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Cancer Soulmate Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer Soulmate Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Despite all of their amazing qualities, Crabs are also hypersensitive, clingy, and overly wrapped up in their emotions – that’s the harsh truth.

With all of this in mind, it must be hard for them to find their best match.

Which astrological sign has what it takes to deal with Cancers? Who is Cancer’s soulmate?

If you read on, you’ll get the answer to this question and an entire Cancer compatibility report for all 12 horoscope signs!

What is Cancer’s soulmate?

Cancer’s soulmate is Pisces! Even though they might not be Cancer’s ideal partner, the two signs are definitely soulmates. Their souls are made of the same material, and they’re each other’s mirror image!

Who will Cancers fall in love with?

Cancers are most likely to fall for Pisces and Scorpio. They fall in love with these two signs at first sight.

Nevertheless, this is not enough for their relationships to be without their flaws. A lot of effort is necessary for these couples to succeed.

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Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Check out which zodiac sign can be Cancer’s soulmate and who they should stay away from!


I hate to burst your bubble, but Aries and Cancer are a match made in hell. The biggest problem is the love-hate relationship the two have.

They fall madly in love with each other soon after they meet. However, after a while, their relationship turns into a disaster waiting to happen.

The two can’t seem to find the middle ground as much as they try. If you know anything about astrology, this won’t come as a shock to you.

Cancer is a water sign, while Aries is the first fire sign of the horoscope. It’s a well-known fact that this combination rarely ends well. That’s exactly why these two end up breaking each other’s hearts.

Cancer female Aries male

Aries falls hard for his Cancer woman right from the start. He goes crazy for her sensitive and warm nature.

On the other hand, she falls in love with his masculine energy. He is courageous and determined, and that’s exactly what she looks for in a man.

So, what seems to be the problem between these two? Well, sooner or later, Cancer’s moodiness ruins the entire romance.

Her mood swings tire Aries, and he gives up on her.

Cancer male Aries female

This is an even more problematic zodiac pairing. These two Sun signs are simply not compatible as much as they try to build a healthy relationship.

An Aries woman is just too much for a Cancer man. She is fierce and independent, and he can’t keep up with her pace, so he soon realizes he’s done.

The two have different priorities and life goals, so in most cases, this relationship ends before it even starts.


Can Taurus be Cancer’s soulmate? Most definitely, yes! After all, Taurus is ruled by Venus while Cancer zodiac sign is governed by the Moon, making them highly compatible.

But this doesn’t mean their relationship will be flawless.

On the contrary, these two go through different hardships, but their partnership somehow manages to overcome all the obstacles along the way.

They form a deep emotional connection. Of course, there is also mutual respect and appreciation!

Cancer female Taurus male

Taurus’s personality is quite similar to Cancer’s, even though you might not see it at first glance.

Even though a Taurus man can be quite mysterious, a Cancer woman manages to get under his skin. She has a way of finding his true nature, and he lets her get to know the real him.

Cancer male Taurus female

These two are a true match made in heaven. They usually meet as young people and can even be each other’s high school sweethearts.

Nevertheless, their relationship together doesn’t end with puberty. Instead, they usually stay together for the rest of their lives.

They’re both known for their emotional depth and, therefore, the Taurus-Cancer relationship almost always succeeds.


A Gemini-Cancer match is quite interesting. Even though Gemini has a lot of personality traits similar to Cancer’s, they’re still not Cancer’s soulmate.

The two have trouble forming an emotional connection because they perceive romantic love differently. Gemini is a commitment-phobe, while Cancer needs devotion and commitment.

The one is ruled by Mercury, while the other is governed by the Moon. That difference tells you a lot!

Gemini is independent and carefree, while Cancer is an overthinker. Gemini is sometimes even considered unable to love, while Cancer is hypersensitive.

At the end of the day, Gemini has trouble understanding Cancer’s vulnerabilities, while Cancer can’t stand Gemini’s overly relaxed nature.

