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17 Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds When They See You

17 Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds When They See You

Did you know that the first 6 seconds are long enough for making a first impression? If this statement makes you feel a little bit anxious, know that you’re not alone!

I guess your next question is: So, what are the things guys notice in the first 6 seconds? Is it my smile, my outfit, my vibe, my shoes???

Yes, and no.

It’s a mix of all these things because the human brain is wired to absorb as many details as possible during the first impression. Just because a man is staring at your boobs, it doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in anything else about you.

Perhaps your boobs are the first thing that captured his attention because they were “more accentuated” than other parts of your body (and because he’s a boob guy). Okay, I won’t bother you with all these details but let’s get to work!

Below you’ll find all the things guys notice in the first 6 seconds when they meet you!

Ladies, These Are The Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds!

Your body language, your beautiful smile, long hair, etc. These and many other things can capture a guy’s attention in just 6 seconds:

1. Your face + facial expressions

Are you wearing makeup? Are you making eye contact with him? Do you have an interesting face? What body part do guys notice first?

I remember my first meeting with a guy who asked me to take off my glasses because he told me I have an interesting face. Unfortunately, he turned out to be emotionally unavailable, so things ended after the first two dates.

No, I’m not saying that every emotionally unavailable guy will be interested in your pretty face. ? It’s just one of the first things guys notice about you.

This is confirmed in one survey reported by Women’s Health magazine: ”It’s your face! Thirty-eight percent of gents confessed that this is the first thing they notice about a woman.”

They also notice whether you’re annoyed, at ease, worried, or if you are wearing too much makeup (which can be a huge turn-off to some guys).

2. Your smile (or the lack thereof)

If you are a boy and you see a pretty girl, what would be the first thing you notice about her? Her smile, of course!

Indeed, men are crazy about a woman’s smile because there’s something special and uplifting about it. A woman’s smile can light up an entire room. Also, it can make a man’s heart beat faster.

Women who smile often exude positive energy that makes men drawn to them. After all, no one enjoys the company of someone who is negatively wired.

3. The way you vibe

When it‘s their first time meeting someone, men pay attention to your vibe. It’s something they can’t see with their eyes but they can feel it for sure.

If you raise positive vibes, you’ll be more inclined to laugh often and have an optimistic attitude. If your vibe is negative, your body language and facial expression will reveal it.

Whenever you ask yourself Why do guys stare at me when I walk by? chances are it‘s because of your vibe!

4. Your eyes

Men have always been fascinated with women‘s eyes, so it‘s no surprise that eyes are one of the things men notice first about women. When a guy locks eyes with you, he’s actually connecting with your soul.

You probably didn’t think about it, but your eyes can tell a lot about how you feel at the moment and your overall vibe. So, here’s my relationship advice based on eyes: “Eyes often tell what words cannot.”

I’m sure every guy is familiar with that statement and that is why they can’t help themselves but look in your eyes every time they see you.

5. Your hair

Curly hair, straight hair, blond, red hair, you name it. There are so many variations of hairstyles that it would take a day to list them all. It would be silly to think that guys are attracted to only one hair color or hair type.

Guys enjoy looking at your hair no matter what color or length it is. The only thing that matters is that it’s clean and smells fresh.

In addition, long and healthy hair is a sign of fertility and youthfulness to which men are instinctively attracted.

6. Your body shape (especially your boobs and butt)

As far as I know, there are three body types: ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. Different body types have different trademarks.

Some women have long legs and are slender and lanky while others are naturally shapely. Every guy has its own preferences when it comes to female bodies. However, we’re all sure that our boobs and butts are one of the first things they notice.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Big boobs and big butts are a huge turn-on to many guys out there and who could blame them?

7. Skin

Your skin is definitely one of the top 4 things guys notice about your body. Guys notice whether your skin is nourished, smooth and simply nice to look at.

They are suckers for cuddling with a woman who has soft skin. I personally devote lots of effort into nourishing my skin and it’s totally worth it.

Whatever outfit you choose to wear, having healthy skin will become your main “jewelry” because it shines. That‘s why guys can‘t help but notice it.

Don’t worry, stretch marks are one of the things guys don’t really notice about you. (I asked my male friends about it and they confirmed it.)

8. Your dressing style

Guys don’t really understand fashion terms like crop top, bubble dress, baggy pants, and the like, but they surely notice what you wear! If you have a specific fashion sense it says a lot about what kind of person you are.

For example, if you’re a rock chick, you will probably dress like one (plaid shirts, Doc Martens footwear, etc.). We women like to express ourselves through our dressing style and men know this, too.

They are great at reading our fashion language and connecting the dots regarding our personality. The first 6 seconds are certainly long enough.

9. Your body language

Do you have crossed arms? Are you laughing? What about your posture?

