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15 Top Female-To-Female Attraction Signs

15 Top Female-To-Female Attraction Signs

What is the difference between a woman who is attracted to you and one who wants to be friends and nothing more? Is there a clear line between these two behavior patterns, or do you have to be a mind reader to figure out what’s actually going on?

I know that figuring out whether another woman is into you or if she’s just being nice requires a lot of brainstorming. Luckily, I’m here to save you a lot of trouble and to give you all the answers you need

If you read on, you’ll find all the female-to-female attraction signs you need to clear all of your doubts away!

15 Female-To-Female Attraction Signs

If a woman displays most or all of these female-to-female attraction signs, one thing is for sure: she is into you!

1. Deep eye contact

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the eyes are windows to the soul.” Well, it’s actually true. We can choose not to talk about our emotions out loud, but we can’t order our eyes what to do.

That is why eye contact is one of the first signs of attraction you can look for when you’re wondering if your female friend is into you.

One thing is for sure – this woman can’t take her eyes off you. She is probably not doing it on purpose, but she can’t help herself. She is so attracted to you that she could spend eternity just looking at you.

At the same time, she is trying to read your thoughts. What happens when she initiates eye contact? Will you stare back? Will your eyes display attraction?

However, initiating eye contact is not the only thing you should pay attention to. While most women will blink more and stare at your lips when they like you, some will do something completely the opposite.

Have you ever considered that this woman is actually trying her hardest to hide her romantic feelings for you? So, without even being aware of it, she looks away every time your eyes meet.

At first, you might think that this is a telltale sign that she can’t stand you. Nevertheless, if you dig beneath the surface, it’s actually a subtle sign that she likes you. She is just too nervous you’ll figure it out!

2. Physical touch

Physical contact is one of the most common female-to-female attraction signs, especially if we’re talking about a woman whose love language is physical touch! When a woman has a romantic interest in you, she’ll also feel the uncontrollable urge to touch you as much as possible.

No, I’m not talking about inappropriate touching here. Remember: no matter what, you should never allow someone to cross your personal boundaries.

I’m talking about all those “accidental” little touches nobody fails to notice. I’m talking about how she’ll remove your hair from your face or put her hand on your knee when you’re laughing.

This is not uncommon for best friends to do, you must think. However, if you step back and compare her behavior to all of your other friends, you’ll see that there is a huge difference.

She kisses you (on the cheek) every time you meet, and when you hug, she holds you in her arms a little bit longer than necessary. She touches your hand when she’s making a point, and she uses every opportunity for some harmless cuddling.

3. Other body language signs

There are some other physical signs a woman displays when she is romantically interested in another woman. According to experts, women use body language signs to express affection much more than verbally expressing their feelings.

The first female body language sign of attraction is probably lip movement. This woman is dying to kiss you. She stares at your lips and bites hers every time you’re near.

A woman who likes you will also laugh more than necessary in your presence. No, she’s not faking it – she is really happy to see you, and she can’t control her smile.

And let’s not forget preening. No, this doesn’t mean she is cocky or ego-centric. She just wants you to see her at her best, that’s all.

Another thing to pay attention to is her hair. She’ll nervously twirl it around her finger every time you two talk.

Body position

But the first thing you should pay attention to if you’re looking for female-to-female attraction signs is the position of this woman’s body. If she’s on top of you, it’s a pretty sure sign she likes you, LOL.

All jokes aside, this woman’s shoulders will be leaning towards you, and her feet will be pointed in your direction. It is common for her to expose her thighs, to show her openness to you.

At the same time, she’ll stick her chest out and roll her hips while she’s walking and knows that you’re looking. Once again, she doesn’t necessarily do this on purpose – these are subconscious signs of attraction.

4. Coming out to you

Let’s get one thing straight: if your best friend, coworker, or any other LGBTQ person in your surroundings comes out to you, it doesn’t mean that they’re in any way romantically interested in you. On the contrary, it’s a clear sign that they trust you enough to share this with you. At the same time, they expect your understanding and support.

However, if a woman who shows obvious sexual attraction to you casually mentions that she’s part of the LGBTQ community, it’s a good sign that she is into you.

It’s actually pretty simple – she is putting all her cards on the table right away and wants you to know where she stands. Of course, just because you two are of the same sexual orientation doesn’t mean that she stands a chance.

Nevertheless, she wants to know if you have any sexual interest in women whatsoever or if you’re just focused on straight men. Is it safe for her to get her hopes up, or should she give up in time?

5. Looking for excuses to reach out

This woman is too shy to make an actual first move. She won’t ask you out on a first date or confess her feelings for you – at least, not yet.

However, she makes sure she is always around. She keeps on making excuses to always be near you.

She needs help from you, asks for your advice, and offers you a hand. She replies to your Instagram and Snapchat stories and always initiates conversation.

And when she runs out of excuses, she’ll just send you a simple “good morning” text – just to talk to you. When you come to think of it, there hasn’t been a day when you two haven’t talked, and most of the time, she was the one who reached out first.

6. Excessive jealousy

If you happen to ask her for relationship advice, she’ll always tell you to break up with the person you’re seeing right now. No, this is not the same situation when your best friend hates the guy who broke your heart.

This woman has a reason you shouldn’t be with anyone. Well, anyone besides her.

She knows she’s not your girlfriend. So, she has no right to be jealous of you dating someone else. However, she can’t help it.

Whenever she sees you flirting with a man or woman, she gets madly jealous. She won’t tell you that, but it’s pretty obvious.

She is even ready to badmouth your dates. But know that she’s not doing it because she’s a bad person. She just wants you all to herself.

Of course, she is doing it all under the guise of giving you relationship advice. Allegedly, she is just being a good friend and wants to save you from getting your heart broken.

7. Interested in your love life

One of the female-to-female attraction signs is also this woman’s interest in your relationship history. If this is the case, this woman doesn’t only have a sexual interest in you – she sees you as girlfriend material.

She is not only interested in men and women hitting on you right now. She wants to know all about the people you’ve dated, and she is especially curious about your long-term relationships.

The first thing she wants to know is if there are any women in your dating history. After that, she wants to know what kind of people your exes were.

What are you looking for in a potential partner? What are your biggest deal breakers? How high are your standards?

Instead of asking you all of this directly, she’ll try finding out all the info she needs while getting you to open up to her. And the bonus is that it is also a great chance to get to know you better.

8. Flirting and teasing

When a woman is hitting on you, she won’t be doing it much differently than any straight man. Yes, that means that there will be a lot of flirting and teasing involved.

She starts acting like a little child. Besides the obvious body language signs, she’ll also play with you like you’re in middle school. Yes, I’m talking about chasing you around, playing with your hair, or even giving you cute, little insults.

And let’s not forget about the sexual innuendos. You never know if she’s joking or hitting on you, and that’s the charm of your relationship.

On the one hand, the physical attraction she feels for you is quite obvious to others. But on the other hand, you two are friends, and making jokes like this wouldn’t be anything strange – after all, you do it with all of your other friends as well.

But the key difference is in how she makes them. It’s in the way she looks or touches you while teasing you. That is exactly what differentiates flirtation from innocent, friendly behavior.

9. Becoming extra shy

No matter how self-confident this woman usually is, she gets nervous when she is around you. If that isn’t a great sign of her feelings, I don’t know what is.

We’re talking about a strong, loud woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. It looks like she isn’t afraid of anything.

But she is clearly afraid of you – in a good way. She is terrified to confess her feelings to you, and I think that’s kind of cute.

Whenever you show up, she turns into a real shy girl. She gets tongue-tied. Her palms and knees start to shake, and she doesn’t know what to say. She blushes and avoids eye contact at all costs.

You know for a fact that she is not like this around other people. On the contrary, she is a real social butterfly – she only gets confused when you’re around.

If this is the case, it means that this woman has genuine feelings for you, and it’s much more than pure physical attraction.

10. Trusts you

When a woman is in love with you, she will immediately forget all about her trust issues. She will feel comfortable around you, asking for your opinion and listening to your advice.

You’re the first person she calls when she’s in trouble or just needs someone to hear her out. No, this doesn’t mean that she has no friends or family. After all, what did she do before you came along?

But she feels the desire to talk to you. She wants to hear your advice, and she wants to talk to you about her secrets.

Of course, this alone can’t be seen as one of the female-to-female attraction signs. If she’s not doing anything else from this list, it’s possible that she just wants to be friends. However, if this sign is combined with all the others – there is no doubt that she is into you.

