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How To Get A Girl’s Attention And Make Her Want You BADLY

How To Get A Girl’s Attention And Make Her Want You BADLY

In every single guy’s life, there are two important questions to be answered:

  1. How to get a girl’s attention?
  2. Where is my beer?

While the latter question is relatively easy to answer (and get), the former is the challenging one, and often followed by these two questions: How to make a move on a girl? How to seduce any girl you want?

Too many how to’s and not a single answer. Do you know what? I think it’s high time we change that!

My fellow friend, I daresay that you’re in luck because if there’s anyone in the world who can teach you how to get a girl’s attention, it is a woman, or should I say – myself.

I suppose I have already captured your attention with the second question where I mentioned (almost) every guy’s Holy Liquid known as beer. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m a female and I enjoy beer just as any other Holy Liquid lover.)

So, I think we shall get along pretty well. If you wanted to get my attention, a pint of beer would (probably) do the job, BUT (“prepare for disappointment”), this doesn’t work on every girl out there (or should I say on the girl you like).

That is why, my fellow friend, you need to step up your game and learn what a girl wants from you and how you can make her want YOU badly in person, on Instagram, on Snapchat, and through text!

And, don’t worry… in case you fail at mastering the art of capturing her attention and getting a girlfriend, remember that you always have a beer. (I know, I should stop trying to be so humorous and comforting).

How To Get A Girl’s Attention (And Keep It)

Impress her with your style

If anyone ever said to you that girls don’t care much about your looks, outfits, and similar, I feel obliged to tell you that this is a BIG lie!

Ask yourself what it is that you notice first on a girl? Is it her smile, her outfit, and other details that capture your attention?

Well, the same thing can be applied to you. So, if you want to get a girl’s attention, you need to make a good first impression! (I’m so excited about this sentence because it even rhymes!).

Get yourself a cool jacket, along with t-shirts and jeans. Spice your outfit up with a powerful watch, scarf, or ring (my, my… Johnny Depp surely knows how to rock those rings!).

In other words: Don’t just wear the first thing that comes to your mind, but rock your own style!

This doesn’t mean that you need to follow the latest fashion, but at least make an effort to find some interesting accessories and pieces of clothing to impress the girl you like!

Make your life interesting and exciting

What is your biggest passion in life? Do you have some interesting hobbies? If you say watching football, drinking beer, and playing video games, then something needs to be changed ASAP.

Truth be told, I have nothing against any of it. I like beer, I like video games, and I tolerate football. But, do you think that this is interesting and exciting enough and that it will surely capture her attention? And… I thought so.

If you know how to play some instrument (preferably the guitar), half of your attention-getting job is done.

And, if you know how to rock your own style, I swear I can already see the girl falling for you at lightning speed!

Every girl knows that passionate men make the best partners, so if you want to get a girlfriend in record time, strive to acquire new perspectives and learn new things. Enjoy life and you will make it enticing enough for her to want to join you!

Find your signature scent (or just smell nice)

Girls love scents! If you want to get that one girl’s attention, then you will need to find your signature scent.

Find a perfume that perfectly describes your personality and lifestyle. I think that won’t be a challenging task given that the media is doing a great job describing every single perfume and the message behind it to us.

The reason why you need to do this is to implement the scent into the girl’s mind so whenever she smells something close to your scent, it will instantly remind her of you.

However, if you’re not really sure which perfume suits you best (or if you don’t have your favorite one and you know you never will), then just smell nice.

Any scent is better than no scent. I’m sure the character from the movie Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer would agree with me on this one.

Make your presence known and felt

When you walk into the room, do you have a feeling that you’re invisible and other people don’t notice you and don’t even try to do so? Perhaps there’s a valid reason behind this.

If you’re having difficulties making your presence known and felt, this will reflect on how others perceive you as well.

If you don’t let others know that you’re being there at that moment, you will not get their attention.

Worse, you will not get her attention! If you want her to notice you, speak with dignity and confidence, walk with confidence like a boss, and think like one.

Show to the world that you know how to get any girl’s attention effortlessly and naturally. Until you become a master of this game, fake it till you make it!

