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How To Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You (10 Clear Signs)

How To Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You (10 Clear Signs)

Let me guess… You’ve been dating an Aries guy for a while and were walking on cloud nine until, one day… Poof, reality hits you, and you realize that he is no longer the guy you fell in love with.

His behavior has changed, and it seems like he’s pulling away from you… But, he still refuses to call it quits and tells you that you’re imagining it all. Now, you want to know when an Aries man is done with you, right?

The fact is that men born under this zodiac sign are pretty mysterious. It’s very difficult to get into their minds and find out what the Aries man wants.

But, lucky you! You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to reveal the most surefire signs that indicate when an Aries man wants to break up with you.

10 Things That Happen When An Aries Man Is Done With You

Let’s find out if your man’s hot and cold behavior is only a phase or if it actually means the end of your relationship. Here are the signs that can help you realize when an Aries man is done with you.

1. He acts distant

Aries guys are not emotionally distant or unavailable like men born under Capricorn or Aquarius star signs are. When an Aries man likes a woman, it’s no problem for him to open up to her and talk about his feelings.

Those emotional chats and open communication are actually highly important for Aries males when they enter into a serious relationship with someone.

That’s why when you notice that your Aries man is pulling away or shutting himself off emotionally for the first time, you should know that something is off.

Maybe he doesn’t want to leave you, but there is definitely a reason for him distancing himself. And if you don’t react, it may result in him leaving because he may think that you don’t care about him or your relationship.

2. His mood changes become unbearable

In general, Pisces, Scorpio, and Aries men are known for their mood swings. However, once they are involved in a serious relationship with someone they deeply care about, they try hard to control their moodiness.

When he starts displaying a short temper and mood swings, it’s a clear sign he has lost interest.

He knows that you’re not fine with that kind of behavior because, truth to be told, no woman would be, but he simply doesn’t care. He already wants to break up with you, and this is only going to make the job easier for him because he knows you won’t be able to tolerate it and that it will make you call it quits.

3. You no longer exist on his priority list

When an Aries man loves a woman, he puts a lot of time and effort into making their relationship work. She becomes his number one priority, and he will do anything to make her happy.

And here’s probably the best answer to your question, “how do you know when an Aries man is done with you?”… He simply cuts you off from his priority list.

He used to do romantic little things for you on a daily basis just to make you feel loved. But now, he rarely has time for you, and his priorities have become going out with his buddies and flirting with other women.

4. He keeps canceling your dates

The thing that a man born under the Aries zodiac sign probably dislikes most is when someone cancels on him last minute. He finds it highly disrespectful and thinks that the person doesn’t care about him.

That’s why he would never do that to his partner, the woman he really likes and has feelings for.

And when he starts doing this, when he starts canceling on you… You should consider it a clear sign that his feelings for you have disappeared. It’s okay if it happens once or twice, but if it keeps happening, then you should know that your Aries man wants to break up with you.

5. He stops expressing his feelings for you

The best thing about Aries men and their most eminent personality trait is that they’re honest guys. They hate lying (unlike Gemini and Libra men), and they’re very bad at it, especially if they have to lie to someone who knows them well.

So, this means that when an Aries man is done with you, he won’t lie to you about his feelings. He may not admit that his feelings for you have changed, but he definitely won’t lie about still being in love with you.

And this also means that he won’t be able to keep it from you for too long. Unlike Virgo or Taurus men, Aries men aren’t good at keeping secrets and things to themselves either.

6. He constantly tries to remind you of your faults

He’s not just trying to undermine or bad-mouth you in front of others – he’s also trying to belittle you. He constantly reminds you of your flaws and the mistakes you made in your relationship because he wants you to take the blame when you break up.

You may have made some mistakes, but let’s face it, we all make them when we’re in a relationship. However, you shouldn’t allow him to manipulate you into taking all the blame.

Own your mistakes but don’t ever allow him to get into your head and make you look like you were the one who initiated the breakup. In case you didn’t know, being manipulative is one of the strongest personality traits of Aries men.

