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21 Types Of Online Dating Guys To Avoid And Be Careful With

21 Types Of Online Dating Guys To Avoid And Be Careful With

Have you made a profile on a dating app, and you’re about to set sail on the interesting journey called online dating ? Well, before you start that journey, there are some dangers of online dating you should know.

The first is the types of men you meet on those dating sites . There are some online dating guys to avoid, and I’ll explain each and every type of those men below.

You may think it’s impossible to get to know someone online, but trust me, it’s all about the details. I’ll teach you how to recognize scammers and those kinds of guys online, and then you’ll be ready to jump into the online dating pool.

21 Types Of Online Dating Guys To Avoid

When you run into a dating app profile of one of these guys below, you should swipe right immediately. Protect your heart from getting broken by avoiding these types of men online.

1. The one with no selfies

If you ever run onto a dating profile without a profile picture, you should skip it ASAP. There is definitely a reason that guy didn’t include a selfie on his dating profile .

It may also be seen as a potential red flag that it’s a scam. Maybe it’s a fake profile used to lure women and get their money.

Whether it’s Tinder , Hinge , Bumble, or another dating app , a profile without a profile picture is always suspicious. And the most important online dating tip is to completely avoid these kinds of online dating profiles .

2. The ‘ nice guy ’

I believe there are still nice guys and gentlemen out there (even though I’ve only met a few of them), but there are also some men who only use the nice guy facade to hide the real bad boys underneath.

A nice guy will never say that he’s nice. He’ll let his actions show it. So, if a man tries to repeatedly emphasize how much of a nice guy he is and that he could never hurt a girl and all that crap, you should know that something is off about him.

He can talk as much as he wants, but you should only believe what he actually shows through his deeds.

3. The narcissist

A guy who is basically in love with himself. The entire world needs to revolve around him all the time. This man will never be able to give you enough attention because he needs to be the center of attention 24/7.

His social media profiles are full of selfies, and he rarely posts pictures with anyone else. That can also show you that he doesn’t have friends at all.

He will never listen to you and your problems because he needs to talk about himself all the time. If you engage in a relationship with him, you’ll feel neglected all the time, and that will be one of the main reasons you’ll eventually break up with him.

4. The player

Trust me, this kind of man is the easiest to spot. Everything about them will be a game, and their real intentions will come to the surface very soon after you start communicating.

You’ll notice that a player comes on too strong and way too soon. He’ll be sending sexts right after you start chatting.

He’ll try to find out whether you’re into open relationships and hookups . He’ll start sharing details from his intimate life even if you don’t ask about it at all.

These guys are interested in only one thing, and they’ll play games with you until they get it. As soon as they get what they want, they’ll leave you and behave as if you two never even met. Of course, that’s only if you allow it.

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5. The very persistent guy

If you’ve been texting with a guy for a day or a few days, and he invites you on a first date and keeps pushing on about it, you should really ask yourself whether you’re able to cope with such a persistent guy.

He’ll be persistent and stubborn about the other things for sure, not just this. And somehow, you’ll always do things his way because of his persistent nature.

If you want a man with whom you’ll always have to make compromises and leave your wishes aside, then go for it.

6. The sensitive guy

If you meet a guy online and notice that he gets offended very easily, you should know that you’re dealing with a man who has a very gentle and sensitive nature.

With this kind of guy , you’ll always feel guilty for something. You’ll always blame yourself for hurting his feelings when the truth is, he gets hurt for no reason.

7. The good-looking guy (who is obsessed with his looks)

It’s so nice when someone takes care of their looks. However, it’s very unattractive when it’s all they care about. If a guy is obsessed with what he sees in the mirror, you shouldn’t even consider dating him.

Well, I mean, you can, but you’ll see that you won’t be able to put up with it for too long. In the worst-case scenario, his obsession may become yours, and you may become obsessed with your own appearance.

8. The one who likes to show off

Okay, let’s be honest, girls, no one likes show-offs . You have a beautiful and very expensive watch, good for you, but you don’t have to show it off to everyone around you.