Play reverse psychology

They say that men fall in love with a woman’s absence, and not her presence. I’m sure the same thing can be applied to women as well.

I assume you already know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the art of playing hard to get.

Shower her with compliments, be a real gentleman, listen to her every word carefully, text her frequently, and then, just for a moment, a day (or a few), stop doing all that.

Do you know what happens then?

She will start asking herself what she has done wrong, she will feel like she lost something she didn’t even have, and she will become the one fighting for your attention!

Even though this reverse psychology game sounds brilliant, as I am an overthinker, I hate it from the depths of my heart.

And, even though I perfectly know how it works, I fall into the same trap every single time. “The perks” of being a woman overthinker.

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Take good care of yourself

No matter what your hobbies are, or what your manners are, if you don’t take good care of yourself, the girl will not notice you.

By taking good care of yourself, I mean having great hygiene, enough sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, and similar.

If you’re feeling brave and determined, you might want to start practicing a holistic lifestyle as well.

Take a shower, brush your teeth, apply deodorant (but don’t overdo it), put clean clothes on, add a dash of perfume, and you’re ready!

You’re ready to conquer the world with your unique outfit, your great hygiene, and your aura! The thing is, taking good care of yourself will make you feel better about yourself.

You will have greater chances of catching her attention with a positive mindset than with a negative one.

Make her laugh (whenever you can)

Wondering how to get a girl to kiss you? Then, learn how to make a girl laugh!

If you ask any girl out there whether they like to laugh at a guy’s jokes, their answer will be affirmative. Yes, we like to laugh at good, witty jokes and we praise this quality in every man.

Seriously, a sense of humor plays a big part when it comes to getting her attention! We all want to have a good time and laugh out loud, so being with someone who can deliver this to us is just priceless.

And, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian in order to make a girl laugh.

All you need to do is be creative and on the lookout for new ways to show off your humorous skills. But, as with everything else, make sure not to overdo it.

Be effortless

Have you ever seen a person walking down the street in a hasty manner? Or, rushing to give an answer to a question? Is that person you?

If yes, then it’s high time you learn how to be perfectly effortless and attractive. Everything is about the little things (the way you talk, walk, treat others, and so on).

If you’re capable of doing all those things in an effortless manner, then you will be noticed. She will most definitely notice you because it is a powerful trait to have.

There’s something truly magical about people who are capable of doing everything with little or no effort. They look spontaneous and inviting!

If you want to look that way, too, then it’s time to implement this effortless style into your daily life.

Shower her with attention (but don’t overdo it!)

A lot of guys make the common mistake where they shower the girl they like with full attention to the extent of spoiling her. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen to you.

Yes, it’s true: If you want to keep her, treat her like you’re still trying to win her. But, always make some space for her to doubt whether you’re still winning her or she’s the one winning you.

If you give a girl everything at once, she will not know how to appreciate it. The same thing goes for you guys. It’s just how human beings are wired.

You need to find the balance between spoiling her and showering her with attention. It will be hard (especially if you like her a lot), but it’s something that needs to be done.

Be a gentleman

A gentleman. I believe that the future dictionaries will explain the word gentleman as a unicorn that no one has seen yet, but everyone believes that it exists.

If you want to make the world a better place and restore hope to future generations, then please be a gentleman. Fashion will come and go, but good manners will always be trendy.

If you’ve seen the series Peaky Blinders, then you know what I’m talking about. Ask any woman whether Thomas Shelby (from the series) caught their attention.

I bet every single woman in the world who watched the series (including myself) would marry him right away if he only asked them to.

Being a gentleman is no longer a matter of manners, it’s about being different. In a world full of selfishness, disrespect, and impoliteness, choose to be different and treat girls like a true gentleman.

This doesn’t only include opening doors for them, but it also includes being honest with them, finding time for them, protecting them, and making them feel special.

This will most DEFINITELY catch any girl’s attention. I can promise you that.

Be protective of her

Here’s one of the most valuable pieces of dating advice from me to you, my fellow friend: Be protective of her! Actually, this one is in close connection with the previous sign.

