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7-Step Guide To Mend Your Broken Soul And Gain The Inner Calm

7-Step Guide To Mend Your Broken Soul And Gain The Inner Calm

The awful thing about a broken soul is that you can’t really see that it’s broken just by looking at the person who owns it. Not even the person with the shattered soul can see it, but they can feel each and every one of those shattered pieces hurting.

It doesn’t happen at once, that’s for sure. Life is, at the very least, unpredictable. There is no person among all of us who hasn’t experienced it in their own skin.

One day, it’s all sunshine and roses, while the other day brings rain and thunder. In one moment, we feel incredibly happy, while something bad hits us the next moment and changes our mood instantly.

It’s like life is all black and white. We experience and go through so many things… the good, but also the bad. We accumulate so many emotions inside of us, and it’s completely normal that we must feel tired sometimes.

Our soul feels tired, and somewhere along the way, if we don’t nurture it the right way, all of that accumulated damage breaks it completely. However, your broken soul doesn’t mean you’re broken either.

You’re just a bit damaged but, in the end, the truth is that we’re all a bit damaged. The good news is that you can heal your soul and ‘fix yourself’. And, you will IF you listen and follow all of these pieces of advice below carefully.

What Is A Broken Soul?

It’s when you feel hopeless, as if the whole world is crumbling beneath your feet. It starts affecting your perspective of the world, and eventually, you become completely numb. You can’t feel true happiness, nor real sadness or despair.

It’s when you feel helpless, as if you’re all alone in this world. You put that privacy notice on your heart and build walls all around yourself, so no one is able to come close to you.

As I said, souls don’t break so easily. It takes time. A hard life combined with unrequited love makes small cracks… one after the other.

Until it all goes tumbling down, crumbling inside of us into a million tiny pieces, just like a broken mirror.

But, from the outside, that mirror is whole. It gives just an outside picture. And, all those broken pieces are right inside of us for no one to see. They’re hidden deep inside of us, and sometimes, neither can we truly see them on time.

We try to deceive ourselves and all others by wearing a fake smile.

And, even when we do, we try to facade it all with a smile. We wear a smile on the outside and pretend as if nothing is happening… nothing at all… while that inner pain is eating us alive.

We put on a smile; the one so beautiful and realistic that nobody could ever guess everything our soul is currently going through. Sometimes, it actually works and we manage to fool ourselves, but its functionality surely doesn’t last for too long.

We don’t even know where we get the strength to carry around that smile… to fake such a wonderfully convincing smile. But, the fact is that we do. We see it as our only option. We see it as our hope for healing.

We try hard to live with it instead of trying to fix it.

We try to learn how to live with our shattered soul and all the pain it constantly leaves behind. Pretending that we’re strong becomes our number one coping mechanism.

We try to keep it together during the day, and we sometimes succeed. However, the night always lets us down. We let it all out only at night when we’re alone.

That’s when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. That’s when we allow ourselves to hear the painful moans and whimpers of our soul. The pain comes out through tears that make our pillow completely wet.

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How Do You Heal A Broken Soul?

You need to understand that your soul is now a captive of all the bad things you’ve gone through… of all the pain, stress, and suffering you’ve faced and are still facing every day.

Your soul is still beautiful… it’s still glowing, but you can’t see all that beauty because… well, because it’s wrapped in the darkness of all of your suppressed and accumulated emotions.

Let’s unfold it together and help you gain inner peace. The peace you deserve so much.

1. Life is unfair, come to terms with it

You trusted too much. You loved too deeply. But, unfortunately, it was always the wrong person.

You trusted every time they said they would get their act together. You gave your best to get nothing in return.

You trusted when they said they were serious. You trusted when they said you were theirs forever and always. That person you loved endlessly and unconditionally promised you the world, and gave you pure hell.

I know that pain… it’s unbearable and impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

Life treated you badly. When one thing went wrong, it seemed that everything else went wrong, too. You feel like your life is a complete mess and you can do absolutely nothing to fix it.

It all fell down like a house of cards; troubles at home, fights with friends, high school or work problems, broken health, broken trust, broken heart… it’s painful, but it’s real life.

The good thing is that you got so used to the pain that you derived your current strength from it.

You now understand that life doesn’t come with an instruction book. You know that life is unpredictable. Now, all you need to do is accept it and get past the unfairness of life.

2. On the other hand, celebrate life as your greatest blessing

So, every morning you get up. Hey, man, you still get up every morning, and that is your greatest victory. That’s the thing you should feel and be thankful for the most.

Be thankful for every breath you take. Celebrate your existence. Feel thankful and lucky just to be alive.

Try not to complain over some unimportant things. Actually, try not to complain at all. Be satisfied and happy with everything you have. Good things are in your life to make you happy… bad things are there to teach you a lesson and make you wiser.

Don’t take life for granted. Don’t allow yourself to feel any remorse when the moment of taking your last breath comes. Then, it’ll be too late for regrets.

3. Accept your brokenness, but never embrace it

You appear strong, but only you know how weak you actually are. Only you feel that chaos in your soul.

You act tough, but in fact, you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. You’re going through a real emotional wreck and you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

You are the first one to help everybody around you. You give to others everything you secretly wish somebody would give to you.

You’re trying so hard not to fall apart. But, on the other hand, you somehow accepted and learned to live with your brokenness. However, you still struggle with embracing it, and that’s actually your biggest problem.

You don’t have to embrace it… you need to fight it. Fight it so you don’t lose yourself… so you don’t become bitter… so you don’t indulge in self-loathing… so you don’t start hating yourself and everyone around you.