Your body language can tell a guy a lot about your current mood and personality. If your arms are crossed, it means that you’re reserved, protecting yourself, or you’re simply shy. If you’re laughing, they’ll see you as open and friendly.

If your posture is straightened, this exudes confidence. So, never underestimate the power of hot body language signs (especially on first dates).

10. Your smell

Yes, a guy will notice your smell within the first 6 seconds of meeting. They will notice the smell of your perfume and your ”natural body perfume” known as pheromones.

As a matter of fact, your pheromones are a huge deal breaker. If a guy isn’t attracted to your natural smell, he won’t feel the need to pursue you. The same thing applies to women.

Remember that guys will notice whether you’re wearing too much perfume or too much makeup. Many of them are appalled by these two things, but there are always exceptions.

11. Your sense of humor

Are you surprised that a sense of humor is one of the things guys notice in the first 6 seconds? If you didn’t know this, a sense of humor is the hottest quality one can have.

But wait, how can a guy notice your sense of humor in the first 6 seconds? Well, if you say something funny or make a hilarious facial expression, they will label you as funny.

All men are attracted to a woman who can make him laugh because such women have optimistic attitudes. They don’t take themselves too seriously and spending time with them is relaxing.

12. Your feet

“My feet?!” I bet that’s the first thing that popped in your mind. Yes, guys also notice your feet (especially guys who have feet fetishes).

Of course, they won’t be much foot-oriented during colder seasons when you’re wearing boots and sneakers. But they will definitely pay attention to your feet during summer when you’re wearing flip flops or sandals.

They will notice whether you’re taking good care of your feet. For every foot lover, one glance is enough to make an evaluation of a lady’s feet.

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13. The first words you utter

Did you greet him with Howdy, Hi, or something else? What was your first sentence to him?

Apart from your body parts, guys also notice your words. They notice the tone of your voice, and the way you express yourself generally.

If you wait for him to initiate the conversation, he will think that you’re a shy girl. They notice what you say as well as what you don’t say.

14. Your shoes

Yes, dudes notice your shoes as well! I’m sure every single guy is attracted to a woman wearing high heels (except my man who prefers sneakers).

Well, given that I’m not a high heel lover, I’m glad that I encountered a sneakers enthusiast. What I’m trying to say is that your shoes can tell a lot about your personality.

Apart from that, guys notice women’s shoes because they are interesting to them. Let’s be honest.

We have 89039373 shoe variations for every season. So, it would be a shame if they didn’t even notice them, right? ?

15. Whether there’s something fake on you

Guys will notice whether you’re wearing fake eyelashes, fake hair extensions, false nails, etc. Some guys don’t have a problem with girls wearing fake things while others prefer more natural girls.

I’m one of those natural girls and my guy said that that’s the first thing he noticed about me. I rarely wear makeup (let alone something fake) and when we first met, I was completely natural.

So, yes, now we now know for sure that guys notice whether you’re more inclined to being natural. I also think that guys who prefer natural girls will be the first ones who notice whether you have something fake on you.

16. Your friends

Believe it or not, your friends are also one of the things guys notice in the first 6 seconds. Your friends are not things but you know what I mean.

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe. By paying attention to your friends, guys can get an idea of your own personality.

After all, you chose to hang out with these people because you enjoy their company. They are your people, aka a part of your life. Sometimes, the easiest way to meet someone is by meeting their friends first.

17. Your confidence (or the lack thereof)

Confident female mindsets have always been one of the most attractive traits in women. If you lock eyes with a guy, he will consider you as a confident woman.

If your posture is straight and you exhibit confident body language signs, they will label you as a woman with high levels of self-esteem. And they will be attracted to you like crazy!

Confidence is also one of the top things girls notice as well when it comes to men. I always say that men with a high self-esteem are ten times more attractive than others.

Do Men Notice Little Things?

Men don’t really notice those ultra little things like the color of your nail polish, grown out roots, or the color of your lipstick. However, they do notice if you’re wearing lipstick, makeup, your choice of outfit and shoes.

They also notice whether you’ve washed your hair or done something extreme with it. One thing is for sure: When a guy notices small details about you, it’s a sure sign that he likes you A LOT.

When a guy is into you, he will pay more attention to all those little things that they usually don’t notice. The more they’re interested in you, the more things they’ll notice about you. It’s as simple as that. ?

Relax And Have Fun!

Are you still overthinking the things guys notice about you in the first 6 seconds? If yes, here‘s one of the ultimate dating tips and life hacks: Relax and have fun.

Don’t worry about the things guys notice about you in the first few seconds because you can’t really control it. The only thing that matters is that you’re being yourself and you’re not faking it.

If you’re confident in your own skin, guys will notice it. Believe me, that’s one of the most attractive traits a woman can have!