If you want to catch her attention, then protect her with both your actions and your words. Don’t let other people take her for granted… ask her how her day was and just listen to her.

Basically, let her know that if anyone tries to hurt her, they will have to deal with you first. Girls LOVE that. And, how wouldn’t we?

Whenever I think of a guy who is protective, I instantly imagine someone with that macho attitude of not giving a damn about what others will think of him.

I imagine someone who is both sensitive toward those he likes and a badass toward those he despises (for valid reasons). Trust me, there’s nothing more powerful than that.

If you’re that guy (or if you become one), then you will not only succeed in catching her attention, but she will stick to you like glue!

Also, show her your sensitive side

Many guys are scared of showing their feelings because they don’t want to appear weak in front of a girl they like. But, do you know what?

Girls don’t see you that way. If you show them your sensitive side, they will not judge you, but will be amazed at how strong you actually are because it takes courage to show someone how you feel.

Another reason why you should do that is that you don’t want her to think that she’s dealing with an emotionally unavailable man. If I suspect that I’m dealing with such a man, I instantly run away for life.

Embrace your masculine side, but don’t be afraid to show your sensitive side as well. If you do that, then every girl will see you as a real man and not as a boy who is scared of his own feelings.

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Tease her like a pro

One of the fastest ways to get a woman’s attention is to tease her! No matter what she tells you and no matter how mad she is when you’re teasing her, know that she (secretly) enjoys it!

We love being teased because it’s fun and it gives us the opportunity to feel special and to pretend that we’re mad at you. Sounds silly, I know, but this is the truth.

If you want to catch her attention, try giving her a funny nickname or you can point out something special/nerdy about her.

You can also mimic her. Pretend that you’re treating her like a child, or playfully disagree with her.

And, the best of all (obviously my favorite): Challenge her! From mental to physical challenges, she will enjoy being given the opportunity to show you how witty, smart, and strong she is.

Show off your skills

Because I know you want to do that. As a matter of fact, every man wants to show to a girl that they like how strong and powerful he is.

They want to compete with other men, and, most importantly, every man wants to BE THE WINNER (or at least feel like one). Am I right? Of course, I am.

If you want to catch a girl’s attention, you need to show her your talents, skills, and things you’re passionate about. And no, the fact that you can’t drink several beers in twenty seconds doesn’t count.

Show off your cooking skills, DIY skills, problem-solving skills, or anything else that you’re good at. If she needs help with lifting something heavy, be her Superman because I know how much you want it!

But, make sure that your showing off doesn’t turn into boasting. You don’t want girls to think that you’re superficial. Keep it classy.

Stand out from the crowd

And, for the love of God, stand out from the crowd! I think the rhyme is not a matter of coincidence here. Let me tell you something…

Every girl (starting from her teenage years) has this picture of a guy in her head who is known in the media as The One.

And, do you know who that mysterious One is? Someone who will make her life, who will be there for her, who will know exactly what to do at a certain moment, and who will NEVER take her for granted.

Someone who will know how to make her feel special and someone who will restore her faith in dating.
Basically, what girls want is someone who is DIFFERENT. Someone who will treat them differently.

You can be the One, too. If you want to become that mythical creature, all you need to do is stand out from the crowd and show girls that you’re not like the rest of the guys.

The easiest way to do so is by being a gentleman (because such guys have become a real scarcity). Think about the ways in which you can make her feel special, and she will notice you!

TALK less, DO more

This sounds like an advertisement for the gym. Actually, if it was for the gym, it would sound like this: Talk less, watch yourself in the mirror less, and lift more!

Where were we? No, I’m not a certified dating coach, but I can tell you from my female perspective that women appreciate your actions more than your words!

You can tell them that you love them, adore them, that you’ll do anything for them, but if you don’t show it with your actions, then they will not believe a single word you have said to them.

So, my friend, the only way to get a girl’s attention is to do something nice for her, to keep your promises, to give her a compliment, and to do all those little things that are often overrated.

Remember that real men don’t make excuses. Instead, they make an effort. Be that MAN!

