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Why Would A Guy Reject You If He Likes You & What To Do About It

Why Would A Guy Reject You If He Likes You & What To Do About It

Quite possibly, the worst feeling in the world is offering someone our love only to have it rejected in an instant.

Why would a guy reject you if he likes you? Even when we seemingly blame him, the truth is that we always feel we’re at fault.

Not knowing eats us away. Feelings of unworthiness arise, and we feel like we’re destined to be alone.

Why in the world would he reject you when you were sure things were going so well? Which party is to blame? How did it all go wrong so quickly?

Well, I’m here to offer you empathy as well as show you all the possible reasons why a guy would reject you if he likes you, and how rarely you’re at fault.

Why Would A Guy Reject You If He Likes You? 19 Possible Reasons

You’re probably very confused now; not really sure why this guy won’t accept you. You feel like you’re not good enough, and are battling with feelings of unworthiness.

You’re thinking: ‘’There must be a good reason why he doesn’t want me.’’

And, there always is. But, you often play no part in it. Sometimes, the problem really lies elsewhere. It’s usually another girl or the guy himself.

It’s your job to recognize if it’s that or you. If it’s the former, there’s not much you can do about it, and if it’s the latter, you can always work on yourself (not to please the guy, but to be a better person!).

Stay with me, and let’s explore all the possible reasons why a guy doesn’t want a relationship with you!

1. He likes you but is afraid of rejection

Guys aren’t as confident as they seem. If he has even the slightest doubt that you’re not really into him, it will discourage him from making a move.

And, you know how it is when doubt settles in your mind. It only increases with each passing second, and in the end, it manages to fully convince you that it’s telling the truth.

So, why would a guy reject you if he likes you? Well, because he prefers adoring you from afar over confessing what he feels only to be rejected. The fear of rejection is far stronger than his love for you.

What’s the solution?

Well, the reason for his uncertainty is actually your mixed signals. Maybe start being more open about how you feel.

You don’t have to explicitly say ”Hey, you, I love you.”, but what you can do is show him your emotions in other ways.

You can be extra flirty, touch him more often while you’re talking, and make prolonged eye contact. Or… you could actually say the words.

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2. He thinks your love lies elsewhere

Have you mentioned another guy in front of him without ever confirming that you’re single?

Have you talked about someone in such a loving way that it is sure to raise doubts in someone who fancies you? I sure made both of those mistakes…

Of course, it’s not a bad thing to have a male best friend you love so much that you want to shout it to the world.

However, if you’re telling it to the guy you’re romantically interested in, I hope you don’t fail to mention the actual nature of your relationship.

In the end, you are here. You are reading this, and you want to make things right. And, you can!

Openly admire your friends, but also make it crystal clear that you aren’t romantically involved with them. It will make things much easier both for you and your crush.

He may finally gather the strength to ask you out now that he knows you’re unspoken for! As one of the inspiring crush quotes says:

“There is nothing better than when your crush has a crush on you, too.” – Unknown

So, give him the opportunity to express his affection for you.

3. Another girl holds his interest

Have you ever been in love with more than one person at once? If you have, then you know you never feel the same way for all of them.

There’s probably one guy you find truly precious, and the rest are distractions because you can’t seem to have him…

Well, guys do it, too! He may like you immensely, but just not enough to actually start a relationship with you.

He blows hot and cold the whole time because he’s still hoping for someone else.

Committing to you would mean abandoning the woman he has true feelings for. In all truth, he seems like a nice guy, and you should be grateful that he’s not wasting your time!

You don’t want to have a partner who is secretly infatuated with someone else, now, do you?

4. He doesn’t want a girlfriend

Why would a guy reject you if he likes you? This one may be hard to believe, but maybe he just doesn’t want a relationship right now!

Maybe he just got a job and wants to excel in it, giving it his full focus. Or, maybe he has finally found the motivation to study in order to get all As this time!

Sometimes, people truly have other things on their mind. Love may not be one of them.

Besides, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love there is.

He may have embarked on a journey of self-love because he realises that healing will bring him closer to a peace of mind that he seeks.

Isn’t it so much more fulfilling to seek a romantic partner when you’ve resolved all your major issues instead of projecting them onto others?

P.S. If you happen to have mental health issues, I know it’s not easy to just get rid of your problems and know that you don’t deserve any less love because of it!

