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15 BIG Lessons Mothers Teach Daughters (Or At Least Should)

15 BIG Lessons Mothers Teach Daughters (Or At Least Should)

The mother-daughter relationship is the strongest and most powerful one. The bond a mother and her daughter share is as deep as an evening red and indestructible.

Mothers teach daughters the most important life lessons that help them sail smoothly through the journey of life. She tries to be that loud voice in her little girl’s head that will guide her through the good and bad times in life.

No one will love a girl more than her mother, and a mother is the only person who’ll always want nothing but the best for her daughter.

15 Lessons Mothers Teach Their Daughters

For all the mothers, here’s a list of the most precious and valuable life lessons you should try to teach your daughters. These lessons will help them become independent young girls, strong young women, good wives to their husbands, and the best mothers to their kids.

And for all the daughters out there, please appreciate and respect your mothers and everything they do for you and your better tomorrow. Try to understand their ways and never stop showing your gratitude towards them.

1. The most important lesson: keep your heart pure

Above all the things you’ll teach her she should or shouldn’t do, you should teach your daughter to always have a good, honest, and pure heart.

We all know that life can get messy sometimes. We all go through different, very challenging, and tough situations in life. We all meet all kinds of people, good-hearted ones and those with evil hearts.

Prepare and warn her about that. Tell her that no matter what’s happening around her, no matter how many wrong people come and go from her life, she should never let them poison her heart.

Teach her to help those in need. To be kind, generous, and empathetic. To be compassionate and non-judgemental. In the end, outer beauty and good looks will fade through the years, but a good and pure heart is what will keep her beautiful forever.

2. Money can’t buy what matters the most…happiness

This is a highly important lesson mothers teach daughters. Nowadays, people have gone wild with all that greediness for money and material things, and that’s the main reason there is so much pain, frustration, and toxicity in the world.

It seems like our values and beliefs have been twisted. Don’t let your daughter live in such a world of twisted moral compasses and distorted values.

Motivate her to pursue her dreams and goals as long as she does it for other reasons besides money.

The truth is, money can buy you a lot of things that can make you satisfied and happy, but that happiness will be short-lived. Money can never buy you the things that truly matter, things that give meaning to your life… Things like real friendship and true love.

3. Don’t ever allow anyone to diminish your self-esteem and self-worth

Here is something that most women (UNFORTUNATELY) so often forget… If you want to be successful in life and achieve all your goals, self-esteem is everything! It’s the key to living a fulfilled life.

If you notice that someone is trying to damage your self-esteem and make you think less of yourself, you need to act immediately and distance yourself from them.

You need to act before they get the opportunity to achieve their goal and make you feel awful in your own skin.

When your self-esteem weakens, your mental health suffers too. Put simply, when you aren’t satisfied with yourself, you easily become depressed and stressed.

4. Don’t allow your insecurities to stand in your way of reaching the stars

Trust me, most of us (read: all of us) have some insecurities. However, it’s important not to let them consume us because it’s been confirmed that it can stop you from achieving so many great things.

That’s why self-love is one of the important lessons a mother can teach her daughter. Once you learn to love yourself, you also learn to embrace your flaws and those insecurities and only then are you ready to reach your full potential.

5. Never go where you feel unloved, unappreciated, or unwanted

Tell her that the first moment she feels unappreciated or unwanted somewhere to pack her bag, walk away, and never look back.

No one deserves her tears. Teach her to be a brave girl who’ll never allow anyone to damage her well-being or make her question her own worth.

6. Love is shown through actions, not words

Tell your daughter that she should never trust a man who desperately tries to prove his love using just simple words. Because words indeed mean nothing if they aren’t backed up through actions.

Also, on the other hand, teach her to take care of those she honestly loves. Make it clear that no matter what happens, she should never neglect her loved ones or allow them to ignore her.

7. Always try to be and look your absolute best

Teach your daughters the importance of self-care. Encourage them to experiment with different hair styles, dressing styles, and other things that can make them look pretty.

Teach them that no matter what is happening in and around them, they should always look like they’re living their dream.

8. Outer beauty and inner beauty go hand in hand

The most important thing you should teach your daughters is that inner beauty is as or even more important as outer beauty. Outer beauty doesn’t count if a woman doesn’t have a good heart.