7. He’s already back in the dating pool

If your Aries man is really done with you, it won’t take him long to get back into the dating pool. He’ll start going out with his friends and flirting with other women in no time.

He’ll probably flirt with other girls in front of you. And that will be your biggest sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore.

I mean, he’s getting back into the dating pool and didn’t even break things off with you… What is that telling you? Yes, that man no longer respects you, and it’s high time you dump him.

While we’re talking about Aries men and dating, they’ve got the highest compatibility with Sagittarius and Leo women. So, keep an eye out for women born under these zodiac signs.

8. The excitement for your future plans is long gone

All men born under the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, are known as highly ambitious peeps. They have clear goals for the future and work on ways to obtain those goals every single day.

If you’ve been dating for some time, he’s probably even made future plans with you. You probably talked about traveling and going on vacations together. Making plans for the future excites an Aries man more than anything else, especially if those plans include his loved one.

On the other hand, if you see that he’s no longer excited about these plans when you mention them to him, you’ll get a clear picture of your whole situation… Your Aries man wants to break up with you because he clearly no longer sees you as a part of his future.

9. He’s trying to undermine you

Have you found out from a mutual friend that he has been bad-mouthing you, but you’re still in a relationship and can’t figure out why he is doing it?

Well, the answer is actually pretty obvious. Your Aries man wants to break up with you, and he’s trying to make you look like the culprit for the breakup in front of others.

He obviously doesn’t have a reason to break up with you, and he doesn’t want to be the bad guy in front of your mutual friends once he gets over it. He’s making up all those things about you just so he can say that he had a reason to break up with you.

10. It’s obvious that he’s stopped caring

You can see it in the way he behaves towards you. All these signs are proof of it… And your gut is simply telling, screaming that your Aries man wants to end things with you.

Also, you should know that it’s just a matter of time before your Aries man breaks down and admits all of this to you. The truth is, he is not one of those cowards who start ghosting you or break up with you over social media.

He’ll break up with you in person. He’ll stand in front of you and say that he doesn’t love you anymore. It’ll be hard to process and accept, but the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to heal and move the hell on.

Most importantly, the sooner you’ll be able to find a guy who’ll never stop loving you, your true soulmate.

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What Should You Do When Your Aries Man Disappears?

You’re dating a man who belongs to fire signs of the zodiac that are known for their hunger for excitement and adventure. It’s absolutely normal for your Aries man to disappear here and there, searching for new adventures and things that can get his adrenaline pumping.

The best thing you can do is make your Aries man miss you. You need to pretend as if nothing is going on. You need to behave like you’re living your best life.

To get your Aries man back, you need to reignite the spark you both felt at the beginning of your relationship. Give him a reason to chase you like he did when he won you over.

When he realizes what is at stake, he’ll come back to you sooner than you think. Aries males tend to be impulsive, but they’ll never risk losing the woman they truly love.

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Do Aries Men Come Back After A Breakup?

To be honest, this is really not a horoscope-related thing. The fact is, all men come back IF they have honest feelings for the woman they broke up with.

The thing with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries people is that they’re highly impulsive and react in the heat of the moment. This means that your Aries guy perhaps didn’t even want to break up with you and that he regretted it as soon as he did.

No matter what happens, this will be the ultimate test of his love for you. If he comes back, begging you to reconcile, it means he loves you. And if he doesn’t, it’s a sign for you to let him go and move on with your life because he clearly doesn’t love you.

Wrapping Up

And that’s how you know when an Aries man is done with you. I really hope that you haven’t recognized any of these signs in your Aries guy and that his strange behavior is just a phase that will be over soon.

On the flip side, if he decides to go, you should let him. There is no point trying to make someone stay in your life when it’s obvious it’s the last thing they want.

If you want to get your Aries man back, you should just ask yourself one question… Is it really worth it? Is trying to get someone who doesn’t love you back really worth all the pain?

Let me answer this for you… It’s not, never was, and never will be. You’ll never be happy or be able to find true happiness as long as you’re clinging to it.

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