5. He’s still recovering from his ex

Have you ever experienced that feeling of ecstasy upon finally catching feelings for the right man only to have it all ruined in a matter of minutes?

Maybe you followed him on Instagram and saw that he didn’t delete pictures with his ex-girlfriend on social media. Or, maybe he’s still posting sad love songs.

Even though you sense that he’s really attracted to you, there’s this odd distance between you; boundaries you don’t dare to cross.

You can’t help but wonder whether he’s genuinely attracted to you or just being nice.

Moving too fast is not an option. You just feel that he’s still in pain over a break-up with someone he genuinely cared about.

I hope you realise that the problem is not you… nor is it him. You just happened to meet at a very wrong time.

He still needs to heal, and I’m sure you don’t want to be anyone’s rebound girl. Appreciate your little experience, but move on.

You deserve someone who has only you on his mind.

6. He just wants sex

I don’t like saying this, but it’s very possible that this guy only wants sex, and he’s only interested in boobs and butt.

When he saw that you were up for a committed, serious relationship, he decided to flee.

Of course, if you shared his desires, that would be alright, but since you are here reading this, I know you had bigger expectations.

Allow yourself to grieve, but remember that you deserve more than he wanted to give you. Don’t accept anything less just for the sake of having SOMETHING.

You may be tempted to indulge him and to stay, hoping you’ll somehow change him and make him realize how great your relationship could be.

While people ARE capable of changing, you should never let someone use you like that.

Let him continue having his casual relationships, and you go seek something that truly fulfills you.

You deserve to have someone you don’t have to try that hard for!

7. He wants no commitment

It’s also quite possible that the guy actually wanted to offer you what you wished for, but in the end, he still decided to reject you.

This is not your fault.

Sometimes, a person may convince themselves of all kinds of things, finding a reason to abandon you while the only actual reason is just their own FEAR.

They were probably disappointed by somebody and never want to experience that again, so they ruin the relationship before it even begins because they think you will do it someday anyway.

They ruin it so you can’t.

As sad as this might be, if you keep trying for him, yet get no results, it’s time to face the facts.

He has issues to solve, and you are not his therapist… just a person in need of love. So, go to a place where you’ll actually get it.

8. He thinks poorly of himself

Have you ever gone out with a guy for the first time and he showed clear signs of affection, yet you didn’t hear from him the next day… or any other day?

Why would a guy reject you if he likes you? It may actually not be about you at all…

Maybe you did show him how much you liked him on that one date, but he still managed to convince himself that it’s all in his imagination. This is because he has very low self-esteem.

He may think he doesn’t look appealing enough to you, or that he made too many embarrassing jokes you laughed at out of pity.

There’s usually no way of knowing whether a guy has reached this level of insecurity. But… there is something you can do.

You enjoyed the date, right? Well, go and tell him! You may just make him confident enough to make some confessions of his own!

After all, it doesn’t always have to be the guy that makes the first move. If he’s so unsure of himself, help him out a little bit.

9. You’re too clingy, or too distant

There’s quite a possibility that a guy likes you, but doesn’t want you liking him so much that he feels suffocated.

If you want to be with him 24/7, and get slightly annoyed when he devotes his time to something else, he might find that exhausting.

Let’s be honest. No guy wants to be in a relationship with a clingy girlfriend.

Know that it’s fine to want closeness with someone, but people also want to be by themselves sometimes. You should not only respect that, but try practicing it yourself.

Of course, if you happen to be too ignored by the guy, that’s not due to his need for some privacy, but due to not wanting to be with you. Do the right thing by yourself and stop trying.

Another thing he might dislike is quite the opposite – you are too distant.

Maybe you like your alone time way too much (in his eyes) while he’s trying to get closer to you. What you have to decide here is this:

Do you want him in your life so much that you’re ready to slightly change your ways? Or, is he just some guy who’s not more valuable than your personal freedom?

10. You’re too eager to be with him

You do know that guys like to chase, right? Well, that might also be a reason why he continues to reject you – you’re trying too hard.

Maybe he really likes your personality, but finds your eagerness too off-putting to want to try anything further.

This kind of guy thrives only when he finally wins you over after days, or even months, of trying.

What’s important to know in this case is this: He’s just not for you.

If you’re the type of person who is brave enough to actually act on how you feel, you ought to never lose that. I hope you realise what a gift that is.

So many people want your courage, so don’t be throwing it away only for some guy!

