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Pink Aura Meaning In Life, Love, Career, And More

Pink Aura Meaning In Life, Love, Career, And More

Simply put, a person’s aura is the energy field surrounding their physical body. We all have different aura colors: green aura, red aura, blue aura, orange aura, white aura, yellow aura, purple aura, black aura, etc. Aura color meanings are different, and they can tell you a lot about someone’s personality traits, character, and energy.

If the color of your aura is pink, I can tell you one thing: you’re pretty special! How and why is that so? Well, the only way to find out is to investigate the pink aura meaning a bit more!

Pink Aura Meaning

shadows on pink wall

What does a pink aura mean?

In terms of energy centers, the color pink is considered a light varition of the red chakra, which is associated with the crown chakra.

To be exact, the pink aura is the perfect blend of the white aura and red aura. It is situated in the first chakra, also known as the root chakra.

But what is so great about pink aura people? Check out the pink aura meaning in love, friendship, career, and life, in general, to find out!

1. Hopeless romantics

Pink energy is all about love. Yes, I’m talking about romantic love before anything else here. Consequently, you believe in love, despite all the heartbreak it’s put you through.

It might be said that you’re a hopeless romantic. When you’re in a relationship, you enjoy throwing your partner romantic surprises, writing them love letters or poems, and knocking them off their feet with other gestures.

2. Vulnerability

This is the part of you that you probably try hard to hide from the rest of the world, but the fact is that you’re quite vulnerable. Don’t worry, this is not a bad characteristic, and it certainly doesn’t make you weak.

You get easily offended, have a fragile heart, and sometimes, even the slightest inconvenience can hurt you to the bones. You’re sensitive, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It just means that you have a pure soul and that you haven’t lost your humanity along the way! But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, your aura is linked to the heart chakra!

3. Creativity

An important pink aura meaning is connected with different forms of art. All pink aura people are creative in their own way.

There’s probably an artist hiding somewhere inside of you – you just haven’t found them yet.

4. Healing abilities

This is probably the best thing about you: you’re a natural healer and a born helper! It’s like you’re put into this world to save others.

Of course, none of it would be possible if it weren’t for your kind and generous heart. You’re the best example of what it means to be selfless.

A good career choice for you is definitely something in the medical field. Trust me: you’d be a great doctor or nurse!

5. Strong intuition and psychic abilities

woman in pink drinking coffee

All of your loved ones jokingly accuse you of being a mind reader and a fortune teller. Do you have some extraordinary psychic abilities or just a strong intuition? I don’t know the answer, but the truth is that you’re different from other people.

You can literally sense what will happen next! You can read people, and your gut feeling has never failed you.

Of course, this has nothing to do with logic – it’s part of the spiritual world. You feel other people’s energies and pick up on their thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes, everything points to a positive outcome. However, deep down, you get a feeling that things will go badly. And you turn out to be right every time, against all odds.

Here’s a piece of advice for you: don’t let anyone tell you not to trust your gut. Allow your intuition to guide you through life because it will never fail you!

6. Helpful and compassionate

Another important pink aura meaning is the one connected to your emphatic side. You’re incredibly compassionate, and that’s where most of your vulnerability comes from.

The same way you feel other people’s negative energy, you also feel their pain. But you’re not one of those people who will feel sorry for others without actually doing something about it.

If you realize that someone needs your help, you go into action immediately! I’m not talking about your loved ones here only. You’re ready to disregard your own well-being to help out a stranger.

Does someone need love advice? You’re the person they call. Do they need a loan or just a shoulder to cry on? You’re the first one they come to.

All of this fulfills you emotionally. You enjoy knowing that you made a difference! You’re a born savior who looks out for others.

Even though this is amazing, I have to warn you: not everyone deserves your unconditional love.

7. Soft personality

Sadly, in today’s world, being soft is looked down on. If you show the slightest sign of emotion, others see it as a green light to walk all over you.

But the thing is that you’re just not that aggressive, and toxic people take advantage of that. You’re not the kind of person who will start a fight out of the blue, and you despise drama.

Even though this is actually an amazing quality, it’s often fatal for you! You let it slide when people hurt you, forgive easily, and give out second chances without thinking things through.

At the end of the day, this turns out to be your biggest flaw and the personality trait that helps you destroy yourself. You have a problem standing up for yourself.

It’s crucial for you to set boundaries in time because, trust me, not everyone means well!

8. Led by your heart

You let your heart take you wherever it wants to go. This is especially true when you fall in love.

There is no logic involved, and nothing your brain tells you is included in your decision-making process. You go after your feelings without thinking of the consequences.

Most of the time, you end up screwed. But you don’t regret it. Why? Well, because you did exactly what you wanted to.

The good thing is that your intuition is a reliable companion. It’s what saves you from a lot of trouble. Otherwise, your heart would probably take you to the depths of hell.

9. Pure and innocent

Newsflash: there are people out there who have no moral values at all. I know that this is hard to process, but not everyone is as pure as you.