Cancer female Gemini male

The sensitive Cancer female is the one who loves more in this relationship. At least, that’s what everyone sees at first glance.

However, in reality, it’s not exactly like that. She is just the one who tries harder and puts more effort into the romance.

On the other hand, a Gemini man has a hard time expressing his feelings. Consequently, the Cancerian ends up feeling emotionally neglected – with full right.

Cancer male Gemini female

A Gemini female can’t stand a sensitive Cancer – that’s the biggest issue between the two. At the same time, the Cancerian puts too much pressure on his partner.

He wants to know where they stand, and he pressures her into committing. At the end of the day, he has to accept that she won’t change and that he’s the one who has to adapt – if he wants this relationship to ever work out.


Cancer and Cancer get along pretty well when it comes to love affairs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since these two share similar values and the same personality traits.

They understand each other’s sensitive natures and vulnerabilities. The same goes for mood swings – they both have them.

But the thing that connects them the most is the emotional depth they both possess. All Cancerians must develop a strong emotional bond with another person before engaging in anything physical.

Let’s face it – this is quite rare nowadays. But these two understand each other. A Cancer will never rush another Cancer into something they’re not ready for.

The biggest issue with two Crabs being in a relationship is their passive-aggressive natures. They have trouble resolving arguments when they both retreat in their shells, and neither is interested in actually finding a solution.


Do you know how I told you that water signs usually don’t go well with fire signs? Well, Leo and Cancer are an exception to that rule.

Surprisingly, these two manage to build a successful and healthy relationship. This is probably because these two Sun signs are zodiac neighbors. So even though they have plenty of differences, their energies are quite similar.

Also, let’s not forget that Cancer is a cardinal sign, while Leo is a fixed sign. These two modalities go pretty well together.

Cancer female Leo male

These two are quite different – nobody can argue against that. Nevertheless, the trick is that they manage to turn their dissimilarities into advantages.

Leo has an incredibly strong personality. That’s exactly what a Cancer woman needs – someone to save her from her moodiness and sensitivity.

At the same time, Leo’s soulmate is a woman who displays a lot of feminine energy. He has a chance to be the Alpha male, and that’s exactly what he is looking for in his perfect relationship.

Cancer male Leo female

The only possible problem here is that the Lioness’s personality is stronger than the Cancer’s. She has an issue with having an emotionally weaker partner.

At the same time, a Cancer man feels like his Lion partner is trying to dominate him. He feels like his emotions aren’t respected enough.

He doesn’t feel safe to show his vulnerable side and open up completely. So he leaves, but she does her best to get him back once she realizes what she’s lost.

However, if the couple shares strong love, they manage to overcome these hardships.


Virgo can definitely be Cancer’s soulmate. These two Sun signs are another example of an almost perfect match.

Cancer and Virgo are both born caretakers. They’re anything but selfish and pay a lot of attention to their loved one’s well-being.

In fact, Cancer is probably one of the rare zodiac signs who is not bothered by Virgo‘s personality. Why? Well, because they’re quite similar.

These two share similar life values. They believe in commitment, loyalty, and devotion.

Neither of them fits well into modern dating concepts. Others might call them old-fashioned, but they both want a peaceful, loving, and caring relationship – the kind you see in the movies.

Cancer female Virgo male

They both want security and stability. The Cancer woman nurtures her Virgo man, and that’s exactly what he wants, even though he probably won’t ask for it.

At the same time, he returns all the effort she’s invested. He doesn’t take her caring nature for granted and pays attention to her needs as well.

The only problem here can arise due to Cancer’s possessive nature. A Virgo man can be crazy for his partner, but he’ll still need his personal space, which bothers the Cancerian.

Cancer male Leo female

Things don’t get intense from the very first day here. This is rarely love at first sight. There are no fireworks and butterflies in the beginning.

Yes, they’re attracted to each other, but we’re not talking about insane chemistry.

However, all of that changes once they open up to each other and meet the core of the other person’s soul. That is when they start to develop intense emotions that frequently end in a life-lasting union.