Physical appearance may captivate a man’s eyes, but it takes way more than that to win over his heart.

9. Work hard but always remain humble

Support, motivate, and encourage your girls to work hard and achieve whatever they want. However, also teach them that they should never show off their success or think they’re better than anyone else.

Simply, teach them to be and stay humble no matter what. Some things need to stay between them and God alone because that’s the only way they’ll discover true happiness in life.

10. Not everything you see on social media is true

The effects of social media on young girls today have really become a matter of concern. They follow the wrong role models and become easily influenced by many dangerous and bad things happening in the virtual world.

That’s why teaching your daughters that most of what they see on social media is fake is a valuable life lesson.

Besides teaching her this important lesson, you should also help your daughter feel good in her own skin because that’s one of the problematic effects of social media. Talk to her often, and if you ever notice that she has started withdrawing into herself, get her to open up to you and figure out what is bothering her in time.

11. Always be thankful to God for everything you have

Try to teach your daughters the importance of having unwavering faith in God. Pray with them and guide them through their process of establishing a strong connection with God.

Teach them to start every day with a morning prayer and gratitude in their heart for everything God has given them. Encourage them to count their blessings instead of focusing on bad things or things they can’t have.

12. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them

Teach your daughter that making mistakes doesn’t make her less of a woman. God made us all imperfect human beings, and the truth is, we’re all prone to making mistakes.

Now, the point is how we deal with and face our mistakes. Do we let them just pass by us, or do we stop for a moment and try to draw a lesson from it?

13. Be a fighter and don’t ever give up on your dreams

No matter how many people stand in her way, no matter how many obstacles she’ll have to fight and overcome, you need to teach her that giving up should never be an option.

Tell her that she should never stop trying and must fight until the day she achieves all of her dreams. If AND when that day comes, tell her that she needs to make new dreams and start all over again.

14. Appreciate true friends

A good friend is hard to find nowadays because the world is full of toxic, fake people who are not even friends with themselves. So, teach your little girls to respect, love, and appreciate their true friends.

Teach them to treat and consider their friends family.

If she treats her friends in the correct way, she’ll always have someone to cry with when bad times come and someone to smile with in good times. Maybe she still isn’t aware of some of these things, but, trust me, one day, she will be, and she’ll thank you for all of this.

15. Be unique, shine in your own way

We all know how difficult peer pressure can be, but I’m not sure we are all aware of the consequences it may leave on a person’s mental health… Young girls try too hard to fit in with their surroundings, and they only end up losing themselves.

That’s why one of the most important lessons mothers teach daughters is to embrace their uniqueness and stop trying to fit in. Some of us are simply born to be different, to stand out from the crowd, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

On the contrary, being different from others carries a hidden beauty, and we should really consider it a blessing.

What Do Moms Want For Their Daughters?

Even though it doesn’t quite look like it when we’re in our teenage years, the truth is, our mothers only want what is best for us.

They just want to see us, their daughters, happy. They even go beyond what they’re capable of just to make a better life for us.

A mother’s love for her daughters is the true definition of unconditional love. And what can someone who loves you in that way want for you?

They only want to point them down a shining path. To teach them true life values and show them how they should protect themselves through life.

Why Are Moms Important To Their Daughters?

A mother is the most important figure in a girl’s life – she’s her life guru and role model. She is her hero, the most important person in her life, and the person she looks up to the most while hoping that one day, she’ll become an independent woman and a strong mother just like her.

The truth is, there are so many things we can learn and discover about people and life in general from our own mothers. They teach us how to be strong young girls and become even stronger women.

They’re also our greatest protectors. Ever since the young ages, they have tried to protect us from bad people and those who want to hurt us.

A mother’s love is truly one of a kind. It’s the most precious, purest, and most honest form of love. Besides everything else, a mother is a girl’s best friend, and I think that we are all aware that we’ll never meet or have a better friend than our own mother.

In Closing

These lessons mothers teach their daughters truly help them become better versions of themselves. Through them, a mother tries to infuse the right life values into her daughters and raise them the correct way.

A good mother will never interfere in her daughter’s life or try to make decisions for her. She’ll stand beside her, advise her, and make it clear that she’ll be by her side no matter what.

So, try to raise your daughters properly by teaching them these important lessons. And if you do it right, they’ll pass them on to the next generations, and each of them will be thankful to you forever.