Be confident

Self-confidence is a BIG turn on! When you boost your core confidence, you’ll instantly become more successful in dating (or online dating) and your love life will flourish.

Keep in mind that your body language (or the lack of it) can reveal a lot about your confidence.

To show her that you’re feeling confident in your skin, you need to look into a girl’s eyes, keep your shoulders back, and keep your chin up.

Prolonged eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to seduce a girl you like. This will make a girl feel special and connected with you. It will show her how confident you truly are.

How To Get A Girl’s Attention On Instagram

Follow her before sliding into her DMs

If you want her to notice you, here’s a simple thing you can do right now: Follow her! And, if she follows back, boy, you’re ahead of the game!

Every single one of us wants to have as many followers as we can have on Instagram. Apparently, the more followers you have, the more popular you are.

Even though I don’t really agree with this statement, I cannot deny the truthfulness of it.
Apart from counting the number of new followers, she will want to know what kind of people are following her.

So, make sure to make your Instagram profile look inviting once she checks it!

If you follow her before sliding into her DMs, then you’ll have greater chances that she’ll text you back because you’ll be approved and you’ll be one of her people – her followers.

Don’t like every single photo she posts

Yes, I know, Instagram abounds in attractive women of all shapes and sizes, but please, don’t like every single photo they post! Why?

Simple. Because it screams DESPERATE and she’ll start assuming that you’re head over heels for her. You: But I am.

Well, even if you are, you mustn’t show it to her (at least not so early). You don’t want her to friend-zone you or classify you as a creep. The thing is, women pay more attention to those who ignore them.

Not liking her every photo doesn’t exactly mean ignoring her, but it might motivate her to start asking herself why you aren’t liking her photos.

That fact will surely capture her attention! Also, she will see that you’re not desperate, but classy.

Send her a thoughtful and interesting DM

And, once you decide to text her, make sure to do it like a boss! What does this mean?

It means that you shouldn’t be generic and send her corny pick-up lines like “I am not a photographer, but I can picture us together” or sexting messages for her (when it’s still too early for that). Seriously? Don’t send that.

Instead, send her a thoughtful direct message where you ask her something about her life (something interesting you’ve noticed in her photos or in her captions).

By doing this, you’ll show her that you’re paying attention to details, and that you’re genuinely interested in her, not just her looks.

However, if you really “need to” send her a pick-up line, then melt her heart with romantic pick-up lines like “My friend over there thinks you’re cute, but I disagree. I think you’re gorgeous.” Text a girl in an interesting way and you’ll win her in no time!

Don’t be creepy

Please, don’t be creepy or desperate because this is a huge turn-off and I’m sure you already know that. Don’t be creepy on dating apps, social networks, in person, you name it.

A surefire way to become a legit creep on Instagram is to send her multiple texts without receiving a single response from her! If she hasn’t texted you back, then there must be a reason behind it.

Since we are pros at overthinking, trust me, we’re doing everything for a reason. If you see the word “Seen,” but no response, then don’t be tempted to send her multiple texts to get her attention.

You won’t get her attention, you will only make things worse. To sum it all up: Don’t be creepy and you’ll get her attention.

Instagram abounds with creeps and other not-so-inviting people, so showing her that you’re not one of them will certainly capture her attention. Sad, but true.

Compliment her in a unique and creative way

“Cute girl.” “Pretty.” “Beautiful.”

If a guy compliments me using one of the above words (or similar to them), I immediately think of him as being totally uncreative, unoriginal, and boring. I mean, everyone can write “pretty.” What does that even mean?

The word “pretty” has become so overused that it has almost lost its original meaning.

Sure, every girl wants to know that she’s pretty, but she also wants to feel special and noticed for other reasons apart from her physical look.

How to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture?

Pay attention to all the details on her picture like what she is doing in the photo, compliment her choice of accessory and her natural beauty (but first, make sure she’s not wearing tons of makeup in the pic.).

More importantly, compliment her on something that makes her stand out from the rest. That will make her feel beyond SPECIAL.

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Don’t be repetitive

Here’s another “expert tip” written by a humble female: Don’t be repetitive. Be interesting and unpredictable! Why? Because girls LOVE that.

