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14 Psychological Facts About Soulmates That May Surprise You

14 Psychological Facts About Soulmates That May Surprise You

Love is definitely one of the most powerful emotions. Battles and wars have been fought because of it. But what makes us think that the love we have now is actually the right one?

What makes us think that we’ve found ‘‘the one’’? What truly is a soulmate? And do they really exist?

People have studied love and soul connections since ancient times. Today, we have a list of psychological facts about soulmates that will help you figure out if your partner is really the one or how to spot a soulmate if you haven’t met one yet.

The characteristics of soulmates, good things that you’ll encounter, and other facts will be described in the following article. So, do I have your attention?

14 Psychological Facts About Soulmates You Didn’t Know

Soulmates? Are they real? Or are they another concept that humanity brought to the table just to fool us…

Soulmates are more than real! They are the link between the tangible world and the invisible one. However, many people have a misconception about soulmates.

You can have more than one soulmate – a soulmate doesn’t only exist in the form of a romantic relationship, and yes, people who are soulmates fight too.

These and other psychological facts about soulmates will surprise you.

1. The instant click

You just know it…You just know they are the one. This is the first and most obvious sign that you’ve run into your soulmate.

As a soulmate is someone that is already destined for you, you will not feel like you’ve met them for the first time. Rather, it will feel like you recognize them…

You will not know who that person is or when you will meet them, but the moment you see them, there will be this instant click!

The alignment of your and their energies causes this instant click. Your subconscious mind will speak for you, and you will know what a true soulmate feels like!

2. They are your safe place

You will recognize your soulmate by the feeling of home. The concept of soulmates is all about feeling secure and safe, like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Being safe and feeling safe is not the same thing. Safe can be interpreted as being unharmed or pain-free. Therefore, feeling safe means that you do not expect to be harmed or damaged, either physically or emotionally.

There is also a scientific explanation behind it. Being in love releases dopamine. Dopamine is also known as the ‘‘happy hormone.’’ It is responsible for all our feelings of well-being.

Besides dopamine, the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin are also released, which only boost the feeling of security and attachment.

You may want to trick your mind, but your body will always react to true love!

3. Mutual addiction

The feelings of unconditional love and soulmate connection you will have for your soulmate will, as previously said, cause your brain to undergo chemical changes.

These changes are similar to those of addiction, which might literally make you feel dependent on them. Once you taste the satisfaction of a soulmate, there is little chance that you’ll ever get out of it.

So, how will you know if you have found your soulmate? Just ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you miss them the minute they are gone?

2. Have you known them for a short period of time but can’t help yourself from being around them all the time?

3. Do you only think about them and nothing else?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then congratulations! You are in a soulmate relationship.

4. They shine positivity

One thing is sure, a soulmate will brighten your entire world and every aspect of it!

Their entry into your life will change everything, the way you feel and the way you think. Their entry alone will give you hope that good things do exist and that you just have to wait for them.

They will dispel all black clouds, and you will start to focus on the brighter side of life. With them by your side, the cruelty of life will become a little gentler.

5. Soulmates and best friends

An interesting psychological fact about soulmates is that a soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be involved in a romantic relationship with you.

There are different types of soulmates, and deep connection can be achieved with friends, not only partners.

Besides this, romantic soulmates make best friends first and foremost. A relationship is more likely to be stronger, happier, and last longer when friendship serves as its basis.

This does not suggest that romance is absent from a romantic soulmate relationship but rather that soulmates get the best of both worlds.

6. Intimacy

Basic relationships are characterized by different types of intimacy. This involves both physical attraction and psychological. However, when it comes to soulmates, here the spiritual connection is dominant.

The basis for a long-term relationship is growing your spiritual intimacy and being aware of that!

It is the sense of freedom that comes from being able to connect about spiritual topics or matters at any time and in any fashion. Regarding sharing or asking a question, there is no need to take caution.

7. You embrace your vulnerable sides

One of the most obvious soulmate signs is the vulnerability that you two share. You are not afraid to show your feelings and vulnerable parts, which only deepens your connection.

As you are being vulnerable around your partner, you will reveal some parts of you that no one knows. By doing this, you will avoid or reduce conflict between you two.