Because really, if a guy truly likes you for who you are, he will cherish each of your advances. What matters to him is YOU, and NOT the chase.

11. You seem too arrogant

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked when people demonstrated to me how intimidating I can look at times…

When you unconsciously look too proud and angry with the world, even if you’re the prettiest and smartest woman there is, it is actually a common reason why a guy doesn’t approach you.

…Because you are unapproachable. Or, at least you look the part, even though you may be the sweetest person there is.

The only thing you can do to remedy this effect (because it’s okay to look however you look, no need to change that!) is to perhaps smile at him if he happens to be nearby.

Or, approach him yourself and show him that you’re not as he pictured you to be.

12. You don’t need him, and he hates it

There exists a psychological concept called the hero instinct. Essentially, a guy wants you to need him so he can feel like your hero.

Has he offered you a ride, but you refused it? Have you insisted on paying lunch this time?

Well, this kind of guy will not enjoy your objections to his acts of kindness because he NEEDS to feel important. It’s all about him.

He’s a narcissist who believes you to be a fragile little thing that has to be brought under his protection.

So, if you happen to lack the feminine qualities of a woman such as softness, sensitivity, and codependency, this man will go the other way just like that.

He might like you a lot, but that’s not what truly motivates him to make a move!

13. Your success makes him feel bad

It may be sad, but a lot of guys nowadays want you to be less successful so they can be your protector.

When you start talking about your achievements, all he can hear is: ”I failed”, or ”I can’t let a woman hold greater power than me.”

Of course, it’s not always necessarily sexist. It can be a personal issue of his, that is, jealousy.

If he really is sexist, then trust me, you don’t want that kind of guy. Wouldn’t you want someone who’s genuinely happy every time you tell him good news?

If it is jealousy, on the other hand, it’s a bit more complicated.

While it is awful to know someone envies you, they don’t necessarily want you to fail. They may just feel bad about not having what you have.

It’s not easy to accept that, but if it’s genuine love you both feel, you might want to talk it out. Be the one who’ll reach out to him and show him how worthy he is, too.

14. He’s bothered by your guy friends

Perhaps you somehow find it hard to find girl friends, and you are surrounded by men all the time. Well, the guy you like might not be too pleased about that.

This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your friends. Just try explaining to him the nature of your relationship. Or, even introduce them! Have mutual friends.

Be honest – if you have noticed that your guy is constantly around a lot of women, wouldn’t you think that he’s involved with one of them?

It’s important that you let him know about their position in your life, and while you’re at it, maybe even tell him what’s his. He may get brave enough to officially make a move on you!

15. He doesn’t feel the connection

Has it ever happened to you that you truly enjoy someone’s company, but there’s still something missing…

We all like to think that we have a type, and maybe we do. But, what matters in the end is not what color his/her hair is or if he/she shares your interests.

Sometimes, we have little in common with someone, but we still enjoy whatever they are telling us. Maybe your guy falls into this category.

So, why would a guy reject you if he likes you?

This doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. You don’t have any flaws that you need to work on, or anything of the sort. You’re just not right for each other.

I encourage you to let go of him , and start looking for a kindred spirit of your own! Although, truthfully, best connections happen when we’re not really looking for them.

16. He doesn’t think it’ll last

It could just so happen that a guy likes you very much, but there’s still something telling him that it’s not going anywhere.

Do you constantly talk about how you never want to marry, or that you see yourself as an old lady living alone with her cats?

It’s quite possible that he mistakes your words as a sign you don’t want to be with him rather than a sign of you fearing to die alone.

You may think that by saying this, you’ll somehow motivate him to make a move, but in reality, you’ll only discourage him.

Instead, try opening up about your fear, or at least find another way to motivate him because this won’t work.

Sometimes, though, it’s not about what you say, but rather about how the guy sees things.

If he feels that he can’t see a future with you, know that it’s not on you to convince him otherwise. If you really like him, though, you can give it a try.

But, in all honesty, if he can’t see it for himself, he’s telling you all you need to know.

17. He’s immature

This kind of guy doesn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with a girl he likes in a way that she deserves.

He may even be extremely rude, just like a little boy, when he has a crush on you. You don’t really need that.

You deserve gentleness, and perhaps some well-intended teasing, but NEVER rudeness.

You may try to solve this issue, but it’s really not your job to raise a guy. He has to be ready to accept his issues, and work on them himself.

