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If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: Meaning And 10 Reasons He Did It

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: Meaning And 10 Reasons He Did It

You noticed that your ex blocked you, and now you’re freaking out.

You’re wondering if you did something wrong or said a mean thing without realizing it. You’re even wondering if he ever loved you at all.

One minute, you blame yourself, and the next, you blame him.

Did all the memories mean nothing? Have you become ‘just some woman’ that he can get rid of that easily?

Now, I know it’s frustrating, but let’s not jump to conclusions. If you stay with me, I will guide you through all the possible reasons why he might have blocked you.

Moreover, I will show you how if your ex blocks you, you won meaning you really have nothing to be sad about. Read on, and everything will become much clearer.

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: Meaning

You have heard this so many times by now, yet you still don’t understand what it means.

How are you the winner if someone you used to love blocks you? How can you let go of that fact?

Well, I know you feel bad because you probably think he hates your guts. You think you never mattered that much to him in the first place if he was able to do this.

But, that’s not quite true.

What he did doesn’t erase his past actions

That’s right. Just because he decided to block you doesn’t mean his feelings were never real. It just means they somehow changed.

Appreciate the way he loved you before, but don’t blame him for his current actions because honestly, you’re nothing to each other anymore.

You can’t be mad at him for moving on (because that’s probably what he’s trying to do).

That’s better than holding on to something that will never again be alive.

He probably just wants a healthy relationship, but can’t do it with past memories still hovering over him.

But, regardless of his reasons, there is actually nothing for you to feel bad about.

You are the winner here

How someone treats you tells you how much they deserve to be in your life. If your ex blocks you, you won meaning that you don’t need someone who doesn’t fight for you.

And, since you’re wondering about his reasons, I’m sure that is exactly what you expect him to do.

But, since he decided to block you, that tells you how little he is prepared to do what is right by you.

Are you really going to waste your time thinking about the person who did that to you? I think not.

So, be happy that now you finally know where you stand, and go and chase someone who will see you as someone worthy of fighting for.

What It Means When Your Ex Blocks You

He blocks you either because he wants you back or because he’s over you.

The only way to know for sure is to ask him about it. Send him a text message and ease your soul.

If you’re not ready to do that, then wait it out and things will be much clearer soon.

The truth always finds its way to the surface. You only need to be patient because there are still many reasons that fall into the aforementioned two categories.

10 Possible Reasons Why Your Ex Blocked You

If you’re wondering why your ex would block you in the first place, consider the following reasons:

1. He can’t look at your life without him.

Are you the type of woman who posts about every little detail of her life? You share pics every day, and brag about your new boyfriend and how happy you are with him.

If so, then you can’t blame him for blocking you. Whether he has feelings for you or not, things can still affect him because it’s hard to pick yourself up after a breakup.

Or, perhaps he doesn’t even have you on social media anymore, but a mutual friend told him about your new relationship.

It probably hurt him a lot, and he started remembering his life with you and how good it was.

Now that he sees you’re happy without him, it hurts, even more so if he doesn’t have anything interesting going on in his own life.

2. He’s angry about something you did.

Anger indicates that he still has feelings for you. But, obviously, blocking isn’t the healthiest way to deal with your emotions.

Still, he does it because he holds a grudge against you.

Perhaps you ignored him when he said hello the last time you saw him, or he’s still angry that you managed to fall for someone else while being in a long-distance relationship with him.

He is annoyed at whatever is separating you. It’s an inevitable stage of a breakup.

Whatever it is, it is so big in his eyes that he decided to block you. But, in reality, every problem is too big for him because he loves you, yet can’t have you anymore.

Either way, if your ex blocks you, you won meaning that you don’t deserve someone so immature that they focus only on the bad times.

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3. He has found a new love.

This can mean many things. Maybe he still has feelings for you, but another girl got his attention, and he doesn’t want his past to come and ruin his new relationship.

It’s also possible that he has completely moved on, but just doesn’t want to have an ex-girlfriend on social media.