So, deep connection and reduced conflicts are good side effects of vulnerability.

8. You aren’t able to judge

There’s a reason some people experience love-induced blindness. Being in love can cause the amygdala, a survival mechanism that ordinarily detects danger, to significantly shut down.

This way, you will ignore all the negative aspects and flaws of your significant other. All your love will entirely be focused on the good stuff.

However, as good as this may sound, it is also bad. Why? Because everybody makes mistakes and no relationship is perfect. But this doesn’t mean that you should ignore all their bad traits.

By not acknowledging your and other people’s flaws, there is no room for personal growth. And where there is no room for personal growth, there is no room for mutual growth.

9. A new level of connection

Every one of us will have a different soulmate experience. Everyone has their own unique pair and the moment we meet them, a whole new level of connection will arise.

This level of connection is a perfectly dosed sum of every possible connection. You will recognize them by the same way of emotional expression and by the way you build your social connections in the same way.

You have the same point of view when it comes to life perspectives and huge decisions. Your soulmate will be your intellectual match, and this is a great foundation for your personal development.

10. You are finally fully confident

With all this safety, addiction, huge connection, and positivity, you will boost your confidence. This confidence will reflect in both your relationship but also in your personal life.

You will never have any doubt that you will ever break up or have any huge conflicts. You will simply know that they are thinking of you all the time.

But besides this, you will start to feel more confident in your personal life. Finding your soul partner gives you greater vitality and increased confidence.

Having this unique person by your side, supporting you while you handle duties and make decisions, will make you feel relaxed.

Because of the strong support your partner offers, problem-solving becomes simpler, and you feel less stressed as a result.

11. A different type of excitement

You might discover that every time you think of your loved one, you have butterflies.

Norepinephrine, a hormone comparable to adrenaline, is what makes you feel excited and causes your heart to race when you fall in love. The beginning of a relationship with your soulmate is the most thrilling thing in the entire world…

Although falling in love and meeting your soulmate may give you butterflies in your stomach, the majority of your reactions are actually controlled by your brain.

But what makes your soulmate really different from any other person you fall in love with is the duration of this excitement.

Psychological facts about love say that the initial excitement will eventually pass. But this is a different thing with your soulmate. Your initial excitement will always be trending!

12. Intuition

It is accurate to say that they are more sensitive to one another’s thoughts than other couples. They seem to be able to read each other’s minds in a way.

They are able to detect mood changes without being explicitly told and respond accordingly. They are connected by energy cords that allow them to communicate with one another quite instinctively.

There is a good probability that you and your partner are soulmates if you connect naturally, almost telepathically.

13. Soulmates are not like peas in a pod

The key to a healthy relationship is not always about compatibility. A lot of people actually believe this misconception.

A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be your twin flame. You don’t have to agree on everything and have the same opinion.

They may have different perspectives and points of view. The complementarity, rather than the compatibility, makes you two perfect soulmates.

As long as you complement each other, you will know that they are the right one!

14. Your body says a lot

As your relationship is far from ordinary, you and your partner will know how to follow your body language and facial expressions.

Additionally, there is energy “interference” between you two. When your vibration is high, and your heart is overflowing with love, peace, and joy, you radiate high energy.

This energy is on the same frequency as that from your soulmate. Most often, you won’t need words – your eyes will say everything you don’t have the courage to.

How Do You Know Who Your Soulmate Is?

There are different ways to know who your soulmate is. Some of them are:

• You two support each other in everything you do.

• You know when one of you is in a bad mood or hurt.

• There is always a huge amount of chemistry.

• You feel safe in their presence.

• You always want to be where they are.

• You feel as though you have known them for ages.

• There are times when you believe you can read their minds.

To Sum Up

Some people believe in the concept of soulmates – others don’t. The difference between them is that the former hasn’t met the right person yet.

But, how do you know when you finally met ‘‘the one’’? In this article, we described some of the psychological facts about soulmates that will help you recognize ‘‘the one.’’

Instant click, deep connection, the feeling of safety, and increased confidence are only some of the soulmate signs.

All these signs can be very helpful, but at the end of the day, it is your inner feeling that will tell you if you’ve really found your soulmate.

Listen and trust that feeling!