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How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman? 9 Signs He Regrets It

How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman? 9 Signs He Regrets It

There are no perfect relationships between men and women.

On the contrary, every relationship has its ups and downs, its light and its darkness, its water and its fire, its stability and its weaknesses.

But, does anyone in this world have the right to hurt you?

What gives a man the right to hurt his beloved?

If you want to forgive your ex-boyfriend for hurting you, what should you do?

When do things cross the line, and how do you know if someone is hurting you intentionally or unintentionally?

Stay here to learn how a man feels when he hurts you – his loved one and his best friend – whether or not you should forgive him, what he’s going through, and how to make that relationship work.

Do Guys Feel Bad For Hurting You? 9 Signs That They Do

What goes through his mind when he hurts you?

Is he able to deal with it?

It’s important to keep in mind that men have feelings, and they can get hurt. If a man hurts his partners’ feelings, he will later try to redeem himself and make amends.

Before you draw your conclusions about how your man feels after he hurts you, I want to show you some of the visible signs that your man feels wronged and wants to make things right.

1. He admits that he messed up

It is rare for a man to just trample on his pride and admit that he was wrong.

The first time he does this, you should know that his intention is sincere. Your man is just a human being, and it is good that he understands this himself.

On the other hand, some men do not want to admit that they were wrong. The reason for this is fear of commitment. They are afraid that they will not be able to live up to their partner’s expectations. For others, their ego is too big to admit that they hurt you.

Either way, that should not be the case when it comes to true love. However, if your man is still afraid of commitment or his ego rules his emotions, you should know that he is not good enough for you and that these are red flags to leave him.

2. He asks for forgiveness and expresses his sympathy

Anyone can apologize, can they not? But, how do you know if that apology is from the bottom of their heart?

If your partner apologizes for saying mean things, and also shows compassion, that apology is nothing more than a sincere, heartfelt apology.

Yes, a real man feels the pain. But, if he really loves you, he will ask you to forgive him, and he will do everything to win you back.

3. He promises that he will do better

Now, you are probably going to roll your eyes, aren’t you? How many times have you been promised that something will not happen again, but it happened anyway?

Yeah, you are not the only one.

Of course, if empty promises are repeated, you should think about moving on and seeking happiness in a new relationship.

On the other hand, if you see him making an effort to make things right and for the better, then there’s no reason to doubt the success of your relationship.

4. He keeps asking if you are doing okay

If he knows he made a mistake, the man will do anything to make it better.

You must be annoyed by his constant questions about how you are feeling, right? But, believe me, he really wants to know how you feel.

He is aware of the pain he has caused you, so now he wants to know how you are dealing with it. This question is inevitable in a long distance relationship. In a long distance relationship, it’s hard to gauge how the other side is feeling.

He may assume that you are hurt, but he can never know what feelings are hidden on the other side of the screen.

5. He tries to make you laugh

As soon as something goes wrong, does he use his make-up jokes and try to make you laugh?

What a desperate move! Men are always trying to win us back with lame jokes. Maybe this is their way to apologize.

He knows he made a mistake, but he can not find a way to smooth things over other than using his silly jokes. He wants you to laugh and forget about the problem.

Even if you are not happy with his jokes to make it up to you, this is probably his only solution at this moment, so by all means appreciate it.

Somehow, I do not think it’s that easy to hurt a loved one and then ask for forgiveness. After all, he is only a human being.

6. He wants your support

You know that feeling when you have unintentionally hurt someone, but can not find a way to make things right?

Struggling with yourself, but you just cannot help yourself?

Yes, that feeling is truly devastating, and it can even affect a person’s mental health.

If you notice that your man is really struggling not to hurt you, but is hurting you anyway, maybe it’s time to show him your support and help. Communication means a lot here, especially in a long-distance relationship where lack of real communication is always the problem.

Lay your cards on the table and discuss what exactly is holding you back in your relationship.

7. He shows that you are his priority

No matter what problems you have in a relationship, your partner likes to spend a lot of time with you.

This is a clear sign that you are his priority!

We all make mistakes sometimes, but if those things have not changed even when he has hurt you, you know you are his priority.

– When you get messages and phone calls from him every day.

– When he continues to care about you and your needs.

– When he always has time for you.

8. He goes quiet on you

If your loved one becomes silent on you, it is a sign that he is having a hard time dealing with his emotions.

He probably feels bad about his behavior and actions, so he closes his door until he resolves some things in his own way.

9. He agrees with your decision, even though he finds it hard to live with

Have you tried to mend fences a few times, but you still see that it’s not working? Maybe your only solution is a breakup?

Whatever you decide, if you see that your partner is having a hard time coming to terms with it, but he still understands your feelings and your decision, you know he cares.

Of course, it will be hard for him to come to terms with losing you, but if he understands and respects your decision, he will undoubtedly not allow himself to hurt you.

What Makes A Man Hurt A Woman?

There are many answers to this question. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that men have their insecurities and weaknesses, just like women.

Love should not hurt, but sometimes it hurts anyway, right?

If a man does not meet your expectations every time, it does not mean that he does not respect you.

Of course, you do not have to cover up your feelings and pretend that everything is fine when it’s not. I am just saying that men can make mistakes, too.

Determining whether your man is hurting you intentionally or unintentionally is of great importance. If there are petty arguments and misunderstandings between you, it’s perfectly normal that someone will end up getting hurt, but it will not last long.