You’re not meant to be a parental figure, but his support system.

18. He’s not that into you

I’m not telling you this gladly, but it’s very possible that a guy keeps rejecting you simply because he doesn’t like you.

Maybe you misunderstood his good manners, and saw each act of kindness as a clear sign of his feelings for you. Or, maybe you turned everything into a sign.

It happens to all of us. We see what we want to see.

If you notice a lack of his affections, it might be time to give up on him. I know it’s hard, but it’s better than chasing a wild goose.

I’m sure there’s a guy out there who is more than happy to be with you. For now, be there for yourself.

Start practising self-care by abandoning the guy that doesn’t appreciate you.

19. You’re in the friendzone

This is something we dread more than anything else – wanting to be someone’s romantic partner while they desire nothing more than to be a good friend of yours.

This is really hard to ascertain sometimes, but you can do it if you pay attention. One telltale sign may be him talking about his exciting love life.

While this can also be a way to make you jealous, more often than not, it’s proof of a lack of interest.

The only way to know for sure is to confess your feelings to him , directly or indirectly, and see how he reacts. Whatever happens, at least you’ll know for sure.

I know it’s frightening because this way, you have hope, but you realise that you are wasting your time waiting for something that may never come.

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How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Hiding That He Likes You?

One of the biggest indicators that a guy likes you, but is hiding it are nervousness, fixing his appearance (before seeing you), lots of subtle touches, and so on.

Now, there are multiple reasons why guys would hide their affection for you, and the most frequent ones are shyness or playing hard to get .

Dating a shy guy is a unique experience, but also a challenging one. The same thing applies to those men who prefer the game of playing hard to get.

If you aren’t sure as to whether a guy truly likes you or not, here are the most common signs that scream he totally digs you (but is hiding it):

• He teases you (all the time)

• Subtle touches are frequent (this is the biggest cue of physical attraction )

• You often catch him looking at you

• He tries to impress you

• Nervousness

He gives you compliments

• He’s protective over you

Prolonged eye contact

• He remembers everything about you

So, if the majority of these signs describe his behavior, then you know he’s trying to hide how much he wants you.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Rejecting You?

You will notice the rejection in his body language. He will distance himself from you, both physically and emotionally.

He won’t care about your advances nor will he appreciate time spent with you. It will feel like everything else is more important than you.

Have you ever been in his presence, but instead of being excited, he couldn’t wait to leave to do something else? Or, have you ever texted him, and he found the time to reply… ten hours later?

That’s your cue. Stop analysing his behaviour in order to find some glimmer of hope because him ignoring your texts means he doesn’t care about you as much as you wish he would.

How Do You Make A Guy Regret Rejecting You?

Well, you can be the best version of yourself you can be, and make him see all he’s missing out on. If you’re leading your best life, he may want to be a part of it.

Furthermore, if you can offer everything he seeks in a woman, he’ll miss you for sure.

Do you have the same sense of humor? Go and make another guy laugh in front of him.

Do you watch the same TV shows? Talk about it in front of him without including him in the conversation.

Does he like an open-minded woman? Share your beliefs and ideals with the world!

However, I do hope you recognize the irrelevance of a guy who needs so much proof of your worth.

How Do You Accept Rejection From A Guy?

Well, take a hint and stay clear of him.

Know that your grief is valid, though, and take as much time as you need to process it. Talk to someone you trust.

If you’re having a hard time opening up to your friends, go to a therapist. Either way, share your story.

Let your goal be trying to appreciate all the good he gave you without ever reflecting on it again. Feel the precious moments, but don’t relive them!

It’s exhausting to live your life filled with hatred. He doesn’t deserve it, and neither do you. Besides, not every guy will reject you, so don’t give up your hope just yet.

All In All,

Still wondering why would a guy reject you if he likes you or why you are still single? Know that it rarely has anything to do with you!

It’s mostly his own insecurities, or simply the fact that you two aren’t a match after all.

This doesn’t mean that either of you is to blame. Depending on the situation, you should either be honest about how you feel about him, or leave him for the sake of your well-being.

Don’t hold onto hatred, but rather accept things as they are, all the while appreciating the good memories.

Remember that you deserve more than holding on to someone who wants nothing to do with you.

But, if he does, and yet he struggles with showing you, help him out by making him see how much in love with him you are! I believe in your courage, and so should you!

P.S. Here are the best ways to let someone know how much you like them.