And, truly, hate is the worst possible product of a shattered soul. If you allow that awful feeling to consume you, it will leave you in a hopeless position.

4. Get your mojo back

Did you know that one of the most common reasons why a person’s soul gets tired or broken is low self-esteem? If you’re struggling with confidence, that’s exactly what you should be focused on fixing and improving right now.

Focus plainly on yourself. Try to paint a more beautiful image of yourself in your head. Be more gentle with yourself.

Stop criticizing yourself for every little mistake you made. Making mistakes is the inevitable part of being a human being.

Stop doubting your own worth. You’re worth the whole world, and don’t ever allow anyone to make you believe any less than that.

Actually, you should never allow other people to interfere in your life too much. Prioritizing others and depending on other people’s opinions is what exhausts your soul the most.

Your life is a book, and the front cover is reserved for its main role. That’s you. You are, have always been, and will continue to be the main character of your life forever.

Work on yourself and try to build yourself up into the best possible person you can be. Hoist yourself up… that’s how you’ll mend and lighten your broken heart and soul.

5. You can’t buy inner peace with a credit card

When it comes to your love life and your life in general, there is one thing you need to know. Money can never buy you true love nor real happiness.

It can buy comfort and short-term joy, but that’s it. The things that money can’t buy are the things that truly matter the most in life.

Peace of mind is a luxury that can never be bought by money. It needs to be found and gained.

In extreme cases, when you’re truly feeling down, you can try shopping therapy if you think it’ll really boost your mood and help you feel better. However, you need to understand that emotional spending is never going to work in the long haul.

Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. That is the only proven therapy for fixing a tired soul. That’s the only way to true, real, and pure happiness.

6. Keep the faith. Better days are coming your way

Keep in mind that bad days never last forever. You still have good days and there are some even better days coming your way.

There are still many reasons in your life to feel happy about, no matter how small they might seem at times. Not every day is good or perfect, but there is something good in every day… especially for those who focus on finding it.

The fact is, sometimes, pain clouds the good things in life. Be well aware of it. Hold on to it with everything you have.

Believe in the power of second chances, and rejoice in new beginnings. It’s never too late to change your life and discover your true happiness.

7. Note to self: Don’t quit, you’re stronger than you think

That faith will give you hope. Hope, on the other hand, will give you the strength to keep on trying… to keep on going forward.

You’ve been through so much. Your soul has been thickened from all the burden you have been carrying on your back for way too long.

Don’t give up. No matter how bad things become… don’t ever even think about giving up.

You’re a fighter. You’re a survivor. You’re keeping all those broken pieces together, hoping that you will find a way to glue them back together one day.

As Anne Frank said, “Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”

Broken Soul Quotes

A few comforting and encouraging words from a best friend or a family member can go a long way when it comes to lifting our spirits, right?

Well, in that case, I’m sure these touching quotes below will be helpful on your journey of mending your shattered soul. Or, at least, you’ll understand that you’re not alone in that journey, which is more than comforting.

1. “A broken soul doesn’t invest in boundaries because the world has crossed them without mercy.” – Shannon L. Alder

2. “Broken hearts mend, but souls forever fight the battle.” – Jay Long

3. “I know you are tired, I know you are physically and emotionally drained. But, you have to keep going.” – Unknown

4. “Early on in my life, I had a broken soul. I was abused by my father, abandoned by my mother, and ended up in a destructive first marriage. By the time I was 23, I was broken in my soul. I didn’t know how to think right. I felt wrong about everything. But, God stepped into my life, and I came out on the other side and didn’t even smell like smoke.” – Joyce Meyer

5. “Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.” – Unknown

6. “For loving me, you will have to collect all the broken and dispersed pieces of my soul.” – Hilal Hamdan

7. “Broken souls are mended every day by mended souls that were once broken.” – Krista Ritchie

8. “The soul is healed by being with children.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

9. “I loved you unabashedly in the rain; you were real, raw, accustomed to pain. I loved you mostly in the rain where you exposed your broken soul, unashamed, dancing despite it all.” – Melody Lee

10. “There is a light within every soul; it only needs the clouds that overshadow it to be broken for it to beam forth.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

11. “Sometimes, silence is the best therapy for the broken souls.” – Unknown

12. “When we are true to ourselves and follow these impulses that sweat from our compressed and broken souls, we may just find the beauty and the oh-so amazing way life can sneak up and smash us in the face!” – Danielle Rohr

13. “In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” – Max Ehrmann

14. “When you have those moments, just think of me. Call or text me when you feel weak and I will always be there for you. Nothing about this will be easy. Life is hard… we just feel it more than most because our souls have been broken and are raw.” – Raven K. Asher

15. “If broken lives and souls are to be healed, it must begin with teaching the practice of the presence… to abide in the presence of the Lord is to begin to hear Him. To follow through on that hearing is to find healing, self-acceptance, and growth into psychological and spiritual balance and maturity.” – Leanne Payne

On A Final Note

I hope you’ll listen to my advice, and that it will lead you to heal your broken soul. Please remember that it’s not enough to mend it now, and go back to living your old life.

You need to change your lifestyle in order to prevent these things from happening ever again. Your soul needs constant nurturing or it’ll keep breaking apart.

The truth is (and I’m sure you get it now) that you can never be sincerely and completely happy if your soul is hurting. It’s the same as if you’re going through heartbreak.

Even though I know that everything and everyone around you are the real reasons for your broken soul, the truth is that only you have the power to control your life. Others can break your spirits only if you allow them to.

Don’t ever go back to things or people that broke you. Be the heroine of your life; don’t accept the victim role… Ever.