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What A Cancer Man Wants To Hear: 27 Things

What A Cancer Man Wants To Hear: 27 Things

The Cancer guy is one of the most lovable signs of the zodiac. And the best part is that the way to his heart is not that difficult – you just have to know what a Cancer man wants to hear.

Once you whisper these magic words into his ear, he’ll be all yours!

What A Cancer Man Wants To Hear

couple cuddling on a couch

Here are 27 things every Cancerian man is dying to hear from you:

1. I want to go on a date this week

The Cancer guy’s love language is, without a doubt, quality time. Yes, he’ll also enjoy texting you and talking on the phone. However, what he enjoys most is you being physically with him.

So, the best thing you can possibly tell this man is that you want to go on a date with him. 

Forget about social norms; so what if you’re a girl? You can make the first move and ask him on a first date – and trust me, he’ll love it. After all, don’t forget that you’re dealing with a shy guy who is probably desperately waiting for you to ask him out.

But don’t stop there and just tell him that you want to go on a date. Instead, be more specific. Arrange a time or even a place for your encounter. Show him that you’re serious and that you’re dying to spend time with him.

2. I loved spending time with you last night

What a Cancer man wants to hear is how much you enjoyed his company. You might not like this, but this horoscope sign has a lot of trouble with emotional security. He needs your confirmation all the time.

I know that you laughed your asses off when you two were on a date. Everyone around you could see that you were having the time of your lives. 

But if a Cancerian man really likes you, even that won’t be enough for him. All your body language signs are in vain, and sometimes, you have to be straightforward and tell him how you feel.

Admitting that your date was an amazing experience would brighten his day. It will inspire him to initiate the next get-together, and it will skyrocket his confidence.

3. You’re so handsome

man flirting with woman at a bar

People belonging to this water sign are usually extremely attractive. However, it seems like they’re the only ones who fail to notice that. You’re dealing with an insecure man who probably won’t take any of your hints.

A Cancer man loves compliments. He loves giving them, and he likes receiving them even more.

The first thing you should pay attention to is his appearance. Don’t hesitate to tell him how handsome he is. Tell him that he’s everything you ever wanted in a man.

Of course, this doesn’t make you shallow. You’re in love with him for his other qualities, but you can’t help but notice that he’s good-looking, above all other things as well.

4. I love you

Is there anything more powerful than saying “I love you”? Here’s an insight into this Sun sign’s mind: The Cancer man falls in love rather quickly. He’s been dying to tell you he loves you for some time now, but he’s hesitated to do so because he’s so scared of rejection.

So, why don’t you make the first move and tell him how much you love him first? Don’t worry – he won’t use it against you, nor will he break your heart. Instead, he’ll only cherish you even more.

But I have to warn you: don’t say these words unless you can stand by them. Don’t give him false hope because he will take what you say seriously!

5. I want a big family

How to keep a Cancer man by your side forever? Let’s get one thing straight: you’re dealing with a family-oriented man. He’s a homebody, and he dreams of marrying his soulmate, starting a family, and being the best father he could possibly be.

So, what a Cancer man wants to hear is that you two have the same goals. If you’re in the early stages of your relationship, I’m not saying you should ask him to marry you or to have a baby. Just tell him that you wish to have a big family in the future.

This will change his perspective on your relationship. It will be a clear sign that you want something serious and that you’re as family-oriented as he is.

6. You knock me off my feet

flirty couple looking at each other

Your Cancer partner is the man of your dreams. He gives you everything a woman could wish for and more. So, why don’t you tell him exactly that?

Don’t worry – he won’t think of you as pathetic, nor will he become too cocky. You’ll just help him get rid of his insecurities.

7. I’d like to cook for you tonight

The way to a Cancer man’s heart is through his stomach. But isn’t it like that with every other guy in the world? 

Possibly, but trust me – if you want to make a Cancer man happy, it will be enough to cook his favorite meal.

First of all, he’ll see that you’re ready to take care of him. Secondly, he’ll be happy because you remember little details about him and know what he likes to eat. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional chef – he’ll be impressed by your effort.

8. You’re safe with me

The Cancer man needs constant reassurance. He needs you to tell him that you’re not going anywhere, no matter what happens. Even if he’s going through a rough patch or is just in a bad mood, you’ll be there to offer him a shoulder to cry on.

Basically, when you tell him this, you guarantee that you won’t do anything that might hurt him. You’re promising that you won’t leave him when he needs you the most.

9. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you

man hugging a woman while holding a guitar

When you think of jealousy, you think of the Scorpio man. But let me tell you a little Cancer man secret: he can be even more jealous than any other horoscope sign – he’s just better at hiding it.

