. There is absolutely nothing new about an Aquarius man in love acting hot and cold. It’s actually an old, well-known story.

He’ll treat you as an official girlfriend one day and he can go without reaching out to you the whole next day. He’s playing with your mind that way because he wants to see your reaction. Now, it’s up to you whether you’ll allow it to derail you or you’ll try to remain patient and calm down.

3. Playing hard to get

Most women hate when a man plays hard to get but the truth is, most men actually enjoy it. Especially when they realize that it’s driving the other side crazy.

If your man plays hard to get, it may be because of two reasons. Maybe he wants to test how deep you really care about him, that is if you’re going to give up on him or keep trying to win him over. On the other hand, he might be doing it only to make you go crazy about him and chase him.

4. Giving you a hard time without any reason

If your Aquarius man does his own thing and excludes you out of his life all of a sudden and without any reason, purposely starts fighting over nothing, gives you the silent treatment and tortures you in similar ways, you should know that it’s also one of his ways of testing you.

He wants to see how you react when he puts you under pressure. Also, he wants to see whether you’ll accept going no contact or whether you’ll make him talk with you and explain himself.

5. He’ll show controlling tendencies

Along with Aries and Sagittarius men, Aquarius guys are also known as one of the most freedom-lovers of the zodiac. They simply appreciate their independence and because it’s so important for them, they think it’s important to their partners, too.

That’s why an Aquarius man will never try to control his better half. If he starts exploiting controlling tendencies, it’s a sign of an Aquarius man testing you.

You should never put up with anyone trying to control you. If you keep this kind of attitude and stop him right away, he’ll consider it as if you’ve passed his test.

6. Sometimes, you feel like you’re under investigation

It’s like he wants to know everything about you. And it’s true, he wants to get to know you on a deeper level, however, this only shows that you’re being tested by your Aquarian guy.

He wants to see whether you’re okay with someone going so deep into your private life. He’ll want to see your body language and your reaction to some questions regarding your love life and your past relationships.

7. Confiding his deepest secrets way too soon

The fact is, an Aquarius guy isn’t one of those men who open up to their loved ones too soon or too easily. They really need to trust someone in order to start talking about their personal life.

If your Aquarius man reveals too much about himself too soon or if he reveals one of his biggest secrets to you at the very beginning of your relationship, you should know that it’s a test. It’s a way his trust issues are trying to figure out whether he can fully trust you or not.

8. Revealing his vulnerable side

Aquarius man likes to pretend that he’s a tough guy, just like Taurus, Capricorn or Leo males. They simply want to make others think they don’t have any vulnerabilities.

And it takes them a very long time to open up to their partners about their vulnerabilities.

If your guy has revealed a few of his vulnerable sides at the very beginning of your relationship, consider it a test because he’s really testing you whether you’ll respect those vulnerabilities or you’ll use them to hurt or get revenge on them one day.

9. Making you jealous

Another way an Aquarius man will test you is by making you jealous. He might use one of his female friends for that or he may simply flirt with other girls in front of you.

It’s because he wants to check whether you’re the overly possessive type of girlfriend because it’s the worst type for him. He always tries to keep away from jealous girls and if you fail this part of his test, don’t expect him to continue with your relationship.

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10. Making his best friends a priority

Even though it’s a well-known fact that Aquarian males aren’t quite committed lovers, they never make their partners feel like they aren’t their priority.

If your Aquarius guy makes his pal or his female best friend a priority over you, it’s simply a sign he wants to test you. If you show excessive jealousy and make an enormous deal out of it, you can definitely forget about him. He won’t allow his partner to be overly jealous and dependent.

11. Ignoring the little things

When someone really loves you, they make mental notes about all the things you care for. Aquarius man will remember all the little things you like and care for, but he’ll start ignoring them and behave as if he doesn’t remember them.

He’ll just want to test whether that will make you angry or sad, or whether it won’t tangle you at all because you don’t care about him. Don’t worry, once he makes sure your feelings are real and strong, he’ll be paying attention to the little things you care for so much again.

12. Offering a breakup after every fight

Men born under this air sign are known as those types of guys who don’t give up on something they care about that easily. When they honestly care about something/someone, they won’t stop until they get it and they won’t risk losing it at any cost.

However, don’t be surprised if your Aquarian man starts mentioning break ups every time you get in a small fight. He’ll only be provoking you that way to get you to act in the heat of a moment.

If you fall for his game and accept ending your relationship, it’ll be a sign for him of how little you really care about him. And don’t expect him to reach out to you after that because he’ll probably be angry and thinking about leaving you in the past for good.

