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How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game (19 Efficient Tips)

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game (19 Efficient Tips)

Do you like an Aries guy but noticed he likes to play games? Now, I’m assuming what you want to know ASAP is how to beat an Aries man at his own game, am I right?

Don’t worry because I’m about to teach you some tricks to make you a better player than your Aries guy. You just need to follow my advice carefully, and you’ll claim victory before you know it.

Of course, you need to be careful because, after all, Aries is a fire sign. You’re playing with fire here, and you need to be careful you don’t get burned.

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game: 19 Tips

So, if you’re dating an Aries man, then you probably already know about his tendencies to play games. With my tips below, he won’t stand a chance against you because you’ll beat him at his own game.

If you’re still only crushing on him, save these tips for later because you’ll definitely need them if you engage in something serious with your Aries guy.

1. First of all, believe in yourself

Every man has his type when it comes to women, right? Well, this guy likes strong, independent, and confident women. They’re like that themselves, and they need to have a woman by their side who will be able to follow their tempo.

An Aries man knows exactly what he wants in life, and he likes to have his entire future planned. That’s why he’s into ladies who are aware of themselves and their qualities.

For that reason, if you want to win this guy’s heart, you need to be confident and show him that you have your own life figured out. Also, you’ll need to have good self-esteem to beat him at his own game because that won’t be possible if you think at the start that you can’t do it.

2. Set clear boundaries at the very beginning

With a man like an Aries guy, you need to be direct from the very beginning. He needs to know his place and what he is allowed/not allowed to do when it comes to you and your relationship.

He needs to know that he’s dealing with a strong woman, a woman who won’t allow anyone to control her and her life. And don’t only threaten to leave him every time he oversteps your boundaries.

He needs to know that you’re serious and that he can’t behave how he wants. The next time he disrespects your boundaries, break up with him even if it means you could lose him for good. You won’t, believe me, because he’ll know what is at stake.

3. Proudly show off your qualities

The Aries man loves a woman who is aware of herself, her qualities, and possibilities. He’ll never notice you if you’re a shy girl who has self-esteem issues and isn’t aware of her worth.

If you’re one of these girls, then you probably have better compatibility with a Scorpio or Cancer man.

Of course, no man likes a girl who never stops bragging about herself. And you definitely need to know the line between bragging about yourself and showing how proud you are of yourself because of everything you are and everything you have achieved.

4. Seduce him by complimenting him

Leo, Aries, and Libra men are men of the zodiac who really love and thrive on compliments. That’s why they’re so boastful – they want to be showered with compliments.

By complimenting an Aries man, you’ll give him a hint that you’re into him, and you’ll also boost his ego, which by the way, means so much to these men.

However, make sure your compliments are honest and meaningful. If you shower him with compliments constantly, he’ll realize you aren’t being honest, and that may actually drive him away.

5. Use your sense of humor

Why not? Of all of your qualities, this is the one that could win over an Aries man’s heart and make him obsessed with you.

As I said, intelligent, powerful, and independent women have the ability to attract an Aries guy. However, if a woman doesn’t have a good sense of humor, she will never be able to keep him. He’ll get bored in that relationship very soon and end it for good.

6. Be spontaneous and adventurous

It is true that Aries guys like women who always have things under control, women who already have their entire future planned. However, if you want to beat him at his own game, you need to find a way to spice things up every now and then.

You can’t always plan for everything – sometimes, you simply need to let certain things happen spontaneously. So much fun lies in spontaneity, trust me.

You also need to show him that you have an adventurous spirit. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, and accept to go on a new adventure with your Aries partner.

7. Stay mysterious

Keep that veil of my mystery wrapped around you if you want to keep your Aries man. If he starts thinking that he’s got you figured out, he’ll immediately start losing interest.

Talk to him and open up to him in the process of getting to know one another. However, don’t ever reveal everything about yourself because an open book that is an easy read is never interesting prey for an Aries man.

8. Show him you’re an independent woman

If you’re an Aquarius, Capricorn, or Leo woman, you have a good chance of winning an Aries man because women born under these three zodiac signs are considered the most independent females in the horoscope.

Don’t ask him for help if you can do it by yourself. Be financially independent. Ask for his opinion but never ask him to make a decision for you. These are all small ways you can show him that you’re really one strong, independent woman.

9. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself

Remember, the Aries man likes strong women. If he or anyone else talks ill about you or does you wrong, you need to stand up for yourself and make them apologize. Or, at least, make them stop.

Sticking up for yourself is what your Aries man will love and appreciate the most about you.

Of course, he’ll be your protector, and he won’t ever allow others to do you wrong, but he’ll also love to know that he has a strong woman, a woman who can take care of herself, by his side.

10. Be open and clear about your needs

The Aries guy is one of those men who won’t even try to read your mind or try to figure out what your secret wishes are. If you don’t tell him what you want or feel, he’ll never find out.

And if you wait for him to figure out those kinds of things by himself, your relationship will be doomed for sure. Just talk about your emotional needs, be clear about your wishes, and I’m sure your Aries man will try to fulfill them all.

11. Make him jealous, but don’t cross any lines

According to the zodiac, Libra and Virgo men are the most jealous males. However, Aries and Taurus men are a close second.

To beat your Aries guy at his own game, you should flirt with other men in front of him because I’m sure he’ll do the same to you with other girls.

Although, you should be careful because you’re dealing with a guy who gets overly jealous very fast. If you get too flirtatious with other guys, he’ll think that you aren’t the right woman for a serious relationship, and the game will end right there.

12. Build an emotional bond before an intimate one

Physical intimacy is important, and to have a healthy relationship, you need to build it. However, before that type of intimacy comes emotional intimacy, and that’s why you need to bond emotionally first.