Every girl dreams about meeting that one guy who will impress them with his creativity, interesting perspective, and exciting lifestyle.

We don’t like repetitive guys, especially those who always start a conversation with “Hey, what are you up to?”

To me, there’s nothing more annoying than that in the whole wide world. There are so many interesting questions to ask someone, and so many exciting topics from the meaning of life to movies!

Talk about things that provide scope for the imagination (yes, I’ve been watching the series Anne With An E for some time now).

Don’t be superficial or shallow, but always have something exciting, thought-provoking, and funny in store.

How To Get A Girl’s Attention On Snapchat

Take the perfect selfie

Selfies have become the most important tool for seducing and getting someone’s attention, BUT only if you do it right.

When you’re taking a selfie, are you looking into the camera or at yourself?

If you’re looking into the camera, then you’re doing it right. Why? Because you’re focusing on the person who is receiving the picture and not on yourself.

You can choose to look cute or badass in selfies. Girls prefer both versions, so maybe the best bet is to give them both, but not at the same time.

Don’t overdo the selfie thing. Send her one interesting selfie and wait for her to reply to you. Who knows, perhaps she will send you a cute selfie back.

Come up with original Snapchat story ideas

Stories have become a way of life, so I bet your girl posts lots of them on Snapchat. Guess what? This is your perfect opportunity to text something creative when writing a response to her story.

Avoid texting something like “LMAO” or “HAHA”. This is not funny and neither is it interesting.

If you want to catch her attention, then you need to stand out from the crowd! Write something funny like a short caption for her picture or something witty that will make her think.

If you do that, then she will surely remember you because you’re not one of those guys throwing “haha’s” wherever they (virtually) go.

You need to show her that you’re capable of making interesting conversations, and also making her laugh. More than anything in the world, girls like to feel connected to others, so give your best to make that happen.

Slide into her DMs

Sending selfies is a great way of capturing her attention, and sliding into her DMs can be equally effective. But, as always, keep in mind not to overdo it.

Don’t send her multiple texts if she’s not responding. Be flirtatious, but don’t be too flirtatious because you don’t want to scare her off.

Don’t ask too many questions, but also don’t send one-word texts because you want to keep the conversation going.

Don’t give her too much info about yourself because she might lose interest in you. Keep it light with a dash of mystery and excitement.

Once you start getting really engaged in a conversation, suggest visiting the nearest coffee shop (or bar) and continue talking there. After all, this is your main goal, right? Right.

Be creative

Here’s one of the most valuable dating tips: Be creative! I know I repeated this multiple times so far, but I just want to make sure that you memorize the importance of being creative and original.

When it comes to Snapchat, you can show off your creative side in so many ways!

You can change your voice, add some fun stickers, draw, you name it. You can play with a wide array of creative tools until your heart’s content.

And, here comes the fun part (but only for the brave ones)! You probably already know about Snapchat Maps, which allow you to see where your friends are at the moment.

Well, this feature can let you know where your crush is right now, see with whom they are, and also what they’re doing.

Now, here’s the challenge for the brave ones: You can ask her if you can join her.

Perhaps she’ll like the originality of your idea and she will admire your courage. But, be prepared for potential rejection as well.

Remember that less is more

Don’t send multiple snaps (especially if you know she won’t be very interested in seeing them in the first place). Be careful of the content you’re sharing with her.

If you know that she’s a feline lover, then you can record yourself playing with a cute cat, or take a selfie with that fluffy creature and send it to the girl you dig.

If you do that, chances are high that she will instantly melt and text you something like “Omg, you two look so cute!”

Trust me, if a girl tells you that you look cute, you have already won her. In a world where every single guy is trying to mimic a macho man, looking cute is much more appealing to girls.

It will show them that you’re different, sentimental, and that you love cats (just like she does)!

The secret is in finding what you two have in common. Once you find it, stick to it and you will certainly succeed in getting her attention!

How To Get A Girl’s Attention Over Text

Keep it positive

Rule number one: Don’t text a girl when you’re in a negative mood. Imagine that you text a girl you like something like this: “My day was so boring and I feel so lonely right now…”

If you texted me this, I would answer the following: “Okay.”