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8 Tips To Deal With An Aquarius Man Testing You

If you really like your Aquarian man and want to keep him in your life, here are the most proven and efficient ways to deal with him testing you at the beginning of your relationship.

1. No matter what, be and stay yourself

This is the thing your Aquarius man will appreciate the most. Being yourself! Being unique and being yourself are one of the rare personality traits that always knock an Aquarian man off his feet.

The thing he dislikes the most is a woman/person who pretends or acts to be someone else just to get another person to like them.

2. Be independent and have faith in yourself

An independent woman who appreciates her freedom and wants to achieve her life goals above everything else is the Aquarius man’s soulmate.

That’s why you need to show your Aquarius guy how super confident you are. Talk to him about your goals and tell him you already have planned all the ways to achieve those goals.

3. He’ll appreciate honesty above everything

Whenever you feel bothered by something or you feel you aren’t okay with something he does or did to you, you need to be honest and admit it to him.

He’ll always appreciate you being honest and direct. If he finds out you’ve been lying to him or hiding some things from him, he’ll get mad and he may decide never to talk with you again. And, trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

4. Try to understand his reasons for testing you

The truth is, even though I don’t support a partner testing their partner, you should know that your Aquarian man doesn’t test you just to get some fun.

He does it because he really wants to test whether you’re the right girl for him. In other words, he isn’t playing with you, he’s trying to check your true compatibility.

The famous relationship astrologer, Anna Kovach, has perfectly explained the Aquarius man’s reasons for testing his potential partner:

“The reason for this is that an Aquarius man is very wary of getting into a commitment with someone. It needs to be 100% right for him to take the next step with a potential partner.”

5. If he plays mind games, you should play along

Unlike Aries or Virgo guys, Aquarius men don’t like to play mind games. And them testing their partners isn’t playing those stupid dating games, it’s simply them checking whether they should really be together or not.

However, if you notice your Aqua man playing games with you, you should accept it and play along by yourself. Let the games begin and let the stronger person win (and I know it’s going to be you ?).

6. Try to be and stay relaxed

I know it’s not a pretty feeling when you know that someone you deeply care about is testing you. However, if you want to keep your Aquarius man in your life, you’ll need to endure it and stay patient.

In this case, patience is indeed your best friend. If you don’t cool your head and keep your patience, you’ll only do something you’ll most certainly regret later.

7. Allow him to meet the real you

The main reason your Aquarius man is testing you is actually that he wants to get to know the real you. He wants to see how you behave under pressure and some unforeseen circumstances.

Just because you’ve figured out his intentions to test you, it doesn’t mean you should pretend to be someone else to pass his test.

Actually, you shouldn’t even try to pass it. It’ll only make you seem like a desperate woman who isn’t pleased with who she really is. The truth is, no man likes a fake woman, one who pretends she is someone else just because she thinks it’ll help her attract the man she likes and wants.

8. The time will show what destiny has in store for you two

In the end, trust the power of time. Time will tell whether you two should really be together or not. If fate already made you two soulmates, you’ll pass his test and you have nothing to worry about.

On the flip side, if you don’t pass it, it simply means that destiny never had you two in a plan. It was destined for you to meet him but it was never destined for you two to stay together forever.

8 Ways An Aquarius Man Tests You

We’ve seen the signs of an Aquarius man testing you, however it’s also important to recognize the ways he does it. Let’s reveal all of the Aquarius man secrets and techniques through which he tests his female partner.

1. He’ll test your boundaries

You should and need to set boundaries in the early stages of your relationship. Your man simply needs to be introduced to things you are okay with and those you can never justify.

However, be prepared to deal with him testing your boundaries. Deep down, he’ll respect them because relationships and personal boundaries are highly important for an Aquarius man, but he’ll want to make it look like he’s about to cross them every minute and he’ll do it only to see your reaction.

If you behave as if it doesn’t matter to you, and if you allow him to cross them whenever he wants, you’ll lose his respect. And once you lose his respect, you’ll lose him, too.

2. Your sense of humor will also be tested

You may find this awkward but sense of humor is a very important quality an Aquarius man looks for in his potential partner. He has a unique sense of humor and he wants his partner to be able to follow it.

If you don’t pass this test, you won’t have a good chance to win over his heart. He might try to continue your relationship but sooner or later, it’ll start bothering him to the point he won’t be able to deal with it anymore.

3. He’ll want to see whether you have an open mind

You’ll notice that your Aquarius guy is particularly interested in finding out your interests. It’s because he wants to see whether you’re an open-minded woman, one who follows her curiosity and allows it to take her wherever it’s necessary.