I have a best friend who deleted all her ex-boyfriends because she thought it was a breakup mistake to have them on social media platforms while being committed to someone else.

Perhaps your guy thinks the same, and wants to treat his significant other with respect.

4. His new girl asked him to.

Yes, this is possible, too. Some women want to make sure their boyfriend can’t contact his ex-girlfriend, so they tell him to block her to ensure it.

Maybe he would never do that by his own will, but he wants to respect her wishes because he can’t lose her, even if he hurts you in the process.

You can’t really blame him if he moved on with someone else, can you? After all, your relationship ended.

5. He still wants you.

This one’s obvious. Him blocking you often means that he’s not all that indifferent when it comes to you…

He can’t stand looking at his inbox and seeing that the last message to you was sent so long ago. He can’t stand looking at your pic knowing that he’ll never again touch your face.

So, he chooses to block you. That’s the only way he can move onif he never sees anything related to you again.

6. He knows you want him.

Yes, I know it sounds confusing, but hear me out.

Even if it’s hard to accept it, you have to consider the possibility that he no longer cares about you romantically.

But, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about your feelings.

Maybe he has found a new girlfriend and wants to show her off to the world, but he’s too empathetic and knows you’re going to see it all.

He feels bad for initiating the breakup, and still sees you as a good friend.

Knowing how you feel about him, he decides he doesn’t want to hurt you, so he blocks you because he knows it’s the best way he can protect you – by staying away.

And, no, don’t confuse this with him still wanting you back. Sometimes, men can truly care about you without wanting to be romantically involved.

And, who knows? Maybe you actually don’t want him back either. Maybe you’re just used to being with him.

7. He’s putting his past behind him.

He either moved on or is trying to move on. But, one thing is for certain – he doesn’t want to have anything with you ever again.

Creating a whole new life is at the top of his priority list now, and you’re not included.

Can you really be angry with him for doing this, though? I know it looks like an immature move, but nothing is immature until you look at someone’s reasons.

If he’s doing it for his own well-being, then it’s actually the most mature move he could have made.

8. It’s all a game to get you back.

He might still be in love with you, but staying away is certainly not his plan.

He doesn’t block you because it’s hard for him to deal with his feelings, but rather because he knows how it will affect you.

It may not be a classic guy’s behavior after a breakup, but it still happens.

My ex-boyfriend did it for this reason, too. He blocked me only on Instagram and Snapchat.

He wanted to cause such an intense reaction that I would eventually text him to ask why he did it. He wanted me to have second thoughts about breaking up with him.

This is why your guy, too, will probably make sure that you have a way of reaching out.

Maybe he won’t change his phone number, so that you can send him a text message or send a message via WhatsApp or Viber.

9. He’s just trying to hurt you.

If he blocks you because he’s trying to hurt you, then he still loves you, and doesn’t know how else to deal with it.

His level of immaturity is over the roof, so he doesn’t know how to communicate with you.

Instead, he opts for blocking because that’s the only way he can show his love.

In the end, he’ll probably unblock you and try to talk it out, but his immature nature will ruin it again.

Yes, his hot and cold behavior is childish. Let’s be honest – you don’t need this kind of man in your life.

10. He’s fighting his insecurities.

Whether he’s still in love with you or not, the way you ended your relationship might have left him with a lot of insecurities.

If you were the one to break up with him, then maybe he’s struggling with self-esteem issues, and believes nobody could ever love him.

To fight those issues, he decides to go to the source – you. So, he blocks you.

I know it’s got to hurt, but this is his way of increasing self-love, so you can’t really be angry with him for trying to take care of himself.

Why Is He Blocking And Unblocking?

It’s either because he’s confused about his feelings… or he knows exactly what he’s doing.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if he eventually unblocks you, that means he’s still thinking about you.

He blocked you because he was struggling with his feelings. He wanted to distance himself from you, but couldn’t do it for long, so he decided to undo his actions.

This isn’t confusion. He knows exactly what he wants, and that is YOU.