Don’t just skip talking and move straight to the bedroom. It won’t do your relationship any good. On the contrary, it may only make him think less of you.

Embrace his imperfections and let him know that you accept him just the way he is. He has some dark traits, just as we all do, like a bad temper and tantrums, but with time, you’ll learn to cope with it.

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13. Show him you’re your priority and that it’ll stay that way

You need to be clear and serious about this one. Tell him that he may be your soulmate, the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with, but the title of the love of your life is yours and will always be yours.

You might love and care about him deeply, but you’ll always love and care for yourself more.

And don’t think that he will consider you selfish because of that. Believe me, only then will he be sure you’re his soulmate because he has the same priorities in life.

After all, men who belong to the fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries men) are known for being the most egocentric of zodiac signs.

14. Play the cold game of being a hard-to-get girl

How to beat an Aries man at his own game: Stoop down to his level and play the good old hot and cold game.

Make him fall for you like crazy, and then make him chase you. One day, behave as if you’re head over heels in love with him, and the next, just behave as if he doesn’t even exist, as if you’ve never met him.

15. Get a bit competitive

Men who belong to the Aries zodiac sign are ruled by Mars, which was the god of war, and it’s also the planet of our most primal instincts. That basically explains why all guys born under this sign are so passionate, intense, and competitive.

They like to compete with others more than anything else. So, if you accept playing games with an Aries guy, you need to be competitive too.

Brag about your success in front of him and recount your achievements proudly. You may think it will bother him, but trust me, he’ll also see it as attractive as hell.

16. Be yourself, no matter what

You must know that an Aries male appreciates honesty above anything else. He hates fake people, and he is able to recognize them easily.

One thing that will drive him away every time is if a girl pretends she is someone she’s not. In his eyes, it only means she isn’t happy with herself and that she has self-esteem issues. And, as we all know, strong and confident women are his type.

From the moment you guys meet, you should show him your real face. He may not like all of you, but that’s fine because that would only mean he isn’t the right man for you. But be sure that he’ll appreciate you not being afraid to show your true self.

17. Also, encourage him to be himself

As I said, this guy hates fake people who create fake personas just to get someone to like them. However, when an Aries man falls head over heels for a woman, and in his desperate desire to win her over, he might hide some of his flaws.

That’s why you need to open up about yourself and show him that you have some not-so-great sides too. This will encourage him to stop hiding his imperfections and show you who he really is.

He won’t only appreciate it, but he’ll fall even harder for you once you show him that you accept all of his sides and still choose to be with him, despite his flaws.

18. Take things slow in order to drive him crazy

Aries, just like Pisces men, know what they want, and they want to have something the instant they wish for it. So, once they fall for someone, they want to have everything with that person.

They rush into relationships and don’t even think about taking things slow. And somehow, they always get what they want, when they want, and that’s why they start having second thoughts in relationships so often.

Now, if you really want to beat an Aries guy at his game and make him chase you, you should play it slow. Accept the invitation to go out with him, but let it be just a date, don’t immediately engage in a romantic relationship.

Think carefully about every step you take in the relationship because the slower you decide to move, the more he’ll fall for you. It’ll probably be the first time he’s chased after a girl, not the other way around, and that will make him hang onto you.

19. When you run out of options, give him the silent treatment

If nothing above works, you can always confuse your Aries guy by giving him the silent treatment. Just stop communicating with him for no reason, and you’ll see how it’ll make him crazy.

Leo, Capricorn, and Aries men are known as the most prideful in the horoscope, so don’t expect them to text you 24/7, asking you what is wrong. He’ll probably send you a text or two just to check if you’re okay, but it’ll all stop once he realizes that you’re ignoring him on purpose.

However, your silent treatment will drive him insanely mad. He won’t admit it, but he’ll constantly check his phone, wait for your text, and wonder what happened and why you’re ignoring him all of a sudden.

Do Aries Play Mind Games?

Yes, and they do it quite often. Let’s just say playing games is something Aries people are famous for. And, of all the other zodiac signs, Aries is actually the best at it.

In fact, most people define Aries as narcissists, but I would say they’re inconsiderate more than narcissistic. They don’t only care about themselves, but they’re definitely their number one priority.

They’re great manipulators, and they enjoy playing mind games with others because they see it as an opportunity to show their power and dominance. They’re so great at playing these games that many people don’t even figure out they were playing with them.

Can Aries Men Be Manipulative?

An Aries man likes manipulation, and he’s actually quite good at it. He’s intelligent and smart, and he always finds a way to get what he wants, even if that means he needs to play or manipulate another person.

We all know that Gemini and Scorpio men are the masters of manipulation, but Aries males are also very close to getting that title.

Unfortunately, most women don’t even realize they’re being manipulated because Aries guys are so great at it. They mostly manipulate their partners because they want to be dominant in the relationship or simply to get what they want from them.

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Playing You?

Aries people are known for their tendency to play games when in a romantic relationship. Most of these games are naive, and they don’t want to hurt anyone through them.

However, some men born under the Aries zodiac sign decide to play mind games with women. The first sign an Aries man is playing with you is his inconsistency and him playing hot and cold.

You’ll also notice other signs and red flags like manipulation, defensiveness, aggressiveness, and him being unreliable and unaffectionate.

Also, if he’s really playing with you, he won’t introduce you to his loved ones, nor will he want to meet your family and friends.

Final Words

The truth is, an Aries guy is like no other, and that is what makes him unique. That’s his greatest power.

He has many traits and qualities but also some imperfections. His most eminent characteristic is that he likes to play games. The Aries man wants to test his lady before deciding to engage in a romantic relationship with her.

The bottom line is that you’re safe now. You’ve learned how to beat an Aries man at his own game, and if you follow these above tips, there is no way you’ll lose. You’ll win the game, and, most importantly, you’ll win his heart forever.