If you struggle with leaving your comfort zone, it’ll be a huge turn-off for your Aquarius man. For such an adventurous and liberal guy who has huge life goals, maintaining a relationship with a narrow-minded girl will be a mission impossible.

4. He’ll test you using his own vulnerabilities

In the process of getting to know each other, it’s normal that you’re going to reveal your vulnerabilities to one another. He’ll reveal it to you having one goal in his mind; testing whether you use those vulnerabilities or respect them.

Of course, if you care about him, you’ll respect his vulnerabilities and won’t allow anyone to use them and hurt him. You’ll also encourage and motivate him to accept his own flaws and vulnerabilities and not to be ashamed of them.

5. He’ll test your compatibility

If an Aquarius man likes you, he’ll want to check whether you two are compatible before he engages in a serious relationship with you. That’s why he’ll try hard to get to know you on a deeper level.

When it comes to compatibility, if you’re a Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius woman, you have a great chance to pass the compatibility test because females born under these zodiac signs have the highest horoscope compatibility rankings with an Aquarian male.

6. He’ll also want to test the level of your neediness

The truth is, and all men know it, we girls are a bit needy, especially in romantic relationships. However, some of us exceed that level of neediness and it stops them from maintaining a healthy relationship.

The last thing the adventurous and independent Aquarius man wants is a clingy and needy girlfriend. If you don’t respect his need for alone time and personal space, and he sees your neediness is crossing every line, he’ll leave you without ever turning back.

7. Testing your confidence

An Aquarius man wants a partner with an independent soul. His personal space and independence are way too important for him and that’s why he looks for a woman with the same preferences.

If you allow him to shake your self-esteem easily, you might become dependent on him and he won’t like that, that’s for sure. Forming those unhealthy attachments is the thing he always avoids in romantic relationships, as should we all.

8. Most important test; testing your loyalty

Don’t be surprised if your Aquarius guy’s best friend starts flirting with you. Your Aquarian man may persuade him into doing it only to test your loyalty.

After all, for an Aquarius man, honesty and loyalty are the most important qualities a woman can have. If you pass that test, if you warn his friend about crossing the line, he’ll appreciate and cherish you more than ever.

You’ll see how his behavior will change from that moment on. He’ll stop testing you because this last part of his test will prove to him that he can trust you and, most importantly, that he can commit to you.

How Do You Play An Aquarius Man In His Own Game?

If you want to show your Aquarian man who is the real player and beat him in his own mind game, you’ll need to keep your distance first. Don’t allow him to come near you before you make sure what his true intentions are.

Then, you should blow his mind with the same hot and cold behavior that he’s been giving you. One day you need to behave as if you’re head over heels with him and the next one, simply ignore him completely and pretend as if you don’t even know him.

That will drive him insane and he’ll forget about his own game. However, whatever you do, don’t try to make him jealous because that mind game won’t surely succeed with your Aquarius man.

Should You Play Hard To Get With An Aquarius Man?

The fact is, playing the good old dating game of pretending to be hard to get, is Aquarius man’s favorite thing. He likes to do it because it’s his way of making women chase him.

And yes, most definitely yes, you should play it, too. With a man like Aquarius, you always need to keep that veil of mystery if you want him to chase you.

Playing hard to get, delaying intimacy and challenging him will make an Aquarian man fall hard for you. Of course, you need to be careful and don’t overdo it because you may only achieve the countereffect, that is driving your man away.

How Do You Know If An Aquarius Man Secretly Loves You?

One thing is for sure, if an Aquarius man tests you, that clearly shows that he has already fallen for you. It’s the kind of man who doesn’t express his feelings so easily, so don’t expect him to tell you immediately.

He’ll try to spend some time with you, get to know you, make sure his feelings are real… And only then, he’ll be ready to confess his feelings.

However, asking many questions, being nervous around you, initiating communication often, and making plans for spending more time with you, are all the signs an Aquarius guy secretly likes/loves you.

Making The Long Story Short…

After everything you’ve read above, did you get your answers? Is your Aquarius man testing you? Most importantly, do you now know how to deal with the Aqua male testing you?

If this is the first time a man is putting you under a test, I’m sure you’re all confused and worried about his intentions. I really get it and it would be suspicious to me, too. However, some men have those tendencies to test the girls they like because they want to realize whether they’re really the girlfriend material.

If you don’t agree with that method and don’t want to be a part of that, you have every right to end every contact with your Aquarius guy. On the other hand, you can also play along and start testing him the same way.

You could kill two birds with that one stone. You would show him how it feels when a person you like tests you while at the same time, you could figure out whether he’s really the right man for you…