First of all, keep in mind that the girl you like is not your venting buddy, so you shouldn’t text her when you’re in a negative mood because it will also make her feel down.

Instead, you want to keep things positive. You want her to smile every time (okay, almost every time) she reads your text and to associate texting with you with an activity that is fun and exciting!

Tell her about that funny situation at your job, surprise her with your unique way of thinking, or share funny GIFs (when appropriate) and you’ll get her attention (and keep it)!

Be playful and flirtatious

Regardless if you’re texting her on Tinder, Instagram, or something else, remember to keep things light. Stay away from serious conversations and focus on making the conversation as playful as possible.

Think of some flirty questions to ask a girl you want to impress, avoid being repetitive, and keep things exciting.

Even if she texts you something like “How was your day?” this doesn’t mean that you should reply to her in a serious, a.k.a., boring manner.

Keep in mind that the reason why she asked you that is because she’s the one who is feeling bored at the moment and she’s waiting for you to entertain her!

So, be playful and flirtatious. Entertain her and you will get her attention for sure.

Also, when she sees that you’re not taking yourself seriously and that you’re all laid-back and jockey, she will be more than willing to share everything with you.

If a woman is ready to share her thoughts and feelings with you, then you know you’ve done a great job, so keep up the good work.

Use Emojis

I completely understand the fact that guys are not chat lovers… the only reason why they decide to text a girl is that they like her and they want to get her attention.

If you want to succeed in that attempt, then consider using plenty of Emojis (but don’t overdo it!).

Honestly, whenever I’m texting with a guy who is using Emojis, I instantly feel more relaxed and, let’s say, special because he actually made an effort to express how he’s feeling at the moment.

Not every guy is ready or willing to do that!

Emojis give the impression of you being casual, relaxed, and flirty. They have the power to spice up any conversation, which is a great thing.

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Be descriptive

One surefire way to make your texts look dull is by not using any descriptive words. Think of texting as writing a book.

Of course, you’re not a legit writer (or maybe you are), but still, you need to keep in mind that the girl you’re texting is your reader.

If you were to read a book that is devoid of any vivid descriptions, would you continue reading it? I suppose not. The same thing applies to texting.

By describing things in detail, you will help her imagine all that without much effort. Sooner than you know, she will look forward to receiving your texts and texting you back. You can apply this technique any time you want to get her in the mood in the future.

Be spontaneous

Don’t worry too much about punctuation. Don’t be one of those people who have the uncontrollable urge to correct their every single misspelled word.

It’s okay if you do it from time to time, but doing it constantly will only let her know that you’re either seeking perfection or you’re a reserved person.

You don’t want her to think that of you. You want her to see you as a spontaneous person who doesn’t care about one letter extra or a misspelled word.

Indeed, there is something special about guys who know how to be effortless.

Choose interesting conversation topics

You certainly don’t want to talk about politics with the girl you like.

Of course, you can talk about that later once you get to know each other better, but avoid such things and similar topics when you’re texting her for the first time or if you haven’t known her for a long time.

Instead, choose interesting conversation topics about life, pets, perhaps her dream job, and so on. Make sure that your first date questions are interesting as well.


  • She hasn’t responded to your last text: If there’s one thing you should avoid when it comes to texting, it is double texting. If she hasn’t responded to your last text, then don’t text her again. Don’t send her multiple texts either.
  • She frequently sends you one-word texts: If you ask me, one-word texts exist for a reason. When you’re not interested in texting with someone, you just send a one-word text and make it impossible for the other person to keep the conversation going. If you keep sending novel-length texts even after she has sent multiple one-word texts to you, then know that you just messed up big time.
  • She told you not to text her: I think there’s no need for me to explain this one.

(And, don’t forget to) Just Be Yourself!

Mastering the art of How to get a girl’s attention is not only about wearing the best outfit or texting her in the most creative way possible, but it is also about being yourself.

Yes, you should definitely follow the above “rules,” but you should also keep in mind that the only way to win a girl is to be genuine. Be different. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde