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What To Do When A Guy Cries At The Thought Of Losing You

What To Do When A Guy Cries At The Thought Of Losing You

Experiencing strong feelings can make most people shed a couple of tears. No one is spared from emotionally crying, but a man crying in front of you is a rare sight.

When you see that a guy in your life is crying, you know he has good reason. When a guy cries at the thought of losing you, it’s clear that the idea of being without you hurts.

He’s feeling a mix of emotions that culminate in tears, and it’s a delicate situation that should be handled with care.

No matter why a guy might be crying in front of you, there are some things you should do and others you should avoid.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Cries At The Thought Of Losing You?

Arguments are situations of high stress. Emotions run wild, and everything feels more intense.

It’s usually during a fight that the idea of splitting up might arise.

People say things they don’t mean, small annoyances fuse into reasons to leave in the heat of the moment, or serious underlying problems come to light.

It can also happen while you’re casually chatting, and the topic of an imaginary breakup pops up when suddenly, waterworks.

When a guy cries at the thought of losing you, you can be sure of one thing: he’s crying because he doesn’t want it to happen.

1. The thought of losing you hurts him

For a guy who loves you and sees you in his future, nothing could be more painful than the thought of losing you. You’re important to him, and the thought of losing you hurts.

Tears always come to help relieve pain. Even stubbing your toe can cause you to tear up for a moment. Serious pain that lasts a long time can result in uncontrollable crying.

Emotional crying serves the same purpose: relief. A good crying session can make things seem easier when you’re down because it’s an outlet for your feelings.

His tears come from his need to soothe his heartache caused by the fear of losing you. If he’s done something to warrant it, he may feel even worse because it’s a pain he caused himself.

2. He’s overwhelmed with emotion

Shock, anger, fear – strong feelings can affect you powerfully. Tears are a means of processing feelings and looking for relief.

Even good feelings can make you cry tears of joy, so it’s not only distress that can cause such a reaction. In any highly emotional situation, tears may come to help deal with the overwhelming feelings.

When he truly loves you, a guy who might think you’re about to break up with him faces intense emotions.

His tears are a way to cope with what’s causing him to feel fear, a sense of loss, powerless and insecure. All those strong emotions at once are understandably too much for one person to take.

Crying is the only way he can react because the intensity of the feelings makes it impossible to do anything else.

3. He wants to show you his feelings

A guy who cries in front of a woman isn’t insecure – he wants her to know his feelings. It takes great strength for a man to be able to display such an amount of vulnerability.

If he lets you see his feelings in such an honest way, he’s showing you he trusts you with them. He’s telling you not to hurt him and to accept him.

He wants a healthy relationship where you can be honest and open with each other.

When a man thinks that he might lose you, and he’s still willing to open up and show the raw parts of himself and not play it cool, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to hide from you.

If you see a guy cry and he doesn’t try to cover it up, you can tell that he wants to deepen your emotional connection.

4. He needs emotional support

Crying is a basic human way of asking for help without words.

Unless you’re a person who avoids emotional situations, your first instinct when you see someone cry is to ask what’s going on and try to help.

The purpose of tears is to communicate when we can’t: to show our feelings in an obvious way that others can see. Crying is a way to ask for your needs to be met when you have no other way of doing so.

Seeing your boyfriend cry will make you want to be there for him. Realizing that it’s too hard for him to share his feelings in other ways, your reaction will be empathy and a desire to help him.

When a guy cries at the thought of losing you, it’s his way of saying “I love you” and “I don’t want to lose you” without words. It’s his way of asking for reassurance and comfort.

5. He’s afraid of losing you

Fights lead to vague words, jumping to conclusions, and consequently, unhappy results. This is especially the case when an argument is about something that means a lot, such as your love life.

If the idea of losing you comes up during a fight, he might be afraid of making things worse. If it’s his fault, he might be afraid he won’t be able to make things right, especially if he was hurt in the past.

If he’s feeling scared, unsure, and frustrated, he might not know how to show more than tears. A man who doesn’t want to lose you is terrified by the thought, and it makes him feel powerless.

Showing him emotional support at this time is the thing to do, regardless of whether you think your relationship has a future or not. When he calms down, you can have a conversation and come to a solution.

6. He needs you to comfort him

When someone cries to get something, in some cases, it might be fair to call it manipulation.

While some people can do it with a cool head and purposefully use it to their advantage, crying to have your needs met doesn’t necessarily have to be malicious.

Some people cry to get a reaction because they don’t know of another way, even if they’re crying for that purpose.

There are many ways to communicate, but some people are less skilled at it than others. If a man cries so you comfort him or tell him you won’t leave, his tears are still authentic.

When there are no underlying causes for a breakup, he’s only looking for assurance that you’re there for him. Being supportive in moments like this can be healing for both of you.

What To Do When A Guy Cries In Front Of You

Men cry, too, but they don’t like to show it because they’re expected to be strong.

The first time a man cries in front of you, you might be surprised and not know how to handle it, but think about what you would need in such a situation.

Comforting your boyfriend isn’t much different than comforting your best friend.

Be kind, open, and let him know he can let his guard down around you, but don’t give him false hope if you intend to break up.

1. Maintain your boundaries

Even when a guy cries at the thought of losing you, and you want to be empathetic, your boundaries are of great importance.

If his tears were caused by an argument, there must have been a reason for that argument. If he has an idea that you might break up, it must have come from somewhere.

If your issue is with something he’s done, don’t sweep it under the rug. A guy who loves and values you will understand and respect your needs and boundaries.