This guy won’t only be jealous of the men that are present in your life right now. He’ll also obsess over your ex-boyfriends. 

Have you ever loved anyone the way you love him now? That will be his number one doubt and a question he’ll never ask you out loud.

That’s why you’re here – to tell him that you’ve never loved any man the way you love him.

10. You’re my soulmate

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that your relationship is not just a coincidence. Instead, it goes beyond this world and this reality. You two are soulmates, and you were destined to end up together.

Don’t forget that you’re dealing with a hopeless romantic. He believes that the Universe brought you two together. Who are you to crush his dreams?

11. Thank you for exposing your vulnerabilities

It’s incredibly difficult for this Sun sign to let his guard down and let someone through his high and thick walls. He needs time to open up and trust people. So, when he shows you his weaknesses, you can see it as a clear sign that he’s head over heels for you.

The bottom line is that you should appreciate what he’s doing. Make sure he knows how grateful you are that he chose you, of all people, as the one worthy of seeing the true side of his personality. Exposing his vulnerabilities is never easy, so give him some credit.

12. I’ve never had this kind of emotional connection with someone

couple holding hands at the beach

This is the first time you’ve feel such a strong bond with someone. Yes, you’re physically attracted to him, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You two share an incredible emotional intimacy – the kind of connection that is not often seen. What you have is more than ordinary love – it’s like you’re one soul trapped in two bodies.

13. I won’t wait for you to make the first move

Here’s a pro tip: your love life will be much easier if you don’t wait for your Cancer guy to make the first move. Of course, I’m referring to the talking stage, when you still don’t know where you stand with him.

You can tell him this awesome line in person in a flirty, cute way or send it via text with a lot of emojis. It will only appear as if you are joking, but in fact, you’ll take a huge burden off his chest.

14. Your secret is safe with me

How to make a Cancer man love you? It’s actually easier than you might think: all you have to do is earn his trust! If you see that he’s opening up to you, show him that you’re strong enough to handle his darkest secrets and help you cope with them.

Even if it happens that you two ever break up, you’ll never betray his trust. You’re aware that he thinks you are special just because he let you in completely.

And that really is the truth when you’re dealing with an emotionally closed-off guy. If a Cancer man exposes his secrets to you, know one thing: he loves you more than you can imagine.

15. I’m here for you

couple in love cuddling on a couch

This sentence sounds quite simple, but frequently, it’s the only thing someone in pain needs to hear. And your Cancer guy is no exception.

It doesn’t matter if he’s going through a family emergency, has work problems, or is just not in his best mood at the moment. You’re his person and partner in crime. And you know what they say: “through thick and thin.”

It means that you should stand by this man’s side even if things go bad. It’s easy to be with him when everything is fun and games. However, he needs to be certain that you won’t abandon him even when he’s at his lowest.

16. I’m listening

One of the most important things a Cancer expects from you is to be a good listener. Sometimes, when he’s having a hard day, it will be enough for you to tell him that you’re there for him and that you’re ready to listen to whatever he has to say.

No, he isn’t always looking for your advice. Sometimes, he just wants to vent, and you’re the only person he can talk to about literally anything. So, just be quiet and let him talk to you about everything that’s been bothering him.

17. I’ve been thinking about you

Remember how we talked about Cancers needing constant approval? Well, if you’re in the talking stage or have just started your relationship, he’ll love hearing you tell him that you’ve been thinking about him.

Or you can just say that he appeared in your dreams – that will make him even happier. This is valid evidence that he’s so present in your heart and mind that you’re unconsciously obsessed with him.

18. You make me laugh

couple laughing together

Many people will tell you that Cancerians don’t have a good sense of humor, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, people belonging to this horoscope sign are incredibly funny – it’s just that their sense of humor isn’t for everyone.

You have to be super intelligent to get their jokes. And if you tell your Cancer partner that he makes you laugh, it will show him that you really are smart. You two have the same sense of humor and are connected on a deeper level.

19. Your cooking is delicious

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that his cooking is delicious. This sounds too precise, but trust me, this is the exact sentence your man is dying to hear.

I’ve already told you that cooking is the way to this man’s heart. Well, he won’t only enjoy you cooking for him – he’ll also love cooking for you.

And you’ll make a huge mistake if you don’t compliment his skills. Even if he doesn’t make it right the first time, remember that he tried his best and appreciate his effort.

20. You’re my best friend and my lover at the same time

This guy doesn’t only want you to be physically attracted to him. Yes, that’s important, but what matters more is that you see him as your best friend as well.

However, the thing is that you must be quite specific when it comes to Cancerians. If you only tell him that he’s your best friend, he’ll assume that you’ve put him in the friend zone. On the other hand, if you tell him that he’s just your lover, he’ll think that you’re only using him for sex.