Can Libra be Cancer’s soulmate? At first glance, these two have almost nothing in common.

Just look at Libra’s personality. They’re indecisive, unreliable, and controlling. Of course, they also have plenty of positive traits, but their flaws are what impact the Libra-Cancer relationship negatively.

At the same time, Cancer’s traits include moodiness and being overly sensitive. They need constant reassurance, and that’s something Libra is not likely to give them.

The biggest problem between these two is that they’re governed by different things. No, I’m not talking about their ruling planets (even though they are ruled by different planets: Libra by Venus and Cancer by Moon).

I’m referring to how Libra follows their brain while Cancer is governed by their heart. You can only imagine the trouble this difference alone can cause.

Cancer female Libra male

The only thing that can possibly keep this relationship alive is the Cancer woman’s emphatic side. She has the ability to understand her partner’s feelings.

The initial connection between these two is incredibly strong. The moment they meet, they feel like they’ve met their soulmate. This union frequently feels like a divine connection.

But things don’t continue so perfectly unless they overcome their communication barrier. If they manage to do that, they have a chance of a bright future.

Cancer male Libra female

This match is less likely to succeed than a Cancer female and a Libra male. First and foremost, the two lack passion from the beginning of the relationship.

They want different things in the bedroom and have a hard time finding the middle ground. A Cancer man is sensitive in bed and needs time to relax.

Another issue between these two is communication, especially when it comes to arguments. Everyone knows that Libra will do anything to avoid conflict. At the same time, Cancer is the king of passive aggression.

With these two things combined, a Cancer male and Libra female have a hard time resolving their issues.


Keeping in mind Scorpio’s personality traits, it’s no wonder that a Cancer-Scorpio soulmate relationship is entirely possible. They both appreciate the same things: loyalty, commitment, and trust, which are all crucial foundations for a healthy relationship.

But not everything is sunshine and roses between these two. The problem is that Scorpios don’t have the emotional depth the Cancer zodiac sign does.

Scorpio-Cancer compatibility is so high because they both want the same thing: emotional stability. Neither of them is interested in meaningless affairs and almost relationships. Instead, they’re both looking for the real deal, an all-or-nothing kind of romance.

That’s what keeps them together despite all the hardships, differences, and misunderstandings. Of course, it’s impossible for the romance to succeed if both parties don’t invest a lot of effort into it.

Cancer female Scorpio male

The number one issue with this relationship is, without a doubt, their jealousy. Even though they’re both loyal to the core, trust issues always somehow boil up to the surface.

Of course, the Scorpio man is the one who takes the lead when jealousy is in question. He needs some time to figure his Cancerian partner out and understand that she really won’t go behind his back.

Once that happens, and once she earns his trust, the Scorpio male starts opening up. From that point, their relationship becomes near perfect.

Cancer male Scorpio female

The best thing about these two is that neither has commitment issues. They’re both completely devoted to each other. You know that Cancer rarely plays their partner, and once Scorpius realizes this, she forgets about mind games as well.

There is no flirting with other people, dating apps, or playing mind games. Instead, they’re fully invested in the relationship from the very first day, which is rare.


Cancer and Sagittarius are considered one of the worst zodiac combinations in the entire horoscope. Everything that defines these two signs is different.

First and foremost, one is a water sign, while the other is fire. The one is ruled by Jupiter, while the other is governed by the Moon. Their modalities are also different: one is cardinal and the other mutable.

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder they have a hard time getting along: the stars literally won’t let them be compatible!

Cancer female Sagittarius male

The only place these two get along is the bedroom. They have incredible sexual chemistry, but that’s about it.

They clash in every other aspect of life. These two Sun signs don’t share the same values and want different things from relationships.

A Sag man can’t give a Cancerian woman the emotional security she is looking for. Sagittarius has a different personality. Namely, a Sag man needs much more time to commit and devote himself to the romance.

Cancer male Sagittarius female

The main problem here is that a Cancer man can’t keep up with a Sag female. I’m not saying that this is either of their faults, but the truth is that she is simply too much for him to handle.