Be kind but firm.

2. Show empathy

When your feelings are so intense that tears are the only relief, you don’t need a solution or an answer. It’s kindness and compassion that will make you feel better.

At that moment, his whole world is contained in you and the way he feels. He’s showing that he can be vulnerable around you and that he trusts you.

Honor his trust by letting him know you get what he’s going through. Let him feel that you’re not judging him and that he can express himself in the way he needs.

Sometimes that’s all someone who’s crying needs.

3. Acknowledge his feelings

A man who’s crying because he’s afraid of losing you is having a hard time. Let him know that you understand what he’s feeling and that his emotions make sense.

If you love him, too, his feelings are probably making you feel moved. It’s not easy seeing someone you love cry and hurt, especially when it has something to do with you.

Be calm and understanding without taking over the conversation. The focus should stay on him, and when you’re both calm, you can share your feelings with him too.

4. Listen

The reason he’s crying involves you, and it’s impossible to be impartial. Still, if he’s so affected that he’s crying, try to leave your opinions for later and listen to him.

Maybe he wants to vent, or maybe he’s looking for reassurance. Perhaps he’s trying to make sense of his feelings. Listen to what he’s saying and accept it.

You can help him understand what he’s feeling by asking him to clarify things he says in more detail.

Being there and showing understanding will make it easier to have a fruitful conversation later.

5. Take your cue from him

He might be your soulmate or someone you’ll soon call “my ex.”

No matter which, if he’s feeling such intense emotions, you should act in accordance with what he seems to want. He’ll give you clues with his words and behavior.

If he needs you to be there for him, he’ll let you know. If he wants you to listen, give him a hug, or just sit in the same room, it can help him calm down.

If he wants to be left alone, don’t feel rejected if he doesn’t want to communicate at this vulnerable moment.

6. Offer him physical comfort

Crying is exhausting. He might not want to talk at all but be held instead. If he’s being quiet, and you don’t know what to do, make the first move and approach him.

If you initiate a hug and he wraps his arms around you tightly, it likely means that you made the right choice. Physical contact will make him feel secure, comforted, and hopeful.

7. Reassure him

If he’s crying, he’s really afraid of not having you in his life.

When a guy cries at the thought of losing you, let him know if you don’t intend to break up with him. Don’t downplay his worries, but knowing will go a long way to calm him down and let him process his feelings.

If you actually think that you won’t be able to work through your issues and you’re planning to break up, then the situation is different. The best course of action is to wait for him to calm down and have a conversation.

Be honest and gentle.

8. Save dealing with problems for later

The issues you have need to be dealt with. This might not be the right moment, but don’t forget that you have problems just because you want to comfort him.

Both of you might be feeling guilty, afraid, and unsure. It isn’t just one person whose feelings are in a state of confusion – it’s both of you.

In a highly emotional state, dealing with problems and reaching a compromise could prove difficult.

For now, deal with the emotional issue at hand, but if you don’t find a solution for your problems, this situation will repeat itself.

What Not To Do When A Guy Cries In Front Of You

Society teaches women not to show anger, so a woman will often cry when she’s really feeling mad. Men are taught not to show vulnerability or weakness. Any display of emotion is met with mockery, resulting in shame.

Crying in difficult situations is normal. If your guy isn’t hiding his tears from you, it shows not only his trust in you but also his confidence in his masculinity. He’s willing to be himself instead of some idea of what a man should be.

Show him your care and respect by honoring his feelings.

1. Don’t walk away

Unless he asks you to, stay with him and help him deal with his feelings. Ask him if he needs privacy or a shoulder to cry on.

If he needs time and space, leave him alone but come back in a little while. If he tells you that he needs your support and reassurance, be there for him.

He wouldn’t be crying in front of you if he didn’t want you to know about it, and it might be your comfort that he needs.

2. Don’t downplay his feelings

Telling him that his emotions aren’t valid in any way can cause him to completely shut himself off and stop showing you how he feels.

Don’t tell him that it’s not a big deal or that it isn’t anything to cry about. A guy showing his feelings is a good thing. Whatever he’s feeling is legitimate, and his tears are a way to cope with it.

Telling him not to cry can make him think you want him to stop showing his feelings, and you probably don’t want that.

3. Don’t embarrass him

Don’t make a big deal of his tears. Making him self-conscious about crying will make him feel like it was a mistake to cry in front of you.

Just because he’s crying and emotional, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still have his pride.

If you make a scene over the fact that he’s crying, he’ll probably never be able to show you his vulnerable side again.

4. Don’t try to distract him

Trying to change the subject or get him to do something else might feel like a kindness, but it can feel like you don’t respect his feelings.

If he’s seriously distraught, trying to get him to forget about it can backfire. Instead of cheering him up, it can feel like you’re disregarding what he feels, which can lead to resentment.

Especially don’t try to distract him by using your sensuality. The reason for crying won’t go away just because you have sex.


Lots of people cry during emotional situations or conflict. It can be frustrating because society teaches us that tears are a sign of weakness, and it distracts from the argument.

It can be especially hard for guys to cry. Those who are able to cry in front of others are capable of being fragile. Such guys aren’t afraid to show their feelings and admit their vulnerability.

While men may cry less than women, when they cry, it’s about something serious. When a guy cries at the thought of losing you, he’s serious about what’s going on.

Crying can be cathartic and helpful, but at the same time, great care is needed to comfort the person crying. Empathy and compassion are the way to go.