That is why you need to be clear that he’s everything you’ve ever searched for in a man all in one.

21. I am so grateful to have you

man and a girl hold hands and watch the sunset on the beach

These romantic words will surely melt his heart! You can’t thank God enough for sending this man down your path. You’ve been through a lot in the past, but all of these mistakes make sense now.

Your entire journey brought you to him, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. This man is a blessing!

22. You’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that he is a nice guy. Of course, when you tell him this, make sure he doesn’t think you see him as any less of a man. He can be a macho guy who rocks your world and a nice, sweet guy at the same time.

He is different from all of the other douchebags from your past. By telling him this, you’re giving him your trust – trust that he won’t hurt you or break your heart like your exes did.

23. What you did last night in the bedroom rocked my world

Every man loves being complimented on his bedroom skills. And if you have an insecure man with serious self-esteem issues, he’ll love it even more.

That is why you must remind your Cancerian that you enjoy what he’s doing between the sheets. Even if you two have been together for ages, don’t forget to say this line every now and then.

On the other hand, if your relationship has just started and you’ve slept together for the first time ever, this line is mandatory. Trust me, it will make him an even better lover.

24. I have to go now, but I hope we can talk soon

man kisses woman's hand

Whenever you’re leaving or just hanging up the phone, you trigger your Cancer’s abandonment issues. Of course, he’ll never tell you this, but deep down, he’s scared that this is the last time he’ll hear from you.

That is why you have to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about. You can’t wait to talk to him again soon – you’re just busy right now. No, you’re not bored of him, and you’re not walking away from him.

25. How’s your day been? What are you up to?

This is quite simple but extremely important. With this line, you’re showing your deep interest in this man, and if you’re wondering how to keep a Cancer man, this is the way to do it.

Yes, you’re interested in deep communication. But what’s wrong with small talk? Show him that you’re a good listener and that he has someone he can always talk to.

26. I loved meeting your friends and family

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that you care about his loved ones as well. Don’t forget that he’s a homebody and a family-oriented man. He enjoys spending time with his closest friends and family.

These people mean the world to him, and you’re equally important. So, nothing will put a smile on his face like the fact that you enjoy his company as well.

27. I trust you

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that you trust him. If he’s not sure whether he can open up to you, this sentence will inspire him to do so.

This line shows how much he means to you. You’re ready to put your life in his hands if needed. And that can only mean one thing: he’s more than special to you. What better confirmation of your love could this man possibly get?

Cancer Man Compatibility

young man and woman in love

Who is Cancer compatible with? And who should this man stay away from?

Compatible with: Taurus, Cancer woman, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Not compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius,

How Can I Impress A Cancer Man?

The best way to impress and attract a Cancer man is to keep on showing him your love, affection, and attention. Trust me, you won’t impress him by playing hard to get and sending him mixed signals.

This man wants to know where he stands. He wants to know that you’re committed and faithful. Most importantly, he wants to be certain that you’re not going anywhere.

If you’re just starting something new with this man, make the first move. That will knock him off his feet.

What Type Of Woman Do Cancer Men Like?

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Cancer men love women with strong feminine energy. They love delicate, traditional, and gentle women.

A Cancer will fall head over heels for a girl who shows him her vulnerable side. If you can trigger his hero instinct, he will become your Prince Charming. He likes knowing that you can rely on him and that you trust him enough to ask for his help.

Keep in mind that he’s a romantic man. So if he sees a woman as a damsel in distress, he is more likely to fall in love with her.

At the same time, Cancer men like caring women who would be good mothers in the future. He wants you to be sensitive but strong at the same time.

What Does A Cancer Man Want In A Relationship?

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A Cancer man is never interested in playing games. He despises almost relationships, on-and-off situationships, or one-night stands. Instead, if you want to make a Cancer man happy, show him that you can be committed.

If this man gets into a relationship with you, it means that he sees a potential future with you, and he is serious about you. He wants to know that you’re up for the ride. He wants to know that your romance is headed somewhere.

Basically, he wants you to be much more than his lover. Instead, he wants a life partner.

Also, keep this in mind: when a Cancer man is done with you, there is no going back. He is a mature man who knows what he wants and doesn’t want. 

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve learned what a Cancer man wants to hear, it’s time to back your words with some action. Don’t let these lines remain empty promises. 

When you’re dating a Cancer man, you must show him that you mean every word you say! Show him that you’re serious about him and that you’re being completely honest throughout your entire relationship.Trust me, if you do, he’ll pay you back a thousand times more. Your Cancer guy will show you that he’s worthy of your love and attention.

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