You’re too innocent for this harsh world. You have trouble comprehending toxic people with bad intentions whose goal is to hurt and use everyone around them.

Consequently, you end up as their prey!

10. Honesty as a way of life

woman by sea in sunset

I can bet you’ve never told a single lie in your entire lifetime. You’re literally incapable of deceiving others, and honesty is your number one driving principle.

And you’re pretty strict about it. You won’t tolerate white lies and stuff like that. You tell the truth, even if it’s harsh.

Yes, this includes being honest with yourself as well.

Of course, you expect it from others in return, but sadly, you rarely get it. Once again, you assume that everyone shares your moral values and get disappointed when you realize the truth.

11. Being loyal is non-negotiable

Another pink aura meaning is closely connected to loyalty. You’re like that in friendships, romantic relationships, and with family members.

When you love someone, you support them through thick and thin. You’re ready to move mountains for their well-being and wouldn’t betray them for anything.

Of course, your fidelity cannot be questioned when it comes to your romances. When you’re in love, you only have eyes for your person and wouldn’t fool around behind their back, even if your life depended on it.

12. Best friends in the whole world

Pink aura people are the best friends anyone could wish for. You don’t hang out with many people, and luckily, your intuition helps you recognize fake friends right away.

Consequently, you’re surrounded by a small circle of friends. However, these are the people you would give your life for without thinking twice.

You’re there whenever they need you, you’re emotionally involved in all of their problems, you take care of them, help them out, and give them your unconditional love.

13. Optimism or idealism?

The main question about your character is whether you’re an optimist or just a hopeless idealist who refuses to see reality, even if it hits you directly in the face? I bet you don’t know the answer either.

There is no doubt about one thing: your inner positive energy helps you look at the bright side of things. You never lose hope and have unwavering faith that tomorrow will be better.

Even if the world were falling apart, you’d manage to find the positives.

All of that is amazing. However, you can’t let your optimism blind you from seeing reality.

14. Giving, caring, and loving energy

Having a pink aura means having an incredibly strong energy field. It means being able to block the negative energy others try to radiate while sending caring and loving energy into the world.

Your world revolves around love.

You think of it as this great force that cannot be defeated but can defeat anything! You think it’s the moving force of the entire world, and you don’t plan on giving up on it, no matter what.

And you know what the best part is? The fact that you help others restore their faith in love as well!

15. Spiritual and materialistic world

Here’s another pink aura meaning: you’re one of those rare people who know how to strike a perfect balance between the material and spiritual aspects of your life.

It’s not that you hate money and luxury. On the contrary, you enjoy it very much. However, you know it’s not what really matters.

You pay a lot of attention to your soul.

For example, when you think about self-care, you don’t think about improving your looks or buying a better car. Instead, for you, self-care means nurturing the spiritual side of your personality!

How Can I Find Out My Aura Color?

woman doing aura reading

The safest way to find out your aura color is to get a professional aura reading. Besides this, there are also interesting ways to figure out the color of your aura.

One of them includes looking at yourself in the mirror and focusing on the center of your forehead. Stand still and wait until different colors start to appear.

Which one stands out? That’s your aura’s primary color!

What Is A Love Aura?

If you have a love or passion aura, you have the ability to emit love to others inside your energy field. Basically, those who possess a strong love aura have mastered the art of manifesting a specific person!

Different Shades Of Pink Auras

shadow of couple

​There is not just one pink aura meaning. Different shades of pink auras stand for different things!

1. Dark pink aura

​If you have a dark pink aura, you’re probably surrounded by loads of negative energy. Sadly, you haven’t managed to defeat it, and some of this negativity has become a part of you.

In that case, it’s time to clear your energy and go back to being your old self! Engage in energy protecting techniques and save yourself!

2. Light pink aura

A light pink aura is associated with the crown chakra and is very close to the red aura. People with a light pink aura are usually in touch with their spiritual side more than anyone else.

You’re a calm and soft person. It’s likely that you’re an introvert who doesn’t mind spending time alone.

3. Baby pink aura

A baby pink aura means that deep inside, you’re still a child. I’m not talking about immaturity here – I’m talking about the purity of your soul.

This aura color meaning is also connected to romantic love. If you see this shade, it’s likely that you’re falling in love with someone new!

4. Magenta aura

​There is one sure thing about you: you can’t be tamed. You’re one of a kind, and you don’t fit into any boxes.

You don’t care about social stereotypes, and you’re anything but a people pleaser. You’re fierce, self-sufficient, and even savage, if necessary.

5. Bright pink aura

​You’re incredibly passionate when it comes to the people and things you love. But that passion doesn’t take away your calmness, which is extremely rare.

Your love language is physical touch since you think of physical intimacy as a big part of romantic connections.

To Wrap Up:

woman in field with pink smoke

You should be more than happy to have this aura color! Every pink aura meaning is special, and they all show that you’re really precious and special. It’s no wonder this is one of the rarest aura colors!

Here’s a piece of advice for you: wear rose quartz stones! They go hand in hand with your aura and will purify your energy!