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He Unblocked Me But No Contact: 16 Things This Could Mean

He Unblocked Me But No Contact: 16 Things This Could Mean

You’re sitting and waiting for a text that might never appear. The backstory is that you broke up with your ex, and he blocked you immediately after.

A few days ago, one of his posts appeared on your Facebook feed, and that’s when you realized that he finally unblocked you.

Now, you can’t seem to figure out, “why did my ex unblock me in the first place?” What’s even worse is that he hasn’t even contacted you again.

You are not getting any texts, likes, or other interactions. Now you’re here trying to figure out, “what does it mean if he unblocked me but no contact?”

I am here to help you with these questions and tell you why your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend unblocked you but still hasn’t reached out.

He Unblocked Me But No Contact – 16 Reasons

I’ve prepared some of the reasons your ex could’ve unblocked you and whether he will reach out to you soon or at all:

1. Your ex misses you

Not only do dumpees feel left out when a relationship ends, but dumpers also do. If your ex is the dumper who blocked you, the first reason why he might be unblocking you is because they miss you.

Even though they miss you, your ex is still not reaching out. It might be because he is embarrassed or because he believes you are still angry at him.

2. Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat. He might have heard from a mutual friend that you are sorting your life out or are in a new relationship. He’s spent a lot of time thinking about you and wanted to see for himself.

This is why he unblocked you, to snoop around your profile and see if you’re doing better than him after the breakup.

He wanted to see if you’ve won the breakup. If this is the case, don’t worry about reaching out, he will most probably reach out to you in a matter of days.

3. He realized he was wrong

Finally! He’s realized what a mistake he made when he let you go. In fact, he’s realized that he treated you badly and that you deserved better.

Now, he is crawling back and telling you that he is sorry for how he broke it all off. In fact, that is why he unblocked you and is now gathering the strength before reaching out.

4. Emotionally mature

We’ve all heard about immature people who block their partners the moment they break up or have a fight. That might have been your ex.

It’s been months since that happened, and your ex has realized that they did you wrong. In fact, they have matured emotionally since then and want to make amends. He will most probably not text you.

5. No more bad blood

It might be that you broke up with your ex. This was the first time that he’s been dumped, and he started resenting you. This might be the reason he blocked you in the first place.

After a while, he’s realized he no longer hates you. Now that these negative emotions towards you no longer cloud his judgment, he might actually reach out to you again.

6. Checking up

Another reason your ex might have unblocked you is to check up on you. In other words, this means your ex wants to snoop around your life and see if you’re doing better.

If this is the case, your ex is most probably not over you, but if he is so immature, the probability of him reaching out to you is extremely small. So, don’t get your hopes up.

7. He is nostalgic

Oh, nostalgia, it makes us believe in things that didn’t happen. If your ex is romanticizing your previous relationship and wanting his ex back (you), it could be why he’s unblocked you.

He believes your relationship was perfect, even if that wasn’t the case. If that is true, there is a high probability he will also reach out to you soon.

8. Uncertainty

Remember, partners block out any anger and jealousy they might feel. Unblocking, being the polar opposite, is caused by opposing feelings.

This means your ex is feeling miserable and uncertain about you.

In other words, you don’t know how your ex is feeling, but he definitely has some feelings left for you. So, he unblocked you but is waiting to reach out. You will most probably get a text.

9. Boredom

Yes, you read that right. Some people might be so bored with their lives that they don’t just want to snoop around yours but also keep track of what you are doing.

They will proceed to stalk your social media presence because their friends told them you are doing good or bad. Will he reach out? It depends on your reaction.

10. Messing with you

Another answer to “he unblocked me but no contact” is because he wants to mess with you. This is a bad way of getting back at your ex because they are attacking your feelings.

Yes, your ex has ascended from hell and wants you to suffer. In fact, he deliberately planned everything, from blocking, unblocking, to not texting. He will probably text you to mess with you if you give him no reaction.

11. Old feelings resurfacing

One of the simplest reasons your ex might have unblocked you is because they still have feelings for you. Do you know about the 8-week rule?

It might be in play here.

But why isn’t he reaching out? He is not sure of what to do. One thing is for sure: he has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to tell you or whether to tell you at all.

12. Jealousy

You are currently in a great relationship with a great partner who is everything you’ve ever asked for. But your ex still has feelings for you.

This is a problem because he unblocks you, feels hurt that you’re dating someone else, and stalks your new relationship. Your ex is uncertain whether to give you a phone call, text you, or do nothing. Let’s hope it’s the last choice.