11. Listens to you

This woman actually listens to what you have to say. She is always there when you need advice or a shoulder to cry on.

When you come to think about it, you’ll realize that you could call her in the middle of the night and know she’d always pick up the phone. She is never too busy when you need her, and she makes room for you in her schedule whenever you need her.

She is there to comfort you, give you a hand, and help you through hard times. She is someone who will catch you when you fall and give you a little push when you feel like nothing is going well.

12. Remembers little things

But how can you know that she is actually actively listening to you? Maybe she is just pretending to be there for you to get laid?

Well, if she remembers the little things about you, she is definitely all in. We’re talking about someone who knows the name of your childhood pet, your favorite color, and other trivial stuff like that.

She is the first to notice that you’ve gotten a new haircut or that you’re using a new perfume.

But at the same time, she asks all the right questions and puts effort into getting to know the real you. She knows when you’re feeling down without you even having to tell her.

She is trying hard to know what you’re thinking and is doing a great job of reading your mind.

Does this mean that she is obsessed with you? Absolutely not – at least, not in a bad way. This woman is just hopelessly in love with you.

13. Paying you compliments

One of the female-to-female attraction signs is, without a doubt, the compliments you’ve been getting from this woman. I know what you’ll tell me now: your friends and coworkers pay you compliments all the time, and they’re not hitting on you.

But you know very well that this is different. This girl is definitely checking you out. She stares at your boobs and butt, and she compliments you on your appearance.

However, if she’s interested in a real relationship, she’ll compliment your personality as well. Yes, she was initially attracted to your looks – nobody can argue against that.

Nevertheless, with time, she clearly fell in love with you. She is enchanted with every little detail about you, and she can’t help but tell you that.

To her, you’re the most beautiful, most intelligent, and most interesting woman in the world. She won’t tell you this directly, but her compliments are more than enough to realize that this is true.

14. Romantic surprises

Who was the first person who wished you a happy birthday, exactly at midnight? That’s right, it was her.

But she didn’t only wish you a happy birthday – she threw you a big surprise as well. Maybe she didn’t want to be too obvious, so she didn’t take you out for a romantic candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant (trust me, that was what she actually wanted).

However, she did gather all of your friends together and buy you exactly what you’ve been talking about.

What about Valentine’s Day? I bet she made a joke about it and bought you a little something because you’re both two single girls and won’t get any presents from someone else.

But what was the real reason? Or was she actually looking for an excuse to buy you something?

15. Her love life

For as long as you can remember, this woman hasn’t had a serious relationship. Even when she’s dating someone, she either hides it from you (which is unbelievably strange because she tells you everything else), or she rubs it in your face as if she’s trying to make you jealous.

When you come to think of it, she is mostly single. And when you ask her about it, she says that she is waiting for the right one.

Ironically, when she describes her perfect person, she talks about your qualities. Doesn’t this mean that you’re the one she’s been craving all along?

Can A Girl Have A Crush On Another Girl?

Yes, any girl can have a crush on another girl. That’s right – this includes straight women as well.

Just because you’ve only been attracted to and had relationships with straight men until now, it doesn’t mean that can’t change. One day, you could meet a woman who will make you fall in love like never before.

Maybe this will be a one-time thing, and you’ll go back to liking men. Or maybe you’ll find your place in the LGBTQ community. Or you’ll realize that you’re actually a sapiosexual and that you couldn’t care less about the sex of your partner.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you whether you’ll be open to them or not.

What Are The Signs Girls Are Attracted To You?

If other women are checking you out, paying you compliments, or even asking you out – they’re definitely attracted to you. Some of the other signs include jealousy, flirting, as well as putting you first, listening to what you have to say, and being there for you.

When a woman is into you, she’ll do everything she can to get near you and even become your friend (but she’ll be careful not to get trapped in the friend zone).

The first thing she is interested in is whether you’re into girls or not. If she thinks that you’re giving her the green light, she’ll continue hitting on you.

What happens next is up to you.

To Wrap Up:

Let’s be clear about one thing: a woman doesn’t have to necessarily display all of these female-to-female attraction signs for you to understand that she has a romantic interest in you. However, the most important thing here is what your gut is telling you.

If you feel sexual tension and a special kind of vibe between you two, I’m sure that something more is going on. On the other hand, if you feel that she only sees you as a friend, you’re probably right as well.