But, he still doesn’t know what to do about it, so one day, he blocks you, and the next day, he comes back to where he started. And, if it’s not his first time doing it, then his struggle is even bigger.

On the other hand, he’s blocking and then unblocking you as a deliberate act of getting you back. No, it’s not very mature, but he believes it to be effective.

I mean, you are here wondering why he did it, aren’t you? It seems to be working.

But, don’t let him get away with it. Tell him you want to meet up and then confront him. Explain how there are healthier ways to deal with your emotions.

Or, better yet – give up on him entirely.

What To Do If Your Ex Blocks You

I know you’re overwhelmed right now, thinking, ”What do you do if your ex blocked you? How do you deal with it?”

Well, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. This is what you should do:

1. Realize he isn’t a part of your life anymore.

Yes, he might have blocked you, but why should that concern you at all? It’s okay to wonder for a minute, but to devote any more time than that is unnecessary.

He has been gone for a couple of months or years now, and you were still able to continue living your life. Him blocking you doesn’t change much.

He is nothing to you anymore, so whether you have him on social media or not is of no consequence. Why not ditch him for good?

2. Don’t stalk him anymore.

I know. You’re too curious about why he blocked you, so you’re probably tempted to find other ways to stalk him. But, don’t you know?

Curiosity killed the cat!

By prying further into his business, you’ll only do yourself harm. All the memories will come rushing back, and you’ll end up where you were before – pining over him.

Do you really want someone who blocked you to have power over you? Don’t you want to say goodbye to your toxic love?

3. Find the silver lining.

If your ex blocks you, you won meaning he’s now completely erased from your life.

It’s easier for both of you not only to respect the no contact rule, but also to not even have the opportunity to text each other.

That’s why he didn’t just unfriend you. If there is no way of reaching out, then there is nothing to hope for.

Also, not being able to see each other’s photos will help keep the memories away.

You don’t have to cry anymore over how handsome he is, but you can seek other opportunities and look at guys who are actually available for you to date.

4. Chase guys who chase you.

Maybe a part of you still wants your ex back, and that’s why you’re so overwhelmed by his decision to block you. In that case, I only have one thing to say:

He let go of you, and you should do the same.

Approach that cute waiter you were checking out last night or text the guy who clearly likes you, but is afraid to make the first move.

If your ex blocks you, you won meaning he doesn’t deserve your attention.

Instead of still thinking about him, focus your attention on guys who actually want you. You’ll be happier for it.

5. Focus on yourself.

That’s right. You and your well-being come FIRST.

You don’t always have to follow your heart. Following your head from time to time might save you a lot of trouble.

There’s no point in holding on to someone from your past when they’ve clearly let you go.

Instead, focus on creating a happier and easier life for yourself. Take care of your mental health and do your skin-care routine every day. Give yourself all the love you were expecting him to give you.

When you learn to love yourself more, you won’t be bothered by someone else denying you that love.

Is Blocking Your Ex Normal?

The answer is yes… if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

If you’re genuinely concerned about your mental health and can’t stop loving your ex, then blocking them is an act of self-care.

Anything you do that serves as an act of self-care is understandable and excusable. Besides, since your relationship ended, you don’t owe your ex anything.

On the other hand, if you blocked them because you want to get them back, and this is your twisted way of showing them how much you care, then no, I’m afraid it’s not normal.

You might want to reconsider your ways and try to learn how to communicate properly because if you keep handling things this way, it will never end well. You can bet on that.

Wrapping Up

Do you get the bigger picture now? You may be hurt by the fact that he blocked you, but in the end, it’s you who comes out victorious.

Yes, if your ex blocks you, you won meaning that the unworthy guy took himself out of your life.

He may be an ex partner, but you clearly still have feelings for him. What he did should make those feelings go away.

As any relationship coach would advise their coaching client – someone who doesn’t come to your door saying ”Hey, I still want you!” but chooses to block you instead shouldn’t have a place in your life.