At the same time, she can’t give him the love he needs. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him – it’s just that Sag women express their emotions differently.

At the end of the day, she feels like he’s trying to tone her down, which suffocates her. At the same time, he feels emotionally neglected.

Knowing all of this, it’s pretty obvious why the two don’t have a bright future.


These two are opposing signs. When you look at Capricorn’s personality, you’ll think of them as being quite different from Cancer.

But you know what they say: opposites attract. Well, Cancer and Capricorn really do share a strong attraction from the very first day.

Nevertheless, we’re not only talking about initial chemistry here. On the contrary, they usually manage to build a healthy connection, despite their dissimilarities.

The key is in complementing differences. Cancer gives Capricorn exactly what they lack: emotional depth, a sense of security, and warmth.

It works both ways, of course. Capricorn stands with both feet on the ground, and they succeed in giving Cancer a dose of reality.

Cancer female Capricorn male

The Capricorn man is one of the zodiac signs with the biggest trust issues. However, all of this changes with a Cancer female.

Once he sees how devoted and faithful she is, he puts down his shield and relaxes a bit. From that moment on, everything is sunshine and roses.

Cancer male Capricorn female

Let’s start with the bedroom: these two horoscope signs are highly compatible between the sheets. But that’s not the only thing that keeps their romance alive.

Cancer gives his Capricorn partner his undivided attention, and that’s what keeps her by his side. At the same time, she takes care of him in a practical way, and he understands that’s her love language.


Even though, in theory, both Aquarius and Cancer value the same things, such as loyalty and commitment, at the end of the day, they’re considered incompatible.

The thing that connects them the most is their intellect. They’re both sharp-minded, but they clash when it comes to emotions.

First and foremost, they don’t get along when it comes to the bedroom. The water-bearer doesn’t see physical intimacy as a big deal, while Cancer needs to feel emotionally connected before sleeping with anyone.

Cancer female Aquarius male

This relationship is a real emotional rollercoaster for both sides. Even though the adventures are incredibly exciting at first, this tempo soon becomes too much for Cancer.

Instead, they maintain a toxic on-and-off relationship, which ends up destroying both of them.

Cancer male Aquarius female

If you’re familiar with the water bearer’s personality, you’ll know that she’s a self-sufficient woman who is not into emotional codependency. Well, you can only imagine how great this goes down with Cancer.

Of course, I’m being ironic – this is more than enough to understand why these two rarely ever function.


Pisces and Cancer are signs of complementary elements, which means they have similar traits. Nevertheless, this can sometimes be a problem.

Yes, they want the same things from a relationship. But they’re both prone to emotional dependency and are both led by their hearts.

There is no such thing as personal boundaries or independence when it comes to these two. They’re both quite possessive, and if they don’t work on that side of themselves, all hell will break loose.

Cancer female Pisces male

These two are one soul in two bodies. They both give themselves to the relationship entirely and go all the way in once they fall in love.

Let’s not forget the high level of mutual understanding that exists between this pair. One of Pisces’s main personality traits is his patience, so he knows how to handle a Cancerian’s moodiness.

Cancer male Pisces female

The connection between the two is love at first sight. Pisces is knocked off her feet with the Cancer gentleman’s skills.

But she doesn’t fall behind either. She takes care of him and gives him the emotional security he craves!

What is a Cancer’s love match?

The best match for Cancer is Scorpio.

Even though the two have numerous differences, they appreciate the same things and look at love relationships the same. That’s exactly what keeps them together for so long.

What’s a Cancer’s best friend?

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are Cancer’s best friends. Each one of these signs has a nurturing side.

They’re not prone to judgment and do their best to understand their Cancer BFF (and we all know not everyone can understand them).

To Wrap Up:

Don’t be disappointed if the stars claim that you’re not Cancer’s soulmate. Just because you two don’t have high compatibility doesn’t mean you can’t make it work – if you try hard enough!