However, if you feel that you are losing your sense of self-worth, and your man wants to exert authority and power over you, then you know that this is not a healthy relationship, and it is going in the wrong direction.

What Do You Do When A Guy Hurts Your Feelings?

From my own experience, I can tell you that it is not always easy to tell a loved one that you feel hurt.

First, because you always think that the problem is not that big.

Second, because you want to avoid problems.

But, is this how you help yourself? What do you say when your loved one hurts you?

Do not ignore your feelings. When you are emotionally hurt, do not avoid your feelings. Face the person you love and tell him that it is wrong.

Play on your feelings. Do not blame your partner. Instead, tell him how you feel when he hurts you. Avoid phrases like “It’s all your fault” or “You are the one who’s to blame.” Instead, say “I felt … when you hurt me” or “I really feel … when you do that.”

How Can You Tell If A Guy Is Heartbroken?

There is no doubt that women are sensitive and have a hard time dealing with heartbreak.

But, do men also go through an emotional struggle when it comes to this?

How do you know if you are hurting a man’s feelings?

Unlike women who are more likely to express their feelings, men often use emotional expression suppression in other words they hold back their feelings.

Therefore, it is often difficult to determine if a man’s feelings are hurt or if he is heartbroken.

But, I can tell you from personal experience that a man who truly loves rarely hides his feelings. He may try hard to be “macho”, but he will not be able to hide his emotional pain.

Signs He Is Heartbroken And Wants You Back

These are signs that your man can not handle the breakup and will probably do anything to win you back:

1. He begs you to forgive him

Even though you have broken up with him, he still tries to get back with you. For example, he sends you messages on social media and calls you.

These behaviors are a sign of possessive behavior.

2. He posts sad-sack stuff on social media

He posts about you on all his social media.

There are so many sad posts on his Facebook profile that it seems like he wants to let you know he is not well and he wants to get your attention.

3. He is ghosting you on social media

Similar to we women, men also use social media to spy on their ex-partner.

After a breakup, he wants to know where you are and who you are tagging in your social media posts, and he’s trying to figure out if those posts are in any way related to the breakup.

4. He tries to reach out to you through mutual friends

It seems that you have stopped returning his calls and messages, and have blocked him on social media. However, he still feels the need to reach out to you, which is why he has involved other people in your relationship.

Through mutual friends, he is asking you for forgiveness and another chance.

5. He looks for validation for everything

In my experience with a man who has been emotionally hurt, the need for attention and validation never goes away.

This is one of the most important signs that a man is emotionally hurt. His low self-esteem keeps telling him that he is not good enough.

In this way, he wants your attention and approval, and also to understand why he hurt you.

To Stay Or To Walk Away?

Now that you know how it feels to be hurt and heartbroken, try to figure out what to do.

There’s no doubt that ending a romantic relationship can be difficult, especially if it has been going on for a long time.

But, at the end of the day, do you want to feel broken and unsatisfied?

This advice can help you make the right decision:

1. Focus on yourself

It’s important to focus on yourself and consider what’s important to you.

– What version of myself would I like to be?

– What are my values? Does my relationship support these values and enable me to live up to them?

You do not have to deny your feelings. Consider how important you are to yourself and how important you are to someone. Are you a priority or are you an option? Think about your role in the relationship.

2. Assess the quality of your relationship

Is your relationship worth fixing? Is it love or codependency?

If you feel emotionally connected to and trust your partner, then you are in an intimate relationship. In these relationships, partners build their trust, feel comfortable around each other, and overcome obstacles with ease.

Think about how you feel when you are with this person. If you feel fear and discomfort, then this is not the relationship you should be in.

If your partner hurts you sometimes, but you feel safe and you resolve conflicts every time, then this is the relationship you should be in.

On the other hand, if you are in a toxic relationship with a narcissistic partner who is only interested in his or her needs, that relationship will have no future.

3. Follow your instincts

Observe what your body is telling you. Listen to your intuition and trust yourself. You will know when to get out of the relationship.

Will this person still be your partner in five years?

Ask yourself if you can imagine a future with this person. Can you imagine being with this person in five years or not?

I am sure that answering these questions will help you decide whether to stay or go.

4. Talk to a friend

If you are unsure about a decision, talk to your sister or a close friend. Other people sometimes see things differently than we do.

Also, friends will never give their honest opinion through rose-colored glasses. They will tell you exactly how they see things, and that will help you decide what is best for you.

5. Set your priorities

Is it okay to be hurt all the time? How can you understand your partner?

So many times, you have created the illusion of an ideal relationship. It’s finally time to respect yourself a little more and see things for what they are. Do not be afraid of failure or rejection.

If you are not happy, you do not need to tell yourself that you are.

If you do not respect yourself, you cannot expect others to either. Try to focus on yourself and figure out what you want and how you feel.

At The End Of The Day

When we hurt those we care about the most, we cannot measure blame, right?

It burrows into our souls and causes us despair because we do not know how to fix the problem.

This is how a man feels when he hurts a woman.

There are different problems that require different solutions, and a breakup is not always the answer.

But, if your partner never learns from his mistakes, he is probably not good enough for you.

You may need more time to decide if you want to be with him, but do not rush your decision. Just keep one thing in mind – is it worth it? Then, you will surely get answers to many questions that are bothering you.