13. Over you

You had an avoidant, narcissistic partner and a toxic relationship that drained the life out of you. Your ex blocked you and used the no contact rule to get over you.

Finally, he succeeded and now has zero feelings for you. He left all grudges aside and unblocked you. If this is the reason, the probability of him reaching out to you is small.

14. Getting back together

Oh no, this is a horror story, even if you’re still not in a relationship. If your ex unblocked you and has the intention of crawling back to you , he is sure to reach out.

In fact, he is just checking your profile to test the waters. In any case, just wait, and you’ll get a text.

15. Going through a phase

Your ex is currently most probably sad or lonely. He might romanticize your relationship and want you back.

In fact, he might have tried the no contact rule on you and then realized he still has feelings for you and changed his mind. If this is the case, it’s only a matter of time before they reach out to you first.

16. Clearing conscience

It’s not unreasonable for your ex to think of you from time to time. You probably do the same. This is why they might feel they did you wrong by blocking you.

Some time has passed, and he believes it is time to make amends and unblock you again. He doesn’t want to snoop around this way but just let you know he is sorry for what he did. The probability of him reaching out is minimal.

What You Should Do If Your Ex Unblocked You

After you’ve read through all the reasons your ex might have unblocked you, you might wonder what you should do now.

One of the most common questions people ask themselves is whether they should message their ex if they unblocked them. The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. So, it’s a no.

If you were in a long-term relationship and broke up , it might be best to wait a while before messaging your ex, or better even, not do it at all. If you are still in contact with him, it might be best to wait until he initiates contact with you first.

Here are some reasons why you should not reach out to your ex first:

• He blocked you: If he was the first to block you and be so childish, let him be the man and reach out first.

• Don’t overthink it: I know you’re on the verge, constantly wondering why he unblocked you, but don’t sweat it. It might mean nothing.

• It took him too long: Even two days of being blocked are too long, and he might have ruined your relationship.

• It might mean nothing: Maybe your ex is a narcissist who wants to manipulate you and get you back into a toxic relationship again.

• Move on: Either you or he have most probably moved on and are in a relationship, so let’s keep it that way.

• Be the winner: Don’t let him have the upper hand in this breakup by reaching out.

So, regardless of why your ex unblocked you, stay strong and don’t text them right away.

Here’s What It Means When An Ex Blocks You

Blocking is a way to stop unwanted contact from someone on social media. When you block someone, they will not be able to see your posts, send you messages, or add you as a friend.

Blocking someone on social media is a way of cutting off all contact with them. It’s a way of saying, “I don’t want to hear from you anymore.”

In other words, your ex is letting you know that they don’t want any contact with you. It could also mean that they are:

• Using the no contact rule

• Don’t want to hear from you

• Angry at you

• Depressed

• In a rebound relationship or new relationship

• Hiding something

Blocking is a feature of some social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, often used by people that find someone annoying or want to avoid them. When someone is blocked, they can’t see what the blocker posts or view any profile information.

How Can I Make My Ex Unblock Me?

The way to make your ex unblock you is to post to your social media profiles. You got a new partner. It’s a new post. The next day, you did something for your mental health. It’s a new post. Or you went somewhere for the weekend. That’s a post too.

It is possible to make your ex unblock you, especially if there are still lines of communication between you two. You can do this by sending them a message that they will find interesting. This might be a message about something you know they are interested in.

Even if texting is out of the game, you still have mutual friends that will tell them about you on social media platforms, whether Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, and many others.

To conclude, you can make your ex unblock you by:

• Posting more interesting posts

• Reaching out to them with an interesting theme (if texting is possible)

• Sending them an apology

• Telling mutual friends to say your life is going well

• Hope they are not over you and will unblock you eventually

Once their friends tell them about your life, their first move will be to unblock you. I just hope you won’t be typing “he unblocked me but no contact” again into your search bar.

Wait For It!

I understand that you’re constantly wondering and going back and forth. He unblocked me but no contact? What does unblocking mean?

Why did my ex unblock me?

My best advice right now is to sit and wait. Time will tell if your ex wants to get back together, if they are over you, or, even worse, if they want to be friends.

There are numerous other possible reasons, so I recommend waiting to see if they reach out to you. I would also recommend not reaching out first because they are the unblocker and should tell you why they are back in your life again.

So, stay strong and don’t be the first to show weakness. You know it will pay off.