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Is He Serious About Me? The Top 20 Signs He’s Playing For Keeps

Is He Serious About Me? The Top 20 Signs He’s Playing For Keeps

So, you’ve been dating this man for a while and all of a sudden you start questioning his intentions and start asking yourself that infamous question, “Is he serious about me?”

Honestly, if I was given a dime every time I asked myself the same, I would be richer than Oprah by now.

Joking aside, being uncertain about your guy’s feelings has become the norm today because, in the majority of cases, they themselves are uncertain about their own feelings as well.

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The thing is that guys are sometimes indecisive and they have no idea what they really want, which makes you suspect that they are not serious about you.

But one thing is for sure! When they are one hundred percent serious about you, they always make damn sure to show it with their actions and if you pay attention to certain patterns of their behavior, you will see it for yourself.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Serious About You?

The truth is that if a guy honestly loves you and wants to be in a serious relationship with you, you won’t have to bother about making him commit, because that’s something he’ll want to do himself.

He’ll be loud and clear with his intentions. However, you’ll have to be patient because that is a decision that can never be made overnight.

Making the decision to commit to you for the long haul is a very big deal for your man. And before he does that, he’ll want to be completely sure in his feelings and that his decision is the right one.

The bottom line is that if a guy is serious about you, he will show it with his actions! But I can tell you for sure that the problem is not with you, so don’t you ever dare think that.

So, to save yourself from unnecessary trouble and constant overthinking of whether he wants to be in a serious relationship with you or not, just pay attention to if your guy is exhibiting the following 20 signs that are sure indicators that he is playing for keeps!

He treats you as his priority

One thing’s for sure. If a guy is serious about you, he will treat you as his priority.

Now, what does that mean? It basically means that he will always have time for you no matter what because you are at the top of his list.

He never makes excuses about seeing you. On the contrary, he goes out of his way to make it happen.

You see, when a guy is really interested in you and wants to build a serious relationship, he always makes sure to make things happen no matter what.

There are no excuses and no lies and you never doubt for a second anything he does or says to you. 

He wants to get to know you on a deeper level

Whenever you ask yourself the question, “Is he serious about me?” ask yourself another question as well, “Is he curious about me?”

If a guy is curious about you, if he’s really interested in everything that is going on in your life, it’s a very good sign that he wants to have a committed relationship with you.

He wants to know your preferences, what makes you nervous, what your passions and fears are, what makes you happy, your favorite food, your favorite movie and so many other things from your personal life.

He wants to know all of that because he thinks you’re the one and is genuinely interested in knowing you better. He wants to get to know you on a deeper level and he will try hard to succeed in it. That’s one of the biggest signs he has strong feelings for you.

He listens to you and asks for your opinion

If you see that a guy is carefully listening to your every word, it’s a telltale sign that he has serious intentions with you.

Also, if he asks you for your opinion, it is a great sign that your thoughts mean something to him!

It means that he wants you to know your perspective on certain things because, ultimately, he respects you.

Listening is one of the most important aspects when it comes to deciphering whether he’s really into you or not because you can never force yourself to pay attention to someone you’re not really interested in.

So, if he’s doing it, you can be sure that your relationship is the real deal and that he’s playing for keeps!

He trusts you

Trust is also one of the most important things when it comes to dating and relationships.

Without trust, it is hard to establish a firm base for a healthy relationship. Now, how to know if a guy trusts you?

The easiest way to know that a guy trusts you is if he feels comfortable opening up to you about everything that is happening in his mind and his heart, too.

Is he comfortable talking about his feelings, fears and similar? Can you tell that he’s being honest with you?

If yes, you can be sure that he thinks you’re the one and that he trusts you with all of his body and soul.

You are the first person he goes to when it comes to sharing new events from work, talking about sensitive situations and so on because he trusts you and he’s genuinely serious about you and he wants you to know that.

You’re spending more and more time together

Before, you used to see each other once a week or twice max but now you’re spending more and more time together (which is the first indicator of him being serious about you).

Also, if he’s the one initiating your ‘dates’, you can be sure that he’s crazy about you.

If a guy is not that interested in you, he will automatically have an excuse for not spending that much time together.

But if he’s going out of his way to see you, it means that every second with you means a lot to him and the more you two see each other, the more he will initiate it in the future.