If a guy only speaks about the material things he owns, don’t even think about spending any more time texting with him. He’s a materialistic and shallow person, and those kinds of guys are never boyfriend material.

9. The liar

If the information on his dating profile doesn’t quite match what he told you about himself while you were texting, you should be careful with him.

He’s obviously a liar who got entangled in his own web of lies. You should check his profile photo and run it on Google. Maybe he has lied about his looks too.

Actually, it’s such a cliche . We all try to make ourselves look better than we actually are in real life on social media , those dating sites, and the virtual world.

10. The workaholic

If a guy never stops talking about his work or his career, it’s clear that he’s a workaholic. His job is his priority, and it’ll most likely remain that way even when he’s in a relationship with someone.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you really want a guy who never leaves the office, a man who is obsessed with his career, and who puts the work sphere of his life above all else.

Of course, if you’re an ambitious woman with the same priorities in life, then this may be the perfect guy for you.

11. The humorless guy

In my opinion, this is one of the worst types of men . I personally could never be with a man who doesn’t have a sense of humor.

If a guy is humorless, that also means he isn’t creative. Meaning, your relationship will fall into a rut very soon because you’ll get bored of him.

Even if you’re creative, you’ll get sick of planning dates all the time by yourself. Sooner or later, you’ll start thinking that he doesn’t care about you as much as you do about him, and that’s when you’ll decide to leave him for good.

12. The one who tries hard to stand out from the rest

We all know these types of men . They do really stupid things just to make themselves stand out from the rest.

He has a different haircut, and his fashion style is one of a kind. In fact, he’s just trying to show others how unique he is and that no one will ever be able to take his place.

13. The flake

This is a guy who can’t keep his word and promises. He’s always late, he cancels on you at the last minute a lot, and he takes forever to phone you back.

This man is the king of excuses. Every time he does something like this, it’s like he already has a perfect excuse to justify himself. And because he’s so persuasive, you’ll fall for his fake words every time.

14. The one who just got out of a serious relationship

When a guy admits that he has just got out of a long-term relationship and he‘s already looking for a new partner on some dating app , you should stay away.

Either he‘s only looking for a rebound , or he wasn’t even in love with his long-term partner. In both cases, he isn’t the right man for you.

He might pretend, but the fact is that he isn’t ready for a new relationship. He simply can’t be if he has just gone through a breakup.

Maybe he thinks that a new relationship will help him heal faster, but the truth is, he needs time, and he definitely won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

15. The one with emotional baggage

If a guy you’re texting with starts mentioning his ex-girlfriend or past relationship a lot, it’s a good sign that he hasn’t found closure after that relationship. It has left him with emotional baggage that he hasn’t managed to deal with it.

Even if he’s interested in you and wants to build a relationship with you, that relationship will be doomed if he doesn’t deal with his emotional baggage first.

16. The sexter

If he sends you a sext the first time you start chatting, you should immediately forget about him. It really makes him a pervert.

Or, even worse, imagine he asks you to send nudes. Your pics definitely aren’t secure in the hands of such a man. And you should never send nudes to anyone you don’t 100% trust.

17. The one who’s only interested in a hookup

If he’s direct right from the start with you and admits that he‘s only looking for a hookup or casual relationship , you should tell him to go on and keep looking.

I think it’s fair for him to tell you the truth and show you how things are from the beginning, but it’s not fair for you to be with someone who doesn’t want to engage in a relationship with you.

You aren’t a one-night stand woman, and you should show him that you’ll never be. You should be clear with him and tell him that you don’t like casual relationships and that you’re looking for something else.

18. The one with commitment issues

When you’ve been texting someone for some time, of course, you’ll want to meet them in person. At some point, after you get to know each other well, you’ll also want to engage in a romantic relationship with them.

If he tries to avoid talking about taking your ‘online relationship‘ to the next level, it’s clear that he doesn’t want to commit. He’s okay with casual texting, and maybe he would even like to hook up with you, but getting into a relationship is a huge NO for him.