He pays attention to little details

Unlike women, guys don’t have the ability to pay attention to details and some seemingly innocuous, little things like we do.

A guy’s mind is simply not programmed to perceive things that way but when they really want to remember something, they don’t have any problems doing so.

If he’s paying attention to the little details, like your favorite coffee, if you have cut your hair, or if you’ve made some other changes regarding your looks or similar, it means he’s observing you and he is paying attention to everything you do.

It’s a very clear sign that he is curious about your life and that he wants to remember every single detail about you.

He keeps his promises

If he says that he will do something, you trust him that he will. You can tell that he keeps his promises by the way he treats you.

He promises that you will go somewhere for the weekend and he doesn’t bail on you at the last minute and make some stupid excuses that something went wrong and he’s all of a sudden unable to go.

He’s a man that makes such a huge effort to never flake on you and he always sticks to his decisions and promises. He has never disappointed you because he cares about your feelings and he treats you as his priority.

And he would never promise you something he’s not capable of fulfilling because he’s not the kind of man who makes excuses when he realizes that he has screwed up.

He shows you with his actions

If a guy wants to be in a serious relationship with you, he will not only say it; he will prove it to you with his actions and gestures.

He will shower you with affection, help you with your tasks, comfort you when you’re feeling sad, he will make you coffee in the morning, he will always try hard to surprise you and so on. He will do everything just to make you smile.

He’ll do all of that and so much more just to prove to you that you aren’t just some regular hookup for him and that he has serious intentions with you.

He knows that his words mean nothing if they are not followed by his actions and that is why he will always be ready to make an effort to prove it to you.

He’s excited about you when you aren’t around

Does he talk about you all the time when you’re not around?

Do you often hear from his friends and family that he’s all about you when you’re not there?

If yes, it is because he simply can’t stop thinking about you even if he wanted to.

You’re always on his mind no matter what he does because he’s crazy about you!

Have you ever heard of the saying that men fall in love with your absence?

You see, it’s totally true! If he loses his mind when you’re not together, it means that he’s falling in love with you deeply (without even being aware of it).

He makes future plans with you in advance and sticks to them

He always makes sure to plan the whole week in advance and he always thinks of some new ways to have fun with you.

He never makes you worry if you’ll see him or when because he always has a list of exciting things he wants to do with you on all of your future dates.

When a guy is really into you, he never misses an opportunity to spend time with you as frequently as possible.

And no matter how busy he is, he always finds time to make plans with you in advance and he always makes sure to stick to them.

He always looks for ways to include you in his interests

He shares his passion for his hobbies with you and he always looks for ways to include you in his interests.

When you ask him about something he did with his friends or about his new hobby, he is more than happy to share it with you because you are a part of his life, too.

He never keeps things to himself because he’s dying to share everything with you and he also wants you to be a part of it.

If he’s all about gaming, he will ask you to join him even if you’re not that into it.

He will do this because he wants you to understand his passions and interests, just like he understands yours. Mutual support and respect, that’s the whole point of every healthy, long-term relationship.

You’ve met his friends and family

Meeting his friends and family is always one of the biggest signs he’s serious about you.

When a guy takes you for granted or tries to manipulate you, he will never, ever have you meet his friends and family because he doesn’t have any intention of keeping you.

But if he rather does let you meet them, you can be sure that his intentions are far more serious than you might have thought.

It means that he’s proud of being with you and he wants to share this with the people close to him.

He wants them to know how happy he is to be with you and that you’re everything he ever wanted.

Important relationship advice ALERT; you should try to make a good impression on his family and friends because those are people who he loves and appreciates the most and, of course, their opinion is very important for him.

He treats you like a lady

He always makes sure to open doors for you, he never makes you wait for him, he apologizes for his mistakes, he treats you with respect and so on.

Also, he doesn’t rush you into things. He’s fine with taking it slow and he would never force you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with.

If he does this, know that he has a deep respect for you and your happiness is his number one priority.

On the flip side, if he doesn’t behave in this way, it’s a clear red flag that he doesn’t love you. In that situation, you have only one choice; to dump his lame ass and move on.

He treats you like a lady because he wants you to feel that way. He wants you to be proud of him and to always feel safe with him.

He is punctual (and makes sure to apologize if he’s not)

Is your guy punctual when it comes to dates and other activities?

If he’s always trying hard to be on time and he makes sure to apologize if he is late, it means he has respect for you and he cares about you.

If it was otherwise, he would never bother being 100% punctual or even apologize if he’s not because guys are pretty much wired that way.

The truth is that if your man never feels the need to apologize and make up for his wrongdoings, it’s a clear sign that he lacks attachment and empathy. In the end, it’s also a huge red flag that he doesn’t love you and that he isn’t serious about you at all.

He regularly initiates contact with you

He texts you frequently over social media, calls you first, tells you that he will call you later when he misses your call and so on.

You never have to worry that he is manipulating you or that he’s a liar because he always has valid explanations for why he wasn’t able to talk to you when you called him.

He also sends you good morning texts and before you go to sleep, he wishes you goodnight.

He regularly initiates contact with you and you never have to wonder where he is at a particular moment.

He tells you everything about his plans for that day and if he will be unavailable for a long period of time, he also lets you know that so that you don’t have to worry about his whereabouts.

You have fun together

When you’re together, you can tell that his eyes sparkle from all the laughing and that you genuinely have great fun whenever you’re with him.

He is not reserved and he doesn’t play hard to get and neither do you.

You ultimately feel relaxed when next to each other and you finally feel that you can let your guard down and show your true self.

Whenever you two are parting, he always mentions that he had a great time with you that day… And my dear, those are all great signs that you’ve finally met the one.

When a guy is serious about you, he sees things differently from someone who isn’t.

He wants to have fun with you, do crazy things with you and be your partner in crime because he enjoys all of it with all of his heart.

He’s not only interested in getting into your pants like some of them out there and that’s the biggest difference between a guy who is really into you and one who is faking it for other motives.

He talks about future plans (that involve you)

He talks about journeys that he plans on going with you, he talks about the crazy things he wants to experience with you, the concerts he wants to go to with you and spending time with you in general.

If he does this, it means he doesn’t take your time for granted. He appreciates every second spent with you and he is happy about all of the time in the future that you’ll be spending together soon.

He is not only focused on the present because he wants to make sure that he will keep seeing you in the future as well.

He shares everything with you

He shares his dreams, his fears and his every thought with you because he wants to keep you updated on every single detail about his life.

If someone pisses him off, he doesn’t go off, telling you to leave him alone. He talks to you about it and accepts your opinion on it.

And he encourages you to also be open with him so that he can reciprocate and be an active part of your life as well.

He tries to resolve arguments instead of escalating them

Every healthy relationship has its ups and downs and there isn’t a single couple out there that hasn’t had some arguments at one point.

And the biggest difference between a guy who really cares about you and one who doesn’t is in their way of dealing with arguments.

A guy who is serious about you will try to remain calm and resolve your arguments in a healthy way every single time you get in a fight, instead of escalating them.

He will never make you feel less worthy or say bad things to you just because he’s mad at the time.

He will pick his words wisely because he doesn’t want to lose you and that’s how you know that he really means it.

He’s open about your relationship

When you two meet some of his friends or colleagues, he never misses the chance to introduce you to them.

He proudly says that you are his girlfriend and he’s always open about your relationship.

He wants everyone to know that he’s with you and that is why he always makes sure to hold your hand when walking together with you.

And if other girls happen to be interested in him, he never gives you a reason to be jealous because he immediately reveals that he’s taken.

Also, he deleted all of his accounts on dating apps because he has found the one and that makes his hunt for his soulmate officially closed.

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In A Nutshell

I’m so familiar with the next scenario; you fall madly in love with a man and it makes you believe something that turns out to be a complete lie and then you start overthinking even the smallest of details.

And when that happens, you lose all hope, thinking that you will never be able to understand men and that you will always be cautious about their intentions, no matter what they say to you.

I want you to know that I totally understand the situation you’re in because I’ve gone through the same multiple times before. The moment you become relaxed while dating a guy you’re crazy about, he becomes distant.

And then you rewind in your mind every single action and everything you ever said to him, hoping that you’ll find the cause of the problem.

However, if your guy exhibits all of the above signs (or just some of them), you can feel free to delete the question “Is he serious about me?” from your head because I can assure you that he is one hundred percent crazy about you and that he’ll be loving you until the end of time!