If you want to be with someone who’ll never be able to commit, someone who’ll cheat on you every step of the way, then go for it. However, one thing is for sure… You’ll never be happy with him, and that’s a fact.

19. The obvious mama’s boy

If his mother is in his profile picture with him, you shouldn’t even bother with that guy. It’s a sure sign that he’s a momma’s boy and that his mother controls his life.

In fact, you’ll probably need to win over his mother before you even try to win him over. If you don’t pass her test, he most likely won’t even engage in a relationship with you.

He’ll choose his mother over you every single time.

Trust me, dating a mama’s boy is the worst. She’s his (only) priority now and forever, and he’ll always allow her to meddle in his love life.

20. The catfish

When you meet someone online, after some time, you’ll probably both want to go on a video call. If the other side always avoids that topic and doesn’t want to answer your calls but texts with you, as usual, it may be a red flag they’re catfishing you.

Everything about them is probably fake. They created that profile only to deceive women and play with them.

In fact, catfishers are scammers . They have their little techniques to deceive other people, lure them into a romantic relationship, and then get money from them.

21. The ‘too good to be true’ kind of guy

Just to be clear about one thing, there is no such thing as a perfect human being. We all have imperfections and some sides of ourselves that we aren’t proud of.

If a guy is trying to paint a perfect picture of himself online, you need to know that he’s fake. It’s so much better to find an honest person with some bad traits than a fake one who pretends to be flawless.

The first time you sense that everything about him sounds too good to be true, it’s a sign for you to get away from him ASAP. Never believe this guy’s words. Demand the kind of love that will be backed up through actions, not just sweet words.

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How Do You Know If A Guy You Met Online Is Serious?

If the guy you’ve met in the online dating world really likes you and wants to engage in a serious relationship with you, he’ll ask you to meet in person. He will want to get to know you face to face, and that will be the start of a real relationship.

He’ll probably delete his online dating profiles and ask you to do the same. If he isn’t serious about you , he will continue dating online.

He’ll start spending more time with you, and you’ll feel that your bond is getting stronger. He might also ask you to introduce him to your loved ones, and he’ll do the same with you and those close to him.

You’ll be dating in real life now, not only in the virtual world. Your relationship will have all the traits of a serious relationship, and if you aren’t sure what those are, here’s an article for you: 6 Signs Of A Serious Relationship And 7 Tips For Building One.

How Can You Tell A Good Guy Online?

Honestly, it’s not an easy thing to do. Some people are very good actors, and it may take a while to get to know their real intentions.

However, if he always behaves like a gentleman, if he allows you to lead, if he doesn’t insist on making you do some things you aren’t comfortable with, you’ve probably met a good guy.

Remember, a good guy will never ask you to send him sexy pics right after you’ve just started chatting. He will never rush things, nor will he ever play mind games with you.

You just need to be very careful. If you notice anything suspicious, you should try to get to the bottom of it because it may cost you later if you just let it go now.

What Should You Not Do While Dating Online?

You should never include too much information about your personal life on your dating profile . If someone likes your profile and wants to get to know you better, they’ll reach out and start communication.

If you reveal too much about yourself, you’ll become prey for online scammers. You most likely won’t find a potential partner, but someone who’ll only try to use you and get your money.

At every moment, you need to be aware that online dating is not like dating in real life . When you talk to someone in person almost every day, you can get to know them and discover true intentions.

On the other hand, when you meet people online, you can never be sure of their intentions. Learn how to be more careful online, and don’t allow catfishers and scammers to trick you.

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To Conclude

If you‘re an online dater , now you know the types of online dating guys to avoid. If you engage in a relationship with any of these men, you’ll probably get your heart broken and, most likely, lose the money in your bank account.

Dating men online isn’t easy, but it’s not like dating in real life is all sunshine and roses either. The truth is, there are different types of guys, and you can never be sure of their intentions.

That’s why you need to be careful and never give your entire self to a man. If he hurts you, you’ll end up losing yourself, and that’s the worst thing a woman can do.